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March 4-23, May 5-June 1, Sept 12-Oct 23, 2010:
EGYPT Oct 2-16:  10.10.10, w/ Deutsch translation
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High Tantra in Holland, May/June 2011
Sounding the Codes, Crop Circle/Sacred Sites, 2 week tour in UK, summer 2011
 Magdalena Tour, France, spring, 2011>

All programs are presented in English, and translated into Deutsch.
Additional information below, in English and Deutsch.

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2010-11 Program Information
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Even where program descriptions may sound similar, each program will have unique content and practices.
EUROPE:  Workshops/Seminars:  March - October, 2010


  May, 2010, Italy, Germany:
  1. March 5, 2010    
  2. March 6-7
  3. March 8   
  4. March 9-14     
  5. March 15-18       
  6. March 20 - 21
  1. Evening event Tübingen, Germany 6-10 PM:  2012:  2012:  THE GREAT AWAKENING
  2. Workshop in Tübingen: Transfiguration: Embodying the New Consciousness
  3. Evening event in Mullheim, Switzerland, 6-10 PM:  2012:  THE GREAT AWAKENING
  4.  Advanced group in Märstetten, Switzerland, The Siddhis and the 7 Gates
  5.  Private Tour, France, preparing for „ Maria Madgalene Tour,“  2011
  6. Workshop, Karlsruhe area:  Awakening the Heart:  Liberating the Essence of Our Being (Separate program host, click here)

     May, 2010, Italy, Germany, Spain:
  1. May 7-12, 2010
  2. May 13 
  3. May 15-16 
  4. May 19
  5. May 21
  6. May 22 to 23
  7. May 28-30
  1. Private
  2. Evening event, Brixen, Italy , 6-10 PM, 2012;  The Great Awakening
  3. Workshop, outdoor, Earth Energy:  Awakening the Dragon; in the spectacular High Alps, Sudtirol, Brixen, IItaly
  4.  Evening event, Munich, Germany, 6-10 PM, 2012;  The Great Awakening
  5. Evening event, Murnau, Germany, 6-10 PM, 2012;  The Great Awakening
  6. Workshop Murnau: Transfiguration: Embodying the New Consciousness
  7. Workshop, Barcelona, Spain:  2012: The Great Awakening (SEPARATE PROGRAM Host, see all information here)
    September, 2010, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Egypt:
  1. September 16, 2010
  2. September 17-19
  3. September 24
  4. September 25-26    
  5. October 2-17
  6. October 22
  7. October 23-24
  1. Mullheim, Switzerland; evening event, 6-10 PM;  2012: The Great Awakening
  2. Märstetten, Raising the DJED
  3. Holland evening event, 6-10 PM;  2012: The Great Awakening
  4. Holland, Workshop personal empowerment and initiation  Transfiguration: Embodying the New Consciousness
  5. Egypt.10.10.10:  Initiations into the Halls of Orion; a 2 week Sacred Journey; Translated in DEUTSCH
  6. Evening event at Bad Homburg, 6-10 PM;  2012: The Great Awakening
  7. Workshop, Bad Homburg: Transfiguration: Embodying the New Consciousness
Information on costs and location, contact, times, etc, are here   
  • May 15-16:  Brixen, Italy;  Awakening the DragonSeeding the Earth with the Pure Matrix of Heaven on EarthEarth Ritual & Relationship; 
    • 2 days of outdoor work to deepen relationship with the living elements of the earth and the keepers of wisdom residing herein.
      • Working with Sacred Earth Sites, currents, and mounds of vital living energies, awakening deep relationship, and fundamental vital forces of nature,  deepen cycles of human consciousness and awakening at this time on earth.
      • This program is based upon this body of work, and will be adapted to the instructions of the wisdom keepers and elemental energies of the region, as they guide and direct us directly in this work.  Zacciah is a deep mystical intuitive, able to hear and interact with these beings.  Part of the understanding of this program is to assist each of us to come into intuitive wisdom relationships with the ancient wisdom keepers and elemental beings of nature in each region of the Earth, where we live.  In relation to this, we open doorways to key understanding, as well as portals to ascended states of being, to seed those pure states of consciousness into the Earth, also, where we live.   More information here    *    see here for program notes in Deutsch from prior program 

  • See program descriptions below for additional workshop descriptions.
  • Information on costs and location, contact, times, etc, are here 
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INTRODUCTORY EVENING Programs (2-4 hrs each)
Most Evening programs for 2010 are listed here
see info here for evening programs in Deutsch, including times, contacts, costs
Munich Area        
             -  Dr Elke Seebach

Coat of arms of Gemeinde Natz-SchabsComune di Naz-Sciaves
    - In Tubingen, 
    - In Mullheim, Switzerland,
    - NATZ-Schabs, Italy   in 39040 , at the company WOLF Fenster AG

Contact Ananda (Munich) or Viola (all other), below, for program location or other information

Comune di Naz-Sciaves
Municipal coat of arms 
                 Program Descriptions  *  Program contact, registration, costs, place, times, etc  ~  About our Hosts

May 15-16, Brixen, Italy;
Awakening the Dragon:  Earth Ritual & Relationship
          2 days of outdoor ceremony, ritual, teachings, and sacred sound practices, to deepen relationship with the living elements of the earth and the keepers of wisdom residing herein.

