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Sound Transforms Consciousness

Zacciah Blackburn 
Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, in these powerful healing programs

Programs are conducted worldwide.
If not otherwise listed, programs are in Ascutney, VT.
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The Ancient Mysteries and Gifts embedded in the Earth, and ancient temple complexes.
and, The PRAYER KEEPERS, Prayers for the Earth 

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which you would like to see repeated,

or if you would like to partner with us to bring any of these programs to your area, let us know.

    Our main areas of study:
    • In depth cognitive & intuitive trainings in the use of sound as a healing modality in private and therapeutic practice. 
    • You may attend one or many programs in:
    •            These programs typically begin annually, and continue for 8 months
    • Early Registration Deadlines will be available
    • 1 weekend program is offered each month, for a total of 8 weekends, in Level I, first year studies, plus Level II and III year long trainings if you choose to continue.
    • The Nature of Healing with Sound, Using Sound Healing Instruments, Using the Voice with Intention, Attuning the Chakras, Creating Sacred Space, Sacred Sound Transmissions, Application of Sound Therapies;  Earth Energies work, and the Nature of Consciousness in Advanced years.
    • You May attend one or more programs, for personal or professional development of sound practices.
    • See our School of Sound Healing listings
  •  Earth Mysteries SchoolOur outdoor programs focusing on the Beauty and nature of the Earth, ourself, and our relationship to each other, Peruvian & Native mysticism, and more.
  • SACRED JOURNEYS:  Tours of Ancient Landscapes and Temple Complexes, worldwide, entering the Living Mysteries of these ancient wonders, and Living Energies of the Earth, to enhance our awareness and Spiritual Development.  Working with the Living Energies of the Earth, the Ancestral & Celestial Passageways, Pathways, and Gateways Of Earth and Sky, To Enhance Personal Spiritual Development and Transformation, Self Awakening, Sacred Relationship.
  • School of Spiritual Learning:
      • The Illumination of Consciousness Series:  In depth studies of the Nature of Consciousness, for personal spiritual development, via master techniques of Egyptian High Alchemy, Sacred Sound Transmissions, & other Esoteric Practices
      • 2012:  The Great Awakening:  Preparing the Body, Mind, and Soul, for the Great Transformation in Human Consciousness
      • Including the remarkabable THREE HEARTS PRACTICE, and ENTERING THE HEART OF CREATION, Practices based on Elders Wisdom, and Wisdom of the Maya, to Enter into Harmony with ALL LIFE, especial to these times of Great Transformation.
  • Special Upcoming Events 
  • International programs and Sacred Journeys in Spiritual Development, Sound Healing, Earth Energies and other Esoteric content: 
    • Germany, Switzerland, Holland, and Spain: no programs scheduled this year
    •  Canada, March, July
All Programs, utilizing Sacred Sound, Shamanic traditions, ancient mysteries, esoteric studies,
are listed below:


2014 Programs  (updated as programs develop)
MONTH   Class/Workshop/Training

Preparing for the Great Shift
Springfield VT

Attuning the Chakras

LEVEL I Professional Sound Healers Training, Leyden MA
Our current format for our Sound Healing Trainings,is devised in 4, 6 day, WEEKLONG Residential retreats, once per 2-3 months.  This begins an up to 3 year program in professional and personal development in the use of Sound as a healing modality.  Take one week or all courses.  All info here      

 Jan 6-12,
The Art of Sacred Sound: 
  Creating Sacred Space,
&, The Art of Sacred Sound Transmissions 
        Level I, Module III:
Sound Healing Training, Open to everyone.

       Why, How do we use sacred space in our personal & professional practice?   How to attenuate to, and channel Sacred Sound.   
            Take one or all classes.  Open to Everyone.

February, 2014

Sound, Healing, and Consciousness

February, 2014
      Feb 1-2: Our Winter Retreat, Chester VT: 

Saturday and Sunday,
Feb 1 and 2, 2014, 
We will gather with the Hathors, and others, to engage in our next primary program, in Vermont, for spiritual evolution, 
The Calling of the Hathors, 02/14, Vermont
   Feb 7-9, Level II School of Sound Healing, Module III

March, 2014

Doorway to the Ancestors

Montreal, CAD
March, 2014

        March 11-16,  
The Application of Sound Therapies Level I 
Level One, Module IV Sound Healers Training.
                Final class in Level I series. 
Pre-requisites required to attend.
                Graduation Follows for those completing Training.      

