The HATHORS:  Living in Ecstasy

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    The Hathors:  Living In Ecstasy  

HathorExploring Esoteric Healing  With these
 Ancient Masters of Sound and Light,
  utilizing Sacred Sound, and
Alchemical exercises

Thursday evening ~ through ~Sunday afternoon
August 3-6, 2006
  in the exquisite majesty of the Lechtal Alps
Boden, Austria
Cost:  € 360,   $475. US,  up to 90 days prior,

or  € 400,  $430. US  thereafter
Deposit to hold space, 
€ 150,  $180 US

 The Hathors come to assist us in our new awakening.  Join  us in this special program utilizing exercises designed by the Hathors to assist us in stabilization, balance, and growth, in times of chaos and change, using Sacred Sound.    

Amidst the pure nature of the high Lechtal Alps of Austria, we will learn the art of Living in Ecstasy.  The Hathors, a highly evolved civilization of the 5th dimension,  have been assisting humanity in their evolution, like elder brothers and sisters, since our beginning.  During this program, we will let their loving presence, as well as the associative Egyptian pantheon, accompany us for tuning into our individual place within the harmonic ways of existence, so we can contribute to "Heaven on Earth" with greater awareness and conscious participation.
Zacciah will lead us through exercises of Egyptian Alchemy to stabilize & build our energy field, and foster states of being which bring greater awareness, and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.  Arosa will translate and invite the group to participate in heart songs and toning for healing.  Both will let the transforming vibrations of the Hathors come through their sound meditations.  Some exercises will take place in nature, so we shall also be cultivating our intimate connection to Mother Earth, amidst the immense beauty of this lightly touched landscape.

 ~We beseech you to step into your roles as spiritual masters. 
A wondrous world of new possibilities awaits you ~   the Hathors   (Tom Kenyon)
Zacciah Blackburn is a sound healer trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures.  Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in shamanic style settings, for personal healing and transformation.  His programs focus on the core nature of self, and transformation through the use of esoteric & alchemical practices and exercises, via  Sacred Sound.   Zacciah brings with him a warmth and radiance that exudes through his work.  He invites energies of various sacred cultures to assist us.  
                                 He is Director of Education at the New England Sound Healing Research Institute. 


Dinah Arosa Marker practices Traditional Chinese Medicine and soundhealing in Murnau, Bavaria,
Germany.    A highly skilled and trained vocalist, Arosa facilitates the unfolding of one´s own singing voice for groups and individuals.  She brings us in touch with the healing power of our voice in her inspiring “Sing&Heal” - concerts and workshops, and  introduces the methods of soundhealing with a  loving clarity.

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Registration & additional information for programs in Germany and Austria, 2006

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A Holistic Center for the Studies of Ancient Mysteries through Sacred Sound Transmissions

Full downloadable image of Hathors, Dendara temple, Egypt, courtesy of Kevin Michael

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