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Honoring the Mother of Us All
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The Mother of Us All
May 2-3 practice
Upcoming early registration deadline

Recent Articles
WORLD HEALING SERVICE, the Waters, the Elements, The Great Mother, Our Voices!

We are just back from an incredible retreat in SaharaTunisia, deep in the Sahara, experiencing the vast richness the land and culture, and the vast riches and emptiness of being surrounded by the dunes.  What an experience!
We came away from these profound experiences & practices, in full surrender, with deep humility, and rich new understanding and infusion of the Crystalline Matrix of Life, and a  new hope for humanity.
I am aware that the latest news appears to be filled with less than hopeful realities in Tunisia.
Yet, we called forward, and now carry a seed of hope that has, also, been planted deep in that desert, and the Crystalline Matrix, and is luminous in each of our souls.  It contains the realization of the Oneness of All Humanity, with the memory of this reality enlivened, and the hope for its renewal in all hearts and minds greatly invigorated.

And, we will be carrying this seed of hope in this new reality into most The Grandmother drum will be with usinvigorating practices, upcoming, especially our May program, Honoring the Mother of Us All.
We will have five large ceremonial drums and their caretakers, who will join us in this practice, invoking the Heart of the Great Mother, as well as the Elemental Consciousness of All Life.

We will be asking you to come, to bring your drums, rattles, hearts, and voice, to join with us in Prayers to the World, Prayers with Waters of the World, and enriching ceremonies further activating and empowering our Essence and Divine Purpose.  We will weave the fibers of our hopes and true healing intentions for the benefit of humanity, into that cloth of Creation.

The level and quality of work has grown to new exponential fields of experience and understanding.  We call upon you to join us.

We ask for your voice.

Watch for upcoming articles and more in depth clarification of all we will be doing in this and other upcoming practices.
I have not yet had time to update the information in our program listing, but the early registration deadline is fast approaching, and we encourage you to sign up soon.

Many blessings

Zacciah B
and those who walk with us.
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Sunreed Instruments, Your Source for Sound Healing

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School of Sound Healing
Sacred Earth, Sacred Sounds
Our only US sound training for 2015.
Join us.
This will be a complete compendium on how to use voices, common instruments (drums, crystal and Tibetan bells, bowls, gongs, tuning forks, rattles, and more,) to create a personal or professional therapeutic practice, as well as deep insight into the nature of consciousness and healing, from the intuitive/shamanic/mystical perspective, and how we incorporate intent and awareness, along with tools of inner seeing and knowing.
We shall also be working directly with the Living Energies of Earth and Sky, the elemental forces of Creation, for harmony, balance, and World Healing Prayers, songs, and service.
Information is available here.
Sacred Earth, Sacred Sounds, Sounds of the Shaman
 Watch for updates on WEBINARS in Sound Healing!!
Fall, 2015 will see a new, open Advanced Level Program in Consciousness training and group facilitation.  A minimum of studies is required, contact us if you have interest, and have attended at least 20 days of Zacciah's programs.
Watch for information in our next newsletters!!

Making Enough:
Complete article is here.
I have enough, I am enough, there is enough, I am good enough. 
These are some of the under-riding currents of emotions and belief encodings which inherently emanate through our field of existence (our biofield, or energy field,) and, guide and persuade us in our dreams, our drives and accomplishments, and our sense of fulfillment in this world.  They should be tangible, guiding principles in our lives.  If not, their opposites, I do not have enough, I am not enough, there is not enough, or, I am not good enough, may obscure and dissuade us as obstacles and illusions in this world, in our perspectives of the world, and our attainments within it.
These first energetic imprints are absolutes, which we are birthed with us, as part of our inherent nature, framed within the constitutional nature of the Cosmos.  They rest within the encodings of our biofield and chakra system.  They can be diminished or distorted through lifetimes of imprints, from this and other lives, with the second set of encodings, which can override or obscure the first primary set with apparent hindrances and obstacles which we have individually and/or collectively bought into through our belief systems or emotional experiences.  In the absolute worlds of reality, as defined by living and past master teachers of the principles of universal wisdom, the universe is composed of that which allows and compels us to thrive, with an abundance of all that we are and need, working in cohesive union with these universal principles.
Read the complete article here, with deeper insights from those who walk with us.

