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riverThe Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, provides training in the art of sound healing as a therapeutic practice, studies and in depth experiential practice through its shamanic Earth Mysteries School, personal workshops incorporating esoteric studies and meditation practices with the deeply moving and transformative power of Sacred Sound Transmissions, and private healing therapies utilizing Sacred Sound, spiritual counseling, and shamanic practice.   Our workshops and individual therapies and studies are designed to draw us to our own innate wisdom and personal power, develop intuitive guidance and authenticity, deepening relationship with that we hold as sacred, awakening the core of our being, and enlivening us to pursue our personal destiny.  We are located in Ascutney, Vermont, amidst the rich tapestries and beauty of the Green Mountains.

The Center is a non-residential study and therapeutic center.  We are situated on pristine land which incorporates deciduous and evergreen forests, meadows, a peaceful river, falls, springs, and gorge.  We often incorporate work with the beauty and power of the Earth, and the elements of the Earth, in our programs.

Utilizing the power of Sacred Sound as a vehicle for transformational exploration, we come into personal attunements, and initiations into the Great Mystery. 

Zacciah Blackburn is Director of the Center
, and our primary program facilitator   He has created a 3 year program of studies in therapeutic sound healing, and offers in depth programs to cultivate awareness of, and right relationship with, the living Earth and Cosmos, Earth Healing services, and esoteric studies into the nature of who we are, as illuminated beings, with special focus on the integrative nature of our current cycle of human development.   His bio is here.

What is Sacred sound?  Sacred sound is one way of defining the nature of whom we are as vibrational beings.  Sound is the nature of Creation, as spoken through so many cultures, from Aboriginal to Biblical to Hindu.  When we attune to our own sacred nature, and voice this in resonance with clarity and trust, we come into contact with our very essence.  Zacciah uses sound coupled with sacred intention to invoke the essence of higher being.  This allows us each to enter more readily into a Sacred Space, more ready to explore the deeper nature of ourselves, and relationship to that which we personally hold as Sacred.  Integrating esoteric practices of shamanic and alchemical traditions, Zacciah creates the groundwork which assists us in walking through a rich tapestry of unfolding experiential insights into our essence.  He also works with Sacred Earth Sites, assisting us through ceremony and simple practices, to attune to earth energies and essences, again to deepen relationship, and awaken personal revelation of the Nature of Place.

Sacred Sound has the power to move us beyond all normal realms of perception, of understanding, and comprehension.  It has the ability to synchronize us with the mystical attributes of the Great Creation, the Here and Now, with the ebb and flow of Earth and Heaven.  It can allow us to enter the Great Mystery with direct perception, bypassing the common cognitive method of experiencing and understanding, entering the Gnosis, knowing by experiencing.
It is Sacred Sound which then instills us with wonder at the Mystery and Beauty of All That Is, experiencing the Vastness and Oneness of which we are a part.  It can part the veils of perception, that we might see, feel, and understand the Cosmos, its Wholeness, and our place in it.

Sacred Sound also holds the potency of Creation, able to mold and form that we hold with pure intention, into a greater visceral knowing, with the ability to emerge into creative manifestation in our lives, and world.

With tenderness, knowing, humor, warmth, and efficacy, Zacciah guides us into this place of Wonder and embracing who we are.

