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Mt Mansfield         

In Harmony with the Earth


  Cal I doorway   In Harmony with the Earth

This Earth has a resonance which is living, breathable for each of us.
The Earth sustains rich vortices of energy which lift and sustain us in ever heightening ways.
It is the Earth we have left behind as a culture as much as we have left the Divine Feminine in our consciousness as a culture.
And by touching the Earth, breathing with the Earth, going outdoors for some period REGULARLY to meet and greet her, we come into greater contact with her Being, but also with ours.
For we are part of the Earth.
No matter whom we imagine we are, where we believe we have come from,
we are currently residing upon this great and Holy Planet, Gaia.

She is part of the Balance of All Creation, and resides in Balance and in Harmony with Creation.
She is an integral part of our return to Consciousness, and perhaps why so many indigenous cultures hold deep reverence for, and awareness of, prophecies of this time, of what is occurring, and what is to come.

She and her many elemental helpers, and the ancestral beings of all cultures whom have chosen to stay behind to assist in our transformation, all are so easily accessible when we approach her Sacred Space, with our own Sacred Intentions.  The sacred valleys and sacred temples all hold this deep wisdom which is accessible when we enter her being with reverent intent and awareness.

We invite you to enter into the body of the Earth, take refuge regularly in her forests, deserts, lakes, and fields.  Climb her mountains, bathe in her streams, rest by her still waters.
All mindful acts conducted outdoors increase the vitality and richness with which we can connect to our deeper reverent and Divine states of being.

These are some of our discoveries which have led us to enhanced practices outdoors.
Join us in any of our investigations of rich being in powerful and diversely beautiful Earth sites.
  • Our Earth Mysteries programs work outdoors, within natural power sites, and amazingly transformational ancient ceremonial sites.
  • We offer specific technique to enhance awareness and relationship with the Earth and her many Keepers.
Look over our programs at  http://thecenteroflight.net/EarthMysteries.html for more information. 

We look forward to seeing you!
But, regardless, take some time to be outdoors!
The seeds of spring are upon us!!


See http://thecenteroflight.net/EarthMysteries.html for information on all of these programs.

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