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Anasazi and Hopi of the American Southwest:
Ruins, Rock Art, Music and Mystery

No future SpiritWalk programs are currently available.  Please let us know your interest, and we will inform you of future programs.


A transformational journey into the American Southwest

to visit ancient sacred sites of the prehistoric Puebloan Peoples (Anasazi), to explore ruins and ancestral symbols that are

expressions of an ancient world view, a view which embodies an integrated and cohesive system of cosmology, myths, mysticism and prophecy.  This body of knowledge will be compared and contrasted with other global views to illustrate its pattern of universal knowledge and wisdom, and its efficacy in our lives.  We will explore the nature of Earth Energies, and, through journeying deeper into ourselves, learn how we might walk closer with them.  We will have the opportunity to learn connectedness to the Sacred through the expressive form of music, using simple instruments of Native American design, such as flute, drum, or rattle, in steps designed to open our awareness to a deeper level of knowing.  And we will learn a basic understanding of the nature of sound and its healing mechanism on our body, soul, and spirit.
With a background in sociology, history and science, Michael Claypool has lived in the American Southwest since 1981, studying with Hopi Indian Elders, and other Native American teachers, focusing on their cosmology, myths, and legends.  He has a deep understanding of the Puebloan peoples, and their world view, and has a keen ability to integrate their stories, ethics, prophecies and culture into relevance for contemporary societies.
Zacciah Blackburn has studied the nature of mysticism, focusing on sound and its healing and transformative powers, since 1973.  He has a deep and innate ability to awaken to, and help others discern and integrate the energies of Creation around and within us.   He is a flutemaker, musician, educator, and sound healer living in Vermont with his two children.

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Working Itinerary

Dates to be Announced for future events.  Dates listed are intended as guide.  Let us know your interest.

Friday, Sept 17:   Travel to Albuquerque (ABQ), N.M.
  Meet at  Hotel  (to be announced)
  Introduction, Group opening
Saturday, Sept 18:    Travel  to Chaco Canyon
  Group preparation
   Tour Pueblo Bonito and Great Kiva :  architecture, Great Kiva symbolism
  Group campfire:  Symbolism, Culture, Mythology, process, music/ sound work
Sunday, Sept. 19:       Group process/Breathing/Awareness/sound/music
  Tour Chetro Ketl
  Hike to Tsin Kletsin, tour, connecting work
  Travel to Cortez or Durango, CO.
  Personal time, wilderness available for personal connecting work.
  Time with Michael: further mythology, history, world view, etc. of Ancient Puebloan
  Group process
Monday, Sept. 20;     Full day tour Mesa Verde
  Museum tour, trail to Spruce Tree House
  Music, group work
  Mesa top sites, trace evolution from pithouse to Kiva, storage rooms to Pueblo
  Tour Cliff palace, Balcony House
  Personal or Group time
Tuesday, Sept 21:         Group process/Breathing/Awareness/sound/music
   Travel to Utah sites
  Hovenweep:  Cajon outlier:  rock art and Shrine, Solstice Marker,
  Rock Art, Isthmay Trading Post
  Shop, Twin Rocks Trading Post
  Navajo footbridge and ruins
   Casa del Eco:  old village in cave
   Sand Island Petroglyph panel
   Energy/Connecting as called
   Private time in afternoon at home site
  Group, music /sound time
Wednesday, Sept 22:     Fast (not necessary, but traditional):
  Early:  Sweat preparation, group, honor the Sun
  Sweat (1 1/2 - 2 hours), w/ Terri Stout:
      (1 -2 hours, Brief Circle, lead a discussion on ancient mystery
       traditions w/ a  group process for reconnecting)
  Personal Time
  Connecting Time
  Personal Time or trip to town to trading posts,  Nota-Dineh in Cortez
  Group Music/ Sound, Equinox Ceremony
Thursday, Sept. 23:     Medicine Wheel, teachings and practice at Medicine Wheel
  Work inside Kiva, teachings w/ Michael, and prayer, music with Zacciah
  Travel to Monument Valley, UT, via:

   Valley of Gods, UT (brief stop, overlook)
   Gooseneck of the San Juan  (brief stop, overlook)
   Sunset at Monument Valley
  Group work as appropriate
Friday, Sept. 24:     Group connection
  Tour Monument Valley
  Travel to Canyon de Chelly
  Overlook White House Ruins, possible hike to, and group connection
  Group, music/sound work, Full moon honoring
Saturday, Sept. 25      Tour of Canyon de Chelly
  Antelope House overlook,
  Travel to Zuni Reservation,  NM
  Visit living Pueblo, Corn Mesa, shops
  Travel from Zuni to ABQ
  Possibility of stop at Morro Nat’l Monument, Newspaper Rock/Rock Art with Spanish
            Inscriptions, Ruins; or Acoma/ Sky City, another living Pueblo
  Travel to ABQ
  Group Closing
Sunday, Sept 26    Alternative Group Closing
  Travel Home

Costs   - to be announced  -   /person, double occupancy.  Include all accomodations, ground transportation from Albuquerque, tour/park fees, two meals/day.

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