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Practices for Healing and Transformation

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Especially for those not familiar with our work
Here is a special sound offering,
From Part of the Voice of Light practice with Zacciah and Dorothy 
offered in Vermont, USA, February 2017 
                   Practices for Healing and Transformation
with Zacciah Blackburn and Dorothy Stone

Who are we, really?  And, what is our Divine Purpose here?

While many of us are seeking direct intervention, or healing, outside of our selves, true healing comes from within.  Understanding this, and empowering ourselves are key elements to our pathway of healing.  Peering into the depths of our wounding, suffering, or trauma is but one aspect of healing.  There is far more awaiting us in the higher dimensional aspects of our true or higher Self.  Often, by reaching into these aspects of Self, we see a much greater beauty and wholeness, as well as a Divine plan and purpose to our lives, which creates healing within itself.  Indeed, this is the actual nature of healing.
In this offering, Zacciah will guide us through the root origins of the nature of healing, transformation, and self-realization.
In most wisdom schools of the world, the understanding of the true nature of the Self, Who We Are and Why We have Come, as spiritual beings, are fundamental and foundational to our understanding of, and attainment to, true healing, as well as satisfaction, wholeness, and fulfillment within our lives.
To access this 'knowing' in an authentic way can create life changing experience and transformation.  Zacciah uses unique methods of channeling sacred light and sounds from the subtle worlds, where he is guided by authentic beings and teachers of those realms. He will be joined by his partner, Dorothy Stone, in these sacred sound practices.
Because they originate from the subtle worlds, the exercises tend to transport us into other worldly journeys and healing experiences, guiding us into direct revelation of our authentic nature as spiritual beings, our relationship to unseen aspects of Creation, and our purpose here embodied on this planet, at this time.  What we see, what is revealed, in these realms, is so rich and fulfilling, it often is beyond most of our imaginations, especially because we have been taught to think so little of ourselves, and not regard our true spiritual nature.
We hope you will join us, as we peer through the veils of our own being, to determine with profound guidance and understanding, how to come into a greater sense of our true Self, in wholeness, balance, purpose, meaning, and completion.

This program is facilitated by, Zacciah Blackburn, a highly skilled intuitive teacher and guide in sound healing and esoteric awareness practices for true awakening of consciousness.  He has worked in the field for over 3 decades, offers a 3 year program in therapeutic sound healing practices, and teaches internationally a variety of esoteric trainings in consciousness and earth healing practices.
He is Director of Education for the International Sound Healing Network.
Zacciah's work has long focused on the emerging transformation of human consciousness.

He is joined by his partner Dorothy Stone, who adds exquisite complementary sounds through harmonium and chant, as well as with Zacciah in the Sacred Sound meditation practices.  Dorothy has worked in the field of holism most of her adulthood, and has her own multi-decade therapeutic practice.
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