We hope it will serve you.

The authentic self is part of the formula, not part of the problem!  

In this issue:
our Beltane Spring Retreat,
in the idyllic village of Chester, VT
REGISTER BY APRIL 15 to receive $60 off cost.
  Honoring the Mother of Us All, Chester VT 5/2-3/15

MAY 2-3, 2015
Embracing the Living Wisdom, Love, and Compassion
of the Divine Feminine
as the Heart of Creation
The Sacred Feminine      
She comes in many forms.  The Mother of All Life.  In some traditions, she is the formless, the Void of vesica piscesCreation, from which all Life Springs.  In others, she is the face of Creation, that which is visible, tangible, that we can touch, love, and interact with.
No matter the tradition, no matter her form, the Sacred Feminine is a Source Point for All Life.
By honoring her, by entering in 'right', or harmonious relationship with her, we deepen our awareness of, and connection to All Life.  It is a good thing to do.
See notes to left, and watch upcoming newsletter for additional information on the evolving nature and content of this program.

TO INCLUDE WORLD HEALING SERVICES with our drums, our hearts, and voices, for the benefit of all life on Earth.

 See details here            
 New article: 
Meeting Oneself
Meeting One's Power
Standing in one's power,
standing erect,
one feels the surge of life force meeting the light of knowing.
The wisdom to take a course of action, the will to complete it.
Life force, knowing, the merging of the two into our Power.

Power is an interesting thing.
It, and the understanding of it, are so corrupted in knowing one's powerr, one's self.modern society, and probably has been for thousands of years.
Power, in contemporary society, tends to equate to the ability of one thing (or person or society) to have force over another.
The true nature of power is a totally organic and inherent trait; and, it is inclusive and in service to the Greater Whole.
It is not at all exclusive or have anything to do with getting one's way over anyone or any thing else.
It is about standing upright within the self, in one's own luminous knowing, essence, and being.

It is, and comes from within.  It thrives from one's own knowing.
One's own knowing, as derived from Daniel Webster, is 'that which is directly perceived.'
one's knowingIt comes from our own perception, our own trust in our own facilities of perception and discernment, and from this, leads to our ability to accomplish that we choose to engage in, as well, the ability 'to do,' though 'doing' is not a necessary part of knowing.
Yet, our 'knowing' gives power to our choices and actions, as it is derived from within, not from others or anything outside of ourself.

Knowing is power.  But true power, and true knowing, comes from more than that. 
see the entire article here.  
Notes on upcoming practice:  
May 2-3,
We will call upon you to assist us, in Invoking the Mother of All Life, to be with us, to work with us, to honor her, and to be healed by her; then, in our ending practice, to share our healing prayers and light for the benefit of the World:
our Beltane Spring Retreat,
in the idyllic village of Chester, VT
http://thecenteroflight.net/honoring-the-mother-of-us-all.htmlWe welcome you to join us, to heal, to cleanse, to bathe in her waters; and to join in bringing our blessings to baptize the Waters of the World, and the Crystalline Matrix of Life on Earth with our own prayers and healing songs, from this place of upright being, for the benefit of all Humanity to recognize, to remember, and to realize our Oneness again, through the use of the Great Ceremonial drums, and other practices we will engage in.     

Please join us, the 5 Sacred Ceremonial Drums, and many others, to assist in your own healing, and to add your voices and prayers to bring real healing to the world.
It is Time.
There are so many ways, methodologies, of standing upright in one's power and knowing.
I had an incredible teacher in this.
SekhmetWhile my many wonderful teachers embodied on Earth were catalysts for my knowing, my true teacher, whom reallysekhmet brought me to a place of understanding this, of standing upright in the Self, of being fully luminous and empowered through one's own 'knowing,' is Sekhmet, the "all powerful one."  Her name literally means, 'power,' and is the derivation of "life force" in Egypt, which is "Sekhem."
Sekhmet is Sekhem, the primordial mother of all life force, in Egyptian mysteries, much like Shakti would be, in the Hindu mythos.
She came to me, night upon night, year after year, until I learned the art of standing upright in oneself.
It continues.

http://thecenteroflight.net/honoring-the-mother-of-us-all.htmlShe will be one of many with us, in our upcoming "Honoring the Mother of Us All" practice, bringing the wisdom, the beauty, the nourishment, the rich healing and cleansing of the Waters of Life, of the Mothers of Life, and, of the Great Mother of us All, into the work, May 2-3 (2015,) in Chester, VT.  We welcome you to join us, to heal, to cleanse, to bathe in her waters; and to join in bringing our blessings to baptize the Waters of the World, and the Crystalline Matrix of Life on Earth with our own prayers and healing songs, from this place of upright being, for the benefit of all Humanity to recognize, to remember, and to realize our Oneness again, through the use of the Great Ceremonial drums, and other practices we will engage in.  
Joins us.  See more information here.