March 29, Springfield, MA
                 The New Earth

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  April, 2014
the new earth

   April, 2014

  April 11-13
, Level II School of Sound Healing, Module IV


May, 2014

3 Mothers, 3 Aspects of the Divine Feminine 

Mary Magdalene, The Mysteries

The New Earth Practices
May, 2014
 May 3-4, our Beltane Spring Retreat, in the idyllic village of Chester, VT
  Igniting Our Soul, Chester, VT

Our  May 3-4, 2014
Spring Beltane Retreat
 in Chester VT


 See details here            



                   at Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 
Wappingers Falls, NY

The Pathway to Knowing, Montreal, Canada


 May 24-25:  The Pathway to Knowing   
                              Montreal CAD, SSF/IIIHS

June, 2014
Raising the Djed
Raising the Djed
Diamond Light Practices 
June, 2014


      June 6-8, Level II School of Sound Healing, Module V

Solstice Gathering, Richmond, VT 06.21.2014  

Elemental Awareness
Lecture and Sound Meditation
Richmond Public Library
Richmond, Vermont
7:00 - 9:15 PM
$25. in advance, $30. at the Door

Watch for updated listings, or subscribe to our newsletter for updates & articles!! 
July, 2014

Sacred Sounds, Sacred Earth, Leyden, MA

Zacciah at stone circle

2012: The Great Awakening, the great shift in human consciousness

  July, 2014 

  Our premier summer sound healing retreat:
Sacred Sounds, Sacred Earth, Leyden, MA  ALL INFO HERE:
Sacred Sounds, Sacred Earth
The Sound of the Shaman
A SPECIAL 5 day shamanic sound healing training/retreat
July 16-20, 2014
  Leyden, MA
         Therapeutic/Shamanic Sound practices,   Sacred Ceremony for Healing
          the Earth and Each Other,   Accessing Ancient Sites  and Earth Wisdom
  An excellent practice to establish a foundation in, or strengthen and integrate deeper understanding into one's current therapeutic practice, utilizing sound and shamanic skills.  All cultures utilized sound in their shamanic histories.  This practice will peer deeply into the tools and skills necessary to incorporate a shamanic understanding into our work with sound, or a greater expansion of the use of sound into our shamanic or other therapeutic practice.  It includes indoor training and skill building in shamanic/sound practices, outdoor earth and fire ceremonies, and a day in a most potentized ancient sacred ceremonial stone chamber.

EUROPE:  Workshops/Seminars  in Europe:.
     Watch for November 2014 listings in SPAIN!

Keep your attention on our calendar, or subscribe to our newsletter for updates!! 

August, 2014

August, 2014

August 1-10, 39th International IIIHS Conference on Human Spirituality, Montreal, Canada
     Zacciah presents 2-3 days early in the conference, dates not yet announced  
     An extraordinary gathering of LightWorkers and Luminaries


      August 16-23;  Sacred Journey in New England:  
Our Summer Sacred Journey in the natural power sites
and ancient ceremonial sites of Vermont  

 some program information is available; the rest will be soon
Lions Gate, Awakening the Dragon, Vermont   
Awakening the Dragon
Working with Elemental Energies
of Earth and Sky;



Creating and Sustaining Living Relations with the Energies of the Earth & Sky:
 Ancestral, Elemental, and Celestial; 
 A 7 Day Retreat in Sacred Sites, Natural Power Sites




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The Art of Sound Healing  Our Professional Sound Healers Training Series begins
Fall, 2014

Our first year Level I program Begins Sept 9-14, 2014.  

   Level II is scheduled to begin in Sept 19-21, 2014
Level III begins Sept 26-28, 2014.

