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Messages from the Pure Realms
Messages from the Pure Realms: 
The Time of the Sun
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD  

I have been writing this article, below, over the course of the last week.  Our weather has ranged from bright brilliant blue skies, to fierce northeastern winter storms.
I walked my land yesterday reflecting on the nature of the “Pure Realms.”  In Tibetan terminology, this is where the Holy Beings dwell, as well as where our ‘inherent nature’ resides.  That inherent nature is one of beauty and inherent goodness.  It awakens the inherent qualities of our luminous, or ‘rainbow body’ (Tibetan term,) radiating in a state of joy, equanimity, bliss or happiness, and compassion.  We have access to these states when we rest in our ‘inner refuge.’  This asks us to find a state of serene silence, stillness, and spaciousness within us.  The practices below can assist us to easily enter a tranquil state of refuge within ourself.

It is easy to get lost in the chaos and confusion of daily life.  Finding refuge in the sanctity of ourself, will distill that chaos in ways that will bring great joy, wise view, and right choice into our lives.  Where we focus our attention is what creates that wise or right view.  This in turn, advises, or creates the outcome, of our choices and actions.  Right view advises our actions.  Right action advises our view.
Luminous Rainbow body Walking in the “Pure Realms” of freshly fallen snow, it is easy to find this serenity, our inherent beauty and nature.  It is there, in nature all around us, a reflection of our own nature.  “The Snow Lands” is another term the Tibetans use for this nature, for these “Pure Realms of Light and Sound, where the Holy Beings Dwell.”
Where do you dwell?
Is it in your inherent Nature?

Is it in your True Essence?
Are you aware how simple it is?

Are you being true to yourself?
Is your Essence belonging to your Being?
Are you belonging to your Essence?

The “Blue Sky” practice is a traditional practice that brings us the opportunity to enter the spacious, brilliant view of our inherent nature, to reside there, and to enter the world from this place of equanimity and serenity.
We have the opportunity to experience many of these ‘brilliant vast blue empty skies’ these days.  We highly recommend utilizing them as a tool, as intended, to enter the equanimity of our Being.
Practices such as these, offered below, help us easily and readily step into that Essential Being.
We send you our blessings, in your life and work.
Time of the SunArticle
The Time of the Sun
In these times of rapid change and transformation, what is your current experience, where do you stand, or, rest?  And, how can you implement meaningful changes in your everyday life that are not disruptive, but improve the quality of life for you and those around you?
Do you find yourself more often in the chaos and confusion that apparently drives so much of our society today, if not the world?  Or, do you rest in the tranquil harmony and beauty that resides throughout most of Nature, and, indeed, is your own inherent nature?   Do you understand your own inherent nature, and how easy it is to access and integrate it easily into your life?  Or do you have but fleeting moments of this tranquility, peace, or joy, that elude you from more permanently integrating them into your life?

It is easy to imagine or experience the chaos and confusion around you, and imagine it to be too easily overpowering.  We may see dissonance and disharmony in a society built outside of the realms of order of the natural world, and that stands outside of the natural laws of the Cosmos. In recent times, for many of us, these qualities of chaos and confusion appear to be growing. 
It is easy to focus on, to see dysfunction in so many aspects of our society around us.  Indeed, many of us were raised in dysfunctional families whom at least did not nurture us very well, (as infants could and should be nurtured in loving, caring families.)  And, many of us report being raised in even more unstable or volatile emotional or physically unsafe and traumatic environs.  This is without even mentioning societies that live in conflict or war within their own borders, or with their neighbors.  How must those children feel?
Many of our society seem to be driven by irrational and non-compassionate behaviors towards others, perhaps a product of that very upbringing, though karmic roots must also be considered in the nature of things.  Those karmic roots may include generations of dysfunctional families passing those seeds of irrational behaviors on to future generations, yet personal karma is always part of it.  And, we are part of those ancestral roots.  We have lived here before, passing on our behaviors through seeds of genetic and behavioral imprints.
Now, here we are, as a society, split, between function and dysfunction, care for others and me-ism and protectionism, care for the Earth who holds and nurtures us, and disregard for the science that shows we are on a path of non-sustainable disorder, and non-respect for the great interconnectedness of environs, species, and each other, as well as, our own states of health, well-being, and the outcome of our own actions.  Are we able to readily see the intertwining of these?  And, why is it so difficult for others to understand the harm our societal actions are causing the ecos and others on the planet?
There are choices of change we can readily make and instigate within us, that will spread across the land like new seed.

