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 June 2-4, 2017

 Lindau, Germany
(near Lake Constance)

May 25-28, 2017
(4 day retreat)

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Hatun Karpay
The Great Initiations
into Peruvian Mysteries
via the Q'ero Wisdom traditions.

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Diamond LightVoices of the Ancestors
  Rich and Sacred work
with Sacred Sound, for Deep Personal healing
and transformation,
and Self Realization

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All Programs:
Presented in English,
and fully translated into Spanish

June 2-5,
Leon, Spain
Awakening the Lion, Leon, Spain
The Heart and Breath of Mother Earth
and Father Sky

Awakening the Lion, Leon, Spain
Awakening Right Relationship with the Living Elements of the Cosmos
Seeding the Creative Matrix of Heaven on Earth
for the Benefit of All
Indigenous Initiations, and
World Healing Ceremonies


Near Konstanz, Germany
Egyptian High Tantra, hands embracing
 May 25-28, 2017

We continue our studies in
Heaven and Earth
Lindau, Germany
near Lake Constance

And June 2-4, 2017
Sound Healing Training, Basel, Switzerland
For Additional program information, and registration, 

Viola Stollenmaier
  +41 52 763 11 02

Presented in English,
and fully translated into Deutsch

Additional information coming soon

Continuing New Revelations in
Self Realization, Earth Awareness
 In the beautiful private Retreat Haus

In Perfect Union

From this principle, of perfect union, it is understood that All Life arises.

New Teachings
on the nature ofTantra,
inner and outer,

with revelational practices
for self realization and
self generation

from the mystical paths of the world;
a  4 day in depth retreat


 For Additional program information, and registration, Contact:  Viola Stollenmaier
  +41 52 763 11 02

Presented in English,
and fully translated into Deutsch

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vistas at Himmelreich tantric retreat
Himmelreich Seminar HausWe meet at the Himmelreich Seminar Haus, near Lake Constance, Lindau, Germany.
Himmelreich is a beautiful and gracious retreat center known for its sacred atmosphere.

With stunning vistas and sacred grounds, we shall conduct some practices outside to enter deep and reverential communion with the Living Elements of Sky and Earth.

Thursday, 25.05.2017, 10:00 Uhr
thru Sunday, 28.05.2017, 16:00 Uhr

Includes all meals and room

For Additional program information, and registration, 
Viola Stollenmaier
  +41 52 763 11 02

Presented in English,
and fully translated into Deutsch

See full program information here: 
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A Special Note for the practices in Germany and San Sebastian, possibly in Madrid:

Dorothy Stone in the sacred work, EgyptFor those whom have experienced Zacciah's work, you know the power of work, and his voice, expands our ecstatic and visionary healing experiences due to the nature of Sacred Sound and his ability to channel the Ancient Ones and Holy Beings of the many spiritual lineages he works with.

We have the extraordinary opportunity to join not only with Zacciah this year in Europe, but with his partner Dorothy Stone in the practices in Germany and San Sebastian (and, possibly in Madrid,) where Dorothy will be joining Zacciah.

The work of Dorothy and Zacciah together, amplifies even moreDorothy Stone, with ally, in Tunisia the power and beauty of the connection with the Ancient Ones, and the mystical experiences this proDorothy Stonevides for most participants.  This is the first time Dorothy will be able to join Zacciah in the work in Europe, though they have been working together for years in the US.  Dorothy's devotion to the path, and her ability to channel the Divine, are equal to Zacciah's.  Thus, the voices of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine, in Divine Union, come alive through their masterful communion with and channeling of the Divine Energies of the Unseen Ones in Heaven and Earth.  You WILL want to experience this.

