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Sound Healing Trainings Begin in Sept!!

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Sound Healing: New Programs and Articles
 WAKE UP!!  5 New Articles
New School Of Sound Healing Year Begins,
 September 15-18!!  Openings remain
Last Call for Registration:
Heaven and Earth, August 20-21st
Sound and Advanced Consciousness, Ottawa CAN  Oct 22-23
Switzerland May/June 2016
Join us in these Highly Inspiring and Transformative Programs!
and Find your Instrument Needs with our Quality Experienced Consultants
For your pleasure, joy, and discernment!
Scroll down or click on these links to glimpse our new articles, or, see their complete edition,
All Articles, here.
Register for All Four Programs
By July 15th, and SAVE $200 off
  The Center of Light offers in depth sound healers trainings and classes which enable any individual to develop their highest potential skills in sound therapy, as a sound healing practitioner, for the use of sound healing in one's personal or private practice, as well as therapeutic clinical applications.   Many therapists in Massage, Reiki, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Ayurvedic, Nutritional Therapy, Movement, Breath, and a large variety of other Holistic Therapies, as well as Psychotherapy, Hospice, Nursing and Medical practitioners, are finding the benefits of Sound Therapies to heighten states of wellness and integration of their services for their clients.
First Retreat: Module 1
September 15-18th
Chester, VT
All Information Here
The Nature of Healing with Sound:  

This first module is an in depth study into the nature of healing, sound healing, and the use of sacred sound and intuitive sound healing practices.   It is what we call our foundational training.  However, those who know our work, know that it is anything but foundational. Advanced level practitioners have found this program to be exceptional at articulating fundamental principals of understanding the nature, science, and spirit of sound as a healing practice, which, simultaneously, is offered in a way that the most basic novice has a rich and diverse understanding of the nature and use of sound in a healing practice, for themselves, or with others.
All Information Here 

All Information Here
The Key Word is Healing
Sound is the vibrant atmosphere we add to the held perspectives of essential Knowing and Being to create a field of healing.
Awareness, intent, approach, posture, attitude is the method, coupled with wisdom of the heart, held in the knowing of our conscious being.
Consciousness is the Activating Principle
It is the act of entrainment to higher principles that will bring your clientele into states of healing and grace.
In order to understand this, we must bring ourselves into these states.
These are the key essence and ingredients of these teachings.
The Tools, the Instruments, are secondary to this ‘knowing.’
SOUND is the Carrier Wave
But, if you are not ‘healed’ within your own essential being, it will be
more difficult to assist another into the nature of healing within themselves,
 as one carries the other.
“Healing” is key.
And we will begin with what is healing.
This article and information on the nature of our Sound Healing Training can be viewed in full, here.
Photo, students in Level I Training, 2014.
with Grandfather AlejandroI have recently returned from practices for 6 weeks in Europe, with much time in Spain.
This included a good deal of personal and ceremonial time with Grandfather Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, Head of the Guatemala National Council of Elders and 13th Generation Mayan Priest of his lineage.  He has been spreading his message, based in the Mayan teachings, that it is time for us to awaken.  As I have been saying, the Time is Now.  He has inspired me to carry that torch onward!

Wake up!
It is time we wake up.
Let us claim the right of our Divine inheritance.
Let us cast off the veils and shadows of doubt, of confusion, of despair, of self-absorption, and claim the ownership of our lives and of our pursuits!
Let us cast off the daggers of self-annihilation, of guilt and remorse, of sadness and uncertainty, which keep us from the realization of our fundamental goodness!
Let us Stand in the light of the Sun, and cast it into the world from within our own Illumined Heart.
Stand up!
Wake up!

See entire article here.
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LAST CALL:  Heaven and Earth:  Earth Mysteries in Vermont, August 20-21
Registration Ends Monday, August 15
Heaven and Earthsacred sites in Vermont
A special 2 day program
Celebrating the Earth Mysteries
at Sacred Sites of Vermont
Saturday - Sunday
August 20-21, 2016
2 days in the field
based in
Ascutney, VT area
Approaching Sacred Sites:
Moving Between Worlds
Calling Upon the Ancestors and Star Elders
Connecting with the Living Energies of Earth and Sky
Register by 4 PM, Monday, Aug 15
   and their healing/relaxing effect.
Crystal Bowls
Many sound therapists want a full "Chakra Set" of Crystal Bowls, because they think they need them to create healing with themselves or clients.  There is more to the story than this.  But, sometimes, this prevents us from purchasing a set, due to the high cost of 7 bowls.
You can create just as effective a practice for your self or your clients by creating a 'Harmonic Set' of crystal bowls


Sunreed's Harmonic Sets are based on the musically known, and scientifically tested principal that musical harmonies create states of deep relaxation and receptivity.  These natural harmonics are based in the same principles as Sacred Geometries, which are actually the foundation of all life (Search Platonic Solids on any search engine.)
Listening to, and/or bathing in the sounds of natural harmonic intervals is the auditory equivalent of smelling a rose, where the bodies' natural relaxation response kicks in through the olfactory nerves. 
What happens when you smell a rose?  Unless you are resisting it, your body inherently sinks into a natural response of, "Ahhhhhhhhh,' opens the heart to a more spacious and relaxed state....
Musical Harmonies do exactly the same thing through the auditory nerves, and as Dr Alfred Tomatis taught us, 'nurtures' us through the endocrine system the same way clean air, water, and food do.
By playing two, three, or four musical harmonic intervals, our bodies, and our clients, sink into that natural state of repose that allows for homeostasis to arise, the body's natural healing state.  And, it provides us a 'platform' to offer even deeper meditative or therapeutic work with our clients (or ourselves.)
Call our musical/harmonic/crystal bowl expert Jon Wood during our business hours to find out more about this, or visit our pages on Crystal bowls and harmonic sets here:
Our Harmonic Sets of Frosted Bowls
All Crystal Bowls and sets:
Or, even better, listen to the harmonics on our test page here.
Play them in this sequence, letting each bowl play at least a few seconds before playing the next, but you want to let them 'sing' together to get a sense of the harmonies.
Play the 12"C, then the 8"G,
let them rest together a moment, then add the 8"C, then the 10"E.
Play with them again, in different sequences, also adding the F at some point.  See how you respond to these sounds.
Be sure to use a good set of speakers, or headphones.

