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Feedback About The Work

1. The Work:
· content
· quality, amount of learning involved
· balance of cognitive and experiential pieces, or, simply speak to both

“The programs offered at the Center of Light are fascinating, engaging, intellectually
tantalizing, and encourage students to step out of their comfort zones.”

“Sufficient high quality instruction in sound healing practices and theory to provide a
stimulating experience without being overburdened or under challenged. Cognitive and
practical elements were well balanced.”

I would just like to say that having studied widely in the healing arts, I found the sound
healing training I did with you to be the most empowering work I have done. I often tell
people how amazing it was.

“The work between cognitive and experiential pieces felt balanced and in depth giving
what felt like appropriate time and attention to both.”

“The quality of work in Zacciahʼs trainings is tremendous! In less than a year, I have
learned so much information involving the use of sound as a therapeutic medium.
In fact, I had to give recent presentations in Graduate School pertaining to my work in
Zacciahʼs program. It amazes me how thorough and involved my work is in speaking to
the use of sound. Zacciah has given an innumerable amount of information.”

“Zacciah Blackburnʼs teachings are rich and transformative. The quality, quantity and
integrity of the information offered in his classes exceed a normal training or workshop.
With a perfect balance of classroom discussions, practical applications and experiential
learning, Zacciah expertly guides his students towards becoming adept Sound Healers.”

Feedback About Zacciah's Facilitation

2. Zacciahʼs Facilitation:
· quality, skill, knowledge exhibited, guidance in hands on practices
· exhibited skills in assisting in direct guidance and supervision of
the therapeutic process.
· manner and methodology of practice

“Zacciah is one of the most brilliant practitioners, educators and facilitators that I have
ever had the great pleasure to work with! His knowledge concerning sound and how to
facilitate sound is extensive. In addition, Zacciahʼs constant demonstrations in how to
effectively deliver sound techniques are invaluable.”

“I have worked with Zacciah in 4 different trainings this past year. I immediately
recognized someone who was teaching very current and up-to-date scientific
information, relating to the human experience. This includes physiology, psychology,
spirituality and our resonance across scale from the micro to our macroscopic universe.
This was balanced with a historical study of various traditions worldwide speaking to
similar concepts which are now trying to be explained in science. The trainings help
students via power-point presentations, class notes and lectures from therapeutic
experiences. Most importantly, there is ample time for direct experience for the students
under his guidance to form their own conclusions, their own experiences and their own
truths, which will in turn allow them to apply the work in their own way in their profession
once they return home.”

“It is clear that decades of study have produced a great and knowledgeable teacher in Zacciah Blackburn. He draws on a vast database of both scientific and esoteric wisdom. Zacciah facilitates his classes with grace and professionalism, moving smoothly from in depth inquiries of the many aspects of what Sound Healing is and why it works, to the direct practice of techniques. Always a gentle and thoughtful teacher, Zacciah engages each student at his/her level.”


“As a student of Zacciahʼs, I am always pleased with the balance he strikes between the
immense history of therapeutic sound techniques and the scientific research that
supports the use of sound. Personally, I believe very strongly that sound works as a
therapeutic tool, but it is wonderful to have the scientific research to prove that sound is
a therapeutic tool. I often admire how balanced Zacciah is in his approach, as this can
be difficult to accomplish. It is one thing to believe in something but another to prove
that something does accomplish its set tasks. Zacciah strikes a wonderful balance, and
I appreciate the Western, scientific approach, as it allows me to have more clout within
my own professional, medical community.”

“I found Zacciah to have a lot of integrity as a person & as a teacher as well as being a
highly skilled Sound Healer. He shared his knowledge skillfully and made sure
everyone understood the material. Much of it was experiential with actual sounding
exercises and using instruments. This was balanced by scientific cognitive knowledge
as well, teaching us about the actual physical effects of music & sound within the brain,
body & energy fields.”

“Zacciah is incredibly knowledgeable. I particularly appreciated his ability to weave
knowledge and common ideas from a variety of philosophies and disciplines & he often
would support what he was teaching with slides and references - offering resources for
further exploration which was incredibly helpful.”

“Zacciah's depth of knowledge and experience was tremendous and felt like it was
grounded in his own life experience and practice. I felt very supported during the class
time and the guidance given was clear and concise.”