Blessings to all 


  For Spain

Primary Host and Contact, and
for information in Espa
616 602 873 or 679 468 364  
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Sacred Sound Ceremonies in the High Alps

We have offered programs in:

*United Kingdom  *  Austria
Tunisia  *  Egypt  *  Brazil  *  Peru
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 Program Information
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The Pathway of Illumination
  • May 21 and 22, 2016
  • Donostia (San Sebastian,) Spain  
  • Saturday Sunday
  • with World Healing Ceremonies
  • See Special Note on special guest Dorothy Stone joining us
Diamond Light  
Preparing, Healing, and Activating the Body, Mind, and Soul, for the Great Transformation in Human Consciousness;
Living, Learning, and Building Harmonious Relationships With All Aspects of Creation

The Diamond Light, the Diamond Realms, the Diamond Sutra, the Light of Perfect Wisdom, the Truth Body,  the Luminous Body, The Diamond Codes, the Divine Matrix, the Crystalline Codes, the Emerald Tablets, the Akashic Records, the Halls of Amenti, the Christ Grid......  

Atisha, Diamond Light
This is intended to be a deeply impacting program, to encompass
direct healing mechanisms in body and soul, awaken greater knowing
at a cellular level, activate and perceive extraordinary states of illumined consciousness,
and provide a World Healing Service at the end of our program

Much has been written in many languages about the luminous field when it attains it state of inherent perfection,
and the inherent wisdom contained therein.
The Buddhists understand it is our inherent nature, this light of perfect wisdom.
The Christian mystics all were seen with the luminous field fully aglow.
The Egyptians understand and taught how to illuminate that luminous field, and the "golden raiment" which pours out of it, once ignited.
Awakening the Sacred Heart, and its perfect wisdom, also an inherent trait, is known throughout the esoteric traditions as one of the most explicit and potent methods of entering awakened, or ascended states of consciousness.

It is the awakening of our own true knowing and authentic, empowered, Self.
Today, in this prophesied time of profound awakening, embedded codes of knowledge and understanding, kept dormant in all levels of our being, from states of pure consciousness, to our DNA and cellular memory, are awakening humans globally, to their divine essence, and purpose.
Those encodings are awaiting each of us to access and activate.

There are also the Realms of Light and Understanding beyond normal human comprehension, in which these encodings are preserved, and available to all who earnestly seek them, in Right Relation to the Living Energies of the Cosmos, the Guardians, and Caretakers, or Keepers of these Halls of Wisdom.  As Above, so Below, as Within, so Without.

We will explore the nature of the Diamond Light, the Awakened Heart, and work with key encodings we hold, often in states of dormancy.  We will work with the holy beings of the subtle realms, ready to assist us, as guides and allies, to transmit and awaken this sacred knowledge from these Diamond Realms of Light and Illumination.  They often come to transmit those encodings through sacred sound, which can serve to bridge us beyond the barriers, or 'obscurations,' the veils that bind us, and keep us from perceiving our true nature.  By allowing these templates of sound and consciousness to intermingle within our own awareness, they can serve to more fully awaken and activate our own inherent Knowing.
This allows our full and innate Self to awaken, to step forward, and take command of our life, as our own, authentic being.

To awaken and activate the Diamond Light principle within our own Sacred Heart space, instills clarity, gratitude, compassion, unconditional love, and wisdom empowerments at levels most of us are not consciously familiar with, though are our birth right as holy descendants of Creation, and our true inherent nature.

Participants often report incredible life transforming experiences.
We welcome you to join us.

Madrid, Spain
May 28 and 29, 2016

Voice of the Ancestors The Ancestors are the holy beings in the subtle realms whom have preceded us, individually, and collectively in this world.  Collectively, the Ancestors are known by other names in many cultures.  In Native America, they are the Star Elders, the Star Beings, or Star Nations, those who entered the realms of the Earth from the ascended and celestial states long, long ago.  They are the "Luminous Ones" who built the massive sacred temples and civilizations around the world, from India, Tibet, Egypt, and China, to New Grange, Ireland, Teotihuacan, Mexico, and Tiawanaku, and Puma Punku, Bolivia.
For many of us, the Ancestors are more personal.  They are form our ow heritage and lineages, which we carry close to our heart, and in our DNA.
They often are our guides and teachers.
Their voices, their guidance, and blessings, are all around us.
They arise in many forms.
In this practice, we shall enter the subtle states to listen to those subtle messages and nuances, to receive the prayers, guidance and blessings, that can change our lives and life direction, instill and infuse with rich blessings, and bring us more into the abundant states of our Divine Inheritance.
Let us enter, perceive, and receive those blessings.
Zacciah uses the Voices of the Ancestors in his daily practices, aligning with these Holy Beings of the Subtle Realms, the 'Other Worlds,' to bring them forward into our lives, through his own voice, with channeled sacred song and prayer, guidance, teachings, and illuminating blessings.  He will assist us to learn to listen, to open the Doorways to these realms, and to these Voices, and make them more prevalent, and available in our lives.
Come, join us.

