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  The Institute of Sound Healing

 Professional Sound Healers Trainings
with Zacciah Blackburn, Ph.D.
  Level II (Second Year) Programs
5 - 3day Weekend Trainings

  Level II Program Information   *  Individual Program Description and Dates   
Cost and Discounts   *   Registration Information   
       Level III, third year programs   *   Sound Healing Therapies
 Level II Applications of Sound Therapies classes
are available for all students completing Level I class series.

*   Level III, third year programs   *  
First Year, Level I Programs:  4 - 6 day programs over 8 months

 Level II:  Applications ~ 5 Primary Weekends
We offer ever broader and more explicit range of trainings in sound healing practice, which delve into greater personal & professional awareness, and outlines of the application of sound in therapeutic practice.    Level II trainings require completion of Level I, our Foundation Training.  Consideration may be given to those completing most of Level I with completion of Lev I in the next class cycle, or with additional professional skill development outside of class. 
These experiential programs will take the practitioner to ever deeper levels of cognitive and experiential understanding, enriching their lives and practice.   We create a coherent team of practitioners which carries into other avenues of your well being, and prepare for a third year of explicit supervised trainings.   Second year students completing all courses receive a certificate of completion of studies of Level II, third year students receive a certificate of completion from the entire School program.

See Times, Cost and Location here

Frosted Quartz 
Crystal Singing Bowls
Module I:  Healing , Sacred Sound Instruments, & Application of Sound Therapies   
Fri-Sun Sept September 19-21, 2014

  • Moving more readily into the nature of healing, the use of therapeutic and sacred sound intruments and applications of soundwork;      
  • Working off Level I understanding, carrying deeper container into new levels of this work.
  • Some review, always homework
  • Tuning forks, crystal and Tibetan bowls, Tingshas and bells, rattles and drums, other instruments
  Module II:  Advanced Use of  Voice, Awareness, and Intent in Therapeutic Applications  
Fri-Sun, Jan 23-25, 2015
  • Moving into deeper application, integration and use of voice, awareness and overall view of healing and therapeutic process.
  • Awakeningof authentic voice in healing and therapeutic process
  • Practice I and II:  How to create a healing practice


Module III:  Energetics of the Human Component, Science, & Neurophysiology, 
Fri-Sun  March 27-29, 2015
  • Moving into greater awareness of the crystalline essence of consciousness, the nature of the human spirit, our Divine nature or origins
  • How the Human Energy system is composed, functions, and interacts with nature and the cosmos
  • Our own awareness and consciousness
  • Hidden components of neurology, psychology, obscurations, thoughtforms, heartmind, and their interaction with consciousness, nature, healing, and the cosmos  
  • How does sound work and interact with these? 
  • The attunement and refined awareness of, and interaction with, sound,healing, and consciousness 
Module IV:  Sacred Space, Sacred Sound, Sacred Ceremony,
Fri-Sun May 22-24, 2015 
  • Exploring the nature and texture of subtle sound, subtle realms of consciousness, and how to open to them, co-create them, attune and emanate them.
  • Working with Sacred Sound and the Subtle Realms of being, and the natures, energies (neters), powers, Beings and Consciousnesses that reside there.
  • Working with the Subtle Streams of Consciousness, Sound Streams and Sound Codes;  how is sound 'encoded'?
  • How can this benefit my practice and profession?
  • Ethics of professional healing practice
  • Nature of Sacred Ceremony, and the use of sound


Module V:  Earth Healing & Awareness,
Fri-Sun July 24-26, 2015
In Chester, VT
        **special note:  we end late Sunday, possibly 6-7 pm, due to nature of outdoor work
  • We will spend the majority of our 3 days outside in sacred sites
  • Working with the subtle texture of Earth Consciousness, and Elemental Consciousness.
  • The Allies of the Medicine kingdoms:  Plant, Stone, Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Ether, Animal
    • Ancestral and other medicine allies, in the natural world
  • Moving into ancient sacred sites, and natural power sites
    • What is the difference, how can they be utilized
  • The nature of awakening relations with the living consciousness of Earth, Elemental consciousness, and etc.
  • The Art of Right Approach to sacred sites, and Right Relationship to the energies and beings inhabiting these sacred places. 
  • The nature of These Times (think 2012, and how to enter them in Right Relationship)
    • And, healing for the Earth, the Human, and other Kingdoms
  • Individual and planetary healing, utilizing Earth Energies
  • Visiting: 
    • Apu (Mt) Ascutney, and his Sacred Heart Temple
    • The Cavendish Gorge, and sacred wisdom keepers, and caves
    • working with stones and trees as allies
    • The Sacred Stone Chambers of Calendar I and/or Calendar II
    • including the StarSeed Chamber, Gestation and Birthing Chambers
  • Integrating this wisdom into our lives    
 Weekend 5 will be held at Fletcher Conference Center,
Chester VT
This enables us to be near outdoor energy centers and sacred sites which are primary to that practice.
Details available.