“For the 7-8 years that I have been attending Zacciahʼs programs, he has always
presented himself as a life-long learner, diving deeper in the subject matter for personal
and professional growth and for new developing new material to bring forth to the world.
He follows the scientific, social, cultural, historical, metaphysical, and other information
“out there” that is being disseminated in the mainstream as well as the peripheral. He
offers the student food for thought, inviting them to make sense of it and further
exploring it on their own. Cognitive information is woven in with experiential practices.
Information is provided in broad strokes with the details added throughout the session to
reduce the student from becoming overwhelmed with “information overload”. Concepts
are flushed out, so by the end of the program, an “ah ha” is realized. The weaving of
the cognitive information with the experiential activities and practices is an educational
endeavor in of itself. It models a new type of learning paradigm that engages the brain
as well the physical and energetic bodies – to “own it”. The student is provided with the
opportunity to gain knowledge/understanding as well as have a kinesthetic/ physical/
emotional remembrance. If the cognition piece does not come easy to recall, the
experience will.”

“The Sound Healing Classes are a wonderful integration of knowledge, skill building,
and exploration. Zacciah avails himself to give further direct instructions to those who
need it, while allowing the class to practice techniques. Questions are encouraged that
dive deeper into the exploration of the topic. As the student processes information,
formulating questions for clarification. Zacciah has a gifted ability to “talk” a student
through such a process which benefits the student as well as others in the class. What I
have observed with Zacciah is that he openly shares information, knowledge, and

Feedback About How This Work Benefits

3. How has this work benefited me?
· at a personal and professional level
· what work skills did you develop?
· any business skills you learned in the program, and how are they

“Personally empowering. Professional empathy. Developed the skill and confidence to
work with therapeutic sound both with the individual and in a group.”

“My intent in attending the Sound Healing Level I classes was for my own personal
growth and secondly for possibly utilizing the skills and practices with clients. I was
immediately impressed with Zacciahʼs dedication to the work and my desire to assist
him disseminating.”

“Everyday, I do some sort of personal practice with instruments, toning/chanting, and
quiet meditation, whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

“As serious student, I took his homework, suggestions, techniques, and strategies
seriously, practicing and implementing them in my daily life. In so doing, I have had
profound shifts in how I view the world and where I am in it. With the completion of the
Level II and III classes, I began offering soundwork in my community.”

“I see Zacciah as role model and do my best to emulate these qualities, being a keen
observer of how he is moving forward to bring his work into the mainstream.”

“I have Definitely benefited from the knowledge that I received and the fresh energy that
has infused my practice - I am slowly working my voice (via toning) into the practice. I
continue to explore the Tibetan Singing bowls and Gongs as well as soon my amazing
Totem Drum”



Feedback About Applying This Work To Professional Practice

4. How am I applying this work to my professional practice?

“Because of the excellent comprehensive curriculum that Zacciah offers I have
become a Sound practitioner in VT. I found Zacciahʼs teaching in Sound Healing to
cover all the scientific fundamentals needed & I now have a solid foundation to work
professionally with sound.”

“I am LICSW in the state of Massachusetts and as mentioned above have looked for
ways over the years to assist clients with new ways of expressing strong emotions and
sound has proven to be one of those mediums that can be tremendously helpful to
some clients. Whether it is the physical aspect of drumming or hearing oneʼs voice
join with others and loosing inhibition while “finding oneʼs voice”, I believe sound is a
medium for therapy that is just beginning to be appreciated.”

“I now utilize what I had learned and embodied from Zacciah's practices to write and
perform original music (of mixed styles) as well at teach music in a very intentional way.
Zacciah offers a beautiful example of a human being who became the change that he
felt needed to be in the world.”

“In my professional life as an Osteopath, my patients of all ages come for various issues
such as chronic pain, hormonal imbalances, digestive troubles, fertility issues, anxiety,
stress, ADD, etc…itʼs a long list and the cases can be difficult. I needed the skills as a
therapist to create a neutral, safe place for my work as well as other tools to empower
my patients. This class provides a space to clear my own mental and emotional field in
order to be a more neutral therapist; ready to greet any patient with more calm, ease
and compassion. It also provides more therapeutic tools for my practice. Some
examples would be: different sound frequencies to break up adherences in the fascia connective tissue (arthritis, fibrosis) or breathing techniques to guide patients into a
more relaxed brainwave state for stress reduction and to facilitate spinal re-alignment. I
plan on deepening my professional practice even more in upcoming seminars with
Zacciah with the use of tuning forks and other sound tools in order to further assist my
patients towards homeostasis.”

