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April 4, 2013
10 AM-4PM

Moody Building
24 Tremont Square
Claremont, NH
Upstairs Meeting Hall

Zacciah teaches
10 AM - 1 PM
The New Earth programs for Awakening

If you are a non-licensed, non-certified Vermont based psychotherapist or wholistic practitioner, it will be very beneficial for you to read
Thursday, April 16, 2013, 6:30     - 8:30 PM
The New Earth, Zacciah BlackburnThe Taripay Pacha
Time of Meeting Ourselves Again
Claremont, NH

Living Water Chapter of American Dowsers Society Monthly Meeting
Meeting 6:30-8:30 PM
Claremont Savings Bank
158 Maple Ave 
Claremont, NH 03743

Upstairs, side door / Community meeting hall

Zacciah teaches
approx 7 -  8:30 PM
Continued teachings and practice on the New Earth, the prophecies of the Taripay Pacha and other traditions, practices for Cleansing, Awakening and Empowerment in relation to the New Paradigm on Earth

For additional information contact Carol Gader:  603-357-4699

next program:

April 19, 2013

8-10 AM ET

Zacciah Blackbun, PHD

Zacciah will be featured in a

   Radio Interview with Dr. Lorraine Hurley's new program,

taking over for Dr. Dennis Harris

on Genesis Communications': The Doctor Is In




Instructions below to join live in the call, and speak with Zacciah and the host.


The topic of the program is:

The Ancient Mysteries

All is energy and vibrates a a specific and unique frequency.  Human beings are, also, a composite of these vibrational frequencies.  Organs, tissues, cells and every molecule within our body such as DNA receives and transmits frequencies.  Our entire consciousness is vibrational in nature.  Sound has been used for thousands of years as a healing tool and as means of stimulating expanded states of consciousness.  Zacciah Blackburn Ph.D has devoted his life to the study of ancient wisdom, the healing arts, and the use of sound as a means of restoring balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual expressions of our lives.

For instructions to listen live on line or by phone, see:
For on line listening, click on "CLICK TO LISTEN" button in the upper right corner, between 8-10 AM ET .

Zacciah has been asked to teach once/month on Dr Hurley's new morning program.  Watch for schedule.

Thursday evening,

February 28, 2013

9-10 PM ET

Zacciah will be featured in a

   Radio Interview with Dr. Lorraine Hurley,

in her weekly show on health and wellness.




Instructions below to join live in the call, and speak with Zacciah and the host.


The topic of the program is:

Sound, Healing and Consciousness

But, will also speak to the therapeutic nature of sound as used in private and clinical practice.


Sound healing is a growing therapeutic field proven to enhance wellness and creativity at many levels of our being. Cultures throughout history have known and utilized sound, for healing, to journey into other worlds, (or, other dimensional realities,) to awaken ecstatic states of awareness and innate well being, and to illuminate one’s ancient knowing.  Modern science and therapeutic applications are adding to our understanding of the nature of sound. From the ancient wisdom culture perspective, sound is the vibrational nature of Creation, as well as of our own human structure, from our energetic (subtle) bodies, to our physiological and sub-atomic form. 


Drawing from contemporary and ancient cultures’ wisdom and methodologies, Zacciah will discuss, as time permits, techniques with voice and simple instruments to enhance awareness and integration of sound in personal and professional practice.  We shall explore the nature of authentic healing, and how one might utilize esoteric sound practices to realize heightened states of wellness and self realization.  What is sound?  What is healing?  What is consciousness?  And, who are we in the midst of it all?


Nada Brahma:  All is Sound. 

To listen live and chat...

If you miss the show live, the link to the archive will be available here:

The number for you to call in to listen to the interview by phone is:  347-215-6580
Push the number 1 on your phone if you wish to speak to the host.
Listeners can also call this number as well to listen - if you don't wish to talk to host, don't push 1.

   ~Fix All Your Attention on the One True Source of Being~
All Else is Entanglement

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