Extraordinary Programs in Spiritual Development, Personal Growth, Sound and Earth Healing

Working for the Evolution of Personal and Planetary Consciousness




Zacciah BlackburnJoin Zacciah Blackburn & Dorothy Stone in these powerful transformative programs
in evolutionay consciousness and World Healing Service
All programs are in Chester, VT, except where otherwise indicated   

Advanced Level Studies
General Program InformationSpecfic Content and DatesCosts & RegistrationLocation & LogisticsMeals and Housing
For those seeking
  • depth and diversity in their personal spiritual practices
  • enriching spiritual development in the realms of Self Realization
  • entering and exploring ever greater illuminated and awakened states of consciousness, the nature of the Cosmos, and our Relationship to it
  • greater personal awareness, authentic healing, and community building
  • opportunities for world service
  • to more fully embody and display aptitude toward understanding and presentation of advanced spiritual concepts and awareness practices
  • building skills as practitioner and teacher

Zacciah offers Advanced Level Studies, embodying principals of the 3 areas of Zacciah’s expertise:  explorations into the nature of human consciousness and reality, sacred sound & therapy, and work within the realms of indigenous/shamanic/Earth based wisdom, including elemental/earth energy, sacred site, & earth healing work.

Zacciah is joined by his partner Dorothy Stone, who assists us on many levels, offering her insight and wisdom, pure heart, and compelling,transformative voice to each practice, as well as in holding space in the entire process of community.

In these trainings, we shall engage in extraordinary experiences, and exploration of consciousness, nature, Creation, Sound, Therapeutic applications, Shamanic practices, Earth Healing Rituals, Sacred Site practices.  We alternate between skill building in consciousness development to working in ancient and sacred earth sites, to touching untapped resources of our illumined spiritual Being, and advancing our potential as someone whom embodies these principles, and/or wishes to further facilitate them for the benefit of others.

The dynamics of coherent advanced level group practices consistently go beyond the bounds of normal group activities, due to the nature of greater coherence and harmonic resonance entered when all members of a group are adept at entering and sustaining harmonic resonance, and synchronization with ‘group mind & intent.’
Our advanced level studies have proven to be a tremendous platform for these practices.
If you have engaged in any group work with Zacciah, you have had the opportunity to understand this to some degree.  With a committed group of advanced students, it becomes even more apparent.  The places we move together go beyond what can be described in other bodies of our work.

Admission to this program is by Invitation.
Priority is given to those who have attended at least 20 days of practice with Zacciah; preferably a mixture, of
  • 1 year of Sound Healing training
  • 4 trainings in the Illumination of Consciousness series
    • (consideration is given for those who have not attended sound school, but have been in numerous other workshops with Zacciah.)
  • At least 1 training in our Earth Mysteries School
Consideration shall be given to those with equivalent training, but no one is admitted without considerable experiential practices in Zacciah's programs, due to their unique nature.
Consideration may be given to those Zacciah is deeply familiar with whom do not meet each of the above requirements, but:
Whom exhibit:
  • an adept level of personal clarity
  • an ability to easily integrate into a community learning environment
  • a commitment toward spiritual development.
  • a more than fundamental understanding to the nature of this work
Classes may include out of class assignments, preparations for class, the willingness to guide the class in cognitive explanation of principles, and group practices.  There is no right or wrong, no grading, etc.; only the opportunity to build skill development in these stated areas of expertise.
Classes are simply offered for those seeking to develop their understanding and skills as a human being, spiritual practitioner, and facilitator, guide or teacher, and to engage in world service at an ever more expressive level.
Current classes are held individually, 2-4 times a year.
The ongoing nature of these gatherings is the building of community within the work, which serves as an even greater catalyst for participants.

Some years, we offer a full year training.
As an example of that, and overall content of some advanced programs, you may review the information below.
This was a recent 7 month program, offered in 4 day weekends, 4 times/ in the 7 month period.
These were outside of our main Illumination and Earth Mysteries practices.  