“Because of the excellent comprehensive curriculum that Zacciah offers I have
become a Sound practitioner in VT . I found Zacciahʼs teaching in sound Healing to
cover all the scientific fundamentals you would need & I now have a solid foundation to
work professionally with personal life as well as my professional life both
have excelled from his training. I found Zacciah to be very involved and supportive of
his students always available to answer any questions I might have had. Some of the
skills I came away with are as follows:
1.An explanation and instruction on how to use many different instruments.
2..Overall understanding of the body systems and how sound effects them.
3..Detailed look into brain functions and how the ear works.
4..How the Voice works in a healing environment and how to use my voice.
5..intake and an understanding of ethical conduct with clients.
6..Hands on training with live persons.
7..In depth training in etheric and intuitive understandings.
This training prepared me for a career in sound & I now have a private practice in
Vermont working with many clients. I am Also leading a weekly sound bath and a
monthly gathering and I currently just taught a sound program in the school system. I
am also starting a research project at the Marlboro School looking at the effects binaural
beats have on children with ADHD.”

“I currently live in Eureka Springs, AR and am in private practice as a Massage
Therapist, licensed in the State of Arkansas. In addition to Therapeutic Massage, I offer
Sound Therapy as an approach and tool for energy work. It is hard to differentiate
between the use of these skills on a personal and professional levels. Using Sound is a
part of who I am..... All of the skills that I learned from Zacciah are incorporated into who
I am and into what I offer my clients. I am forever grateful for the time I had in Zacciah's
classes and hope to return in the next year or two for a refresher class (and maybe to
see old friends again.)
I am deeply grateful to Zacciah for his teachings and willingness to share so deeply of

“Professionally, this is helping to direct and focus my career. I have almost completed
my Recreational Therapy Degree and will use sound and music as my main therapeutic
modalities. Studying with Zacciah has given me such a new and different approach
than most other complementary therapies. It has allowed me to expand as a
professional and offer a program that is new, upcoming and effective. I feel on “the
cutting edge” of what, I believe, will be an immense field in the future as more research
is dedicated to proving how and why sound works.

I am incorporating the sound work into my current voice studio. The students benefit
greatly from the relaxation techniques used in the Sound Work. Also, singing can be
quite vulnerable, as the voice is completely exposed. Therefore, many emotional states
can arise in lessons, which can then turn into some mindful sound work. I have begun
my own program, “Finding My Voice,” which concentrates on speaking oneʼs own truth
with great emphasis on the human voice. In June 2012, I presented my program at
Yaleʼs Smilow Cancer Hospital.”

“Zacciah Blackburnʼs teachings are rich and transformative. The quality, quantity and
integrity of the information offered in his classes exceed a normal training or workshop.
With a perfect balance of classroom discussions, practical applications and experiential
learning, Zacciah expertly guides his students towards becoming adept Sound Healers.
It is clear that decades of study have produced a great and knowledgeable
teacher in Zacciah Blackburn. He draws on a vast database of both scientific and
esoteric wisdom. Zacciah facilitates his classes with grace and professionalism, moving
smoothly from in depth inquiries of the many aspects of what Sound Healing is and why
it works, to the direct practice of techniques. Always a gentle and thoughtful teacher,
Zacciah engages each student at his/her level.

I have benefited in a multitude of ways from my work with Zacciah Blackburn. On
a personal level, it has strengthened my sense of self and taught me how to live
authentically and compassionately. I also have a personal Sound practice that I have
carried forward since my studies with Zacciah.

On a professional level, I have been able to apply Zacciahʼs teachings to each
job I do. In direct reference to my studies with Zacciah at his School of Sound Healing, I
offer individual and group Sound Healing sessions, as well as Sound Circles. Many of
my practices draw upon the teachings and experience of my classes with Zacciah.
Although very little of my livelihood is currently derived from this work, I have had
profound results in these sessions and expect to grow this portion of my work in the
coming years.