The Earth is alive.  If we do not know it, any indigenous culture of the world will share this with us.  The elementals, the waters and stone, the mountains and fields, the forests, grasses, flowers and trees, every part of the Earth is alive. 

In ancient times, our ancestors had a living and vital relationship with the Earth.  She is the Sacred Mother.  Though many of us know we have, as a society, lost that sense, many of us think we have restored it.  But have we?  Do we have a living vital relationship with the fundamental and elemental forces of the Earth, with her consciousness itself, and with the Ancient Beings which inhabit the ponds, the woods, the mountains and moors of Germany?  These Ancient Ones may often speak to us, in ways unseen.  They yearn for the living and vital relationship of our forebearers. 

A part of the coming ‘new age,’ the ‘new awakening,’ is to come into deeper, living, and vital relationship with the Earth.  The landscape of our homeland calls us.  Join with master shamanic teacher Zacciah Blackburn as we enter the landscape of our homeland, speaking with the ancient ones, and entering special relationship and ritual as they have guided him to reproduce, to rekindle the magic of past times, when we lived in balance and harmony with the body of this Sacred Earth.  The incredible faces which have awakened and risen out of the body of the Earth, to speak directly with us, are likely to rise again.  Some ancient, some unknown.  The Dragons, keepers of the Elements, and safeguards of the Sacred Sites, are rising again.  Come, and join us in this sacred work.

The work will be in sacred sites of the forests and woodlands, mountains, lakes and springs of Sudtirol.

See: for more information.
And:  here


Transfiguration:  Embodying the New Consciousness
Awakening our true Nature;
Holding and Sustaining Illuminated Realities.
Healing, Altering Consciousness at core levels of our Being: 
Personal, Planetary, Ancestral, Cellular.

Teachings on the Nature and Authenticity
of Human Consciousness
Calling upon the Sanctity of all Humanity
to Awaken to our True Divinity
to assume our Divine Heritage
to take our place as Co-Creators of the New Reality
In Acts of Deep Personal and Planetary Transformation

We are in a time of immense awakening,
culturally, socially, politically, economically, spiritually.
The continuum of mind/body is no longer an incongruous concept, even in modern medicine.
We are each being asked to come into a full alignment with, awakening to,
and entering of, a sacred relationship with who we are.
In this program, we shall enter into direct communion with the deeper nature of ourselves,
and the subtle realms of being where the 'holy ones' dwell.
They shall work with us directly, to attain to, to reach into, and to draw into our form, the highest,
purest aspects of consciousness which we are fully able to embody.
Come, and join us.
  • May  or June, 2011;  we plan to offer our 5 day in depth High Tantra practice, in Holland.
    • A five day intensive in High Tantra and Personal Spiritual Alchemy

They walk among us.  We are they.  The High Initiates and Ancient Luminaries of Sacred Orders.  It is time we trust, in who we are, ourselves, and each other.  It is time we open and reveal ourselves to the Ancient Mysteries, and the common threads of our existence.
This program is a call to those ready, willing, or sensing the ancient nature of their existence, and work we have come to know, and do, here, upon this planet, at this time.
We are the Ancient Luminaries.  We have been called. 
The Time is Now.

Many of us know, or sense, the fine fragments of realization.  Of Who We Are.  And, Why We Are Here.
We are being asked to come forward.  To renew, revitalize, and retemper ourselves, to prepare for this coming ordeal**.
The Awakening.
 (**Origin of meaning: to distribute, to share; among the tribes.)

It is upon us.  It is up to us to Create, Hold, and Sustain the New Vision, the New Dream, the New Reality.
We are being Called to this Purpose at this time.
We cannot wait until 2012, we must create the New Reality, the New Dream, the New Vision we wish to hold for the Earth.
It is up to us to this, Now, Oruselves.
We must do it daily in our lives, that it emerges as the New Reality.
We are the Co-Creators of this Reality.
And the Fabric of this Reality shall change only as We Change.


We have entered a New Age.
It is a time of awakening, renewal, learning to embody our true nature and wisdom. 
It is about coming into an enlightened state of being.  The tantric paths of many traditions weave this understanding into their wisdom.  Pathways to deeper understanding, wisdom, illumination, and dropping of all preconception of self through union with one's higher self, with Divine form, or the Beloved.
The beloved may be one's life partner, or one's highest sense of that Divine.  The two may be inseparable.

The nature of tantra

is to experience the abolition of the 'nature of' duality.
By entering into practices of sacred union, we merge with those forces complementary to our own, to invoke the state of unity.
By experiencing the world from the polarity of the other, we also awaken that aspect within us.


