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The CRYSTALLINE CODES, Opening to the Heart of the Galaxy, Elders Wisdom, 3 Hearts: News, Article, and Special Events
We continue our conversations regarding these most PRECIOUS and Sacred times, and the methods the Elders are offering to us, to make safe and sacred transition through these upcoming times, as well as to engage in the fullness of our Own Being.  Indeed, to enter our true nature is the primary gateway to enter safe passage through these times. By focusing our attention and awareness on our true nature, and the true nature of All Life, we come into direct Union with That.
July 17 and 18 are the portals known as the COSMIC CONVERGENCE, some call the Conscious Convergence, which are special holy days as defined by the Maya Calendar, and by Maya mystics, elders, and scholars, as an essential time to gather in Communion in service to the One, the All That Is, to the Unity of Consciousness, and the Unity of our Being.
Many are calling for our gathering at this time.
Since the opening of the Gate to the 9th Heaven, which occurred last fall, the waves of heightened consciousness are cascading into our cells and being, from Universal Source.  As we learn to enter harmonious resonance with our own higher essence, and the Essence of All Life, the stress, chaos, and disorder which so many of us have experienced will lessen.  As we enter more fully in Conscious Union with the Whole, the Whole can better serve and support us as well.
Some of us need more support than others in doing this.  If you wish support, seek to find community to join in these Holy Days, or learn more about the nature of this Great Awakening, what is occurring, what you can and need to do in relation to it, please join us.  Wherever you are, whomever you are with, it is time to begin to gather with others to enter sacred communion, union with the greater whole, experience unity and awakening within one's self, offer prayers, ceremony, and practice in which others can experience and join in that greater Knowing.
The Grandmothers and Elders have shared the 3 Hearts as a model to enter this Living Harmony with All Creation, to enter the Rythm of the Giving and Receiving in Harmony with All Life.
It is essential that we find methods that work, for us, to experience more completely, more readily, more frequently, these states of Harmony and Well Being, available to us.  This is one true method for doing so.   (If you have not read about the 3 Hearts, see our last two newsletters here)
By simply learning to place our attention on those aspects of our nature and consciousness which support the Harmony of All Life, we shall experience that Harmony more fully in our lives, and Realize it more deeply within our Authentic Self.
We are offering sacred practice in two separate locations this coming weekend, July 17-18, to assist in this experiential understanding and Knowing, to have opportunity to gather with others, collectively, with clear intent during these times of collective activation, to benefit us all in these transitional times.  Where we gather with clear and harmonious intent, our intent, awareness, prayers, and experiences will be greatly amplified.  (Wherever two are more are gathered.....)
During a series of practices this past weekend, in Canada, even higher Encodings of understanding and Illumination were passed to us.  The understanding of these Codes will be more fully revealed, incorporated, and transmitted through our work this coming weekend, and each place we gather for these practices.  This understanding was highlighted by the Elders and the High Council of Holy Beings  we work with, as a time to align with the Crystalline Codes of the Matrix of Creation.  It is something inherent to each of us.  Yet, by utilizing the 3 Hearts practice, as specified in our last newsletter (from the Elders, see here), we can enter relationship with the Heart of Creation, what the Grandmother calls the "Heart behind the Heart."  With this relationship, we align with that Matrix of Creation, and can more easily activate the Encodings which are essential and fundamental to our awakening. 
They are two fold; the arising, or descension, of the Codes into our own conscious and physical being, from the Heart of Creation, coupled with the direct illumination and awakening, or activation, of the Codes, which rest dormant, within our own Being.  In our consciousness, in our DNA, in the Fabric of our Being, the ancient Codes of Awakening, or Ascension, reside within us.  They are interwoven and known by many names:  the Matrix of Creation, the Fabric of Life, the Web of Life, the Key of Life, the Seed of Life, the Tree of Life, the Flower of Life.  Yet, by calling upon them from within the Heart of Creation, we can more fully awaken the Encodings, and amplify and integrate that experience of awakening and Renewal.  We will be working with the High Council and Elders during this practice to do so.  Those of you who have attended the practices before, know that the experiences with, and abilities of our guides are very powerful and empowering.
Most of us are aware of this time of Great Awakening, but most of us have not yet found the methodology of entering this Awakening in its Fullness.  Yet, by entering alignment with the "Harmony of All Life," through practices such as the 3 Hearts practice, we enter the Resonance which serves to activate these Codes of our Own Awakening.  For those who cannot join us, this is a most beneficial time to enter ceremony, prayer, reflection, meditation, on your own or with others you are able to gather with.  If you wish to use this Precious Practice of the 3 Hearts, the fundamental practice was given over the course of our last two newsletters, linked here, see Newsletters for 5.2010 & 6.2010.)

