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Ottawa, Canada

Heaven and Earth:
Entering The Temple
July 21-23, 2017

A Special
 3 Day Retreat
For Advanced Work In The Nature Of Consciousness and Healing

Working with the Classic Principles of Healing and Self-Realization

Drawing from Wisdom Schools and Indigenous Earth Mystery traditions of the world, the mythic carriers of wisdom in the subtle worlds, and the inherent wisdom that arises from the realized states, Zacciah will skillfully guide us through preliminary and advanced understanding of the nature of healing and self-realization.


Ottawa Canada,
School of Sound Healing
Level 1, 2017-2018

This program is currently offered over the course of 8 months to a years time. The program occurs within four modules, each four days long, happening once every 2-3 months.   Our facilitator, Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, offers a unique understanding, depth, and application of sound work.  The program offers 140 hours of training in the first year.  We know of no other program on the East Coast with this level of expertise in all areas covered, and none anywhere which provide such an in depth study of sound as a therapeutic application for clinical practice.  We will be guided through the process of how sound is used, and what the process of healing is, in oneself and others.  We offer the fundamental understanding that the pathway to becoming a healer is the pathway of one's own healing.
Late May, Early June 2017
Lindau, Germany!

 May 25-28, 2017
Heaven and Earth:
The Gateways

We continue our studies in
Lindau, Germany
near Lake Constance, Germany

June 2-5, 2017
SOUND HEALING TRAININGSound Healing Training, Basel, Switzerland
Also in Lindau
Both practices at the
 Himmelreich retreat center


SPAIN, 2016

May 28 and 29, 2016
Madrid, Spain

Lineage transmissions and deep guidance 
from the Other Worlds

  Rich and Sacred work
with Sacred Sound, for Deep Personal healing
and transformation,
and Self Realization

 For Additional program information, and registration
SPAIN, 2016

The Pathway of Illumination
May 21 and 22, 2016
Donostia (San Sebastian): 
Saturday Sunday
with World Healing Ceremonies

Preparing, Healing, and Activating the
Body, Mind, and Soul,

for the Great Transformation in Human Consciousness;
Living, Learning, and Building Harmonious Relationships
With All Aspects of Creation

For Additional program information, and registration, Contact:
May 5-8 2016:

In Perfect Union
High Tantra,

Earth and Sky

Continuing New Revelations in
Self Realization, Earth Awareness
 In a beautiful private Retreat Haus
Lindau, Germany
By the exquisite Bodensee,
Lake Konstanz


Presented in English,
and fully translated into Deutsch
SPAIN, 2016

Thursday thru Sunday
June 2-5,

Leon, Spain

The Heart and Breath of Mother Earth
and Father Sky
Awakening the Lion, Leon, Spain
Awakening Right Relationship with the Living Elements of the Cosmos
Seeding the Creative Matrix of Heaven on Earth
for the Benefit of All
Indigenous Initiations, and
World Healing Ceremonies

 For Additional program information, and registration
SPAIN, 2016

Fire Ceremony
(Ceremonia Fuega)
in Nuevo

Sunday, May 15th, 2016
SPAIN, 2016

Shamanic Conference

Friday May 20, 2016


Prior Programs from 2012 and before:
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Prior Programs from 2012 and before:
Prior Programs from 2012 and before:
  • Join Our Newsletter with updates, articles, and special discounts.
  • Contact us if you would like to host us in your region of the world!


  Spain:  March/November 2012; 
Holland, Switzerland, Germany Aug 30 - Oct 7, 2012

Diamond Light        Doorway to the Ancestors

The Three Hearts:  Wisdom of the Elders
The Crown of Creation:  Gateway to Ascension
The Diamond Light: Vehicle for Ascension
                                      ANNOUNCING;  HIGH TANTRA!!
High Tantra, Tulum, Mexico, Sacred RetreatMeeting Our Beloved

 An 8 day retreat into 

Sacred Relation,

High Spiritual Tantra,


Embodying our True Divinity


April 14-21, 2012

At the Beautiful Oceanside Retreat, Retiro Maya,
 in beautiful Tulum, Mexico (Yucatan)

High Tantra, Retiro Maya Retreat Center, Tulum, Mexico
Sounding the Codes:
 ENGLAND, July 1-11, 2012
Stonehenge, England
with ancient sacred sites, and Crop Circles, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury area, Dartmoor, Scorhill, Brentmoor, Tintangel Castle, Cathedrals
info very soon!
  • 2011 Schedule:  Join us for 3 months of programs in the pristine Landscape, Mountains, High Alps, Lake regions, and moors of 
  • France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, and Spain!!
    With special 2 week 
  • Magdalene Mystery tour of S. France May 14-29,2011

All programs in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, translated into Deutsch.
Programs in Spain translated into Spanish

For additional contact and registration information, or for information in Deutsch, click here

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Participants in
The Lechtal Alps, Boden, Austria

2012 program planning:shiva - shakti, tantra

 High Tantra in Paradise location  
 & Sacred Codes, in England:
Watch for Updates
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  • Sounding the Codes: in ENGLAND, Stonehenge, England
    • w/ ancient sacred sites, and crop circles, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury area
      • 2 weeks, summer 2012
  • Awakening the Lion, Sacred tantra,
    • 5 days in Holland or the Caribbean, 2012

See information on our Prior Programs in England, below, to get a sense of the power, content, and ancient sites we incorporate into this work.  