The non-sustainable patterns many of us are witnessing can be visible in both the micro- and macro- network of our selves.  We can see the interconnection between thought and action, and dysfunction and emotional discomfort within ourselves and our society.  What we see outside of ourselves has been created and manifested from within us, individually, and collectively.  In general, the tangible outside world is a reflection, or better, a projection of our inner turmoil and conflict.  If we have sought and sustained states of inner peace and coherence, then what is reflected to us from the outer world is more likely to be just that.
If we are perceiving challenges and chaos, we each can make choices to stop, and change the course of what we see outside of ourselves.
Interestingly, at this time, science is showing us the luminous interweaving of cells and atoms that may well be, now, visibly perceivable as transmitting information to each other, beyond the traditionally held views of bio-neurological structures.  Energy and information is being seen as transmitted through some bioluminous, or biophotonic field.  Clear or coherent thoughts and emotions imprint, or increase, this bioluminescence.  It appears to effect cells, and DNA.  Science, is, indeed, stepping into the realms that were once held for the Mystic. 
This speaks, also, to the morphogenic field, that many scientists, also, perceive surrounds the entire Earth, which, similarly, allows us to inform, or communicate with, each other in ways not yet understood by science.  Yet, this is part of our mythic understanding from the past, and in current wisdom cultures, where the interwoven fibers or filaments of light, the web of life, allow us to commune with each other, even over vast distances.  Any of us whom have experienced some form of intuitive or telepathic communication, have experienced this field of light.  Do you not believe you have experienced telepathic communication? 
I am leaving for a trip to the mall, but wait, I left something in the house.  I should go back and get it…..  The phone rings just as I enter the house.  It is an important message from a loved one…. 
How many of us have had such communications and perhaps not realized the interwoven threads of light that exist between us, that we can enhance and commune more conscientiously with our loved ones, each other, the Earth or Cosmos itself?
Or, do we believe it was just happenstance and circumstance?
Why did that raven swoop down over the hood of my car just as I was thinking about a message I wanted to deliver to someone, or how I felt about a particular life situation?  Is there a link between the wisdom of the Cosmos, and myself, just delivered by that Raven, a messenger to indigenous peoples?
It may well be time, if we are not already, that we look at how to create order, communion, and nurturing within us, which can transcend the apparent discord around us, and allow us to become a conduit for greater wisdom and growth in our society, planet, and universe.
It is not so hard.  All this requires is a step by step plan, or practice, much like changing behavioral patterns by just focusing on one choice, one action, at a time.
We do not need to change the entire universe in this moment.  Though many great teachers do share with us, that every thought and action has far more impact on the world, or cosmos, than most of us understand.

