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September, 2015 and 2016!!!  

 May and Nov 2016 practices are being designed in Spain, Switzerland, and possibly Germany and Sudtirol, Italy,
including High Tantra, The Diamond Light, The ChristHeart Initiations,
and a 4-5 day outdoor retreat in Leon, Spain with the Earth Mysteries.

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  Host and Contact, and for information in Espanol:
616 602 873 or 679 468 364
  • Honoring the Mother of Us All     
  •   Sept 5-7, 2015;  Madrid:  Honoring the Mother of All Life
  • a weekend practice, Sat/Sun Sept 5-6,
  • with an optional day outdoors at the Mountain of Madrid, and World Healing Ceremonies:
  • Monday, Sept 7

  • Uniting our Essence and Purpose
  • 2-  September 12-13; San Sebastian:
  • Twin Stars
  • Uniting our Essence and Purpose
  Rich and Sacred work
with Sacred Sound, for Deep Personal healing
and transformation,
and Self Realization

For Additional program information, and registration, Contact: All Programs:
Presented in English,
and fully translated into Spanish




Sacred Sound Ceremonies in the High Alps

Egyptian High Tantra, hands embracing
 SEPT 19-22 2015

New Revelations in
Self Realization,


Ending with practice in the New High Tantra

In Perfect Union

high tantra, perfect unionFrom this principle, of perfect union, it is understood that All Life arises.

New Teachings
on the nature ofTantra,
inner and outer,

with revelational practices
for self realization and
self generation

from the mystical paths of the world;
and, a choice of a 2 day practice,
or 4 day in depth retreat

Mullheim, Switzerland
 For Additional program information, and registration, Contact:  Viola Stollenmaier
  +41 52 763 11 02

Presented in English,
and fully translated into Deutsch






 Program Information
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                       Program Descriptions  *additional information will be available here, in the near future.  
                                           Look at individual program links for more on each program. 
               Our last program in TUNISIA, Feb 2015
      Tunisia: Sounds in the Sand, Feb, 2015

        14 days:  includes Sahara, 2 days relaxing in a beautiful hotel (4 stars) in Douz, visiting the old market, Souk.

      The costs     

      The itinerary is subject to change, especially with our time in the desert, and time with group and integrative work.
      The number of days and general tours, free time, etc, in each area, are not expected to change.
      Please note that dates are listed European style, with day first, and month second.
      (21.02= Feb 21, etc.)

      21.02.              Arrival on Djerba, Hotel on Djerba
      22.02.              Stay on Djerba, bathing, walking on the beach..
      23.02.              Drive from Djerba directly to the Sahara: in the afternoon first “Sounds in the sand”
      24.02.              **Morning “Sounds” afterwards integration on the camel
                              Afternoon “Sounds”**
      25.02.              Morning “Sounds” – free time
                              Afternoon camel ride to integrate
      26.02.              Morning “Sounds” – Jeep to Douz to visit the Great Market
                              Afternoon camel ride to integrate
      27.02.              Morning “Sounds” afterwards integration on the camel
                              Afternoon “Sounds”
      28.02.              Morning “Sounds” afterwards integration on the camel
                              Afternoon “Sounds”
      (Camels are staying with us from 24-28.)
      01.03.              After breakfast: Jeep drive to the High Dunes to Tambaine
                              “Sounds” in the High Dunes
      02.03.              ***Hotel Douz – relaxing
      03.03.              Jeep drive to the mountains with the waterfall and the oasis
                              “Sounds” spontaneously
      04.03.              Jeep drive to the salt seas
                              “Sounds” spontaneously
      05.03.              Matmata- star wars- old town, then to Djerba into the Hotel
                              (Full moon)
      06.03.              Free time on Djerba - bathing – shopping…
      07.03.              Departure

      The days listed with 'sounds' will have a rich texture of sacred consciousness, self realization, and earth energy work, utilizing sacred sound practices as a principle methodology for a catalyst for our work, coupled with deep awareness and guided meditation practices, typical of Zacciah's work.
      Because of the nature of this retreat, we expect to have unusual time for directed personal healing and exploration of self awareness techniques, as well as personal time for integration of the work.