The nature of this practice is three fold.
We shall enter deep states of contemplation and spiritual rejuvenation to more fully activate and awaken our deeper nature, that which we truly are.
We shall then utilize this power to understand and experience more fully how we can come to completion through union with a sacred other.  That ‘other’ may be a higher aspect of our self, a partner in this lifetime, real, or imagined, or another holy being.

In the process, we shall enter sacred relation with holy beings of the subtle realms of consciousness, and utilize sacred practice to enter union with them, to more fully embody that which we hold as Divine in ‘other,’ to more fully awaken and emanate those aspects of consciousness within ourself.

Explicit sexual practices and terminology shall be utilized, but there is no touch, we do not engage in any practice except in meditative, or ‘imaginal,’ aspects of our consciousness, the subtle realms of reality. 


Information is here:

But will incorporate this content as well:


*** Additional evening programs information and content:

INTRODUCTORY EVENING Programs (2-3 hrs each)
     - in MURNAU
           Wednesday, 22nd of July  see info here for evening programs in Deutsch

Munich Area         --see intro program notes below for evening program content!***
            Friday, 24th of July  -  Dr Elke Seebach

    - NATZ-Schabs, Italy 4th of August, 6.30 p.m. in 39040 , at the company WOLF Fenster AG
    (- In Zurich, 5 August = Konstanz, Switzerland)
May be one add'l program, check with hosts below

Contact Ananda (Munich) or Viola (all other), below, for program location or other information

Lifting Planetary Awareness

Raising The Djed, Egyptian Mysteries
and, Raising the Planetary Vibration
~What is Going On, and What We Can Do About It~
You have heard about, and may or may not be deeply involved in, the current transformation or evolution of planetary consciousness.  What is going on?  Many report sleep and memory disorders, unusual energy shifts and mood swings, perhaps often tired, overwhelmed, stress building in the body, unusual physical symptomology, so many in our lives passing on, or perhaps unusual spontaneous awakenings, insight, or feelings of happiness, bliss, ecstasy, deep peaceful states, even inner sight.  What is going on?
Many have sudden inclination to become healers or facilitators of these changes as they see them arising planetarily.

What can we do to assist in this time of tremendous change and upheaval,
either from a personal, or planetary perspective?
We may review up to date information from science, psychics, indigenous elders and leading edge teachers in the fields of human consciousness development; we shall explore awareness techniques to assist in this time of incredible change and transformation.

Zacciah will offer insight, take questions, and guide us in inner explorations via Sacred Sound Transmissions which allow us to see into the other worlds, and view our life situation in more bountiful ways.  These Sacred Sound practices will offer opportunity for practical application of exercises to relax, nourish, connect, and gain deeper insight relevant to your life and well being, as well as explicit practice to raise personal vibration.

Many who know, say this is primarily what is needed as we enter these times many refer to as the time of the Lifting the Veils (the Apocalypse,) the Ascension, the Awakening, or, as the Peruvians call it, "the Time of Meeting Ourselves Again."
Zacciah will draw from the wealth of his esoteric teachings, but focus on practices his inner teachers offer in relation to raising personal and planetary frequencies.

**The djed is the Egyptian term for the primary energy vessels in the human etheric energy body, or system.  Both the spinal column, and the shushumna, or pranic tube are referred to as the Djed.
Raising the djed is a method of cultivating awareness and energy in its base, and raising it up the spinal column or pranic tube, much like raising one's kundalini.
We will be working with explicit understanding of the vibrational nature of higher states of consciousness to lift this vital energy and awareness up the djed into ever evolved states of being.
The methods used can assist both in personal and planetary evolution.

Some prior Program Notes, which may be repeated:
  These programs will draw from the subjects below.  Contact hosts for specific evening program information, directions, costs, etc.

 Earth, Ritual, and Song
The Earth is alive.  If we do not know it, any indigenous culture of the world will share this with us.  The elementals, the waters and stone, the animals, grasses, and trees, the ancestral beings, often speaking to us, though often unseen; every part of the Earth is alive.  By coming into Right Relationship with the living being of the Earth, she and her many 'keepers' respond, in sacred ways, in ways we often cannot imagine.  She, and they, are calling us, back into living and vital relationship, as we do our part in re-awakening the Earth, and each other.  Come, and join us, as master sound healer Zacciah Blackburn shares story, myth, prophecy, simple chant, and sacred sound 'transmissions' to enter shamanic realms of the Earth, in simple practices, to deepen our awareness and relationship with the vital Earth Mother.