I do not find it less than co-incidal, that the Grandmothers, Maya Elders, and more and more Elders of other cultures, and luminous and respected teachers of this era, are calling upon us to focus on the Heart of the Galaxy.  She is the Heart of the Divine Mother in the 'local' cosmos, just as is the Earth's Heart. 
The Grandmother states that the heart of the Galaxy, is much like our own Human Heart, and that by aligning, in resonance with it, and the Earth's Heart, we come into Harmony with All Life.  We have found, with these practices, that the experience of most every participant is far beyond expectations.  Indeed, the Maya Elders say that the Reality we are about to experience, is beyond most of our Imagination.  The Shift we shall experience is beyond most of our Imagination, but those who can hold steadfast through These Times, will find greater joy and Beauty than they can imagine.  This practice incorporates the very wisdom they also recommend.

Come to experience, and give birth to it.  The new world.  The New Dream.  The New Vision.  How does it appear to you?  What is your part in it?  Whatever that is, It requires your Participation.
Many blessings in all you do!
This weekend's two practices are listed here.  They are both currently open.  While we prefer you register in advance, so we are prepared for your attendance, follow the links and directions on line, for even last minute attendance.  We want these to remain open for all who wish to attend.  The July 17 practice has more definitive open space.  If coming to Fairhaven, we do suggest you call us or our hosts first: 
Sat, 1-6PM: July 17 At the
Rolling Ridge Retreat Center,
North Andover, MA 1-6 PM
Sun. 1-6 PM, July 18 at the
Fairhaven Healing Arts Center,
Fairhaven, MA  1-6 PM
You may register with us for either program through Friday, July 16, 5 PM
THESE PRACTICES WILL BE HELD IN DALLAS AND NC IN NOVEMBER, and EUROPE in Sept/OCT (even where listed with other names.)
The Three Hearts Practices
Our work has been so complete, our schedule so full, we have not added the level of content we would like to offer you, regarding this program, to better understand the nature of it.
RETURN TO BEAUTY is a rich and important aspect of the learning, of entering Sacred Living Relations with the Elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, the Sky and Cosmos, the Ancestral Beings, and so much more.  This program is based on the Peruvian Karpay, which initiates us into these Living Relations, and awakens our "Seed of Potential," which is, fundamentally, our Seed of Awakened, Luminous, or Enlightened Being. 
My Elders, and the Apus (the Living Spirits of the Mountains,) have both asked that I offer and continue this work.  From the Q'ero/Peruvian/Inkan perspective, these awakening of Living Relations is what will serve us to come into collective awakening, once enough of us are initiated into this "4th Level of Qero/Inkan Priesthood." 
These Karpay practices serve to bring us into those Initiations and Awakenings of the 4th Level of Peruvian Mysticism and Priesthood.  The program incorporates the ancient teachings and prophecies of North and South Americas, of the Union of Male and Female, the Heart and Mind, the Self and Cosmos, Heaven and Earth.  

At  the bequest of my Elders, I incorporate the wisdom of these ancient Sacred Sites of this region of the Earth;  we visit 4 DreamLodge/StarChambers (ancient stone ceremonial chambers), as well as High Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Canyons, Caves, and more.
 Join us.
Call us if you have questions.
We shall extend the $50 reduction in cost through August 1.
The first two who register by Friday, July 23, will receive $100 off.
Price includes all lodging in quality motels and Inns, all meals, all transportation, and entry fees.
~ Return to Beauty ~
   Shamanic Training & Initiations into the Living Energies, and Living Relations with, Earth Energies, and the Awakening of our Essence, or Potential 'Seed' of Being
based upon Native American and Peruvian Mysticism,
Drawing deeply from the Hatun Karpay, or Great Initiations,
of the Qero Indians of Peru
and shamanic teachings arising from North America
Incorporates the Qero "Karpay" initiations into the '4th Level Priesthood' of Qero traditions