In this moment, a ‘time of the sun,’ let me offer a more immediate solution.
We are in the annular cycle of the Sun, a time between Imbolc (early February,) and Mid-Summer Solstice (late July,) in which the strength, warmth, and luminosity of the sun is waxing (growing.)  In the Northern Hemisphere, it is moving into its peak time at Solstice.  This has been honored by indigenous and Wisdom traditions throughout time, and still is.  This is the time the sun awakens the Earth and calls her toward her cycles of fertility, with his warming bath of light and charge.  It is an energetic occurring at multiple levels of exchange and relationship, beyond the simple photosynthesis of light, or exchange of heat.  You can feel this charge in the atmosphere.  By late January each year you can see and feel the warming sun.  It wakens and stirs the trees and other growth.  Their sap begins to rise, and you can see the tips of their branches beginning to redden, gathering life’s nectars till they bud and blossom later in the spring.  The sun’s photonic charged particles of light cascade in growing strength into the atmosphere.  They permeate all life.  These charged particles energize and nourish the biofield of all living things, including yours.  By participating more conscientiously with these radiant light frequencies, you can clarify, warm, distill, energize, transform your own biofield (the electromagnetic field emanating from you and every living thing.)
This cascade of charged particles continues to rise, and heightens further at Beltane, in the beginning of May.  This is celebrated, still today, as the time of sacred union of the Sun and Earth, where she is blossoming, and he is fertilizing her, in the indigenous cultures’ view of Sun and Earth cycles.  We know it as May Day, though it actually occurs closer to the 3rd or 4th of May.  The wrapping of the May Pole with ribbon is an ancient fertility rite passed down through our European indigenous ancestors.  The May Poles in some parts of Europe are still decorated with the ancient symbols of pre-Christian traditions which somehow bypassed the scrutiny of the priests seeking to stamp out all indigenous spiritual roots, though the meaning has been lost even in most of those regions where the traditions continue.
nasa image of the sunThis growing photescence (my term, photovoltaic power,) of the Sun continues further through Mid-Summer Solstice, which is the peak of the Sun’s fertile cycle, and it begins to wane again through the coming seasons, until its darkest hours (in the Northern Hemisphere,) at Mid-Winter Solstice in December.
During this time of peak Solar activity, it is equally an exquisite time to work consciously and coherently with the luminous qualities and activating charge of the sun.  I suggest you begin to look for days in which the atmosphere is pristine and clear, and the sun well above the horizon, when its strength is most mature.  The clear blue atmosphere of the sky is a sign you can use this simple practice most effectively.  Though, you can use it in your bedroom at night as well as resting in a warm spot in the heat and light of the sun.
The Practice
vast blue empty skyVast Blue Sky and Solar Practice

We can engage in this practice day or night, sunny or stormy day, in the comfort of your home, or in a vast, expansive space in nature.

It is offered in two stagest, enjoying the nature of a vast, blue, empty sky; then engaging the brilliant sun within that vast blue sky.
By doing so, it is understood we awaken the potential of our own inherent goodness and wisdom.  But it also can serve to revitalize and inspire us.

We do suggest, at some point, engaging in the practice at a time when the sun is high and out in the sky, on a clear atmospheric day, where the photonic qualities of the sun charge the electrons in the atmosphere, integrated, empowered with the photonic field of light of the sun, and this creates a connective principle with the spaciousness of the heart.

