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School of Sound Healing
Sound Healing Certificate Program

Private and Professional,
Therapeutic Sound Healers Practitioner Training

General Program Information
Sound, Healing and Conscisousness
A special 6 day retreat in Leyden MA
April 10-15, 2017

Level 1, In Ottawa Canada. First Retreat Begins in October, 2017
Sound Healing Training
Level 1, First Year Information
Advanced, Second Year Information Sound Healing Certificate of Training

About Our Teacher

The Center of Light School of Sound Healing offers in depth courses and trainings in 3 different forms.  You can find here links to:
1) individual stand alone trainings such as Sound, Healing and Consciousness as seen in the links above
2) to individualize professional skill development programs
3) to our entire School of Sound Healing training that can be implemented in a 1, 2, or 3 year program in therapeutic sound healing, guided by our most experienced facilitator, Zacciah Blackburn. 

We know of no other sound healing training which offers this level of either individualized or in depth, comprehensive,
experiential and cognitive preparation, for becoming a qualified and effective therapist in the field of intentional sound. 

No prior experience or musical experience is necessary.

For those taking the entire Level 1, 2 or 3 year training, and for some stand alone programs, you will receive a sound healing certificate of training after each year.

Sound Transforms Consciousness

Zacciah Blackburn 
Join Zacciah Blackburn, in these powerful sound healing programs

Programs are conducted worldwide.

"Whatever one's beliefs, we all know the power of the spoken word, of music, of chants and sung melodies, can move us into ecstatic states of rapture or deep states of despair.  There is an inherent potency to the very nature of the sound itself, and its emotional content, which can be amplified or enhanced by the spoken or sung verse.  While so much music in western culture has moved more into the secular arenas of entertainment, music in many cultures has historically held a deeply sacred space in the hearts and minds of their peoples, used as a catalyst to deeper insight, wisdom, transformation, or growth.

Sound itself has an inherent transformative power.  Sound is attuned to the creative matrix of the universe.  By coupling sound, or music, with pure intention, to attune to, invoke, or transform one's consciousness, we indeed have stepped into a powerful place.

Sound Healing is the intentional use of sound to create an environment which becomes a catalyst for healing in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of our being. 
To become "healed," simply means to become "whole."" - Zacciah Blackburn 


From a Level I student:
I was blessed with the opportunity to study sound healing with Zacciah at his Center of Light in Vermont.  I made the long journey from Toronto to Vermont many times and it was worth every ounce of effort I made.  Zacciah uses sound in a way that is absolutely soul-stirring.  Every sound practice he led was an opportunity to go deep within and encounter both the obstacles to my growth and the potential to realize and experience my wholeness and holiness.  Even when I did not understand exactly what was happening I always knew that something profound was taking place and a shift was being made deep within my consciousness.  When Zacciah plays his singing bowl or his drum and sings it's as if a portal to another dimension opens and you are safely drawn into a higher realm of perceiving and being.  It's hard to find the words to express the experience!                                        --TB, Canada

The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing offers 1 to 3 years of in depth sound healers trainings, and classes which enable any individual to develop their highest potential skills in sound therapy, as a sound healing practitioner, for the use of sound healing in one's personal or private practice, as well as therapeutic clinical applications.  Many participants begin here, to build their complete holistic practice from the foundation.  We guide you through all steps necessary for a full practice.  Many therapists in Massage, Reiki, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Ayurvedic, Nutritional Therapy, Movement, Breath, and a large variety of other Holistic Therapies, as well as Hospice, Nursing and Medical practitioners, are finding the benefits of Sound Therapies to heighten states of wellness and integration of their services for their clients.  We have growing numbers of these professionals studying with us, to complement their current offerings.  While this full course offers a thorough training, and a sound healing certificate of completion for each Level of completion, it is not a course for certification by any certifying body or organization. For those not wanting to participate in our complete program, you will find occasional introductory single day or weekend programs, and regularly available, 5-6 day retreat trainings offered in our body of studies.

 The science behind the eons old practices of sound healing are rapidly becoming well documented as practical, easy and effective.  Sound therapies are known to reduce stress and anxiety, increase homeostasis, create a more balanced immune system, enhance overall sense of well being, and has been shown to be effective in the treatment of cancer & other disease by medical practitioners, as well as sound therapists.  The effect of sound and awareness practices have been utilized by esoteric traditions worldwide to enhance states of well being and the exploration of the subtle states of consciousness for eons.  Science is rapidly confirming the benefit of the combination of intentional sound and guided imagery practices as ultimately beneficial to the process of healing.

Our programs are designed to promote efficacy and understanding as a sound healing professional, with intuitive and cognitive insight, direct experiential practice, and education in the science and mysticism of the nature of sound as used both historically and in contemporary cultures world wide.

The program incorporates modern scientific studies in neuroacoustics, neurophysiology, the use of healing sound instruments, voice, sound technologies, Cymatics, and development of one's own understanding of the innate qualities of self.  We are a strong proponent of the view that self exploration and self understanding promotes key awareness integral to the development of one's self as a healing practitioner.

To understand the healing paradigm, one must explore the nature of consciousness itself, and sound healing modalities do as much as any holistic approach to reach this understanding, as we are vibrational beings.  Sound healing as a healing modality, utilized with clear understanding, integrity, and intention, promotes wellness within oneself and others one is working with.  The science is becoming inextricably clear on this.