  Our areas of study :

Session I

Avalokeshtevara, Buddha of Compassion

The Diamond States

Here, we will learn the art of entraining to, holding, and sustaining the various states of Diamond Light in the Diamond Realms.  These are pure realms of Light sustained and generated by gracious Beings of Luminous proportions, emanating the Pure Light Principle that is like Source essence, and has the power to dissolve all obscurations and encumbrances in our being.  These are the forces of illusion and variances of reality which keep us from perceiving directly and purely.

We will focus on Diamond Light and how to access, generate it within ourselves, and sustain it, at any time, and how to use it in personal and planetary evolution, as well as in professional practice.

Session II

Christ Heart energies
The ChristHeart Energies
Currently, in Session II, we will look at Christ Consciousness as perceived through the Principle of the Christ Heart (the source point of Christ Consciousness, not to be confused with current precepts of Christianity,) as well as perhaps, the different qualities of Christ’s Diamond Light energies.  Zacciah offers explicit initiations/empowerments associated with this Principle of Light.  
From the Christ Heart states, we also have a 'doorway' into the Great Central Sun, and the One Mind.  We could say that all Joy and Bliss rests here, and emanates through our heart and minds into the World.  
Within this body of teachings, there is,also, a great potential to enter the Magdalene mysteries, as well.

Session III

The Ancestors

The Shamanic View

In Session III, currently, we will consider the shamanic view of the Cosmos and our way (Place) in it, as well as intricate understanding of the nature of ‘gateways’ and/or ‘portals;’  and how to use them (as well as current misuse and misunderstanding of them.)  Infused in this ‘knowing,’ is how to be a gatekeeper and how to access, journey, and guide others through such gateways, various ‘realms’ of shamanic understanding and journeying, etc.
Much of this, hopefully, will include teachings Zacciah has not yet shared publicly regarding his modality and methodology of safely escorting others through these realms.  This may include experience with the Tibetan Phoa practices and how to escort others through the death realms (often referred to as the Bardos.)

Session IV

Gateway, VT

Outdoor Earth Wisdom/ Earth Energy/ Sacred Site practices.

Zacciah is well known for his exquisite abilities in working with the energies, elements, and spiritual beings associated with Sacred Sites.  Entering "RIght Relationship" with the Living Energies of the Earth and Cosmos is integral to most indigenous ways of understanding.

At this time, we expect to offer practices based in VT/NH and will incorporate aspects of the “Return to Beauty, Hatun Karpay" initiations of the Qero Andean Mysteries, and aspects of Zacciah's specialized work w/in the Awakening the Dragon programs.
We will collectively discuss alternative extended journeys, including the 8 day Star Seed practice in the 6 pointed star of VTNH, and/or Sacred Journeys for the advanced group, to  Ireland, Peru, Teotihuacan, and other possibility destinations to do this work within.
There is a separate program being offered in Leon, Spain, in June, (a unique location in the Pyrenees of Spain,)  that could be an additional journey destination.  

 If we offer an extended program, participation will be optional, but may require a timely decision.  This will be discussed in November Session I.

All Programs

World Healing Service
 World Healing Service

Another aspect of this work, discussed already, is that we will be working more and more toward intentional prayers and ceremonies for World Healing Service, committing ourselves to collective ceremonies of healing for the benefit of all Life on Earth, at this time of profound transformation.  Many elders and teachers, including the high elders of Maya have made it clear that it is what we create at this time, which will renew/replenish and transform the Earth for the coming millennia, or not.

It is up to us.
We are the chosen ones (all living on Earth at this time.)

What is your choice!?

We welcome you to join us.

Becoming a Sound Healing TrainerAlso, under discussion for those whom have completed at least 3 years of sound training, is the continuance of work on ‘how to’ become a facilitator for the Center of Light Sound Healing Trainings.
Potentially, Level I courses would be turned over to these facilitators, to prepare students for Zacciah's  Advanced Level Trainings.  This potential will be reviewed in November, as well.