September, 2014

Raising the Djed
Raising the Djed

The Art of Sound Healing

September, 2014


 Level I Module I Sept  9-14, 2014

       The Nature of Healing with Sound: Instruments and Voice
 Professional Sound Healers Training
We are offering a NEW FORMAT for our Sound Healing Trainings:  It is devised in 4, 6 day, WEEKLONG Residential retreats, once per 2-3 months.  This begins an up to 3 year program in professional and personal development in the use of Sound as a healing modality.  Take one week or all courses.  
All info here


LEVEL II School of Sound Healing, Module I Sept 19-21, 2014

LEVEL III School of Sound Healing, Module I Sept 26-28, 2014

October, 2014

Doorway to the Ancestors

Program in Yoga Roots, Shelburne, VT


High Tantra, Tulum, Mexico, Spiritual Retreat

High Tantra, Switzerland
 October, 2014

Program in Yoga Roots, Shelburne, VTAwakening and Embodying Our True Life Purpose

Sat, Oct 18

1-6 PM

Shelburne VT


Vermont Sound Healing Symposium
Vermont Sound Symposium
Sunday, Oct 19
Johnson, VT
1-6 PM

October 30-November 2:   SWITZERLAND

A 4 day workshop
Three levels of Tantra, inner and outer,

with revelational practices
from Egyptian Mysticism
Mullheim, Switzerland

Program info here 
               Watch for updated listings, or subscribe to our newsletter for updates & articles!!  
November, 2014

 The Diamond Light, and Wish Fulfilling Jewel
 Awakening our luminous being   
the Three Mothers 
 Doorway to our Ancestors
 November, 2014
     November:   Our next Retreat in Chester, VT, will be in Feb, 2015. 

Zacciah will be in Spain

November 8-29, 2014
3 Weekend practices:

    • NOV 8-9:  Madrid
    • Nov 22-23: Zaragoza
    • Nov 29-30: San Sebastian

Watch for updated listings, or subscribe to our newsletter for updates & articles!! 

December, 2014

Mask of Sekhmet




December, 2014
 We are not planning a 2014 WINTER SOLSTICE practice.

Our next primary practices
 in Vermont
will be February 7-8, 2015
and May 1-2, 2015.


 (profound gateways to the mysteries, the star elders,
      with special, guided ceremonies for
earth healing, and
      personal empowerment,
      with wisdom, ceremony, and teachings of authentic
      elders and teachers of the Teotihucana and Maya peoples.)

      tentative dates;   AUGUST 9-15, 2015


great pyramids, egypt


Program in Yoga Roots, Shelburne, VT

Tunisia, Sounds in the Sand:  Feb, 2015




 2015 Programs
Watch for additional listings as they become available,
 or sign up in our newsletters to get first announcements!:

Our next primary practices
 in Vermont
will be February 7-8, 2015
and May 1-2, 2015.

FEB, 2015:  Sounds in the Sand, Tunisia
(7 days alone in the dunes, sleeping under the stars and in Bedouin tents, all meals included, up to an additonal 7 days in premium hotels touring the region, and nourishing by the Mediterranean.
Program info here)


 (profound gateways to the mysteries, the star elders,
      with special, guided ceremonies for
earth healing, and
      personal empowerment,
      with wisdom, ceremony, and teachings of authentic
      elders and teachers of the Teotihucana and Maya peoples.)

      tentative dates;   AUGUST 9-15, 2015


 LEVEL I Professional Sound Healers Training
See Full schedule on those pages.
Our Sound Healing Trainings Level I is offered in 4, 6 day, WEEKLONG Residential retreats, once per 2-4 months.  This begins an up to 3 year program in professional and personal development in the use of Sound as a healing modality.  Take one week or all courses.  All info here      

2014-15 dates available: SCHOOL for Sound Healing Therapies;  Level  I

: Sound Healing Therapies;  Level  I, Module II:
                The Science & Mysticism of Sound: Neurophysiology, and the Chakras
  •   Attuning the Chakras   -The nature of, development & balancing of the chakras with sound
  •   The Neurophysiology of Sound, how sound impacts us at a neurological and physiological level, and how to work with it for balance and wellness.  The advancement of science in the field of intentional sound and music.
The Art of: Sacred Sound:  Creating Sacred Space; The Art of Sacred Sound Transmissions  Leyden, MA
        Level I, Module III:
Sound Healing Training, Open to everyone.