The Dineh peoples of the American Southwest have a word for 'healing', which means:  A RETURN TO BEAUTY,
a true honoring of the Beauty within and around us.
 This is a 6 Full Day program in natural, wilderness and
ancient ceremonial sacred sites,
includes all land transportation, quality hotels, meals, and
entrance fees associated with the program.
Newsletter SPECIAL
Recieve a $50 add'l discount if registered by Aug 1
THE ART OF SACRED SOUND; Sound Healing Conference, OMEGA, with Zacciah, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Deva Premal
July 30- Aug 1, at Omega Institute
 Dr Mitchell Gaynor, Dr John Bealieu, Therese Schroeder-Sheker, Chloe Goodchild, Rich Goodhart, Zacciah
Sept 6-10, with Zacciah at Omega: 
 The Art of Sacred Sound:  Healing The Earth, Ourselves, and Each Other
  Learn the art of connecting to, and giving voice to, the subtle 'sacred' realms of consciousness, including the holy beings who dwell there.
  • Sept 6-10 at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
    • with one full day of chanting with Zacciah, Jai Uttal, Deval Premal, and Krishna Das 
  • The first day of this practice will be in sacred chant with the great luminaries of chant, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, and Deva Premal.  We shall then enter deeper into the practice of Sacred Chant, Toning, Invocation, Ceremony, and Embodying the energies of Living Consciousness through our own sounds and voices, for the next 4 days, with Zacciah.  (You do not need any prior training, musical talent, or special voice/singing experience or quality to engage in this work.)
  • International Sound Healing Conference, at Omega Institute, NY, with Zacciah, Dr John Beaulieu, Dr Mitchell Gaynor, Therese Schroeder Sheker, Chloe Goodchild, Rich Goodhart
10.10.10 Europe & Egypt 2010
The Cosmic Codes continue to cascade into our being.
The messengers, allies, and teachers of the esoteric Wisdom Schools of Egypt have guides us in the understanding of
Much of this work incorporates direct connection and guidance from the Lineage Carriers and the Wisdom Keepers of the Egyptian Mysteries.
Whether Isis, Horus, Hat'or, Osiris, Thoth, Anubis, Ma'at, Ra, AtumRa, Bast, and others, we gain powerful alliance when we recognize these Living Beings and Masters of Luminous Form, ready to serve Humanity during this Great Awakening.
Many of us arise from other Places and Times.
These practices will take us to those places beyond Normal Time and Space, Utilizing the ancient Wisdom Halls of Creation, which they entered and created.  Many of us WERE THERE.

These ancient temple complexes are gateways into other worlds, portals to other ways of understanding, our own ancient Knowing, other states of consciousness, or Being, and often hold Key Elements of Creation embedded directly within them, and within us.

So many awaken spontaneously to, and through, the Egyptian mysteries and wisdom keepers, because the mysteries are embedded in us, they are part of us, we were there....just looking at an image can reawaken a key memory.  By being there, in those places, it can serve to do so even more.  By learning how to call upon the Ancient Ones, the Wisdom Keepers, can create even deeper awakening.

We are being Called.  Those who Know.
Those who were there.
To reactivate the codes of awakening and ascenscion.
All we do individually will serve the Collective Whole.

Whether working with the Encodings of the Spirals of Male and Female passage, incorporating the Wisdom of our very DNA, in Sekara, mapping the Halls of Creation in Dendara or Abydos, entering the Halls of Amenti, the Ancient Records and Scrolls, or going further beyond, into passage of our most Ancient Knowing, beyond Time and Space, into our own Origin as a Luminous Being of Creation, these practices and sacred journeys will align us with the most ancient ways of Knowing, and Being, to assist us, each, to come into our own Awakening.

The Temple of Sekhmet, the Halls of Osiris, and the Temples incorporating the knowledge of the StarElders of Sirius, Orion, Pleides, and others, all will be utilized to access our own Deepest Knowing, and Self.

The Great White Desert, shall offer opportunity to bathe in the springs, listen to the Eternal stars at night, integrate our wisdom, and touch the Earth's crystal matrix, literally at places like the Crystal Mountains, where we can find chards of crystal on the desert floor.
We complete the practice with private time in the King and Queens Chamber, in the Great Halls of the Great Pyramid.  The level of ecstasy and creation we enter will be guided by our own hand.
We are taking registration here at the Center.  Call with your questions, or visit for more information and explicit Itinerary on line.
To reserve your room facing the Giza Plateau and Great Pyramids, to insure your place on all intra-Egypt flights and Nile Cruise, we highly recommend you begin your registration process by AUGUST 15.  We will accomodate late registrants as much as possible.
JOIN US, also IN  GERMANY, Switzerland, Holland
  Europe Programs Continue in 
Sept-Oct including a 2 week tour in EGYPT.  10.10.10

Egypt 10.10.10 Initiation in the Halls of Orion

Programs expand into other regions of Europe, including Holland, Italy, Tubingen, Karlsruhe, Frankfurt areas of Germany, Switzerland, and Spain.  http://thecenteroflight.net/europe.english.html
2012:  The Great Awakening, Boston, FairHaven MA, Dallas, NC, Europe
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Richmond, VT Sound CIRCLE meets MONTHLY
Please join Dorothy Stone and Raphael Groten in this uplifting and joy-filled community experience of the healing power of SOUND.
7pm Wednesday, July 21
at the Richmond Library
Drumming, toning and chanting, and a wide variety of instruments from Tibetan bells to crystal bowls will enliven your energy. Bring your own instruments or share ours. Contact Dorothy Stone 324-5574 dstone@gmavt.net or Raphael Groten 999-9069 raphael.saul@gmail.com Please RSVP if you plan to attend
Held EVERY MONTH! By Donation
201 Bridge Street in downtown Richmond, VT 05477
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