Some specific program content may vary or change without prior notice, as this work organically evolves;  general content will remain the same

Some out of class assignments will be part of curriculum.

  On completion of this training, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for Level II of the training. 
This program is the pre-cursor to additional advanced level III hands-on supervised training/practice, and will be a pre-requisite for that training.
Additional previous years' notes on the nature, direction, and scope of these trainings 

Location and Logistical Information
Meals and Lodging

All programs in Level II are 3 days, 2 nights in duration,
from Thursday 9:45 AM until Sunday lunch, each given week.
Prices include all food and lodging, as detailed, according to how you choose to register (as a resident
**, or commuter ***.)  You may choose to commute, from home, or from any other lodging you choose in the area.  
If so, we recommend you simply search on line for motel, hotel, or B&B/inn services in the area, according to the towns you wish to stay in.
We will assist you should you need further help.

These practices are held in the
warmth of a very rural Buddhist retreat center complex which encompasses 95 acres of pristine nature, including deep woodlands, bogs and marshes, ponds, streams and brooks, open sky, and rock ledges.
spirit fire conference center
The SpiritFire Retreat Center
407 West Leyden Road

Leyden, Massachusetts 01337
The Center is near Greenfield MA & Brattleboro, VT
--bus, trains available to Greenfield/Deerfield, MA, or Brattleboro, VT
Closest major airport is Hartford, CT (Bradlee/BDL), though Manchester, NH, Boston, MA, Albany NY, and Burlington VT are also good choices.
For international travel, there is good train & bus service to the region from NYC, and Boston, MA airports, to Greenfield MA or Brattleboro VT
Weekend 5 will be held at Fletcher Conference Center,
Chester VT
This enables us to be near outdoor energy centers and sacred sites which are primary to that practice.
Details available.

  If you wish to arrive a day early, or stay one day after the practice, the Center will accommodate you.
COSTS FOR THIS SERVICE is currently $65. + tax,
includes a breakfast only, and is subject to change.
Please add this cost to your registration package.
All questions and reservations are handled through our offices,
not SpiritFire, please.
Googlemap here

Typical schedule format:
(All Times are EST.  
Exact times may vary.)

First day:  Arrive and register by 9:30 AM.  
Class begins 9:45 AM
Lunch 1 PM.
Breaks every 1.5-2 hrs.
Afternoon snack 4:00 PM
Evening meal begins 6:30 PM

most evenings we will offer practice for up to 2 hrs.
Starting at 7:30-8 PM

2nd day:
Breakfast 8:15 - 9: 15 AM
Program begins between 9:45 AM
Morning break 11:00 AM
Lunch at 1 PM
Afternoon session begins 2:30 PM
Afternoon break and snack 4:00 PM
Evening meal begins  6:30 PM

3rd day:
Breakfast 8:15 - 9: 15 AM
Program begins between 9:45 AM
Morning break and snack 11:00 AM
Lunch at 1 PM
Program Closes 2:00 PM

5th weekend will have a different schedule,
with entire days outside in natural power centers, and sacred sites.

Sound Healing Instruments and Tools;
and Homework
  We have a vast array of sound healing tools available, including instruments, books, and CD's, many of which you may view at,
  and, many of which are available during class in our display area.
We provide a list of recommended reading, CD's, and instruments to set up your sound practice.
Some reading may be required for those in entire series.
There are homework assignments based on the practices we complete in each Module, for those attending the next Module, which you are expected to complete and give oral reports.

  • Zacciah brings many instruments he typically uses, and recommends, for sound healing practices, to this program.  He will use these to demonstrate, but they, also, are available for sale, and for your use during sound practices. 
  • If you wish to bring instruments related to this workshop, to learn more deeply in hands on practice, or to utilize in practice with others, it is highly recommended. These might include, especially, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, frame drums (hand-held drums, with beater, like traditional Native American or 'shamanic' drums,) Tibetan bells, tingshas, tuning forks, rattles.)  If you have questions about other instruments, you may bring them, and we will discuss or experience them as time permits.  You, certainly, can bring instruments for your own enjoyment during private times.
  • If you wish to purchase instruments before hand, you may do so via our instrument website, 
  • We have highly experienced staff who can assist in appropriate tools for sound healing. 

information coming soon, or will be provided after registration

EACH 3 Day program:

all inclusive,
double occupancy:
3 meals/day    
2 meals/day:  $938  

TO Contact our Offices 
  • Call our offices 
    • Monday-Friday, 10 AM - 5:00 PM EST
    • Phone:  802.674.9585
Mail or fax:
You may mail or fax your registration
information, or MC/Visa credit/debit card, or Discover Card information, or mail your check or money order.
  •  Print out Fax or Mail Registration form here
Checks and money orders:
We accept checks and money orders from foreign nationals drawn on ANY US bank, with a US based address, or postal money orders recognized by the US Postal system.