We integrate keen understanding of the nature of consciousness and wellness, with the skilled articulation of cognitive use of sound instruments, to bring about wellness and change in one's whole being.  We include training in the utilization of one's voice, Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Bells (Bell/Dorje, Tingsha, Shang, Cymbal), Drums, Rattles, Horns and Didgeridoos, Tuning Forks, Peruvian Whistles, and a myriad of other traditional and contemporary instruments used in sound therapies worldwide today.  We incorporate an intuitive and shamanic understanding of the nature of consciousness and subtle worlds of consciousness.  Our facilitator, with over 37 years of experience in this field, will guide us to explore these principals with sound therapies and awareness exercises, approach a deep understanding of, and balancing techniques for, the primary and subtle components of the human energy system, including the 7 main chakras, the nadis and meridians, the endocrine system, and our neurophysiology.

We explore the modern science validating ancient and modern practices with sound therapies as it relates to wellness and consciousness, including Cymatics & the work of Dr. Hans Jenny, the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, (water crystals and intention), the Heart Math Institute (coherent emotion), Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Tom Kenyon, and other leading pioneers in the fields of human consciousness development, neuroacoustics, and sound medicines, and holistic wellness.

 We develop skills and strategies to work in group and individual therapeutic context.   In the course of these programs, we build community with a knowing sch ool of practitioners.  For some, this is the most important ingredient in the trainings.

We work with principals of ceremonial healing with practices grounded in traditional schools of healing, from Tibetan Buddhism to Hinduism, to Native North, South, and Central American shamanic practices.  We create group ceremonies to develop and utilize our skills and heart felt intentions to learn how to bring true healing to the planet and all sentient beings incorporating sound practices.   Each year's program develops deeper understanding of these practices, and our advanced level students & graduates continue this work by bringing ceremonial healing programs, not only to individuals, but to communities of the region, and to Sacred Earth Sites, as well as wherever else invited. 

The programs empower us to bring our own innate and intuitive wisdom and understanding of the world forward, to stand more fully in our inner knowing, and authority as a human, and spiritual, being.  At the same time, we develop the technical skill, based in decades of practice by the facilitator, of knowing the nature and power of sound and intention, and how to utilize it in therapeutic practice with clients, to heighten states of wellness in our own personal life, and in developing clear working models for group work with sound.

Inevitably, our participants feel markedly more whole and complete after each session.  Reports from participants are nearly universal, in gaining insight, wisdom, and experience, that is 'life tansforming,' and, 'beyond my highest expectations.'

"Zacciah’s work with sound, the natural world and ancient traditions is nothing short of profound.

My life and heart are forever changed by the immersion into the elements and sacred sites as well as the beauti-ful practices brought forward by Zacciah’s guidance.”

        ~Cynthia Quintanal, LMT/Resonant Sound Healer; CT

Our Program Facilitators
Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director, the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic StudiesZacciah  Blackburn is a gifted intuitive, teacher, and sound healer trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures, and is practicing in Ascutney, VT, at the Center of Light, which he founded.   Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with Sacred Intention, as  a therapeutic tool, for personal growth and transformation.  Zacciah is a Co-Director, and Director of Education for the International Sound Healing Network (SHN), formerly known as the New England Sound Healing Research Institute (NESHRI,) a worldwide community of healing practitioners broadening the awareness of sound healing through networking, education, and scientific research.  He is also co-founder & Director of the World Sound Healing Organization, and the All One Now Network of organizations furthering world peace, healing, and transformation of human consciousness through simple ceremony, broadcast live via the internet.  And, Zacciah was a Founding Board Member, in the formation and evolution of the former Sound and Music Alliance, a professional association of practitioners, educators, researchers, product makers, schools and organizations, dedicated to the use of the transformative power of sound and music throughout the full spectrum of life cycles. 

Zacciah has created a broad range of trainings in sound healing practice, which couples his deep cognitive and intuitive understanding of s
ound in therapeutic application.   These programs are an in depth study of the nature of sound and its healing effect on the human system, with cognitive and experiential training designed to better our understanding of, and therapeutic application in, the use of sound.  

 brings with him a warmth and radiance that exudes through his work.  
We invite you to join us in this insightful and uplifting program for personal and professional development.

Dorothy Stone
Zacciah is often joined by his qualified partner Dorothy Stone, who assists us on many levels, offering her insight and wisdom, pure heart, and compelling, transformative voice, as well as in depth knowledge and experience with Sacred Chant.  Dorothy also brings decades of experience as a licensed body therapist, with years of applied sound therapies within her practice, and will offer her perspective on sound's use in bodywork.
Dorothy also overseas the needs of individuals in the program, and all logistics.  She, also, is a compassionate builder of community, which adds even greater depths to these programs!


  Certificates of training are given to those completing each phase of this training, with a special presentation at the end of each series.   Certificates will indicate the level of training completed.  The Level I programs are a foundation for, and a requirement of, higher level studies, which will integrate deeper experiential practical application in therapeutic settings.    See Advanced Level II program information here.  Level III participation will incorporate a more in depth process of coherent process, applications of technique, intake, and supervisory guidance as a sound therapist.

Additional Program Information
What Others Are Saying About These Programs

See, also, our Articles Section for several quality articles on the Nature of Sound Healing


Sound Healing Therapies
Zacciah accepts appointments for individual healing work or training in sound healing therapies.  This work is an eclectic blend of spiritual counseling and shamanic and sacred sound therapy, designed to help one connect with inner guidance and spiritual nourishment, clarify life issues, work with deep healing where needed, and to find one's own voice and authenticity in the world. The work is  to help you find and establish your path in your own sacred journey, to help you identify and remove obstacles to obtaining your own greatest good.  We whom have been on this journey, best understand it, and can best assist others.  Click here for more information.

You may call or e-mail Zacciah to discuss your personal needs.
Please contact us for further details.

 Articles on Sound Healing  

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