      Sounds in the Sand

       Program description:

      From deep within the stillness of the stars, the original sounds arise.  Rest beneath those stars, in the vast expanse of Sky, held in the womb of the Great Mother, and the vital Sands of the Sahara, as sacred sound master Zacciah Blackburn brings forward distinct states of awakening and vitalization, through deeply enriching and transformational sacred sound initiations and meditative practices.  These practices, arising, in large part, from the wisdom of ancient wisdom schools and indigenous shamanic cultures, are designed to create real and lasting healing and cleansing for our mind and spirit, empowering us through attunements with, and embodying of, our Higher Self, and bring vital integration, harmony, and nourishment into our lives.

      Rest Bedouin style, in the great dunes of Tunisia, sleeping beneath the stars, finding vast stillness and serenity, nourishment and fulfillment, in the pristine Earth and Heavens.  The crystalline aliveness of silica will bathe us in its vital essence and intelligence.  It holds core memory of the Mother Earth.  The seemingly empty sky and sands will come alive with practices designed to enhance our own direct awareness of the Living Consciousness of the Cosmos, and enrich our relationship with it.  The naked sand and sky, devoid of ‘normal’ perceptual stimulation, allows a deepening and quickening of that which is ready to be revealed, to be healed, shed, and released.  The pure nature of the environ, equally allows us to concentrate our awareness on those pristine aspects of our own higher consciousness, which we choose to embrace, integrate, and embody.

      Zacciah offers incredible insight and healing techniques, infused with the wisdom of the ancient masters he channels (in his sacred sound work,) to guide us on this journey.  We shall spend eight days and nights in this deeply relaxing and nourishing environment, resting and practicing in great Bedouin tents, amidst the dunes, dining on their simple but taste-filled pleasures of Bedouin foods, while, also, enjoying the timeless wonder of camel rides, sleeping  under the stars, and taking time for our own processes.  The remainder of the program, we shall be enjoying the offerings of the land and peoples of Tunisia, staying in luxury hotels in Douz, touring  ancient ruins and the old city wonder of Souk, bathing in the pristine waters of the crystalline clear Mediterranean.  We will, also, have optional days to visit other famous sites of the region, such as the cave dwelling peoples of Matmata, the great salton seas, or, the mountains of Tunisia, with oasis and waterfalls. 

      Join us, in this rich platform of Earth and Sky, Crystalline and Star Energies, which vitalize our Cosmos, as Zacciah guides us through magical days and evenings with inspiring, transformational work for healing and self-realization.

      For Additional program information, and registration, 
      Viola Stollenmaier
        +41 52 763 11 02

      Presented in English,
      and fully translated into Deutsch

      (For payment to the Center of Light, add 10% for bank exchange fees.)

        Program contact, registration, costs, place, times, etc  ~  About our Hosts

      We have taught in each of these nations, and may return to each of them.
      Let us know your interest in attending or hosting us!  Or sign up for our newsletter.



      The Three Hearts:  Elders Wisdom
      Awakening our true Nature;
      Holding and Sustaining Illuminated Realities.
      Healing, Altering Consciousness at core levels of our Being: 
      Personal, Planetary, Ancestral, Cellular.

      Teachings on the Nature and Authenticity
      of Human Consciousness
      Calling upon the Sanctity of all Humanity
      to Awaken to our True Divinity
      to assume our Divine Heritage
      to take our place as Co-Creators of the New Reality
      In Acts of Deep Personal and Planetary Transformation

      We are in a time of immense awakening,
      culturally, socially, politically, economically, spiritually.
      The continuum of mind/body is no longer an incongruous concept, even in modern medicine.
      We are each being asked to come into a full alignment with, awakening to,
      and entering of, a sacred relationship with who we are.
      In this program, we shall enter into direct communion with the deeper nature of ourselves,
      and the subtle realms of being where the 'holy ones' dwell.
      They shall work with us directly, to attain to, to reach into, and to draw into our form, the highest,
      purest aspects of consciousness which we are fully able to embody.
      Come, and join us.

      add'l info: The Three Hearts



      *** Additional evening programs information and content:



      Programs we offered in Spain in 2014:

       NOV 8-9;  Madrid
      Awakening our luminous being

      Images may be from prior programs elsewhere, but content is the same.  Contact:
       for current information

      Nov 22-23, 2014; Zaragoza 
       Doorway to our Ancestors

       Nov 29-30, 2014; San Sebastian

      OCTOBER, 2013

      1. Oct 5-6, 2013
        1.  Madrid

      1. October 12-13, 2013
        1. San Sebastian 

      1. October 19-20, 2013
        1. Zaragoza, Spain

      1.  Madrid
        1. THE NEW EARTH
          1. ** contact host for add'l details on each program

      1. San Sebastian, Spain:   
        1. The Doorway to the Ancestors

      1. Zaragoza
        1. The Three Hearts:  Elders Wisdom;    

      For all programs in Spain, for further information, in Espanol, and registration:  
      • **Contact  Miguel Fuente <>   phone; 616602873 
        • You may , also purchase a CD of the Three Hearts practice with Translations in Spanish, from our host, Miguel, in order to gain a better understanding of the depth of this work.

      • Oct 5-6;  Madrid:  
      •      Oct 12-13; San Sebastian:  
      • Oct 19-20; Zaragoza:  THE THREE HEARTS
      Add'l Program details here
      For program information and Registration,
        ~All Programs are presented in English, and
       fully translated into Prevailing Language~
      We have taught in each of these nations, and may return to each of them.
      Let us know your interest in attending or hosting us!

      • What is Going On?  What is the Real Nature of this Great Awakening?
      What is happening here?
      What can we do to assist?
      Almost everyone seems aware of the rapid changes affecting all humanity, truly all life on Earth.  Whatever one's focus, we are on the brink of a new world.  What that world looks like will be in large part based upon the choices and decisions we each make in the coming days, and years.  We each are co-creators, with unlimited potential to seed our life, and the world, with new and compassionate/coherent ideals, seeds of integrity and harmony in our actions, heart, and mind.
      Do we truly understand our potential, and Being? 

      Why are so many
      of us, even those working conscientiously for personal or global tansformation, reporting challenges such as added stress loads, sleep difficulties, immune deficiencies, memory lapses, and other symptoms?

      At the same time, many are reporting a
      ccelerated and instantaneous learning, deep understanding of esoteric principals, direct participation with holy beings of other realms, lightening of the 'veils', seeing into other worlds.  These, all, also, are becoming more commonplace. 

      What is going on, and how can we do more to anchor, ground, align, balance, and harmonize both with the new influx of energies, and with our own highest/ideal being?  What do you think a collective shift of human consciousness should look like?  What can we maintain in our 'normal' way of being, seeing, and believing, and what must we drop, let go, and transform, to see into, and help to create, this New World, and alignment with the highest principals of All Creation?

      Join with master teacher, intuitive guide, and wisdom keeper, Zacciah Blackburn, a sound healer and shamanic practitioner from North America.  He will share story, myth, wisdom, prophecy, simple chant, and sacred sound 'transmissions' in simple guided meditation practices, which will enable us to enter shamanic realms of the 'other worlds,' to view and ascertain for ourselves this new world, our inherent Divine Nature, and deepen our awareness of, and relationship to, that which we hold as as Sacred, and Divine.

      Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, is a sound healer trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures.
      He lives and  is practicing in
      Ascutney, Vermont, USA

        Further information about Zacciah

      About our Hosts

      Zacciah Blackburn, PhD (Vermont, USA)
      Zacciah is a gifted intuitive, teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures.  He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, at the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies (   Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in mystical settings, for personal healing and transformation.  He is Director of Education at the Sound Healing Network, & co-founder & Director of the World Sound Healing Organization, and the All One Now network of organizations working for global peace. He also offers musical/sound healing instruments of sacred sound cultures at


      Our Program Host:
      Contact & Registration
       for information in Deutsch, for cost, registration, or
      questions on program details, please contact:



       The  Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
         Zacciah Blackburn,PhD
         220 Hidden Glen Rd.
         P.O. Box 389
         Ascutney, VT  05030  USA

         (802) 674-9585

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