Sound, Healing and Consciousness

Sound is a doorway to, and, carrier of, ancient wisdom.  Cultures throughout history have known and utilized sound, to journey into other worlds, to awaken ecstatic states of awareness and innate well being, and to illuminate one’s ancient knowing.  Sound serves, both, to carry an imprint of that ancient knowing, as well as to offer a doorway to access it. 
Sound is a potent vehicle for attunement and exploration of human consciousness.  By utilizing appropriate understanding of the nature of the subtle realms of consciousness, and attunement techniques into higher vibrational states, one can both access and integrate heightened states of awareness and understanding into one's Being, touching ever more deeply upon the Nature of Who We Are.
We will explore the subtle realms of consciousness through Sacred Sound Transmissions, and experience specific techniques for access, attunement, and voicing the nature of these "Pure Realms of Light and Sound."  By doing so, we come into right relationship with our own authentic being, in balance, harmony, and flow, with Universal Consciousness.

  • The Sacred Wheel
We are part of the Sacred Wheel of Life.
All beings are.  We are living Divine Beings of great luminosity.
We have forgotten our core nature. 
It is time we re-enter remembrance of our true self, of our Divine Purpose, and being, on this sacred Earth.  Zacciah Blackburn, a master intuitive, teacher, sound healer and shamanic practitioner will
share story, myth, wisdom, prophecy, simple chant, and sacred sound 'transmissions' in simple guided meditation practices, which will enable us to enter shamanic realms of the 'other worlds,' the subtle realms of consciousness where all Holy Beings reside.  This will allow us to experientially deepen our awareness, understanding, and relationship with the vital cosmos.

Earth, Healing, Sound, and Consciousness:

These are sacred times.
We are told by prophecies, wisdom keepers, and indigenous elders of the world, that we are in a remarkable time of human awakening and transformation.  But what can we do?  What do we need to do?

We are not innocent bystanders in this sacred drama.  We have a role to play, in coming into our own individual awakening and integrity, to bring greater clarity and transformation into the world.  Those of us who have any awareness, of this, have a greater responsibility to do our own inner work, and, eventually, to come into service of this greater movement of life awakening.

Join master sound healer and intuitive guide Zacciah Blackburn as he discourses the nature of things, things as they are, and things yet to come, as we enter heightened states of consciousness through fundamental awareness practices, and learn how we might sustain them.  Zacciah utilizes sacred sound practices to assist us to access, and align with, what the Buddhists call, "the Pure Realms of Light and Sound."  By doing so, we come into right relationship with our own authentic being, in balance, harmony, and flow, with Universal Consciousness.

  • What is Going On?  What is the Real Nature of this Great Awakening?
What is happening here?
What can we do to assist?
Almost everyone seems aware of the rapid changes affecting all humanity, truly all life on Earth.  Whatever one's focus, we are on the brink of a new world.  What that world looks like will be in large part based upon the choices and decisions we each make in the coming days, and years.  We each are co-creators, with unlimited potential to seed our life, and the world, with new and compassionate/coherent ideals, seeds of integrity and harmony in our actions, heart, and mind.
Do we truly understand our potential, and Being? 

Why are so many
of us, even those working conscientiously for personal or global tansformation, reporting challenges such as added stress loads, sleep difficulties, immune deficiencies, memory lapses, and other symptoms?

At the same time, many are reporting a
ccelerated and instantaneous learning, deep understanding of esoteric principals, direct participation with holy beings of other realms, lightening of the 'veils', seeing into other worlds.  These, all, also, are becoming more commonplace. 

What is going on, and how can we do more to anchor, ground, align, balance, and harmonize both with the new influx of energies, and with our own highest/ideal being?  What do you think a collective shift of human consciousness should look like?  What can we maintain in our 'normal' way of being, seeing, and believing, and what must we drop, let go, and transform, to see into, and help to create, this New World, and alignment with the highest principals of All Creation?

Join with master teacher, intuitive guide, and wisdom keeper, Zacciah Blackburn, a sound healer and shamanic practitioner from North America.  He will share story, myth, wisdom, prophecy, simple chant, and sacred sound 'transmissions' in simple guided meditation practices, which will enable us to enter shamanic realms of the 'other worlds,' to view and ascertain for ourselves this new world, our inherent Divine Nature, and deepen our awareness of, and relationship to, that which we hold as as Sacred, and Divine.

Opening the Seals:  Personal Empowerment and Initiations
              High Alchemy and Personal Transformation

This is a richly experiential program offering initiation into the mysteries of High Spiritual Alchemy, and understanding of the transformational nature of consciousness.  The "Seals" are the conduits, or portals to most transformational work.  "Seals" is the Egyptian term for the energy centers we most often refer to as "Chakras." 

The Seals are an interface between worlds, centers of perception, organizational centers for alignment and interaction with evolutionary aspects of our conscious interaction in the world, and the greater Cosmos, utilized for understanding and experiencing our multidimensional awareness and growth. 
The enlightened Inca civilization called these potent centers, "Eyes of Perception," because of their ability to sense into and interact with different dimensions of being.

Zacciah will offer explicit opportunity for opening of the seals, via awareness and energy building exercises, and initiations via the "Gatekeepers" of the Seals, especially of the Egyptian pantheon, via Sacred Sound Transmissions.  These are potentized transmissions of vital energy which affect us as deep subtle and cellular levels of our being.
We also shall utilize practices of planting 'Seeds of Consciousness,' powerful mantra like phrases which bring clarity, purpose, perception, and activation at evolved levels of beings, of these gateways of consciousness. 

Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, is a sound healer trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures.
He lives and  is practicing in
Ascutney, Vermont, USA

  Further information about Zacciah
Isis, Horus, Sekhmet
High Egyptian Alchemy with 
Zacchiah Blackburn

About our Hosts
  A background in Egyptian High Alchemy and the nature of these programs

an intro to our egyptian work, in Deutsch, from 2008 programs
(you may find some of this former information to be of benefit)

<See additional information in our articles on Egyptian Alchemy.>

High Egyptian Alchemy is both art and science for purifying all human levels of conciousness.
This includes our physical body, which can be regarded as conciousness condensed into form.
We have often been told that we are all born as buddhas, that highest conciousness was every
human being´s birthright.
In our daily experience however, our conciousness often seems distorted, blurred, veiled, on various levels, 
such as by recurring fears, leading not only to psychological disorders but also affecting our bodies,
weakening our energyfields and immunesystems.  These all are aspects of human conciousness.
High Egyptian Alchemy offers us methods to clear these distortions within our conciousness without having to
deal with all the details of our personal history.
We will get familiar with the fundamental maps of our subtle anatomy and, based on this understanding,
will undertake journeys into various dimensions of conciousness via guided meditations.
While this "journeying" in itself is healing, its effects will be intensified through the
use of Sacred Sounds, which Zacciah Blackburn Will recieve from his spirit guides, lending
them voice through his voice and musical instruments. 
We will learn to enliven our physical bodies by the energy of the Earth, while simultaneously anchoring
the light of our soul within the body. Thereby, we can build the power and clarity to live
in accordance with our soul´s purpose.
The "Journey to the Lands of Ra" will be one of the special highlights of the seminar: in these realms,
we will encounter archetypal beings who can accompany us with their love and wisdom.
The Egyptians saw these beings as inhabitants of The starworlds called "Lands of Ra". These beings
were called "Neter", meaning "subtle forces" (or: "Subtle energies"?), a term much more accurate
than the misleading term "Gods".  Thus, we come closer to the true meaning of the Egyptian
Pantheon, which includes Isis, Horus, Hathor and others.
Rather than in a nebulous story from the past, we will get to experience these benevolent forces
as real, alive beings.
The Power of Sekhmet plays an important role in this work. She is one of the most exuberant Egyptian archetypes, known as "The Liongoddess". While in the course of Egyptian history her image got twisted into the Goddess of War, she really is the highest guardian spirit over Sekhem, our life force, Mother of All, Mistress of Healing Arts.
To encounter Sekhmet means a purification on the deepest level, a transformation and awakening.
She teaches the cultivation and regeneration of our life force, protection from external influences, surrender to
life with both courage and humility.
Zacciah will attune to the Power fo Sekhmet and transmit the Sacred Sounds which open us to her blessings.
Zacciah Blackburn (Vermont, USA)
Zacciah is a gifted intuitive, teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures.  He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, at the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies (   Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in mystical settings, for personal healing and transformation.  He is Director of Education at the Sound Healing Network, & co-founder & Director of the World Sound Healing Organization, and the All One Now network of organizations working for global peace. He also offers musical/sound healing instruments of sacred sound cultures at
Translation by 
Martina Ananda Marker
Organization and registration by
GERMANY/Switzerland***:  TO REGISTER: 
Viola Stollenmaier, Haus Tatatonga, Langenharterstr. 1 / 4 CH-8555 Müllheim
Telefon: + 41-(0) -52-763 11 02    
0041-(0)-52-763 11 02

Hereby I commit to participate in the following seminar/s.
Last Name:
First Name:
Ciy/zip Code/State:
Contract agreement:
The seminar fee has to be wiretransferred to us 12 weeks prior to the workshop. On cancellation up to 7 days before the seminar we will keep 50% of the fee, the whole fee when cancelling on a later date. Should you find someone to replace you, there will be no additional costs.
With each cancellation we ask for EUR 100 processing fees.
This agreement may change without notice, to see most up to date agreements and program information,
    visit here


Organisation by
Viola Stollenmaier, Langenharterstr. 1 / 4
CH-8555 Müllheim
Telefon: + 41-(0) -52-763 11 02

 More About our Hosts

Aegyptische Alchemie - das grosse Erwachen

Hinweis: die einzelnen Themen bitte über Email erfragen.  
Termin: 06. + 07.03.2010  
Preis: EUR 260 nur Seminarbeitrag
Ort: Tübingen, Sudhaus  
Termin: 15. + 16.05.2010  
Preis: EUR 260 nur Seminarbeitrag
Ort: Südtirol bei Bozen  
Termin: 22. + 23.05.2010  
Preis: EUR 260 nur Seminarbeitrag
Ort: Murnau  
Datum: 17. - 19.09.2010  
Preis: EUR 450 Seminar / VP / Übernachtung
Ort: CH-8560 Märstetten
Seminarhaus Winkel
Datum: 25. + 26.09.2010  
Preis: EUR 260 nur Seminarbeitrag
Ort: Holland  
Datum: 23. + 24.10.2010  
Preis: EUR 260 nur Seminarbeitrag
Ort: Bad Homburg  