I am also a musician/composer, performer, and music teacher. I currently work as
a music teacher with preschool aged children in the mornings, leading music sessions
both in daycares, local libraries and stores. In the afternoons, I teach private lessons for
guitar and ukulele. My work with Zacciah brought to me the understanding of placing
intention behind all sounds, including oneʼs tone of voice and the playing of an

Zacciah Blackburnʼs School of Sound Healing enriches the fabric of our world.
He is a fountain of knowledge and a wonderful teacher, offering practical and effective
tools to living in peace with oneself and everything else. The support of VSAC was
essential to my studies with Zacciah. I am grateful for my opportunities and fully
advocate for continued VSAC support of Zacciah Blackburnʼs School of Sound Healing.

“The Sound Healing Training sessions, offered by Zacciah Blackburn, have been life
altering for me. Zacciah has the most integrity of any teacher I have ever had. He
expertly guides his students into the understanding that he has formed for himself
regarding a healing modality that has no real system in this day and age. It is very clear
to me that you could go to other Sound Healing Teachers and not receive half of the
information that is available in Zacciah's courses, mainly due to the fact that he has
traveled the world studying with indigenous elders of many cultures as well as current
Masters of Sound Healing and he is very knowledgeable about the currrent science as
well. He has a unique ability to combine all he has been taught & experienced into a
cohesive body of study. Somehow, he seems to have been able to compile his learning
in a way that is shareable and teachable which I find remarkable. Mixed with the
wisdom he has gained from years of being a healer himself, he is a treasure to the
Healing community and it is an honor to be a student of his. Just when I think it couldn't
get any does. I am very grateful.
When I told Zacciah that I would like to study sound healing, he informed me of the
possibility of getting a grant with VSAC. I was so excited and went right to work
applying for it & I am so happy to say that I received one. This grant has enabled me to
do the training which would otherwise have been unaffordable to me.

In the course of any given day at the training there is a powerful blend of experiential
and cognitive learning with ample breaks for integration. We are not only given
information but we have plenty of opportunities to apply what we are learning on
ourselves and each other. We are also taught not only the techniques but how to have
integrity ourselves when applying the techniques we have learned. A priceless piece
which is too often missing in the training of healers. I feel that I can ask any question &
get an honest answer. There is nothing that we don't address and he honors each
person in the class at their level of ability and knowledge as well. I often have the
experience of having a question and in the next moment he has already answered it.
Zacciah has given me a clear understanding of what healing is and what it means to be
a healer and this has cleared the way for me to walk this path myself.

In the training I have been experiencing incredible healing of my own body, mind & soul.
I have experienced the healing ability of sound itself when applied correctly & I have
discovered more of who I really am. My knowledge of what sound is & the different
ways it can be used to move & release emotions, thoughts, memories, blocks, trauma,
love, light, beauty will be with me for my whole life & I hope to pass this wisdom on to
my children & every person that I have the honor of working with. I have transformed
blocks and ways of being that I thought I would have to live with forever and I have seen
more of the truth about reality & life on earth than I would have dreamed. Most
importantly, I am becoming truly free in my voice, my personal expression & experience
of my spirituality and of my service to others. Having lived a life full of music growing up
with musician parents & then getting a record deal of my own & touring with major
artists in the music industry, I am not new to the world of music & sound & I have seen a
lot. Due to what I am learning from the Sound Healing Training with Zacciah, I am
getting more and more clear about my own abilities as a Sacred Sound Technician and
Healer and I am therefore more confident to really do this work in the world. I am only
half way through the first year of training & I have already started my own healing
collective & am working in partnership with a Reiki Master doing Reiki sessions with
Sacred Sound & getting paid for it under that name. We have had amazing results so
far & I really love it. I also have started teaching a Sacred Movement & Sound class of
my own in my community which has been very well attended & successful as well. Only
one year ago, I was unsure of where I was going as the demands of being a stay at
home mother (of two) pushed me to leave my music career behind & leave NYC.
Although I have known that I have a new career path waiting for me, thanks to Zacciah,
I can start it now with real skills to heal & help people. Not to mention bring in some
income for my family doing something that I love.

I am currently also studying Aura-Soma color therapy & will be receiving Reiki training
this spring. I am looking forward to combining all of these skills into my future
professional healing practice with Sound as my main focus. My goal is to have a
practice of my own here in Vermont, where I offer Sacred Sound Healing with Aura
Soma & Reiki as well. With the skills I am learning from Zacciah I will also be recording
a full album of Sacred Sound using all of the sound healing tools I am learning &
continuing to offer some kind of Sacred Movement & Sound gathering in my