       Why, How do we use sacred space in our personal & professional practice?   How to attenuate to, and channel Sacred Sound.   
            Take one or all classes.  Open to Everyone.

   The Application of Sound Therapies Level I   Level One, Module IV Sound Healers Training.
                Final class in Level I series. 
Pre-requisites required to attend.
                Graduation Follows for those completing Training.  

   2015, PERU
   November, 2014:  4 Weeks in Spain:  Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian, Zaragoza
   Dec 3-7:  Mulheim, Switzerland

See Sound Healers Trainings for continued
studies in Sound Therapies and Practices:
   The Nature of Sound in Healing Level I
                                Sound Healers Professional Trainings
                                            3 yr certification

                 Open to Everyone: Can attend week one and two in LEVEL I  

SCHOOL OF SOUND HEALING: Trainings begin Each year: The Nature of Healing w/ Sound,

Using the Voice, Using Sound Instruments, The Chakras, Sacred Sound, Neurophysiology, Applications in Therapy

Join our Newsletter if you wish to receive advance notice of new programs.

Watch for International Programs,
Tours & Retreats in Egypt, England, Europe, Peru, the  Bahamas, and elsewhere

ongoing; Advanced Level Studies
Aug , 2014; basic information is available, dates and costs subject to change:

a most special and precious opportunity: 

  Click links for latest information on these
Sacred Earth Mystery programs: 
The Sacred Seal:
a 6 day sacred journey with ancient Gatekeepers; Resonance with the 6 Sacred Mountains and Lakes of New England, which create a StarTetrahedron in sacred union; entering & awakening right relation with the Earth, vital living Energies, & sacred Gatekeepers, for deep Earth healing. Be part of these unfolding mysteries; VT, NH Sacred Tour.
  • The Grand Star Trine of Sacred Mountains and Lakes in New England, and the MerKaBa;  Personal and Planetary Activations
  • 3 Lakes, and 3 Mountains, compose an living vortices of primal earth energies manifesting perfect union of the principals of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, in New England.  Such perfect geometries exist world wide.  We hold a responsibility as caretakers of each of these sacred sites, to enter and maintain right relationship with these living forces of Creation.  We shall enter sacred relationship via the MerKaBa activations of our own inner being, then enter into, and practice right relationship with the living consciousness of the Earth via these primordial beings who anchor vital living energies here within the Earth, asking permission to work cohesively with them as we bridge into conscious co-creational roles with the Earth and Heavens and their Keepers.  We shall call upon creational powers of the ancient luminaries and the ancestral beings of this region to assist us.  A sacred vessel, a City of Light, has appeared to those working with this sacred landscape, with incredible potential to heal, infuse blessings, offer life altering experiences & alliances. 
  • A 5 day sacred journeys event.

Other prior events which will be available at future dates:
Dec 6-8, Level II School of Sound Healing, Module II

:   Advanced Level Studies and Practices. 
                Apply for inclusion if you have attended 5 of Zacciah's trainings.
Extraordinary experiences, and exploration of consciousness, nature, Creation, Sound, Therapeutic applications, Shamanic practices, Earth Healing Rituals, Sacred Sites.     

 Advanced TrainingINITIATIONS INTO the SACRED DreamChambers (Ancient Stone Chambers) of Calendar I, VT
      Using Healing Sound Instruments  Level I Sound Healers Professional Trainings 
Exploring the use of principal instruments used in sound healing practices, both for personal and professional use/practice, with intention, for clearing and energizing the human energy field, invocation, and more.
 Open to Everyone:  Can attend first two programs in LEVEL I  
  Nov.   Using the Voice, with Intention Level I Sound Healers Professional Trainings
      • Exploring the use of voice for clearing and energizing the human energy field, invocation, and more, as a sound healing tool.  
      • Open to Everyone: Can attend first two programs in LEVEL I
        The Neurophysiology of Sound  Level I Sound Healers Professional Trainings
      •  Explore the fundamental neurophysiology of the body and how sound effects healing, change, growth, via the natural forces at play within our human bodies, as well as other aspects of the science of sound.   
      • Open to everyone, can one or all trainings in this series


Advance & Multiple Registration Discounts are available for all registrants, &
VT Adult Continuing Education Grants are available for qualifying participants.