Abendveranstaltungen zu den Themen:

das hohe Tantra

  an intro to our egyptian work, in Deutsch,

2008-9 information below

Isis, Horus, Sekhmet -

Hohe Äyptische Alchemie

mit Zacchiah Blackburn

Die ägyptische Alchemie ist eine Kunst und Wissenschaft zur Klärung aller menschlicher Bewusstseinsebenen. Dies schließt den physischen Körper mit ein, der hier als verdichtetes Bewusstsein gesehen wird.                                                                             Wir haben oft gehört, wir seien alle geborene Buddhas, höchstes Bewusstsein sei Geburtsrecht eines jeden Menschen. In unserer täglichen Erfahrung jedoch erscheint das Bewusstsein oft getrübt auf verschiedenen Ebenen. Da sind oft wiederkehrende Ängste, die nicht nur zu psychischen Störungen führen können, sondern auch zu körperlichen Beschwerden, zur Schwächung des Energiefeldes und des Immunsystems. Dies sind alles Ebenen von Bewusstsein. 

Die Ägyptische Alchemie bietet Techniken, solche Trübungen des Bewussteins zu klären, ohne sich dafür mit allen Einzelheiten der persönlichen Vergangenheit beschäftigen zu müssen.                                                                               Wir lernen grundlegende Landkarten der feinstofflichen Anatomie kennen, und reisen auf dieser Basis durch verschiedene Ebenen des Bewusstseins, mit Hilfe geführter Meditationen. 

Schon dieses „Reisen“ an sich ist heilsam, und diese Wirkung wird potenziert durch Heilige Klänge, die Zacciah Blackburn über seine Geistführer empfängt und denen er durch Stimme und Instrumente Ausdruck verleiht. Wir lernen, den Körper mit der Kraft der Erde zu beleben, und gleichzeitig das Licht der Seele im Körper zu verankern. So bauen wir die Kraft und die Klarheit auf, unserer seelischen Bestimmung gemäß zu leben.

Ein Höhepunkt ist die „Reise zu den Ländern des Ra“. Hier begegnen wir archetypischen Wesenheiten, die uns mit Weisheit und Liebe begleiten können. Die Ägypter betrachteten diese Wesen als Bewohner der Sternenwelten, die sie die „Länder des Ra“ nannten. Diese Wesen wurden „Neter“ genannt, das bedeutet „feinstoffliche Kräfte“ und ist weit treffender als die irreführende Bezeichnung „Götter“. So nähern wir uns der wahren Bedeutung des ägyptischen Pantheons, mit Isis, Horus, Hathor, und anderen. Dabei erleben wir, dass es sich hier eben nicht um obskure Geschichten aus der Vergangenheit handelt, sondern um Kräfte, die auch heute lebendig sind.

Die Kraft der Sekhmet spielt in diesen Tagen eine entscheidende Rolle.


Sie ist eine der herausragendsten ägyptischen Archetypen, bekannt als Löwengöttin. Im Laufe der ägyptischen Geschichte zur Kriegsgöttin verfälscht, ist sie in Wahrheit die oberste Hüterin der Lebenskraft, Urmutter, Herrin der Heilkunst.                                                                                                                                                                                            
Sekhmet zu begegnen heißt zutiefst Reinigung, Transformation und Erwachen zu erfahren. Sie lehrt das Kultivieren und Regenerieren der Lebenskraft, Schutz vor Fremdeinflüssen und Hingabe an das Leben in Mut und Demut.

Zacciah wird sich mit der Kraft von Sekhmet selbst verbinden und so die Heiligen Klänge übertragen, die uns öffnen für die Segnungen von Sekhmet.




Organisation by
Viola Stollenmaier, Langenharterstr. 1 / 4
CH-8555 Müllheim
Telefon: + 41-(0) -52-763 11 02

Contact for Murnau
Martina Ananda Marker
Phone 08841-6789353
Cell 0172-8654023.