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Awakening the Lion, Leon, Spain
The Heart and Breath of Mother Earth
and Father Sky

June 2-5, 2016

Leon, Spain

4 Days in Outdoor Ceremonies in the Sacred Sites and Heart of the Mountains, springs, meadows, caves, rivers, and Places of Spirit of the High Pyrenees of Leon
Some Meals and all Lodging including
Awakening the Lion, Leon, Spain
Awakening Right Relationship with the Living Elements of the Cosmos
Cave, Leon, Spain
Seeding the Creative Matrix of Heaven on Earth

for the Benefit of All
Indigenous Initiations, and
World Healing Ceremonies

Unique and profoundly moving experiences and exercises, based in indigenous Wisdom & Prophecies of North, South, and Central Americas, to awaken our greatest potential of Self in Harmony and Right Relationship with the Living Energies of the Cosmos.  These are practical exercises and initations to come into Living Relationship with All Life, to work with the Holy Guides, Allies, and Ancestral Lineage Carriers and Teachers,Leon Mountains who come at this time to celebrate life, and re-invigor this Liviing Relationship.  The Elders of the High Wisdom of the Incas and Peruvian Mysteries, the Q'ero, state, for instance, that this is the prophecied "Time of Meeting Our Selves, Again (the Taripay Pacha,)" and specifically state that it is through entering Harmonious relationship with the Living Energies of the Cosmos that will be the catalyst for our collective awakening.

Come and Join us in these unique practices to awaken our own knowing, our own highest Self or Potential, and that explicit relationship, in which we are carriers of the wisdom, and collaborating with the Living Spirit of Earth and Sky to re-awaken the Seed of Self, and The Creative Matrix of Heaven on Earth.

We Honor the Spirit of the Land, and the Spirit of Leon, who guides us in this work.

You can view much more information on the evolution of these practices, as well as articles regarding the Earth Mysteries associated with it, through the program information here, relating to similar programs in the US.

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Sunday, May 15

Noraya Kalam is offering a precious opportunity to meet with Grandfather Alejandro (Tata Cirilo ), the High Elder of the Maya Nations.Grandfather Alejandro
Grandfather will be offering a number of private healing ceremonies, and public fire ceremonies and teachings.
You can visit her web site link below for all program offerings, contact information, and costs.
Zacciah will participate in the
Sunday May 15th Fire Ceremony at Miguel Fuente's house in Nuevo Baztan.
Contact Noraya for all information and registration:

Saturday 14th in Espacio Sitara de Paloma Lozano (Zarzalejo-El Escorial):
Morning: : private consultatios (mayan astrology, Mayan Oracle, Healing) only by Appointment, limited places
6pm: Conference
7:30pm: Sacred Mayan Fire Ceremony

Sunday 15th (Nuevo Baztán, in private property)
Sacred Mayan Fire ceremony (with the participation of Dr. Zacciah Blackburn)

Reservations and info (English speaking):
Noraya Kalam (tel. 660020310)

The ceremonies will be 30€
The conferences will be 10€
The private consultations, 60€/30min (this is the fixed price that tata has)

In this link is all information, contact information, and prices, for Grandfather's work.