General Program InformationSpecfic Content and DatesCosts & RegistrationLocation & LogisticsMeals and Housing
Our  class series has very limited enrollment, with close to half the seats already taken.  Enrollment is encouraged as soon as you receive this announcement.  Invitees are allowed to enroll in just Session One, in order to gain a full sense of this program experience.  Those wishing to continue, are asked to enroll in the remaining classes of the series.  This will enhance integrity, continuity, and quality of our class experience, as well as the quality of community building which occurs within this work
Participants are asked to register by ---, w/ a minimum 50% non-refundable deposit, and balance due by ----.  Future class fees are due in advance, see schedule below.
Discounts are offered for advanced payment in full.
We offer no cancellation policy in these programs.
Registration is open until class is full or until classes begin.  See below.
Each year is open to new admissions. 

Each Four Day Program
Thursday 12:30 PM til 6:30 PM
Fri, Sat, 10:00 AM til 6:00 PM
with at least one evening practice.
Sunday, 10:00 AM til 4 PM
   with three nights accommodations for those receiving housing
 (Thurs, Fri and Sat night of each training)

Each Session:  
$ . including housing

(see note on Session IV***)
Or, Commuting, $ .
*** Session Four:  as a group, we may decide to create an Earth Energy practice that includes transportation, meals, lodging, and other costs, in another region, not covered by this tuition, and which may require additional funding.  If this occurs, registrants may elect to opt out of the Session 4 training, with advanced notice, which will be determined at a later time, with full refund.  If any add'l cost, it will not be due til sometime in June.

  • ONLINE:  You may register via this link for secure on line registration,
  • MAIL OR FAX:  you may print and mail or fax in this form with appropriate check or credit card information.  
      • Fax  802.674.9586
  • EMAIL:  You may contact us by email and request a PayPal invoice, or send PayPal payment to admin@sunreed.com
      • You still must submit a registration form.
  • PHONE:  You may call our offices Mon-Fri 11:30 am til 4 PM ET to register with credit card.   802.674.9585
We are a registered Adult Continuing Education Provider with the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC).    VSAC adult ed. funding is available for qualified residents of Vermont.
Similar funds may be available to residents in other states.
***Finalized Arrangements with VSAC are accepted as payment for services.  

***Registration, once payment is accepted, is a commitment to attend, and
Follow All Guidelines
Registration and Cancellation policies listed do apply.
General Program InformationSpecfic Content and DatesCosts & RegistrationLocation & LogisticsMeals and Housing

Fletcher House and Conference Room
 472 Main St
Chester VT

We are meeting in a charming private Victorian era house with comfortable rooms for doubles for our group.
It includes a large kitchen facility, nice dining area, plenty of baths.

There is a large, comfortable living room which may be our meeting space, but, also a much larger conference room that can be used as necessary for practice, sales area, and, even game rooms attached.

Chester is a beautiful 'idyllic' VT village, with a sweet little commons, with cafes, delis, restaurants, shops, a small natural food store/deli, bookstores, and is close to a beautiful natural park with brook and outcroppings.
The center has a large back yard, with pines, picnic tables, & plenty of sun.  Parking is on site.


 Further LOGISTICS will be provided for those attending, as well as a 'preparation mail' each session.

Meals and Housing
We will plan on cooking our own meals, sharing potlucks, calling meals in from quality delis or go a few blocks in town to eat in.   What has worked successfully in prior groups is each person (or 2) planning on providing one meal/weekend for the entire group.  We hope to continue this tradition, which we have found assists beautifully in building the community of support among participants.  


The site has limited housing, w/ two to a room in most rooms, and shared baths.
Housing will be provided first come first served.
There is a potential each week for additional housing to be available, as well as simple live in situations without private rooms.  (We will provide further details to participants.)

Additional information will be available at a later time (or ask if questions before or after registering.)

General Program InformationSpecfic Content and DatesCosts & RegistrationLocation & LogisticsMeals and Housing


For further information & additional workshops contact
Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light
PO Box 389, Hidden Glen Road               
Ascutney, VT 05030 USA
Phone: 802
-674-9585;  Fax: 802-674-95856
E-mail:  admin@sunreed.com

      Discounts for advance registration may apply.  Program prices do not include food or lodging unless stated. MC/Visa/ Credit/Debit cards accepted.  VSAC or other adult ed. grants may apply.

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To register for any class:
See our Registration pages for current information on registration policies, discounts, Adult Education grants, accomodations, directions and other pertinent information.

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