  Earth Mysteries School

Watch for Additional Future programming, and advanced level Shamanic studies in outdoor sacred and power sites.

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  Upcoming Special Programs  (If not CURRENT LISTING S, click here)
our series of potentized practices for personal growth and Spiritual Development:
Come and engage with us, as we Dream the New Dream: 
   Awakening the Lion

Zacciah is Director of Education for the International Sound Healing Network
Our Last Conference was July, 2011 at the OMEGA INSTITUTE
See our in depth School of Sound Healing Trainings
International Sound Healing Network, Sound Healing Conference

And, see articles and additional information regarding these programs in our Articles section
See Our Latest Newsletter

  Sound Healing, trainings, classes, therapies, conference   
 Our last annual conference was
7th Annual International Sound Healing CONFERENCE 

  July 1-3, 2011
We are planning a Vermont Sound Healing Conference Oct 19, 2014

the International Sound Healing Network
The Power
of Sound: 
  See our sound healing trainings for current offerings, classes, workshops, retreats & trainings in sound healing and therapy

<Zacciah is Director of Education for SHN>

  Leading Specialists in the Field, intentional healing musical concerts,
  and , a live web broadcast via the World Sound Healing Organization, and
(Image Credit:  Harmonic "soundform" from Cymatics:
A Study of Wave Phenomena and Vibration 2001 MACROmedia
Used by Permission. )

 Prior Programming
For those who would like to view some of our past programs.
Some Programs may be available at a later time, including programs in Europe and Peru.

You may contact us to see if similar future programs are being planned, or if you wish to host such programs in your area!
Click link, for complete links to prior programs
Here are a few samples:

  * June 1-4, 2006:  The Art of Making and Playing the Native American Style Flute, Drum, Rattle, and Australian Didgeridoo: Zacciah’s once/year workshop making and playing your own Native American style flute, with simple, acute exercises for learning, has expanded into a four day program with flute, drum, rattle, and didgeridoo. Come for one or all four instrument days.  Make one, learn to play, and take your own instruments home with you.

Sacred Sounds, Sacred Sites, Sacred JourneysActivating the Seeds of our Potential:  The Sacred Union; Cultivating the Divine Feminine and Masculine within.   A 12 day sojourn into the sacred landscape of Great Britain, including ceremony in Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Avebury. We will work  with, activate, and anchor the sacred masculine and feminine energies within each of us, and the Earth, within the ancient sites, ending in the stone circles of Avebury during Beltane, the time of union of celestial and earthly energies of spring. In Stonehenge, we are asked to activate the planetary encodings encapsulated via these stone archives.

 Meeting Our Divinity:  Resting in the Sanctuary of the Cosmos, Initiations and Empowerments in the use of Sekhem;  Tantric and Esoteric
           practices of Egyptian High Alchemy.  Burlington, VT.  

Hatun Karpay:  The Great Initiation,
into Incan mysticism,
ZACCIAH WILL GUIDE US IN A PROGRAM IN  PERU: 11.11.11:  Gateways to Ascension
          in the great landscapes of
Peru:  Traditional tools of exploration of consciousness within the Earth and ourselves.  Development of personal power w/in the Andean cosmology. The Incas, their ancestors and descendants have performed these ceremonies for hundreds of years in these sacred sites of Cuzco and the Sacred Valley, including Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, Pisaq and Raqchi.

Return to Beauty, embracing our authentic self, through earth awareness, incorporating the Incan practices of the Karpay initiations, in ancient stone ceremonial sites and pristine natural sacred power sites of Vermont.  Deep union, and honoring of our natural being.

    *   Sept 8, 2007, The Power of Sekhmet, Egyptian mysteries, Murnau, Germany.

Sept 13-16
, 2007,  Boden, Austria   The Illumination of Consciousness

* August 3-6, 2006:  Boden, Austria:  Healing with The Hathors:  Sacred practice in the art of living in Ecstasy.  It is time we embrace our true destiny and place in the cosmos, and birth the new paradigm of life on Earth.  