Zacciah Blackburn is a gifted intuitive, teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures.  He has been involved in the field of healing music, sound and shamanic practices for over 35 years.  He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, USA.  His work focuses on therapeutic sound, spiritual development, and indigenous earth mysteries.  Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in mystical settings, for personal healing and transformation, in private therapies and workshop programs, providing illumined expertise in esoteric practices.  He conducts tours world wide of sacred sites, utilizing & sharing his skills for Earth healing rituals with participants, incorporating sacred sound. 
Zacciah is Director of the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, in
Ascutney, VT.  Here, he has created a 3 year program of studies in therapeutic sound healing, and offers in depth programs to cultivate awareness of, and right relationship with, the living Earth and Cosmos, Earth Healing services, and esoteric studies into the nature of who we are, as illuminated beings.  (See: 
Zacciah is Director of Education at the International Sound Healing Network (SHN), (formerly the New England Sound Healing Research Institute,) where he has created 5 international conferences on sound healing, ongoing teacher teleconferences, as well as other programs to serve the needs of the sound community.  SHN is an international community of over 600 sound healers, educators, researchers, individuals and organizations, seeking to further understanding in the field of sound healing (see:
Zacciah is, also, Co-Founder & Program Director of the World Sound Healing and All One Now Network of organizations, offering the teachings of world leaders in human consciousness development, and the wisdom of indigenous elders, all working for global transformation and peace (see:   World Sound is a project of Spectrum Arts and Education for Peace, Inc., a 501(3)c non-profit organization, of which Zacciah is a working Board Member.

Zacciah was a founding Board Member of The Sound and Music Alliance, a professional organization meant to empower the field of intentional sound and music through greater efficacy, support, building of ethical standards, and networking and community building between the many disciplines of sound and music practices.
And, he is an internationally respected flutemaker.  Through his business, Sunreed Instruments, founded in 1977, he offers World Musical and Sound Healing instruments of sacred sound cultures (see:  Through his work, he has developed a broad understanding of the use of instruments, (including voice,) utilized in healing music and sound practices worldwide.

 Additional information on Zacciah's background, experience, and studies

 An Interview with Zacciah:
Learn about Zacciah's early pathway to discovery of the many principals he teaches in his work.
An interview by Connection Spirit of Germany.

Also, listen to several audio interviews & Podcasts on our Articles pages.

   (See also our Articles, on sound healing, healing, Earth Energies, Egyptian Mysticism, and other topics.)

 Commentary, or feedback, from some of those whom have worked with us,
to allow you to discern the power of this work, and the effectiveness of Zacciah's teaching style.

About Our Logo

We often have visitors ask about our logo.

The symbol we use for the Center's logo is a combination of ancient symbols, inspiration of other artists, and part of a logo we have used for decades in our partner business of musical and healing instruments, Sunreed World Musical Instruments (see

The centermost emblem is the "Om", a Hindu symbol of Creation/Creator, containing all elements of Creation within it.  It is said to be the 'sound' of all manifest Creation.  In Hindu music, it is said to resonate at a frequency between C# and D.  It is often considered as a word for "God," literally meaning "All", or "All That Is."

Containing the Om, is a symbol of two triangles interlocking, which is actually, in three dimensions, two tetrahedral (3 sided) pyramids.  So, this is called a Star Tetrahedron, and is related to the Sacred Geometries which compel All Life.  It is often viewed in western society as the "Star of David", or the "Seal of Solomon." However, it is also the Sri Yantra of Hinduism, the Merkaba of Egyptian mysticism, and used throughout the world as a symbol of the union of Divine Feminine and Masculine in the act of Creation.  The ascending liberating energies of Earth, coupliing with the descending manifesting energies of Heaven, join, create, sustain and move, all life, in a unified form.  Life in the manifest form does not exist without these two energies in union and harmony.  Much of our work focuses on creating and building awareness and conscious interaction with these two principals contained within all life. 

The electromagnetic field, which is the foundation of our etheric being, is a counter-rotational field, called a toroid, created through this union.  As with any EM field, it is created by the spin of the activating principal of the electric/masculine, coupling with the receptive/gestative principal of the magnetic/feminine.

The two hearts are indicative of the human element of love and divine union, which serves our growth, and is an offspring of this deeper union compelling us in our inherent nature.
The Sun is universal, but also relative to our 'Sunreed' logo's origins.  (See   When first sculpting flutes from bamboo, Zacciah found a sun was formed by the grains of bamboo emerging at each node, when cut and polished at the right point.  The name "Sun Reed" was born of the sun contained within each reed of bamboo.


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