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Zacciah BlackburnJoin Zacciah Blackburn in these powerful healing programs
All programs are in Ascutney, VT, except where otherwise indicated   

Advanced Level Studies
For those seeking
  • diversity in their spiritual practices
  • deeper spiritual development
  • entering and exploring ever greater illuminated and awakened states of consciousness
  • greater personal awareness and community building
  • opportunities for world service
  • to more fully embody and display aptitude toward understanding and presentation of advanced spiritual concepts and awareness practices
  • building skills as practitioner and teacher

Zacciah continues our next Advanced Level Studies program, embodying principals of the 3 areas of Zacciah’s expertise:  explorations into the nature of consciousness, sacred sound & therapy, and shamanic, earth energies, and earth healing work. 
In these trainings, we shall engage in extraordinary experiences, and exploration of consciousness, nature, Creation, Sound, Therapeutic applications, Shamanic practices, Earth Healing Rituals, Sacred Site practices.  We alternate between skill building in consciousness development to working in ancient and sacred earth sites, to touching untapped resources of our illumined spiritual Being.
The dynamics of coherent advanced level group practices consistently go beyond the bounds of normal group activities, due to the nature of greater coherence and harmonic resonance entered when all members of a group are adept at entering and sustaining harmonic resonance, and synchronization with ‘group mind & intent.’
Our advanced level studies have proved to be a tremendous platform for these practices.
If you have engaged in any group work with Zacciah, you have had the opportunity to understand this to some degree.  With a committed group of advanced students, it becomes even more apparent.  The places we move together go beyond what can be described in other bodies of our work.

Priority is given if you have attended at least 5 programs, preferably a minimum of:

  • 3 School of Sound Healing trainings
  • 2 trainings in the Illumination of Consciousness series
  • 1 training in our Earth Mysteries School
Consideration shall be given to those with equivalent training, but no one is admitted without considerable experiential practices in Zacciah's programs, due to their unique nature.
And, if you are committed to attend at least 4 trainings in the Advanced Series per year, you may apply to this new group.  Consideration may be given to those Zacciah is deeply familiar with whom do not meet each of the above requirements, but:
You must exhibit:
  • an adept level of personal clarity
  • an ability to easily integrate into a community learning environment
  • a commitment toward spiritual development.
Classes may include out of class assignments, preparations for class, the willingness to guide the class in cognitive explanation of principals, and group practices.  There is no right or wrong, no grading, etc.; only the opportunity to build skill development in these stated areas of expertise.
Classes are simply offered for those seeking to develop their understanding and skills as a human being, spiritual practitioner, and facilitator, guide or teacher, and to engage in world service at an ever more expressive level.

Classes are held over a 3-4 day weekend 4-6 times/year, outside of our main Illumination and Earth Mysteries practices.  Applicants must commit to at least 4 trainings per year to be considered.
Advanced Level Costs:
Classes in the advanced level trainings  are $  for each 3 or 4 day training
  Dates, length, or costs for 2015 programs have not yet been determined.
  Current 2014-15 classes run Sept til June.  This class is full. Each year of class is no longer open to admission once it begins.
Contact admin@sunreed.com for an application, or call the Center at 802.674.9585, 10-5 EST weekdays.

These are descriptions of earlier year program content.
They have, and do constantly evolve.
Let us know your interest in the next classes starting in 2015.

In March, 20-22, Spring Equinox, we shall be exploring the mysteries of this new birth.

We will be working further in these areas of understanding:
  • the understanding of, and practices in, the permeation of consciousness
  • the understanding of the death realms in relation to and preparation for awakened consciousness
  • the Seals as centers of perception and doorways of aspects of consciousness
  • and the embodying of awakened consciousness. 
May 29-31 will be an outdoor earth energies practice.  We will be working with the principals of The Sacred Seal and the Awakening of the Dragon, as the stonekeepers have been defining those for us.
Watch for a link here with a letter/article that defines the core of this work. 
However, this will be a high level preparatory practice, in which our adept level of expertise will prepare the groundwork for the final body of work for this later event:

October 5 will be a very special one day event attending to deeper level work at the three ancient stone chambers of the Calendar One site.

Dec 4-6, we shall be Entering Sacred Space

The remarkable evolutionary nature of the work this fall has expanded so graciously, that we continue to allow it to unfold and evolve within the container of this group.
We shall offer deeper insight into the nature of Creating Sacred Space, as well as building the art of creating spaciousness and coherence in our personal field.  As those of you who were at our recent HeartWork know, the relationship to spaciousness and coherence is profound.
Through entering spaciousness, emptiness, we can both deconstruct the patterns of our beliefs built in false realities, but also enter the space of the Heart of the Divine Feminine.
Merging this with coherence in the Heart, via Buddhist understanding, is one of the fastest methods to enlightenment.  The continued alliances with Blue Medicine Buddha, Tara, Chenrizig, Kuan Yin, and others of the Buddhist lineages, as well as our host of Egyptian and other allies, will only enhance the work ever deeper.  Thoth, Hat'or, and others, have their own messages to share.
Creating and holding Sacred Space at the highest energetic levels we utilize, have never been fully defined in these classes, but our advanced groups are ready to embrace those relationships.  It is very possible we shall move into this depth of understanding necessary to carry practice ever deeper as we journey into these other realms.

What has occurred with the growing relationship to these mysteries while in fall practices in other regions of the world will continue to escalate, and will contribute to our work.  Also, the illumination contributed by the studies of the yoga suttras shall provide fertile soil to move more deeply.
All of this shall combine to create a rich exploration of the nature of consciousness, and our place in this great cosmos.
For further information, or to join us, contact:
Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light
Phone: 802-674-9585; 
E-mail: info@sunreed.com

  Our main areas of study:

School of Sound Healing 
In depth cognitive & intuitive trainings in the use of sound as a healing modality in private and therapeutic practice
You may attend one or many programs in:
             These typically begin in mid-Sept., and continue for 8 months.
                                       Early Registration Deadlines will be available
  • 1 weekend program is offered each month, for a total of 8 weekends, in Level I, first year studies, plus Level II and III if you choose to continue.
  • (Attuning the Chakras, Creating Sacred Space, Sacred Sound Transmissions, Application of Sound Therapies)
  • You May attend one or more programs, for personal or professional development of sound practices.
  • See our School of Sound Healing listings
Earth Mysteries SchoolOur outdoor programs focusing on the Beauty and nature of the Earth, ourself,
            and our relationship to each other, Peruvian & Native mysticism, and more.
The Illumination of Consciousness Series:  In depth studies of the Nature of Consciousness, for personal spiritual development, via master techniques of Egyptian High Alchemy, Sacred Sound Transmissions, & other Esoteric Practices

Special Upcoming Events 
International programs in Sound Healing, Earth Energies and other Esoteric content:Germany and Switzerland, July and August, 200EUROPE, PERU, EGYPT, UK, etc 9  

All Programs, utilizing Sacred Sound, Shamanic traditions, ancient mysteries, esoteric studies, are listed below: 

For further information & additional workshops contact
Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light
PO Box 389, Hidden Glen Road               
Ascutney, VT 05030 USA
Phone: 802-674-9585; 
Fax: 802-674-95856
E-mail: info@sunreed.com

      Discounts for advance registration may apply.  Program prices do not include food or lodging unless stated. MC/Visa/ Credit/Debit cards accepted.  VSAC or other adult ed. grants may apply.

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To register for any class:
See our Registration pages for current information on registration policies, discounts, Adult Education grants, accomodations, directions and other pertinent information.

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