UNSERE Erde ist lebendig
mit dem Schamanen und Klagheiler Zacciah Blackburn
Die Elemente, die Gewässer, die Steine, die Tiere, Gräser und Bäume, alle Ahnenlinien sprechen mit uns, auch wenn wir es nicht wahrnehmen. Jeder Teil dieser Erde ist lebendig.
Sie alle rufen uns in ein lebendiges Miteinander, während wir unseren Teil dazu beitragen die Erde und einander an unseren Ursprung zu erinnern. Für viele Kulturen ist dies ein unentbehrlicher Teil unseres globalen Erwachens.
Meister und Klangheiler Zacciah Blackburn teilt mit uns Geschichten, Mythen, Prophezeihungen, heilige Lieder und führt uns durch einfache Übungen.
Auf diese Weise schulen wir unsere Achtsamkeit und vertiefen unsere Beziehung zur lebendigen "Mutter Erde". Zacciah Blackburn wird ins Deutsche übersetzt.
Buchhandlung „lesenswert“,  Johannisstraße 3, Tel. 08841- 67 888 56
Beginn: 19.30 Uhr Eintritt: EUR 15.-
Dr. Elke Seebach, Dachauerstr. 9, Eingang Marsstrasse
Beginn: jeweils 18.00 Uhr       Ende:
Eintritt: .-   bitte in bar mitbringen
Anmeldung bei Martina Marker Tel. 08841- 6789 353


Our Program Host:
Contact & Registration
 for information in Deutsch, for cost, registration, or
questions on program details, please contact:

   Viola Stollenmaier 
+41 52 763 11 02
Her website:
Information in Deutsch on this and
other programs Zacciah offers in Europe,
throughout the year, are here:

In 2007,  I created an entity called „HOUSE TATATONGA“. It is an open house for all people who are on their personal way. There are no spiritual limitations here, all souls are welcome by my heart.

The word „TATATONGA“ is a Mongolian word and means "to be in connection or communication with somebody, not speaking the language of this person."

 „HOUSE TATATONGA“ is a space for people to be on their path by heart.

 In this soul-port I am supprting people with shamanic ceremonies, wisdom and knowing, also with energetic work.

For 15 years, I am offering ceremonial journeys to power spots around the world. The base of this journeys is „ back to nature, reconnecting to the four elements, back to the roots of simplicity."  Our programs are offered mostly in the Tunisian Sahara, Egypt and the Sinai, Mongolia and Ecuador.

I am inviting people with special gifts and talents from other countries and continents to share their wisdom and knowing with the European people.

Zacciah is a welcome part of our tradition!

Our Deutsch Interpretor: 

Ananda Marker has been talking to Stones and other Living Beings since childhood.
She is an established practitioner in the shamanic and healing arts in her own right, and has been interpreting
Zacciah's work for over 7 years in her beloved Motherland. 
Published author, artist, vocalist, sound therapist, esoteric practitioner,
she brings rich insight and direct understanding into the work,
flavoring it with her unique heartfelt joy and humor.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

These women bring a rich diversity, joyous community, and healing hearts and hands
to this already golden practice.
In deep gratitude, we honor what they offer, as well.
They will both deepen this experience, in bringing the group alive,
 insuring all personal needs are met, all voices heard,
and assisting in creating a collaborative community of souls to honor and cherish each other,
and the depth of intent we pursue.  

  As offered in Murnau, 2009
Das Erwachen des Ur-Weiblichen im Voralpenland
Wenn wir in angemessener, ja heiliger Beziehung zur lebendigen Erde, zu ihren Engeln und Verbündeten, den Elementen und den uralten Hütern der Erde stehen, kreieren und „säen“ wir die reine Matrix des Himmels auf Erden.

09.30 Uhr
1. Feuer            bei Bärbel Ritter
   anfangs drinnen im Pyramiden-Raum
   Ausrichtung, Absicht, Gebete, Eröffnungsworte
   Anfangszeremonie, Gabenzeremonie
   Feuerzeremonie mit Gabenverbrennung

 12.30 Uhr
 Mittagessen / Brotzeit   
13.30 Uhr
2. Wasser    Sieben Quellen/Mutter Quelle 
   Wasserzeremonie, wir verbinden uns mit dem Herzen der Großen Mutter durch das Element und den Geist des Wassers, es gilt, sich zu reinigen und auf die innere Arbeit vorzubereiten, den Segen der Mutter Quelle zu empfangen und zum göttlichen Kelch zu  werden
15.30 Uhr
3. Erde         bei Eschenlohe  
   im Erdinneren, Höhlenbegehung, begegne den sanften Prinzessinnen der Erde, dem elementaren Bewusstsein, wir rufen die uralten heiligen Wesen, Ahnen und Ahninnen und verbinden uns mit unseren Wurzeln im Bauch von Mutter Erde

17.30 Uhr
4. Luft     St. Nikolaus Kirche in Eschenlohe
   wir verbinden uns mit dem Element Luft, dem Wind der Abendsonne, den himmlischen Bereichen und Engeln, Anrufung, Gebet, Hathoren, St. Clemens

19.00 Uhr
5. Abendessen
   im Restaurant, auf Wunsch Drachenblutverkostung, das einzigartige Bier passend zum Seminar
9.00 Uhr
1. Wasser und Fels   Eibsee
    wir laden den heiligen Geist der Berge ein, reisen schamanisch mittels des Elementes Wasser zu den Ebenen der Vorfahren, um Kraft zu tanken und uns an unsere Verbündeten zu erinnern, drei Rituale      
11.30 Uhr
frühes Mittagessen / Brotzeit                 
12.30 Uhr
4. Heiliger Berg         Höhenberg bei Eschenlohe
    wir wandern still auf die heilige  „Alte Mutter“
    abschließende Erwachenszeremonien

