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Sound Healers Trainings Level II and Beyond:
including advanced Shamanic/Eath Mystery Trainings

Additional Notes for Clarification of Trainings:

We are often asked to clarify the nature of these sound healing trainings.
This is a letter to those whom have completed many of our sound healing or shamanic course in previous years, to give them a personal glimpse of where this work is heading as we compose more trainings.
These are several years old now.  We leave these notes here, as they have useful information, but may not be fully accurate as to the next stage of development in Level II and III courses.  Look at those current pages for that information.

Sound Friends!

I wanted to give some insight as to where these Level II trainings will begin, and where I am currenting envisioning them leading toward, which includes points of fusion with the Earth Mysteries/Shamanic programming I will both begin and continue this year.

Many have asked me to offer more programs regarding shamanic healing.
I have always suggested you study my sound healers trainings, as there are direct correlations with the methodology I view and utilize in all of my sound work, methods of teaching the utilization of Sacred Sound, and the Earth Mysteries work, what I am currently calling Walking Between Worlds, both of which include working with the deities, beings, elements, and energies of the subtle realms of consciousness, to bring us closer to our Wholeness.
Many have asked about deeper level Earth Healing/Sacred Site work, and this a primary Doorway I will utilize to create that programming as well.
Those of you whom know my personal work, know I incorporate these practices into my method of sound healing in private practice as well as group practice.  I simply have strayed from much focus on the terminology of "Shamanism", as I have viewed in my own life, many using this term, and thus the more common methodology and understanding of it, does not necessarily fit my fullest desire of the use of "shamanic practice."

More on my view of "shamanic practice" toward the end of this mail.

Level II begins each year after completion of Level I programs.  These
with the focus on the higher octaves of The Nature of Healing, The Use of Voice with Intention, and Applications in Sound Therapies, three of the classes we began in Level I.  Notice I say the higher octaves, because my intention in this series of classes is to begin where we ended last, and take off from there, to explore more deeply each of the aspects of healing practice we discovered in the initial  Level I trainings.  Each weekend of Level II will take the focus of some of the work in Level I, and bring it to a higher experience and understanding.

Specifically, in this training, we will begin with an aspect I am calling the Journey into the Fabric of Ourselves.  We will begin by utilizing Sacred Sound to explore our own unique chemistry, nature, emotions, divinity, the layers and fabric of our selves, then utilize the sound techniques we have explored or mastered to work with each other to penetrate these veils of healing within the deeper core of ourselves, with each other.  As I have said over and over in Level I, we are the only guinea pigs we have, to learn how to do this at the moment, at least during classes. 
So, I want to explore our own psyche,
  • so we can come to terms with our own nature, motivations and desires,
  • explore the territory we must map for others,
  • and offer it up to each other for healing practice....
In future years trainings, I hope to bring in volunteers from the greater community to assist us in coming into more direct therapeutic practice with the more "unknown" issues of those who show up as "clients."  Yet, I feel we must first come to terms with our own selves, and utilize that as a catalyst for working with each other.

In this Journey Into the Fabric of Ourselves, we shall explore:
  • What are we holding back from ourselves (read these twice...)
  • What do we not want to reveal to ourselves and others
  • What is beneath that
  • What is the source of it, what has gone astray
  • What is beneath that
  • Who are we really
  • What is the true, or Greater Source, of it all
  • Within that reality, "who are we really", we shall also explore How Can we Serve Others.
  • Within that reality, we shall explore how we can utilize sound in our lives and practice more effectively.
This theme may carry forward throughout the five months of trainings.

