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Awakening the Dragon
The Living Energies of Earth and Sky
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 NEW Article: LIONSGATE:  Awakening the Dragon

The Continuing Story 

PROGRAM: Awakening the Dragon is in 2 weeks.
Read more below.
School of Sound starts Sept 9
The Story: 

LIONSGATE:  Awakening the Dragon, Part 3.
This is third in a series of articles on elemental energies and the story of "Awakening the Dragon" within sacred sites of New England.

See the full article here.                                      
  At this time in my life, I was spending significant days in wilderness or natural kingdoms.  These included: on a hilltop outside of Springfield, VT, charged with a living energy current of the Earth, which held a vortex under what could have been a great gathering Oak on the side of the hill, facing the spine of the Green Mountains; in a crystalline charged vortex of energy within a canyon sanctuary, which an elder had guided me to, and, which holds key signatures of wisdom of the ancients buried in stone; on either of the Three Mountains which were more and more becoming Grandfathers to me; in the Stone Chambers of Calendar I and II sites in Vermont, (and, eventually, others,) which are intensely charged with the living energies of the Holy Beings and Wisdom Keepers of the sites, who were opening the gateways to deeper and deeper mysteries, revealing to me, and to the groups who accompanied me, profound understanding of our relationship to the Cosmos.  There were many sites like these, that, I would explore every moment I could spare, while raising two kids alone, as well.  On any given weekend, any time my kids might be away, I’d go and hike one of the mountains, camp on its side or base for the night, then hike it again the next day before rushing home to greet them as they arrived.  I, slowly, developed ever deepening relationship and kinship with the Spirits of these Mountains and other sacred places I was constantly visiting.  The riches they brought me were beyond words.  And, it would take years of experience and research before I could bring any form of ‘complete’ understanding to the experiences.  Though, as I say this, decades later, the profound richness and depths of those experiences continue to emerge, as we continue to work cohesively and intentionally in collaboration with the Living Beings of these places, as well as those of the Celestial realms whom regularly appear to us and guide the work.  The potency of experience is, simply, beyond words.  But, my intent, here, is to share some of it with you, in ways that may have meaning for you, and help us all to understand that there is a rich tapestry of profound energies available to each of us, in the places we know and love, in or close to our own homes.  We do not have to journey to Egypt, Peru, Stonehenge, Teotihuaca, or any of the great Gateway Stonescathedrals of wisdom of the world, to tap into those wonders.  They are right here.  In our own back yards.  The Earth, in her natural kingdom, charges exquisite places with exquisite energies.  Find the ones which call to you.  And, if they are ancestral ceremonial sites, the very beings who founded those places, utilize the same qualities of understanding we can utilize to gain access to the highest states of wisdom, should we learn right approach.  Often, they remain present, tangible in the subtle worlds, and with Right Approach, we can access direct communion with them, and with Right Attitude, perhaps be blessed with the incredible wisdom they carry.
Right Approach.
By this I mean, our attitude, intentions, and the very core essence of who we are as spiritual beings will define the relationship of our experience in any natural or human made sacred site, and the energies present or available there.  It is who we are, what we bring, how clear we can be, and how in harmony with higher purpose we resonate, as we approach these sacred places, in alignment with some very basic principles of ‘introduction’ to the Spirits of the Place.
See the full article here.  
I hope to share part 4 soon, but it may not be before our journey into these mountains and lakes.  See side bar>>

The One Mind, a recent article
One of our last articles:
A Study of the Nature of Reality and How We Shape It.  One of an ongoing series of Articles  
How does reality work?
In an infinite universe, there are infinite possibilities.
Thus, reality will support one’s expectations and beliefs, no matter what they are.
However, in this infinite universe, there are multiple wisdom schools which promote the reality of the One Mind, of Pure Consciousness, Purusha, that is revealed through the Atman, the realized self.
See the full article on line here