Read through the links, or call us if you want more information.  We often can match bowls to your existing set to create there or more harmonics.
And, Zacciah is available for consultation on how to use them in musical or therapeutic sound healing practices.

Often, a 15-30 min consultation is enough.  But Zacciah is available for in depth, personal and professional skill development sessions, in person or by phone or skype, to build your therapeutic skills as a practitioner.
Our sound training begins Sept 15-18 as well, and you can come just to the introductory (Module I) program.
Our sister company, Sunreed Instruments, offers incredible selections of sound healing instruments with excellent personal service and counseling on your selections.  See our current Sunreed newsletter for all of our current deals.
Also, see the sales below.
Native American
Special Drum Gift Set
This set is already priced at 15% off!
It includes a 16" or 18" drum and heavily padded quality case, a sunreed soft beater to bring out the deepest resonance from the drum, and The Shamanic Drum: A Guide To Sacred Drumming, a practical guide to applying the ancient healing art of drumming to our modern lives. This set is already offered at a total of 15% off normal retail value.
Any 4 of Zacciah's Sound Healing Cds
 Share these extraordinary meditation practices with your loved one! Buy any four of Zacciah's Sound Healing Cd for just $48 dollars, a total of $14 savings off the individual amount!
click here for set of 4 of Zacciah's cds
Zacciah in Ottawa Canada, October
Zacciah will be offering a special 2 day program on
Sound and Advanced Consciousness

in Ottawa, Canada
Oct 22-23, 2016.
My host is Kristine Karpinski.
She can be contacted via:  kris@joyfulmotion.ca
if you have interest!
This program is by application or invitation only.
More details are available here on line.
A synopsis:
What is the nature of sound, healing, and consciousness?
What is the interface between these, which, when understood and utilized, can create a profound catalyst to our spiritual growth and therapeutic work?

Who are we, as spiritual beings, and what is our place, our role, our purpose here?
Why is it important to understand and fully embrace this to gain the greatest illumination, realization, and evolution in our life and work?
What is the importance of, and how do we access the wisdom of the Ancient Ones of all traditions, and those Holy Beings of the Luminous Realms, no matter our spiritual beliefs or tradition?  What is the power of transmissions from those sacred realms into our essential being?  Why is this the heart of all spiritual traditions, the passage of lineage transmissions, which is a catalyst for one's direct connection to the teachings and teachers of that lineage, in all realms?
How do we utilize that wisdom received in our pathway of determination and realization?
And, how can sound practices heighten our experiences and therapeutic methodologies on that path?

Join us in this advanced exploration of the nature of sound as used in consciousness practices the world over, as well as in contemporary evolution of those pathways.
Clear Space

A Mindful Awareness Practice
Bringing Clarity of Choice and Purpose to Your Life
Clear space is meditative mindful practice that can clear our awareness of stressful chaos, bring us to a state of clarity that allows for clear discernment, clearer choices in our daily lives, and connect us to a more complete sense of Self, of purpose, of the spaciousness of the Cosmos, and the Rhythm of Life from which all life emerges.

It is a place to take refuge from the shadow of self-absorption, worldly chaos, or the confusion that we may find our-selves residing in, or our lives too often revolving around.  Deep beneath those seeming principles, lays an inherent goodness that we can realize, simply by resting in clear space.  By doing so, all else drops away.
See entire article here
Image Credit:
ESA/Hubble & NASA
All Nature, All Life

All Nature, All LifeFor the serious student of life, it is highly beneficial to understand the nature of the “Dharma,” which is, fundamentally, the laws of the Cosmos, the right way of living, or, the principles of the Cosmos in relation to the Self.
What are these principles, and how do we define the Cosmos and the Self, and the inextricable relationship between the two?
It is.....that Whole Self which is in direct relationship to the Greater Cosmos.
The little self, by nature, defines itself in separation from the whole, as an individual entity, though, in reality, even “individual” means “indivisible,” thus our common sense of an individual self is not complete.
In Buddhism, it is shown that the root cause of our suffering is a sense of that separation.
The True Self is the awakened mind, awakened heart, awakened luminous body or being, in right relationship to the Whole.  It understands we are, already, a part of, and, interconnected to every living thing of the Cosmos.  This is integral to most Wisdom Schools and Indigenous teachings as well.
The nature of “Dharma” has evolved through the centuries, to come to be understood as a moral code by many, but it is the relationship to the principles of the Cosmos, which are the guiding tools.  These include the principles of cause and effect (karma,) polarity, vibration (attraction,) relativity (correspondence,) rhythm, and transmutation (mind.)  A quick search of the “7 Natural Laws” or “7 Principles of the Universe” will bring you to in depth explorations of what these mean.

Se the entire article here.
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In this issue:
The Key Word is Healing
LAST CALL:  Heaven and Earth:  Earth Mysteries in Vermont, August 20-21
HARMONIC INTERVALS, and their healing/relaxing effect. Crystal Bowls
Zacciah in Ottawa Canada, October
Clear Space
All Nature, All Life
Find Your Instrument Needs Here!

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