In Spanish:

Domingo 15 (Nuevo Baztán, en finca privada)
Ceremonia de Fuego (con la participación de Zacciah Blackburn)
Información y contacto:
Noraya Kalam (tel. 660020310)
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Shamanism XXI Congress Shamanic Congress, Basque, Spain
   Amalurra, Spain
(Close to Bilbao)
Zacciah will be in the opening ceremonies on
Friday May 20
and, offering an evening practice 16.30 -17.50
The entire Congress is Fri May 20 - Sunday May 22, 2016
Information and link is just below
(Please note, Zacciah will offer his entire 2 day practice on the Diamond Light
Sat-Sun May 21-22 in Donostia/San Sebastian)
  • Title:  The Doorway to the Ancestors, and the Diamond Light
  • LUZ DIAMANTE, mecanismos de Sanación directos en Cuerpo y Alma
  • One of the key natures of shamanic work is the gift of 'opening doorways' into other worlds of perception and interaction, for the betterment of others.  Zacciah will offer specific methodology for opening to and entering the altered states of reality, or 'other worlds,' where we can regularly, and easily interact with the holy beings, the Ancestors, Star Elders, and other guides and allies of these worlds, for our own evolution, and for the betterment of humankind, and All Life.  We will end with an in depth experiential practice, to perceive directly, and receive the blessings of the holy ones of these realms.  The "Diamond Light" resides in a pure state of consciousness we all can access and attain to.  We shall offer an entrance into the "Diamond Realms," to receive those blessings.  Time permitting, we shall end with a 'world healing' prayer ceremony, using prayer, intent, and sacred sound to offer our blessings for the Earth and all beings, in this time of profound transformation.  Most participants in Zacciah's programs report they have never entered such blessed states before, and find them life altering.  It is Time for us to do our work we are here for!  We welcome you.
All Congress information is here:
for Contact and Registration:
+34 615398733
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In Perfect Union:  High Tantra, Earth and Sky
Lindau, Germany
near Lake Constance
May 7-10, 2016

  See Special Note on special guest Dorothy Stone joining us

Shiva Shakti, sacred union and tantraSince ancient times, the exploration of intimacy and sexuality have been part of our spirituality.  It is understood to be part of our cycle of birth, growth, and life.  The deepest mysteries of Creation are contained within the mystical understanding of the coupling of Sacred Masculine and Feminine energies in perfect union, at all levels of Creation, from cellular, to macrocosmic.   In Western civilization, we have lost contact with the depth of possibilities available to us through spiritual, sexual, intimacy.  While there has been a rebirthing of this knowledge in recent decades, the breadth and depth of its potential are rarely understood, and, not nearly complete.

This workshop will explore, in explicit terms, the nature of our own Divinity, the nature of our relationship to that we each hold as Divine, and the pathways of deepening intimacy in relationship with another through understanding the sacred pathways of energy and consciousness which intertwine beRed Yogini, Sacred Tantratween us.  There will be especial attention drawn to little known or understood teachings of how we can merge into the infinite pool of intimacy between us and our Beloved through these inherent sexual pathways.

These teachings are based upon ancient practices, some of which can be found in Yogic, Tibetan,and other texts and oral traditions.  However, the vast majority of teachings are passed directly through the lineage traditions of Egyptian Mysticism.
Specifically, the teachings arise from the Mystery School of Sekhmet, with direct co-relation, also, to the Schools of Hat'or, and Isis. Each of these realized beings, known as Sacred Goddesses of ancient Egypt, created Mystery Schools which encompassed the Divine nature, and natural understanding of Sacred Sexuality, among their many teachings.

These teachings are mostly received through direct transmission (s) ... through long term relationship with these holy beings..

vistas at Himmelreich tantric retreat
Himmelreich Seminar HausWe meet at the Himmelreich Seminar Haus, near Lake Constance, Lindau, Germany.
Himmelreich is a beautiful and gracious retreat center known for its sacred atmosphere.

With stunning vistas and sacred grounds, we shall conduct some practices outside to enter deep and reverential communion with the Living Elements of Sky and Earth.

