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  Sacred Sounds, Sacred Journeys, Sacred Sites: 
Awakening the Seed of Our Potential

April 27 - May 6, 2007, in England
*******This program was filled to the brim with happy and exhilirated participants!!
Contact us if you would like to be part of such a tour in future years!***********

Exploring the ancient sites of pre-historic England, along the Michael and Mary ley lines, which course through the English landscape, intertwining the living Divine Masculine and Feminine energies of Earth and Sky. 

We will align with these energies, study the hidden mysteries of the our own inner Masculine and Feminine;  we will call upon those holy places within us limiting our beliefs in our own wholeness and well being, limiting our nurturing and awakening of these primal energies of creation and being; and, we will be given the opportunity to cultivate and germinate these sacred energies, culminating in the ritual of the Sacred Union in Avebury, at Beltane, the time of celebration of the marriage of Heaven and Earth.  Avebury holds the magical landscape of the largest stone circle in the world, designed for this very purpose, with the inner circles of Male and Female harmonies within it.  We will cultivate and activate our own seed of Divine potential, come into communion with these fundamental forces of creation, offering us the opportunity to emerge from our own seed, reach for our own awakening, our own highest ideal. One final ceremony will be broadcast live on the All One Now network, via the World Sound Healing Organization.

Working with our keenly knowledgeable and insightful tour guides Glenn and Cameron Broughton, of Sacred Britain tours, Zacciah will utilize the ancient keys of illumination anchored in these active stone sites, wells, and other mystery places of this sacred landscape, to draw us toward our potential.  We will cultivate awareness of and relationship with the elemental consciousness of earth, air, fire, and water, and utilize these primordial forces to draw our seed into germination, along with the magic and attunement of Sacred Sound.  Zacciah has been asked to bring forward ancient attunements, or encodings, of these landscapes, through Sacred Sound, which will assist us.  With permission, the Spirit Keepers of these ancient dwelling places of the Mystery, will be called forth, and invited to commune with us, assisting us to become aware of, embrace, and embody the knowledge of our own higher being.  We will be invited to participate in activation of Earth encodings, held dormant since ancient time, through these living sites, which will serve in the tremendous transformation of this planet, now taking place...  This is a tremendous opportunity for service to the planet and each other. 
If you feel called, the Time is Now.
We look forward to working with you.
Additional tour description is below.

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Additional information on this sacred tour, from our Feb 19 Newsletter:

The Earth is calling us.
The time is here to come into our power, to stand upright in our own fullness, our wholeness & integrity, to come into realization of our destiny, and come into right relationship with the Earth, with each other, and the greater Cosmos, as co-creators of this journey of life here upon this Sacred Earth.

April 26 - May 7 we are offering a unique opportunity to come more directly in alignment with our own inner being, to come into understanding of, and dear relationship to the Earth and the sacred Keepers of her knowledge and wellness, and to offer healing blessings to the Earth and each other, as we take steps to come into our own wholeness.

We are doing this in a sacred tour of some of the most ancient, pristine, and holy sites of Europe, if not the world, in England.  Our "Sacred Sounds, Sacred Journeys, Sacred Sites" hosted by Glenn and Cameron Broughton of Sacred Britain Tours, will illuminate, by magical exploration, the currents of divine feminine and masculine energies in ancient sites of the Michael & Mary ley lines of Great Britain.  These currents of energy, exchanging the fluids of life between Heaven and Earth, cascade through the countryside of England, interweaving at or near some of the most pronounced sites of ancient time:  the crystalline cave at Nanjizal Bay where these earth currents enter the landscape of England, the engaging circle at Boscawen-Un, the healing "holed" stone of Men-an-tol, the Sancreed Holy well, the underground initatory chamber of Care Fogou, the grand Tor & pristine Chalice wells of Glastonbury, the Bluestone arcs of Stonehenge are but a few.  We will be taught by master dowser Hamish Miller how to read ley lines.  He should be able to help is he whom first brought to light in modern times the nature and course of the Michael and Mary lines, charged with the principal of Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, coursing through the landscape of England.  We will end our 12 day sojourn with several days at the great Avebury Landscape Temple, including the Serpent Temple, the Sanctuary, Knoll Down, West Kennet Long Barrow, Silbury Hill and Merlin's Mound.  Along our pilgrimage, visiting sites charged with ancient lore of the pre-Celts and Druids, of Magdalene, Mary, Yeshua, Joseph of Arithmea, Arthur and the Holy Grail, we shall explore our own unique history, look for the wellsprings of life within us, activate the latent seed of uniqueness and well being we hold within our own pscyche.  As we take refuge in these ancient sites of living wonder, we shall gain communion with their active Spirit Keepers, beings within the subtle realms devoted to the preservation and well being of these ancient sites.  We shall, through the potent use of Sacred Sound, journey into the deeper mysteries they wish to reveal, and journey into our own deeper mysteries.  Through ancient esoteric practices of High Alchemy, we shall transform the dross and obscurations of our own being, until we become fertile vessels to hold in Union, the Divine Creative Principals of Masculine and Feminine within us.  We shall activate and honor that Divine Union of Male and Female within us, during the Sacred Days of Beltane, this first week of May, culminating in ceremony at the world's largest stone circle, the Avebury Henge, composed of one large circle, and two inner circles representing these very principals of Male and Female, Heaven and Earth, and their Sacred Union at this rich and fertile season; the passage through the fecundity of spring, into the gestation of a new summer.
We will utilize, as the ancient peoples, this time to come into fullness within our selves, to pass our blessings on to others.  At least one ceremony shall be passed on through the broadcasts over the internet of the World Sound Healing Organization.

I will be offering exercises and practices with Sacred Sound throughout this retreat.  Our hosts Glenn and Cameron Broughton, whom have extensive knowledge and experience with each of these sites, will be our guides.

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