The THREE HEARTS Practice:  Elders Wisdom for These Times
A SPECIAL Afternoon CELEBRATION, in Meredith, NH, scroll down
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Lotus BlossomThe GREAT AWAKENING:  The Illumination of Consciousness
  Let us all come into remembrance of the Beauty and Purpose of our existence.
The more we are able to touch into the vastness, richness, and Beauty of Creation, the more we are able to feel the deserving nature of our Presence here.  The more we realize this, the more we are able to connect with the very essence and nature of Life, with the breadth of the Cosmos, and through this, the nature, the identity and the purpose of our Being. 


~ A Special Celebration ~

The HEARTof 
The Wisdom of the Elders
Practices to Enter into Harmony With All Life
          Specific to these times of Great Transformation

at the beautiful private home & practice of
Michael and Kellie Thinnes Hamel
Purify From Within  13 Leighton Ave
S. Laconia, NH 03246

Saturday, January 29, 2011
1:00-6:00 PM
Special Introductory Cost $75.
LIMITED SEATING;  we recommend early registration!
Preparing for 2012 and Beyond

See our latest article on the nature of this practice here

Preparing the Body, Mind, and Soul, for the Great Transformation in Human Consciousness;
Living, Learning, and Building Harmonious Relationships
With All Aspects of Creation
Co-Creating the Template of Heaven on Earth
This practice is specific to these times of the Great Shift, or Awakening.
Based upon long standing prophecies, including the phenomena often referred to as "2012", these practices speak to the latest wisdom being shared by the Maya and other indigenous Elders and Wisdom Keepers, to assist us through these times of Great Transformation, with practical steps and knowledge of what is occurring.
These programs evolve from traditional wisdom and new information arising from indigenous elders of the Americas, as well as esoteric teachings of other cultures, and explicit guidance from our Celestial Guides and Allies, those we call 'the Holy Beings.'  They are known by many names throughout the many cultures of the world.
We are in a time of profound transformation.  Much of this wisdom is being generated publicly for the first time, as the Maya High Council, and other elders, are disseminating very specialized information regarding the prophecies of 2012, known also as The Great Awakening, the Great Shift.  Much of the information has not been shared publicly before.  It includes sacred meditative practices, based on this wisdom, designed to generate potent states of consciousness, which can create and sustain the level of awareness necessary, according to the Elders, to make safe and sacred passage through These Times, as well as to create the necessary catalyst for collective change for humanity, as the prophecies predict is and shall occur.
It is said these practices will bring one into "Harmony with All Life."
They have the capacity to generate Awakened states of consciousness, experience true unity withLife.

For additional information on the background of this entire series of programs  see The Great Awakening,
as well as our many Articles.
For information specific to the 3 Hearts practice, read this article,
or our newsletters from May - July 2010, as well as listening to our Interview on the 3 Hearts Practice.
For information on the evolution of this program into the "Crown of Creation" see here.

The foundation of these programs is constantly updated from information arising from the Elders and Wisdom Keepers guiding this work.  Though constantly evolving, practical exercises to enter awakened lucid states of consciousness (what is also refered to as enlightenment, or ascended states of consciousness,) will be offered, utilizing Sacred Sound, which will enhance the participants experience significantly.
These are being offered, also, at a time in deep correspondence to the Maya Calendar days of great Transformation, Awakening, and Renewal.
We are in a time when a new window of opportunity is opening for human consciousness to more readily access understanding and experience of the Unity of Creation.  This is fundamental understanding to this entire period of time, and will be specific to our practice. 
Join with us, in these sacred programs, humbly offered.
It is Time.

We wish you, all, many blessings in the Journey

at the beautiful home of

  Kellie and Michael Thinnes Hamel
S. Laconia, NH
 See Below for specific program information, directions, etc.


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Location and Directions
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Kellie Thinnes Hamel
(Make checks out to:)
Purify From Within

13 Leighton Ave
S. Laconia, NH 03246
Phone: 603.524.5244
E-mail: ladyofthelake5555@yahoo.com
This program is open up until start time for registration at the door.
A Yahoo Map for directions is linked here

I-93 to Exit 23 (New Hampton)     Take Rt.104 East for about 4-5 miles and turn right onto Meredith Center Road.  Follow road (keeping to the right after the Meredith Center Store on left) for about 4.5 miles.  Take right on Daisy Gardner Road / Leighton Ave (two signs for same road!).  At bottom of hill, road will curve right (turning into Leighton Ave North) ... take left onto dirt road - Leighton Ave South.  First house on right #13

A time to renew and revitalize.
Enjoy the exquisite grounds and landscape of the farm and region:


Lodging is not included.
You can web search inns, hotels, or motels, in the area.  Asheville is a unique area of exquisite art, museums, shops, restaurants, parks, etc, with numerous quality inns, B&B's, motels, and hotels within a short distance.


Water, snacks, and tea are available  (some snacks will be provided, feel free to bring a snack to share!)

For information specific to the 3 Hearts practice,
read our newsletters from May - July 2010, as well as listening to our Interview on the 3 Hearts Practice.

  This program is facilitated by, Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, a highly skilled intuiive teacher and guide in sound healing and esoteric awareness practices for true awakening of consciousness.  He has worked in the field for over 3 decades, offers a 3 year program in therapeutic sound healing practices, and teaches internationally a variety of esoteric trainings in consciousness and earth healing practices.
He is Director of Education for the International Sound Healing Network.

Zacciah's work has long focused on the emerging transformation of human consciousness.

This work, 
The Great Awakening, continues a series of programs explicit to this new era of awakening which humanity is entering, with explicit steps to assist in this personal and collective awakening, long prophecied by many cultures of the world.

The Great Awakening
will offer keen insight into the nature of this incredible threshold of awakening, upon which humanity stands poised, as well as offer each participant a vehicle which can transport us into other worlds of understanding, experience, and self knowledge.  These experiences are especially heightened via the art of Sacred Sound Transmissions, through which Zacciah brings the sounds and voices of Holy Beings from other realms of consciousness, into our present environ,  which can heighten our sense of Living Reality.  The vast majority of participants find these experiences extraordinarily enriching, life altering, and deeply transformative.  At the same time, participants are left with practical exercises to carry into their every day lives. 
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EUROPEMarch, May, September 2010 Programs in Vermont
 Canada, New York, Florida,  Massachusetts
Texas, North Carolina

Peru, November 2011
11.11.11 The Gateway of Aramu Muru
10.10.10:  Initiations in the Halls of Orion

A 2 week sacred initiatory journey, Oct 2010
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Programs are constantly being added and updated
Please see entire class list.

What we invest our power in, in our own belief structure, creates the reality that we experience.

Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director
The Center of Light
Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies

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