See Current programs in Europe

Study of the Egyptian Mysteries & other esoteric studies

We offer in depth studies of the Egyptian mastery techniques of High Alchemy,
via work with The Hathors, Sekhmet, Horus, Isis, Hat'or, and others of the Egyptian lineages. 
Anchoring these techniques with Sacred Sound initiations serve to awaken us a deepest level of memory and being.

Sound Circles:   ;   
<No sound circles currently on our calendar, but may restart at a later time.>
  Techniques and sharing in sacred sound.  Occasional Guest teachers.

For additional workshops & information,  & Shamanic, & Sound Healing Trainings, Retreats & Sacred Journeys, including in the US, England, Peru, Europe, Egypt, Canada, and more, contact us. 

For further information & additional workshops contact
Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director
The Center of Light
PO Box 389, Hidden Glen Road               
Ascutney, VT 05030 USA
Phone: 802-674-9585; 
Fax: 802-674-95856

      Discounts for advance registration may apply.  Program prices do not include food or lodging unless stated. MC/Visa/ Credit/Debit cards accepted.  VSAC or other adult ed. grants may be available.

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   Prior Programming

Click here
if you wish to see a List of Many Programs we have offered in the past;
Many may be available at future times

Sound Healing Therapies
See our most up to date information on Sound Therapies and individual practices here.

Zacciah accepts appointments for individual healing work or training in sound healing therapies.  This work is an eclectic blend of spiritual counseling, clairvoyant insight, and shamanic and sacred sound therapy, designed to help one connect with inner guidance and spiritual nourishment, clarify life issues, work with deep healing where needed, and to find one's own voice and authenticity in the world. The work is  to help you find and establish your path in your own sacred journey, to help you identify and remove obstacles to obtaining your own greatest good.  We whom have been on this journey, best understand it, and can best assist others.  We do not provide medical diagnosis, nor specifically address physical symptomology, though there often may be some relationship to deeper spiritual work.  There is growing research which shows the mindbody connection, as well as research reflecting the use of sound therapies beneficial to many forms of traditional healing.

You may call or e-mail Zacciah at to discuss your personal needs.
There is an in depth article on the nature of Sound Healing linked below, which may give you further insight into this work, and a link here to Zacciah's background.                   

Please contact us for further details.

 Articles on Sound Healing and other topics of healing
See our most up to date information on Sound Therapies and individual practices here.
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   Sound Circles
We can refer you to a quality sound circle in Richmond VT (Burlington area)
HEALING CIRCLES at the Center, in Ascutney VT

in part to benefit The Sound Healing Network
(NO Add'l sound circles planned at this time
Ask us for updates, or join our newsletter)

Suggested Donations $
All Welcome; give what you may, this is an offering to you, and to the planet.

Any amount accepted.
  • Programs will change each week
  • Exploring aspects of our nature, healing techniques, offering sound transmissions and prayers for healing.
  • We are entering radical times of transformation.  Come to experience deep inner healing, receive or offer healing prayers to others in your life, and the world.
  • Each week we shall penetrate the veils of awareness, to enter heightened states of sacred consciousness, ready to assist all in need.
RSVP to insure a space, as it is limited:  Directions:
We are not currently scheduling any sound/healing circles beyond these.
You may invite us to your center/home/neighborhood.

We will focus on world healing practices, but work on individual processing, sound and shamanic techniques, and variety of other practices, according to the needs of the group!  This is a time to interact, exchange ideas and practices, network with others in the community, get acquainted with Zacciah and his techniques and practices, socialize, and assist in creating real and effective change through deep healing processes and practices.
We welcome you.  PLEASE let us know you are coming, space is limited, first reserved are guaranteed a place in the circle. 
Speak with Julie weekdays 10-5 EST:  802.674.9585

See our Professional Sound Healers trainings for current listings of this event

Prior notes on our circles:

We will explore a wide variety of sound techniques during this series.  Cost is  -- per meeting.     Zacciah will focus on a shamanic technique in which he will be offering a connection with special elements of earth energies, known as the "prayer keepers," whom may be accessed to send healing prayers to others.  We will focus our attention on the needs of children of the world, and especially those children whom you bring our thoughts to in the circle.  Send in your prayers if you cannot join us.  August 10, I will offer a preface of sound healing techniques such as you would learn in these trainings.   We hope to have guest teachers for this circle on a regular basis, and offer benefits for SHN through this event as well.  