In this wisdom understanding, one realizes one is but one unique imprint of an unfolding dream, of the infinite mind of all creation, pervading a play of reality through us, a great, lucid dream.  From within that dreamscape, we can participate at as awake of a level of being as we wish to, or we can play along. 
From within that infinite mind, all possibilities are supported and created, when given the impetus of energy and consciousness, the brew which manifest thought and energy into creation.
Within that one mind, from within that one mind, infinite reality springs forth through the mind of every being in creation in every infinite form.
We are but one part of that infinite mind, that infinite being, that infinite Pure Consciousness.
What do we choose?
I once had the “Mother of the Universe” guide me through multiple aspects and dimensions of infinity, till I seemingly had passed through it all.  She then had me stare back upon what we had just passed through.  And, the infinite universes appeared before me, like a giant crystalline spherical matrix, one wrapped within the other hand me the universe, all universes, one within the other, hovering in the space just before me.  She handed this to me, this matrix of the infinite spheres of all universes, wrapped one within the other.  The handed me this, and said,
“Here, how would you hold the universe?”
Now I pass this on to you.
What do you choose?
See the full article on line here
See part 1 here
2014 Zacciah Blackburn, PhD
The Center of Light
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Aug 16-23

Sept 9-14 and on
Zacciah is teaching this coming
Thursday through Sunday.
FALL 2014
TUNISIA, Feb, 2015

Watch for upcoming listings in

and other programs
Including our Feb practice in Chester VT.
The Realization of the Living Consciousness of the Elemental Nature of Life
A truly unique opportunity to enter deep and reverent states of awareness with the Earth and Elemental Beings of the Earth and Cosmos, Ancestral Wisdom Beings of this region of the Earth, and enter great healing states, and states of gratitude and service for the Earth.
AUG 16-23, 2014 

We are looking for a few additional experienced practitioners to engage with us, in just two weeks, this 8 day practice, in which starsealwe journey from one of the three mountains and three lakes to the next, as well as exquisite sacred sites and chambers in between, in this system of pure star tetrahedron over an 80 mile radius.
We enter relationship with each energy, as well as the ancestral, star, earth and celestial guides and allies working with us in this practice.
It is a profoundly moving and transformative experience for each person whom has ever joined with us in it.  But, it is the Earth and Cosmos calling us, to enter integral relationships with the elements of nature, earth and sky, and seed this “Pure Matrix of Heaven on Earth,” with our collaborative prayers and intentions.  It requires our human intervention.
If you feel called, please join with us.
We will teach all that is needed, and guide our group through each every practice, but this is advanced level work, and requires some experience to fully engage in it.
if you wish to participate!
About the LionsGate, the Elemental nature of Dragons, and more. 
Awakening the Dragon

Watch for more in our IN OUR NEXT NEWSLETTERS
Please pass this on to friends and colleagues who have interest in this work, this great awakening of Earth and Sky.  We are just a part.  It is the collaboration, the relationships, that are the catalyst for the Great Awakening, as prophesied by the Elders.
Archived Radio Podcast on Dragon Rising:  ZACCIAH ON Consciousness Rising Radio

Free archived broadcast on Earth Energies and the Dragon Awakening.
Here is a free archive of an interview with long time friend, Consciousness Rising host, Peggy Brewster, with Zacciah.  This was a live broadcast on June 29nd, but with her gracious permission, is archived here.  We spoke about the living energies in the land and particularly here in New England. And, we ended with a sacred sound meditation practice, relating to 'resting in nature.' 
You can find more meditation practices in our articles section.
More about Peggy and her show:

Look for the show  Consciousness Rising  Sundays at 5-6pm  on  WSCA-LP 106.1 FM - Portsmouth Community Radio (streaming via http://portsmouthcommunityradio.org )  for those outside the broadcast signal limits)

For those who like to listen at their convenience, you can look for it in the Public Affairs archive for streaming and in mp3 format. The archives are at: http://portsmouthcommunityradio.org/audioarchive/public-affairs
Just scroll down to the third show..... CR.   Shows from 2013 are now in the "technical archive".

Check out the facebook page "Consciousness Rising Radio Show"  -  go directly to the page at www.facebook.com/ConsciousRisingRadio - great place to find guest's web site links, add questions, comments, and suggestions - and of course please "Like"!  I have posted the list of what all the past shows are in the archive on the facebook page. if you are not on fb and would like the list emailed to you just let me know at < consciousnessrising@wscafm.org>
In this issue:
Our Next article!
Awakening Vital Relationship with the Elemental Consciousness of Life Force Around Us.

Part 3:  Awakening the Dragon.
You may deepen your experience by reading from our many articles, several which have meditations to engage in, indoors, or outdoors, while resting in nature, or the vital pulse of the sun. Find them in the upper ‘new’ section of our Articles.  Listen to recent free mp3 practices, also!
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