We plan to be in England again with the Ancient Sites and Crop Circles summer, 2012.

Prior Programs Prior Programs
to give you a taste of the programs
    and services we offer

Prior Programs
Contact us if you would like to host us in your regionof the world!

PERU:  11.11.11
Gateway at Amaru Muru:
machu picchu                       

Peru, Temple of Sun, Cusco

Magdalene Mysteries

 Awakening the Golden Trinity of Earth, Heart, and Sky

A Sacred Tour of Southern France
May 14-29
with 3 days of optional High Tantra 

A 5 day special retreat in High Tantra in the BlackForest, 2009.  A unique program of
                Egyptian High Tantra
Awakening the Lion
Egypt 10.10.10
Initiations Into the Halls of Orion
A 2 week sacred tour
Active Initiatory processes of
Self, Cosmos, and Earth

Egypt October 2-17, 2010
   Initiations in the Halls of Orion:  VeilsOfAbydos
GreatPyramidOfGizaA Sacred Tour of ancient sites in Egypt, including private ceremonies in:
the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Sphinx, Dendara, Abydos, Karnak, the White Desert, & elsewhere
Sacred Sounds,
Sacred Sites,
Sacred Journeys:
Activating the Seeds of Our Potential

April  - May, 2007
A twelve day pilgrimage to the self, in ancient sites along the Michael and Mary Ley Lines of England
Exploring the Divine Feminine and Masculine within us, the Earth, and the Cosmos.

The Great Stonehenge ring
July-August 2009:
  • Join us for 4 weeks of programs in the pristine High Alps, Lake regions, and moors of S. Germany and Switzerland!!
  • This will include a 5 day special retreat in High Tantra in the BlackForest. 
2009 Programs:

    - in MUNICH
           Thursday, 23rd of July
    -  Munich Area
Friday, 24th of July
    - In Tubingen, 31 July
    - In Mullheim, Switzerland, 4 August
    - In Zurich, 5 August
2009 Seminars
   25-26 July:  Murnau
   August 1-2: 
High Alchemy and Personal Transformation
   August 7-9:  Mullheim
High Alchemy and Personal Transformation
   August 11-16  Daughters of Sekhmet:
A five day intensive in High Tantra and Personal Spiritual Alchemy
Prior Programs in Germany
& Austria,

2008 Programs:

28 th of May 2008
Psychologische Fachbuchhandlung,
Haimhauser Straße 5, München/Schwabing,
Phone 089-395 111
At 7.30 pm

Isis:  The Hidden Temple
     Awakening the Heart of our Being
Murnau, Germany
May 31-June 1, 2008 (Sat-Sun)

The Power of Sekhmet II
Coming into Clarity and Authentic Power
   Konstanz, Switzerland;  Bodensee

June 5-8, 2008  (Thurs PM - Sun)
Add'l Prior Programs in Germany
& Austria, 2006-7
September 8, 2007
The Power of Sekhmet
Murnau Germany

Sept 13-16, 2007
The Illumination of Consciousness
     Deep integration of higher self
     Boden, Austria

For information in Deutsch, on 2006 Programs,
click here

April 8  2006
Building the Light 
;  near Murnau Germany
April 13-16  
The Voice as a
   Healing Instrument; an
     intensive in sound healing
July 30 
Opening the Seals;
    an initiation in the Egyptian
     mystical arts; 
     near Murnau, Germany
August 3-6 
the Hathors:  Living in Ecstasy
     Deep integration of higher self
     Boden, Austria
Return To Beauty:  the Hatun Karpay
    Initiations into Peruvian Priesthood and right relationship with the Earth, ourselves,
and each other

Prior Programs in PERU:
Hatun Karpay,

the Great Initiation 

with Peruvian Mystic,
Juan Nunez del Prado

See our Nov 2011 Peru program here
Let us know your interest.

FOR YOUR GROUP OR ORGANIZATION throughout Europe or elsewhere.

The Great Initiation, into the Art of Personal Power:
Working with the Sacred Landscape and Ancient sites of Peru, utilizing those sites as the Incas have used them, and passed down knowledge & traditional ceremonies through their descendants, through the centuries

The main citadel, Machu Picchu

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