Thoughts on What Matters
Of course, this is a rather large topic when left wide open:  what really matters to us, health, family, community, life work, the larger community of humanity and all Life on Earth....... it will all depend on our life situation and world view.

However, there is an underlying theme which rides through most spiritual traditions of the world.  And that is about our true nature, and our true life purpose.  Why are we really here?  And, moreso, who are we, really?
Many of us don't ever take the time and opportunities to truly contemplate, much less, fully explore, answer, or resolve these questions.  But the answer is quite distinct in most of those spiritual traditions.  We are a pristine and equal part of the Cosmos, and here to enter states of complete Self Realization.  We will do it (embody) over and over again until we finally 'get it.'  Once we have a true view of Who We Are, we understand Why We Are Here.  Indeed, the two intertwine so beautifully.  And, there are methods to awaken our inner knowing and ability to reach those higher potentials of Divine Self and Purpose, even Divine Origin, which, in many ways, super-cedes our other 'normal' pursuits in our lives.
It is why we are really here.  To fully realize who we truly are.
And what our relationship is to the Cosmos.
In the last year, new realizations have emerged, as to how these two aspects of our consciousness relate to two primary energy centers, or chakras, in our biofield, and how those relate to each other.  When we fully 'get' and anchor these states of wisdom and being in these centers, we activate our field to fully engage, with the Cosmos, these states of potential and purpose. 
My guides and teachers (I am speaking mostly of those of the 'other worlds' here,) have always shared with me, that the fastest way to reach and sustain these states of awareness, or self realization, is through Purification of the Heart.  We simply cannot ascertain, much less attain, realization of this greater aspect of our true essence and nature without purifying, and letting go, dissolving, transcending, transmuting or transforming the lesser thoughts and unresolved emotions and beliefs which weigh us down, distract us, or cloud and 'veil' our wisdom, insight, and understanding, as well as our ability to perceive directly, through the subtle senses, that which we truly are, and our Divine Purpose within that. 
We are such pristine beings of high and pure luminescence, many of us are astounded when we finally have the opportunity to experience this.  In order to sustain these states, we must learn to match those higher vibratory rates of our essence, while grounding in the full vitality of our being.  To fully ascend, is really to fully incarnate and embody our essence.  The two have a direct relationship with each other.  Ascension and Embodiment, Realization and Incarnation.  The reality is, it is much like our brain states, well established by science, that they are all co-existing simultaneously, and it is the state we focus upon which we emanate.  The same is true with our higher vibratory states.  When we focus on those, they begin to emanate through our body, and dissolve encumbrances which keep us from our higher truths.
If we wish a higher dimensional awareness, we will only realize it by focusing upon that, and allowing all lower states to dissolve or integrate.
My articles are filled with reflections on this topic.  As well as meditations and sound meditations to assist you in realizing and achieving these states of being.  But, this weekend, and later this month, we are offering two programs which will have in depth practices and in depth discussions, and practical applications, to help us richly understand and achieve these states.  And in service to this community, I wanted to be sure you see and understand what is being offered.
In our upcoming program, HONORING THE MOTHER OF US ALL, there will be deep healing potentials, with high guides and teachers, such as the "Black Dakinis," aspects of the Great Mother, and many of the great guides and teachers whom assist us in this work.  We just came from a 4 day Advanced Intensive in which Thoth, the 'Thrice Great' one, was with us as the principle guide of our work, and his presence will continue to resonate through this practice.
He and others will assist us in the rich immersion in the principles of self realization and world healing, in this next program, in Chester Vermont. 
We are offering the ability to attend just one (Saturday only) or both days (Sat-Sun) of the program.

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