We shall be working with partners throughout much of this endeavor, and journeying, journaling, taking each other in, to explore, dialogue, move energies, tone and sound, using voice and instruments:
  • to explore how to heal with each other
  • to explore how to assist each other in each other's healing
  • always focusing on the inner core of our own healing as a vehicle of understanding how to understand, and how to assist others, with clarity, skill, humor, non-judgement, and compassion
  • and using and deepening the methodology we have utilized in prior trainings

    You can imagine how much I look forward to this beginning with you, such a dear family of healers, and community of beings.
In Level III (3), we will be able to go into deeper work as practicioners, perhaps bridging in by this time, with volunteers from the community to work with us.  There will be more homework and assignments outside of class during this training. (level II)

But, moreso, as you see in our Level II listings, I will be working toward deeper work with Earth Ceremony.
Moving from the Second Tier of Sacred Space, Sacred Sound, and Transmissions (aligning with, and channeling the other worlds via sound,) and Sacred Ceremony....
into Earth Healing and Awareness.

At this time, I envision (or, I am told,) this will become a bridge into a greater body of Earth Healing and Ceremonies, creating a community of Healers to embody planetary wholeness, and learning to work with:
  • Utilizing the currents of energy and consciousness available at sacred sites
  • Working deliberately with community in conscious right relation with the Earth and her Keepers, to go into greater intentional healing with the Earth, Ourselves, Each Other, the global community of Humanity, the Kingdoms of the Ancestral, Star, Devic, Fairy, Elemental consciousnesses, etc.
  • Creating Spontaneous and Planned Community Ceremonies for healing.
  • This may become separate from our Sound Healers Trainings, per se, but we shall continue also development as Private Practitioners in sound therapies
As for myself, I see my work continuing to evolve as a Wisdom Keeper for the Ancient Mysteries, and as a conscientious Co-Facilitator for this time of transition here on the Earth.  Most of us Are!  (at least those doing this work...)

I cannot, in good conscience, not stand up to claim that role as assistant in all of our healing.  I will be the first to admit to my own continued healing and growth, as I feel that is our nature until we realize as awakened beings our Oneness with that Great Central Sun, the Great Cosmos, All That Is.  And even then, it does continue.....

Yet, I will continue to take personal responsibility to assist in every way I can for the integration, realization, and evolution into our greater wholeness.  That does start with my own.

And with each step I take, I welcome each of you to join, to enter into greater community, to deepen relationship with the Earth and each other.

I am designing programs such as Return To Beauty, and the Sacred Sounds Journey to the United Kingdom, which is incorporating guided healing practices especial to these times, as I am told by the Keepers and others on the Other Side, who have asked specifically for some of these rituals we shall partake of, & Co-Create, in the great Landscape of Avebury, Stonehenge, the Cheeserings, Sancreed Well and Tor, and more.  I am designing programs which shall deepen and share my & our understanding of how to enter and utilize, in Right Relation, the energies and Knowledge of Sacred Places.  These have and will appear in the Earth Mysteries pages. (links below.)

I see this work as evolving, into merging into Deep Ceremony, for the Earth.
Those whom wish to participate, and work cohesively together, to create these events, I welcome.  For the deeper ceremonies, there may be a growing need for pre-requisite trainings, to insure we are dealing with those whom hold the highest integrity, the clearest intention, and skilled focus and utilization of energies in practice.

I hope to welcome others in the field whom I know and respect in their own work, to join us in these projects as well.  There are not currently enough weekend days in the year to engage in all the work I am offered to share.

I will continue to evolve and share all I am able.

Together, we shall make a difference in the ecology and quality of life on Earth.
I welcome you, I join with you, in service to this great Earth & Cosmos, to the well being of all Life.

In a Sacred Way,
In a Sacred Way,
I make these offerings to you.



These will be updated as time allows, not all programs, some with pre-requesites, are listed.
Share this with others you feel shall benefit.

Watch also for the growing body of progams in the Illumination of Consciousness.
Coming this spring (not yet listed):
Meeting Our Divinity:  The Sanctuary of the Cosmos
The Golden Body:  The Deeper Union
(will require prior training of one Illumination program)


Please check with our office manager Julie Jones if you wish to register for any trainings.
She is available most weekdays 10-5. 
Or, you may register online with information at the site.
For sound healers trainings:

For all other classes:
Thank you.

We welcome your requests for additional information regarding these programs.

Zacciah, and Staff
Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies




What Others Are Saying About this Program

Until we are able to transcribe additional evaluations of the trainings, please see our feedback pages.




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