No experience is necessary.  Sound healing is a process of the heart.  No vocal or instrumental training is necessary to participate fully in any class.  Appropriate for novice and practitioner, for those whom wish to learn or improve their meditation skills, experience healing in a fundamental, yet potentially profound manner, and those who wish to build community.

The use of Sacred Sound comes in many formats throughout the world.  Come and explore with us its many tapestries as we work with voice, drum, flute, bowl and other instruments of Spirit with the use of Sacred Sound as a portal into deeper self exploration, greater dimensions of being and awareness, and transformation and integration into more complete or fulfilled spiritual/human beings.  This is also an excellent opportunity to be introduced to Zacciah's work.  Elements of workshops may be incorporated into these circles.  You do not need to play an instrument to participate.  Zacciah uses his voice, and the voice of the instruments as doorways to other dimensions, or levels of awareness.
  See our Professional Sound Healers trainings for current listings of this event 

Not Currently Scheduled 
Contact us for information on work with sacred earth energies, in powerful earth sites or ancient sacred sites in Europe, Egypt, Peru, New England, the Southwest, and elsewhere.
See our Earth Mysteries programs incorporating sacred earth sites.
Elemental Earth Energies, w/ Zacciah

Join us in outdoor classes designed to enhance our recognition and use of the Sacred nature of Earth Energies, the essential life blood and creative forces of Nature.  We will visit natural/wilderness areas to help us get close to and develop relationship with these Essential Earth Energies, learn how to develop alliances for personal power and integrity, and for healing ourselves, each other, and the Planet.  Also, Medicine Wheel teachings, a sacred view of relationships within the Circle of Life.  Call for details or registration.  Ongoing weekday, or all day weekend classes, in and around Ascutney, VT, or Central or Northern VT.

Elemental Energies of the Earth and Sky

Transformational experiences in the Vermont Outback.  Learn connectiveness, self-discovery, purpose, and healing of ourselves, our planet, each other.  Travel to natural and wilderness settings within Vermont for experiential
studies in the natural sacred forces of the world around us, and within us.  Elemental forces stand ready to aid, guide, and celebrate with us the reawakening, and reaffirming of our true selves.  Working with spirits of the mountains, stargathering techniques, more.  Come prepared to meet the shadows and guardian spirits of our lives.

See also:  Initiations into Earth and Sky
See our StarSeed programs;  and Karpay initiations into Peruvian mysticism
also programs on the StarNations. 

Day long excursions in Cavendish, VT, or Mt Mansfield, Stowe, VT; 
possible overnight in improved or un-improved campground.

Day programs in Ascutney, VT.

Limited groups. Cost will vary by duration and location

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   ZacciahZacciah Blackburn, PhD, is an intuitive, teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures.  He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, at the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies.  Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in mystical settings, for personal healing and transformation.  He is Director of Education at The International Sound Healing Network, & is co-founder & Director of the World Sound Healing and All One Now Network of organizations working for global peace & transformation.   

For Zacciah's background in studies and experience, click here.

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The first Karpay initiations by an Andean priest held in the US were in New England in 2004-5:

Our Elder Qero paqo has asked Zacciah to continue these initiations,
 which he is currently offering in his Return To Beauty programs, and incorporating in his Earth Temples, Awakening Living Relations with the Earth and Sky programs

as well as Peru 11.11.11:  Gateway at Amaru Muru; Gateway to Ascension

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   A Wide Selection of Drums of the World, World Percussion, Concert Band and
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You will find a large assortment of many fine Sound Healing tools, instruments used in traditional Spiritual practices of many cultures, including:  Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Tingshaws, Shamanic Drums, African Drums, Flutes, Shakuhachi, Tabla, Tamboura, Sitars, Native American Flutes, Didgeridoos, much more

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