17.00 Uhr
5. Wasserfall    Asamschlucht/Archtalschlucht    wir beenden den Tag indem wir den Segen aller erbitten, die uns vorausgegangen sind,
   wir geben ihn weiter an alle, die nach uns kommen und zum Wohle und zum Erwachen des Bewusstseins aller Menschen beitragen, Abschlussritual
18.30 Uhr Abschied in Eschenlohe

Was könnte ich einpacken ?
Bequeme wärmende Kleidung
Wechsel-T-Shirt, Wechselkleidung
Regenschutz, Kopfbedeckung
Wanderschuhwerk, Rucksack
Badhose, kleines Handtuch (für mutige Wasserfrösche)
Socken im Vortragsraum erbeten
Trommel oder Rassel
ggf. Schreibsachen, Fotoapparat
Winzige Gaben für Despacho (siehe Beiblatt Programm)
Getränke, Thermosflasche
Pausensnacks (= „Ohnmachts-Happen“)
Sonnenschutz, Sonnenbrille
Sitzunterlage, ggf. Wanderstöcke
Pflaster/ Medikamente wenn nötig
Mückenabwehr, Tempotaschentücher
Taschen- oder Stirnlampe
Geld für Seminar, ggf. Übernachtung, 2 x Abendessen
Generell wird jeder gebeten, selbst gut für
sich zu sorgen!
Bei Fragen jeder Art:
Martina Ananda Marker
Tel. 08841- 6789 353 oder 0172-865 40 23

Vorbereitung      -     Logistik
Seminarbeginn um 9.30 Uhr
bitte wenn möglich 20 min. eher da sein.
Bärbel Ritter
Garmischerstraße 10   (neben der Sparkasse)
82438 Eschenlohe
Bärbel Praxis Tel: 08824 – 88 93
Ananda mobil : 0172 – 865 40 23
Das Despacho
Trommel oder Rassel bitte mitbringen, sowie natürliche Gaben
für ein Despacho, die peruanische Ernte-Dank-Feuer-Gabe (z.B. Blütenblätter, Kräuter, Räucherwerk, Korn, Mais, Linsen, Gewürze, heiliger Tabak etc, aber bitte jeweils nur eine Prise, d.h. sehr wenig)
Was packe ich ein?
Wir gehen bei Regen oder Sonnenschein in die Natur, bitte bereitet euch entsprechend vor und bringt alles was Ihr braucht selber mit.
Auf dem Beiblatt stehen die wichtigsten Dinge und Anregungen.
Wir sind selbstverantwortliche Menschen
Wir haben eine Eigenverantwortungserklärung und einen Beipackzettel für den Notfall vorbereitet, bitte bei Seminarbeginn ausgefüllt mitbringen.
Unsere große Wanderung dauert hinauf ca. 1,5 Stunden
und führt uns einen Trampelpfad auf kiesigem, waldigem und steinigem Boden den Berg (978 m)   hinauf. Es besteht zu keiner Zeit Gefahr, Trittsicherheit ist jedoch wie immer in den Bergen von Nöten. Ihr selbst kennt eure Kondition und  Gesundheitszustand am besten, unsere Wanderung ist nicht schwer, ohne Klettern, man kommt jedoch ins Schwitzen, daher sind ein Wechsel-T-shirt und ein Pulli für oben gut, damit man dann bei der Zeremonie nicht auskühlt. Wer an dieser Stelle Zweifel hat, bitte uns vor Seminarbeginn ansprechen!
Abends gibt es die Möglichkeiten, urig bayerisch, fein klar deutsch, italienisch oder griechisch Essen zu gehen.
In Murnau gibt es diverse Bioläden, Einkaufszentren und Aldi, um sich für Brotzeiten einzudecken.
Verkehrsamt Murnau Tel: 08841 – 61 41 - 0
Seminarende um 18.30 Uhr in Eschenlohe

NAME ...................................................................................................
Entlastungserklärung für den Veranstalter und Verantwortung auf    eigenes Risiko.
Ich bin mir bewusst, dass ich während der Anreise, der Zeit danach
und der Teilnahme an diesem Seminar als erwachsene Person
die volle Verantwortung für mich selbst trage.
Mir ist bewusst, dass die Teilnahme an allen Aktivitäten dieses Seminars (u.a. an einer Wanderung) entsprechende Vorbereitungen meinerseits erfordert und nur ich selbst die Verantwortung
für mich übernehmen kann.
Ich erkläre, dass mein körperlicher und psychischer Gesundheitszustand entsprechend stabil ist.
 Datum ......................................................................
Was tun im Notfall
Wer ist zu benachrichtigen, falls etwas Unvorhergesehenes geschieht:
NAME ...................................................................................................
Adresse, Telefonnummer, Krankenkasse, ADAC, Versicherung

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