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The Earth holds key elements of ancient wisdom, answers to contemporary life, and a living consciousness which serves to assist us in our growth,  understanding, and relationship to all of life, to Creation, and to each other.

The wisdom of the Earth, and of Creation, are embedded in living energies, in her ancient valleys, mountains, rivers, deserts, all aspects of her Creation.

There are Sacred Sites the world over, which are natural anamolies of Earth energy, and ancient ceremonial sites of the Earth's many peoples.  These sites often are potent access points for enriching awareness.
Ancient societies and living indigenous cultures have also been caretakers of key elements of wisdom and awareness which can be cutivated and applied to our current life situations, to teach us greater ways of being.

Zacciah and the Center of Light offer a variety of programs which build off of these fundamental understandings, working with the historic alignment of ancient wisdom, experiential and intuitive perception of their deeper truths, and rich resources of simple ceremony, ritual, and traditional Shamanic techniques, many utilizing Sacred Sound, which can assist each of us to unveil the greater Mysteries, as they apply to our life. 
We can only assist in opening the door.  It is you who must choose to pass through it.

Blessings in your Journeys!

Below are our current, and some prior, offerings.

Current 2017-18
Earth Mystery Programs

Awakening the Dragon!

LionsGate:  Awakening the Dragon
August 11-18, 2018

Old Earth Mystery
Programs That May Return.

These listing are not current,
and are just here to give an idea of what we have done in the past.

Awakening the Dragon!

LionsGate:  Awakening the Dragon, a Sacred Retreat in Vermont

shamanic sound retreat

Sacred Sounds, Sacred Earth
The Sounds of the SHAMAN

A 5 Day Shamanic Sacred Sound Retreat 
July 15-19, 2015
Therapeutic Sound practices, and
Sacred Ceremony for Healing the Earth and Each Other
and Accessing Earth Wisdom

EGYPT 10.10.10
EGYPT, click here

Oct 2-17, 2010 
Initiations into the
GreatPyramidOfGizaHalls of Orion:  VeilsOfAbydos

A Sacred 2 Week Tour of ancient sites in Egypt, including private ceremonies in:

the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Sphinx, Dendara, Abydos, Karnak.

Activation of personal and planetary consciousness of Awakening, utilizing Sacred Sound and esoteric practices.

From 2007,
Watch for UK tour of Sacred Sites and Crop Circles

Watch for information on our  Tour
Sacred Sites and Crop Circles in the UK
Accessing the ancient wisdom encoded in these precious sites,
and the new messages of
Wisdom and Life
 arising from the Crop Circles 

High Tantra, Tulum, Mexico, Sacred Retreat

We will incorporate some of the Earth Based wisdom into our 8 day Tantric retreat in Yucatan, as well as visit several Maya sites:
Meeting Our Beloved

 An 8 day retreat into 

Sacred Relation,

High Spiritual Tantra,


Embodying our True Divinity


April 14-21, 2012

At the Beautiful Oceanside Retreat, Retiro Maya,
 in beautiful Tulum, Mexico (Yucatan)

Explorations with the Sanctity of Bear

Bear Medicine is the Heart of the Sacred Feminine, and the Power to Stand in Oneself.

Come and walk with Bear,  in ecstactic states of Spring,
moving into this "Time of Meeting Ourselves Again!"

March 24-25, 2007, Burlington, VT
To Register:
Contact:  Raphael Saul:

Mt MansfieldPERU


The main citadel, Machu Picchu


 November 1-12, 2011

A 2 week sacred journey for those ready to enter ascended states, and assist the Earth and her peoples in her healing process, and Great Awakening
Information Here

Here are some additional thoughts on why we offer these programs, Living with the Resonance of the Earth!

Some of our international programs will incorporate sound healing ceremonies, broadcast live via the internet,
in co-operation with the World Sound Healing Organization ( ,
in association with the network.

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Many of our programs may include especial services or exercises for World Healing.  We each have a part in the current global transformation.
See our Classes page for full class listings.
See our articles section for insight on The Nature of Earth & Healing and our thoughts on these times of global change.

For more information, or if you would like to see these programs in your region, and have the capacity to host us, or refer us to those with the interest and ability to do so, contact us!

Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
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