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Lotus BlossomThe GREAT AWAKENING:  The Illumination of Consciousness
  Let us all come into remembrance of the Beauty and Purpose of our existence.
The more we are able to touch into the vastness, richness, and Beauty of Creation, the more we are able to feel the deserving nature of our Presence here.  The more we realize this, the more we are able to connect with the very essence and nature of Life, with the breadth of the Cosmos, and through this, the nature, the identity and the purpose of our Being. 

 2012 & Beyond:

The Great Awakening

Preparing the Body, Mind, and Soul, for the Great Transformation in Human Consciousness;
Living, Learning, and Building Harmonious Relationships
With All Aspects of Creation

Co-Creating the Template of Heaven on Earth

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Ancient Peoples, and Indigenous cultures worldwide, knew a time was coming of great transformation in human consciousness.  Some believed it would be a time of great tribulation.  Some understood something different.
Some Say it is An Apocalypse?

But the prophecies and elders of most cultures worldwide say something far different.  That we are, literally, upon the precipice of a great transformation.
In part, it is, quite literally, up to us.  We must learn and understand who we are, and do our part in the creative plan in order for it to unfold.   Even for those who portray the worst possibilities, prophecy is only a tool of understanding a potential, a potential of signs of what may come if we do not change our path. 
It is time to make those changes.

We are entering, we are now in, that time of great transformation.
Whether speaking of the Maya prophecies of 2012, and the end of their calendar of days, what they call, "The End of Time as We Know It," the great Biblical prophecies of "The Lifting of the Veils,"  (which is the literal meaning for Revelations, and the Apocalypse,) or the Q'ero (Incan) prophecies of Taripay Pacha, the Time of Meeting Ourselves Again, we have entered the Age of Enlightenment, of Golden Illumination. 
We, as descendants of the Divine Plan, must take part, to re-establish order, harmony, and integrity in this realm of Creation, this place where we dwell.  Collaborators, guides, and teachers of this world, and of other dimensions, have always been with us, guiding and illuminating the way, sharing very common themes of how to come to enlightened awakening.  But, they have, especially now, come forward, sharing their teachings and wisdom through many great and respected teachers of this world.  Those, of 'the other realms,' the ascended masters of our world, and those of the StarNations, Elders from other worlds, have been guiding the Elders of many Indigenous and 'Wisdom' Cultures of the world throughout time. 
We view them as our Ancestors. 

They All speak a similar Truth. 

We must do our part, as co-creators of this reality.  We must take responsibility for our own lives and creation, and for the well being of this place of Refuge, this Sacred Earth.  It is time we learn our true nature as Holy Beings.  It is time we learn our place, and purpose here.  It is time we learn methods of awakening and embodying these higher, purer states of consciousness, which are our Divine BirthRight, and our inherent true nature.  It has been hidden from us.  But the Veils are lifting, they are thinning, and we can see more distinctly these hidden truths.  Who We Are, and, Why We Are Here. 

It is time we take our place.

It is time we establish our role as Inheritors of that Divine nature, as collaborators in this Great Creation.  The Way is clear.

We, simply, must do our part.

We each must learn our way, assume our role, and do our part. 
The Ancient Ones left roadmaps and clues for our work, for our transition, our ascension, into higher states of consciousness.  The Great Teachers of the Great Spiritual Traditions of the World have taught us the principals and methods throughout time.  We have not been listening.
They have embedded those messages in our collective memory; it is in the template of our Cells, our Dna, in the fabric of our souls, and in the stones of many ancient Temples.

The Time is Now.

The Ancient Ones have spoken.  The Elders have spoken.
The time to awaken, to listen, to cherish, to claim and embody our full nature, is now.
We have put it off too long.
We must each do our part, individually, and then collectively, to enter these great states of transformation and Illumination, to embody our own Divinity.
The time is now; we cannot wait until 2012 and imagine some miraculous force shall intervene or save us.  It is up to each of us to embody and assist in seeding the true template of Conscious Creation, contained within our cells, within our own true knowing.
We are powerful and Holy Beings.  We have been led to believe otherwise.
We have the power, the knowledge, the skills, to do this.

It is time we do our part.

Join with us in this Great Work.
Learn your part, through your own Divine Nature.
We are offering programs worldwide, to assist us in coming into greater understanding of what is occurring, and to enter a collective awakening, this time of Great Awakening, this Time of Meeting Ourselves Again!  These programs are planned, with the assistance of great teachers of this and other worlds, of ancient and contemporary knowledge, to learn how we may enter, sustain, and thrive in these heightened states of consciousness; what is, in essence, our true nature of Divine Origin, and Being.

Join with us, as we learn, individually, then collectively, how to engage this great template of sacred union, of Unity of Consciousness, of Oneness with the All, the Great One Word, the Universe, of all being.

Join with us, in your own way, or in these sacred programs, humbly offered.
It is Time.

We wish you, all, many blessings in the Journey.
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These programs are facilitated by, Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director of the Center of
Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies. 
Zacciah is a highly skilled intuiive
teacher and guide in sound healing and esoteric awareness practices for true awakening of consciousness. 

He has worked in the field for over 3 decades, offers a 3 year program in therapeutic sound healing practices, and teaches internationally a variety of esoteric trainings in consciousness and earth healing practices.
He is Director of Education for the International Sound
Healing Network.

Zacciah's work has long focused on the emerging transformation of human consciousness.

This work, 
The Great Awakening, continues a series of programs explicit to this new era of awakening which humanity is entering, with explicit steps to assist in this personal and collective awakening, long prophecied by many cultures of the world.

The Great Awakening
will offer keen insight into the nature of this incredible threshold of awakening, upon which humanity stands poised, as well as offer each participant a vehicle which can transport us into other worlds of understanding, experience, and self knowledge. 
These experiences are especially heightened via the art of Sacred Sound Transmissions, through which Zacciah brings the sounds and voices of Holy Beings from other realms of consciousness, into our present environ, 
which can heighten our sense of Living Reality. 
The vast majority of participants find these experiences extraordinarily enriching, life altering, and deeply transformative. 
At the same time, participants are left with practical exercises to carry into their every day lives.  

Upcoming Programs
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New York 
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Brazil, Peru, Tulum
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PERU 11.11.11

A 2 week sacred journey for those ready to enter ascended states, and assist the Earth and her peoples in her healing process, and Great Awakening
Nov 2-15, 2011.

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in prior years:

Sounding the Codes:
A 2 week sacred tour of the sites, landscape, and crop circles of central England

EGYPT:  10.10.10:  Initiations into the Halls of Orion
A 2 week sacred initiatory journey, Oct 2-17, 2010
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What we invest our power in, in our own belief structure, creates the reality that we experience.

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