Thursday, 05.05.2016, 10:00 Uhr
Sunday, 08.05.2016, 16:00 Uhr
Price  CHF 1'100.00

Includes all meals and room

For Additional program information, and registration, 
Viola Stollenmaier
  +41 52 763 11 02

Presented in English,
and fully translated into Deutsch

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See full program information here:
From our hosts web site:
Complete Unity

The heart of creation is reflected in the vibrant wisdom,
Love and goodness of the Divine Feminine.
It is the source of creation from which all life is created.
From it the complete unity creates itself
from the male and female divinity.

In these four days Zacciah leads us into the mysteries of the complete unity, as this knowledge was passed down to him by his spiritual guides.

In these practices we renew and refine our relationship with the source of creation, let us soak in and nourish from her pure energy.

In the following two days, the focus is on the mysteries of the High Tantra, which is in many wise cultures is understood as a balance of male and female divinity. If we follow the balance of these principles of life, it gives us harmony in all aspects of life.

The complete unity is the thread that unites all life. It carries us in all relationships, gives ecstasy and bliss and awakens wisdom and insights without words in us.

We close with a sacred world healing ceremony..

On his travels in the interior worlds Dr. Zacciah Blackburn has learned the teachings of the High Tantras from spirits from the Egyptian mysteries, such as Sekhmet, Isis and Hathor as well as of Tibetan lineages.
His way of teaching the High Tantras differs from many Tantric practices that are taught today.
The Holy knowledge of the harmonic order, the relationship with our Self are at the center.

All information, contact, cost, and directions, are here:

  Program contact, registration, costs, place, times, etc  ~  About our Hosts

We have taught in each of these nations, and may return to each of them.
Let us know your interest in attending or hosting us!  Or sign up for our newsletter.


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*** Additional evening programs information and content, when available, will appear here:




  • What is Going On?  What is the Real Nature of this Great Awakening?
What is happening here?
What can we do to assist?
Almost everyone seems aware of the rapid changes affecting all humanity, truly all life on Earth.  Whatever one's focus, we are on the brink of a new world.  What that world looks like will be in large part based upon the choices and decisions we each make in the coming days, and years.  We each are co-creators, with unlimited potential to seed our life, and the world, with new and compassionate/coherent ideals, seeds of integrity and harmony in our actions, heart, and mind.
Do we truly understand our potential, and Being? 

Why are so many
of us, even those working conscientiously for personal or global tansformation, reporting challenges such as added stress loads, sleep difficulties, immune deficiencies, memory lapses, and other symptoms?

At the same time, many are reporting a
ccelerated and instantaneous learning, deep understanding of esoteric principals, direct participation with holy beings of other realms, lightening of the 'veils', seeing into other worlds.  These, all, also, are becoming more commonplace. 

What is going on, and how can we do more to anchor, ground, align, balance, and harmonize both with the new influx of energies, and with our own highest/ideal being?  What do you think a collective shift of human consciousness should look like?  What can we maintain in our 'normal' way of being, seeing, and believing, and what must we drop, let go, and transform, to see into, and help to create, this New World, and alignment with the highest principals of All Creation?

Join with master teacher, intuitive guide, and wisdom keeper, Zacciah Blackburn, a sound healer and shamanic practitioner from North America.  He will share story, myth, wisdom, prophecy, simple chant, and sacred sound 'transmissions' in simple guided meditation practices, which will enable us to enter shamanic realms of the 'other worlds,' to view and ascertain for ourselves this new world, our inherent Divine Nature, and deepen our awareness of, and relationship to, that which we hold as as Sacred, and Divine.

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 Zacciah Blackburn, PhD Further information about Zacciah

About our Hosts

  See individual program information
Zacciah Blackburn, PhD (Vermont, USA)
Zacciah is a gifted intuitive, teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures.  He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, at the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies (   Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in mystical settings, for personal healing and transformation.  He is Director of Education at the Sound Healing Network, & co-founder & Director of the World Sound Healing Organization, and the All One Now network of organizations working for global peace. He also offers musical/sound healing instruments of sacred sound cultures at

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Our Program Host:
Contact & Registration
 for information in Deutsch, for cost, registration, or
questions on program details, please contact:

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