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What Is Our Refund Policy?

Registration in this program is a commitment to attend and to follow all guidelines and policies regarding this program, including taking personal responsibility for understanding the nature of, and participation in, this program or programs, and for taking personal liability for any harm, or damage, to persons or property while attending said programs.  Registration is open until that program is full.  Registration for many programs is limited.  Acceptance into the program or portion of each program you are registering for, will be formalized, when we charge your credit card, or deposit your check into our bank.  We will not cash a check, nor charge your credit card account, if space is not available, or your registration is not accepted for any reason, and we will contact you regarding that, as well as any possible wait list, where appropriate.  (For online registrations, we will refund you within one business day if either of these occur.)  Where discounts may be available, they only apply for payments in full.  

Full payment is due at the time of registration.

For online programs, cancellations may be made up until 7 days before a program begins.  A refund less a 15% non-refundable deposit will be given. After that time, refunds are no longer offered, though in emergency situations, we may offer a future program credit.

When in person programs are offered, please check that program page for its cancellation or refund policy, as it may be different according to that programs' circumstances.

We will discuss possible payment plans for those in need of such consideration.

What Is Our Privacy Policy?


We recognize and honor your privacy.  All information gathered for programs or in private therapeutic settings is held strictly confidential.  It may be necessary to provide such things as contact information to program hosts when an in person program is held outside of our home teaching center, or other individuals or organizations are hosting our online presentations. But no other information is provided by your participation in our programs or therapeutic services are shared, outside of this, with any one, for any reason, unless a legal authority requires it.
When you place an order on line, or register for a program, we do not gather or keep your banking information outside of what is processed through our payment processing servers, such as PayPal, BrainTree, or Klarna.  These are high quality licensed banking services that may keep data you enter via top level security systems, in order to process payments, issue refunds, or review disputes.  We keep no banking information ourselves, even in your account with us, when registered.  We only keep information regarding your contact, shipping and billing address, and products you ordered or programs you registered for.
If you provide information to us, in order to process a payment via phone, that is shredded immediately upon payment, or held in a secure vault if you have asked us to keep it for a limited time for reasons of your choosing.
We request you NOT share any secure banking information with us via email or other insecure methods.
As with most web services, when you are browsing our web site online, it is essential for us to capture some information about your device, such as your IP address and information related to your visit when you browse our website. For example, this might include time-stamp, the last page or product you visited, the indication that you logged in. We do that in order to:

● remember who you are after you log in so that you do not need to authenticate at each click;

● monitor if our website is running with the high performance we are dedicated to providing;

● let you browse between products without having to start back from the home page at each click;

● remember if you put something in your shopping cart before you decide to checkout; and

● control that your data is processed securely.

We call the information mentioned above “essential information” and we collect it through the use of cookies. Cookies are small text files that most websites uses. A website places cookies in the web browser and then reads the information collected through the cookies every time the user performs an action. We use cookies. Without enabling this mechanism and this kind of cookies (first-party cookies), we could not provide you with the smooth experience that you expect while you are navigating. If you buy something from our store, we will need more specific information about you. To fully process your order and ship the merchandise you selected, we need your personal data such as your first and last name, your email address and your shipping and billing address. We also use your contact and order information to send you communication related to the processing of your order. We will ask you to provide this information in our “checkout page” before letting you finalize your purchase with the payment. You can sign up for an account if you’d like. This will make us happy because it confirms your interest in our store. It should also make you happy because we will remember your information and, when you decide to buy our products, you do not have to provide all of your information over again -- you just have to log-in. Before registering your account, we will ask you to expressly provide your consent to this privacy policy. Only if you give us your consent, we will open your account. We also you the possibility to easily withdraw your consent and delete your account. If you have started to buy one of our products, but have not completed the purchase, you may have provided partial information, such as your email. In that case, we might send you an email to remind you about your interest. If you are not comfortable in receiving further emails of this kind, we will give you a simple opportunity to opt-out. Your privacy means a lot to us and we will stop sending you these communications right away. If you have completed a purchase, we will send you an email to ask you to review the product you bought. We want to be sure that whether you love your purchase or have a complaint, you can share your opinion with other customers. We also use some specific information related to your visit, such as the timestamp of your visit, the page or the product you viewed, where you are coming from (if you came to our store because you clicked on an advertisement or you just opened our direct link). This is very similar to the “essential information,” but we use it to provide you with a personalized experience. The information on your visit provides us with insights on your interests and allows us to send you relevant communications. We capture this information through cookies, called a "beacon," that we allow you to block.

How do we process your information?

We use an external provider to run our store, BigCommerce. BigCommerce is based in the US and is a participant in the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and committed to providing best-in-class service and data protection. You can check its participation in the Privacy Shield here on the official site of The International Trade Administration (ITA), U.S. Department of Commerce. Through BigCommerce, we also use other, highly specialized external providers to provide the most competitive services. For example: 

● Payment: ​Our store is PCI-DSS compliant (a very strict industry standard with requirements for the security of credit card information), but we want to use accredited companies to process your credit card information. We use Paypal.

● Shipping: ​We integrate with a number of shipping companies to fulfill your orders. USPS, FedEx, UPS

Partnering with highly specialized external companies allows us to focus on what we do best: selling great products. How can you control your personal data? If you are one of our customers who is in the EU, and we are specifically selling our products to the Member State where you are located, you have specific rights that we are honored to enforce without undue delay: Access, Correct, Erasure, Port, Object. If you cannot exercise your choice on your account page or if you do not have an account with us, please reach out to us, at the contact details at the bottom of this page. We will be more than happy to help. How long do we keep your data? We keep your data for as long as you have an account with us. We also keep some data for security investigation. Most importantly, we have specific obligations for fraud detection and tax reasons. Therefore, we might need to retain certain data even if you ask to delete it. Do we have any legal obligations when handling your data? Many. We might need to share your personal information to comply with applicable legal obligations. Who can you reach out to for privacy matters? You can contact our Data Privacy Leader here. Do you need to lodge a complaint? If you have any privacy complaint, you have the right to lodge a complaint with our supervisory authority.  Again, contact us here. Any update? If we update our Privacy Policy to reflect a change or improvement of our services or a new legal obligation, we will publish the new version on our website, and we will make it clear on our home page so it will be visible as you enter our store. 

Do We Offer Room And Board With Our Programs?

Most of our current programs are only available on line.  Each live program will disclose if accommodations or meals are provided.  Please refer to  the logistics tab on the program listings to see any room and board options for each program.

Do We Offer Discounts or Work Trade Options?

We rarely offer discounts to our programs, and this is only through advertised promotions.  We do not offer scholarships, however, if you are a Vermont resident, and are taking a course for professional reasons (to create or enhance a therapeutic practice, for instance,) you may qualify for an adult continuing education grant at VSAC, Vermont Student Assistance Corporation. We are a qualified provider for VSAC grant services.  Unless you see a discount offered through promotional materials, please understand they are not given otherwise.  We provide very high quality programs and take great care in insuring the value of their cost.  We seldom are able to offer work trade options for our programs. That will only be for in person programs, and such work trade options will not cover the whole cost of the programs, but offer fair trade for the number of hours of one's service.