This could be coupled to the Tibetan understanding, and practice, in which spaciousness in the heart is coupled with light, bliss, or one pointed consciousness in the third eye, then uniting the two.  This is considered a high practice, a fast road to enlightened being. This may become more clear as we outline the full practice.  (It is also the principle of our “Light of Creation” CD practice available here.) 
At some point, where possible, we suggest finding a quiet place to rest and relax, in nature, with an open, spacious, and horizontal view, so the Earth stretches out before you, and the sky expands out above you.  Just by reading this, we can see how much our heart and mind want to open up as we simply contemplate, or imagine, such a setting.  In this way, one can imagine such a setting while utilizing this practice in their own meditative space, or a more limited setting outside.  A felt sense of spaciousness is key to the practice.
It is best to engage in the practice while the sun is high overhead. Not necessarily at noon, but while its vitality is strong from mid to late morning till mid to late afternoon.  It is helpful, though not necessary, to be facing the general direction of the sun.  Throughout the practice, we do not want to look directly at the sun, but it is in our field of vision.  By holding awareness of the sun in the spaciousness of the sky, in the presence of the earth, we generate a field of perception that initiates the process of integration of the Principles of the Sun, without thinking, just allowing and being. 
We begin in the heart; we open to the spaciousness around and above us, and use these felt senses to engage a felt sense of spaciousness within our heart chakra.  It is beneficial if we can do this in the presence of the Earth, even in a city.  Perhaps we can have a small patch of Earth close before us.  Preferably, there is a horizontal view so there is openness around us.  If we have the opportunity to have such a view as beside a lake, by a field, on the side of a hilltop or mountain, near a field, the ocean, etc., it is even more helpful, but not necessary.  The nature of Nature around us, helps to generate a felt sense of our own inherent nature, as we tend to ‘entrain’ to the principles of beauty and stillness exuding from nature.
We begin the practice through the felt sense of spaciousness around us, and within us.  We can move and integrate our awareness from eyes open to eyes closed, and back and forth several times, such that, the environ around us compels us to enter a felt sense of that greater space around us, and we bring that into our inner world within.  Through these felt senses of the heart opening and expanding, we let go of all other felt sensations, thoughts, or feeling states.  If in a natural setting, we open to the bounty of the Earth before us, seeing the beauty and richness of its texture, of every living thing we perceive.  If we are not in nature, we can imagine a time we were in a beautiful, inspiring place, and use our memory of that time to reawaken the inspirational and awakening views of beauty to inspire and awaken us to that beauty now.  We allow the heart to be illuminated by the bounty and beauty of the Earth, so our body and heart become as one with body and heart of the earth.  We simply rest in this principle for a while, allowing it to take hold.  We enter a felt sense of spaciousness around us, and within, letting go of other sensations, then, take in the rich bounty and beauty of the Earth around us, breathing it in and out, and integrate that into our inner wellness experience, until that rich texture of the Earth becomes as the same rich texture of our own body, bones, tissue, muscle, organs and blood.  Again, we can use our imagination to be out in a place of beauty if we are doing this indoors or in a less pristine environ.
With every breath and aspect of this practice, we come more and more into an expanded state of stillness, or presence.  We are present in this moment, experiencing the spaciousness and beauty around and within us.  We let go of every other thought or feeling state which arises, and focus our attention on this, becoming fully present in an expanded state of spaciousness, resting on the Earth, becoming as one with it.
This can be done with eyes open or closed, but after some time, enter the inner field of perception, and establish a keen felt sense of spaciousness and beauty within, with eyes closed.
When we have this expansiveness or openness to the earth as part of us, we open our eyes to spaciousness of the sky and allow our awareness to open to the broad expanse and awareness of the vast, blue, empty sky above and around us.  We use the sky as a vehicle to enter an even more vast, richer experience of spaciousness.  Eyes, open or closed, we can expand our awareness out through the nature, and texture, of the vast blue empty sky.  It is limitless, infinite.  With every breath, expand out, inhale in, a felt sense of this empty sky.  You can stay in the blue sky, but sometimes we have a sense to expand even further beyond our atmosphere, into the vast empty space beyond our Earth, even into the Cosmos.  Take your time.  The driving force is simply a felt sense of spaciousness, experienced through the vast, blue empty sky around us.  This can be done even on grey days, during stormy weather.  Yet, the vital senses that arise in the entirety of this practice can be enhanced on those pristine, clear, blue days.
You can rest here, in the spaciousness of the sky.  The openness and serenity that occur awaken our vital nature, and realization of the great potential, stillness, and beauty we hold.  The compacted resistance of stress and chaos in our lives, tends to fall away.  And, our ability to see with a greater view and horizon, broadens our outlook, and ability to reason within our life situations, in ways that bring a wiser view.  This effects outcome of ‘right view’ and ‘right action,’ which are Tibetan principles of how to move in our lives as an awakened, luminous individual.