  • FAX:  802.674.9586
  •  Mail:  
    • PO Box 389
    • Ascutney VT 05030  USA

Registration & Acceptance Guidelines,

& Cancellation Policies for these trainings

Registration in this program is a commitment to attend and to follow all guidelines and policies regarding this program, including taking personal responsibility for understanding the nature of, and participation in, this program or programs, and for taking personal liability for any harm, or damage, to persons or property while attending said programs.  Registration is open until that program is full.  Registration is limited.  Acceptance into the program or portion of each program you are registering for, will be formalized, when we charge your credit card, or deposit your check into our bank.  We will not cash a check, nor charge your credit card account, if space is not available, or your registration is not accepted for any reason, and we will contact you regarding that, as well as any possible wait list, where appropriate.  Discounts only apply for payments in full.  You may seek registration at any time, but once accepted, in order to guarantee space,  the following payment schedules must be met:

Content updated soon

Full Series is in Ascutney,VT.  Other programs offered throughout the US, Canada, and Europe
Visit Our Class List For Additional Current Program Information; Sign up for our Newsletter  
Advanced Level Trainings in Shamanic Practice, Earth Ceremony in Sacred Sites
Your Facilitator:
Zacciah Blackburn, Ph.D. is a sound healer trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures. 
Zacciah is Director of Education for the International Sound Healing Network,  
A Founding Member of the former Sound and Music Alliance,
  & Co-Founder & Director of
the World Sound Healing & All One Now Network   
Zacciah Blackburn,  PhD, The Center of Light
P.O. Box 389, Hidden Glen Road, Ascutney, VT 05030    USA           
Phone: 802-674-9585   Fax: 802-674-9586 
 E-mail:      Web Site:
Additional Information on Zacciah's Background 


To register
, you may call, fax, or mail us your name, contact, and credit information or mail your check or money order, with applicable discounts and programs you wish to attend. 
You may register on line at our secure site here
Simply fill in all contact and credit card information, workshop title, date, and cost, and any applicable discounts. 
 Any charges will appear on your credit card billing statement as  “Sunreed Instruments”, our partner company.  
For a printable Registration Form, click here.

Payment, Cancellation & Financial Assistance Information for Level II 3 day trainings
We accept MasterCard and Visa credit or debit cards for payment, as well as PayPal payments, check or money orders, or cash. 
(You may also send postdated checks at any time, dated for the early registration discount deadlines.)
Vermont residents may qualify with VSAC (Vermont Student Assistance Corporation) for adult education financial assistance or grants in career training.  (We are under review currently for this service, we will notify you if approved.)
(Previous students have qualified for part and full payment.)  Agencies in your home state may also offer adult education financial assistance. 
(We will be glad to assist with information for those agencies.)
Those whom have attended our previous sound healing trainings may qualify for discounts on individual programs. 

Enrollment is limited to Level I Graduates, or, in some cases, to those completing at least 3 of the 4 Level I programs.

Enrollment is limited to those signing up for the entire class.
There may be special exceptions for prior students who need to make up certain classes to complete Level II.
This will 
enhance the integrity and quality of our class experience
A registration for this program is a commitment to attend all classes, and make all arranged payments.

We offer no cancellation policy.  No refunds are given.
Registration in this program is a commitment to attend all classes, make all arranged payments, and to follow all guidelines and policies regarding this program, including taking personal liability for any harm, or damage, to persons or property while attending said program.   Payment in full is expected at time of registration, unless a payment plan is pre-approved.   Acceptance by VSAC is accepted as payment for program, up to the amount of their grant.  Registration is open until program is full.  Registration is limited.  If a program is missed for any reason, credit or partial credit toward future programs may be extended at the discretion of Center of Light staff. 

Programs are held regardless of weather conditions.  Please plan accordingly.  During potential winter months, we recommend those traveling long distance, plan travel at least one full day before, and after, the program dates, to insure weather does not impact your attendance.  In the unlikely event a class must be cancelled or rescheduled for any reason, if you cannot meet the rescheduling date, a full refund of that portion of the training shall be made.  The Center of Light, and its staff, and all affiliates, shall be held harmless in case of  rescheduling, or cancellation of any program, for any reason.  This policy may change without notice.  We will honor the policy in place at your time of registration. 

  Some of these programs have been previously hosted across the US, Canada, and Europe. 
We may be able to offer these programs with our hosts in these regions at future times,
or make arrangements with you to offer them in your home region.  Contact us with your interest.
We are in discussion with hosts, or have offered programs, in locations to include:
Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Australia, Switzerland:   

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