We can end the practice here, or continue into Solar aspect of it.
If you wish to continue, let your awareness of the sun become part of your expansive view.  There, it rests, in the great space of the sky, in your expanded view and experience of spaciousness, and emptiness.  In relation to your world view, and to the Earth, there becomes a single pointed awareness of the Sun as a point of light in the atmosphere.  Take it into your experience, a vast, empty being, filled with the clarity and beauty of the atmosphere.  Feel its light pouring down, penetrating, clarifying and vitalizing the atmosphere throughout the sky, as well as your own atmosphere, or biofield.  Breathe back and forth with the sun, until it becomes a visceral part of your experience.  Do this for some time.
We enter single pointed awareness in relation to the Sun as a source point of Light, while holding expansive awareness in the heart with the spaciousness and connection to bounty and beauty of the earth and sky.  The heart is in great spaciousness.  The point of light above us will become a single point of light in the heart, or the crown, third eye, or 8th chakra above, as we continue the practice.
These are the key elements we are working with.  Each is important and beneficial if not crucial to the practice, that we hold visceral awareness of these elements.
       Resting on the earth with a real or imagined sense of expansive horizon.
       Expanding into the felt senses of spaciousness, through the real or imagined sense of a vast, blue, empty sky.
       Single pointed awareness of the sun, resting in that vast empty blue sky
       We are resting integrating awareness of this vast experience, sun in blue sky, resting on the earth.    
o   We hold within the experience, the bounty of the earth and our body, within that.    
       We are experiencing the clarity of the atmosphere above us, charged with the vital essence and light of the sun, with this single pointed awareness of the sun in that sky.
o   This is cascading down through our biofield, into our cells and tissues, re-vitalizing us at all levels of our being.
Rest in this experience as long as you wish, with these key elements all in place.
Breathe in and out, allowing the source point of Light, and the Vitality of the Sun to pour through your awareness.
If there are clouds in the sky embrace them as part of the visceral experience; being present allows for direct perception, which allows for visceral knowing of all of these elements of the practice.
The clouds, the sun, the charged atmosphere, the earth, you part of it, the photonic principles of light of the sun highly charging and empowering you with the light principle, just as the atmosphere around you.
At some point, your biofield and atmosphere should become unified in this way.
By choosing a clear day, the clarity of atmosphere allows for this higher degree of charge in the atmosphere.
The clarity of atmosphere allows for a higher charge or power from the solar principle.  This, also equates to your own biofield.  Do this with your biofield, and equally, it will be more highly charged by the source point of light within you or in the heavens above, as you see this.  Thus clarification of your atmosphere is beneficial.  Working to clarify or purify all aspects of your own biofield improves your ability to gain charge and vitality from these principles outside of self.
Here we are with these elements, again, in our visceral perception
Rest with this and allow it to vitalize and charge you as long as you want to.
Take in and note all of the visceral perceptions you have, all of the city life, or animals, flowers, plants, trees, forests, mountains, waters, all you perceive, allow yourself to take in, absorb and exchange, breathing in and breathing out, creating Ayni, or reciprocation, with all you perceive, as you allow it to be part of your atmosphere, part of your experience, part of your being, part of your existence, part of your essence.
Part II
Now let us enter a deep communion with the sun.
Allow our awareness to enter a more direct unified single pointed perception of the sun and the solar principle.
As we have suggested, perhaps face the sun, but not looking directly at it, eyes closed, focus our awareness in the sun as if it was in our heart center, or 3rd eye, crown, or 8th chakra, (resting about 9-12” above the head.)  Let the sun melt into this point in our energy field, such that we experience the two as one.  Feel where the Sun chooses to rest, in one of these sacred energy centers.  Be one with that, letting all other feeling states go. 
Rest in that.
Feel the principle of the sun, feel the single point of light.  Let these two points, above, and within, be one.  Then allow space and Earth and you, all be unified, all one.
And, then, again, rest there, as long as it is beneficial.
When you are ready, come back to your senses, here now, resting on this mountain, in this living room chair, wherever you are, fully re-enter this body’s orientation and experience, more fully vitalized charged, and carrying these inherent qualities of the Self, and, thus, the Wisdom of the Cosmos, with you.  As this experience integrates into your normal waking perception, day after day, it will also integrate into your daily life, and will allow you to enjoy a greater, more productive and bountiful life.
Many blessings in all that you do.

2017 Zacciah Blackburn, PhD 
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The  Center of Light
Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director
220 Hidden Glen Rd.
P.O. Box 389
Ascutney, VT  05030  USA

Phone: (802) 674-9585
Fax: (802) 674-9586
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You will find a large assortment of many fine Sound Healing tools, instruments used in traditional Spiritual practices of many cultures, including:  Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Tingshaws, Shamanic Drums, African Drums, Flutes, Shakuhachi, Tabla, Tamboura, Sitars, Native American Flutes, Didgeridoos, much more

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