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~ The City of Light:  The Sacred Seal  ~
{ The Seal Of Solomon}
Star Activations of our Personal and Planetary fields

  A Sacred Sites Journey in New England

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  ~ Temples of the Earth~
The City of Light:  The Sacred Seal~

{Anointing, The Seal of Solomon }
the Star Merkaba of New England
Mt Mansfield
A Special Journey into Sacred Mountains and Lakes
of Vermont and New Hampshire,
which compose a nearly perfect Star Tetrahedron
and hold and activate a special relationship in the lightbodies of th
e Earth and Sky
  •    Shamanic Training & Initiations
  • Activating the Personal, and Planetary Merkaba of the region
  • Earth Healing Ceremonies
Sacred Sites of Vermont & New Hampshire
  Wednesday through Sunday
August 20-24, 2008

A Five Day programs in natural wilderness and sacred sites

$995. if paid by Monday, Aug 18
$1095. Thereafter

Includes all Land Transportation during the program,
Entrance fees, Accomodations, and Some Meals.

A $300 non-refundable deposit will hold your space.

Initiations into Earth and Sky 

Learning Esoteric Exercises of Shamanic

and Alchemical Traditions,

Touching the Wisdom Keepers and Ancestral Lineages of Ancient Sites

Program Information *   Cost Inclusions  *   Trip Itinerary
Standing Stone, Calendar II, VT

Sunset, Sky Elements, from MozeodebeWadso, Looking out to Adirondack Chain and Lake Champlain

The Bank of the Green Mountains,
 looking toward Crouching Lion, Sunset

Cairn, Sunset, MozeodebeWadso

Serpentine Stone, Calendar I


Group Practices,

Group Practices, Calendar I DreamLodge, ancient stone chamber

Prayers to the Apus (Mountain Spirits)

Wall of Stone, Upper Falls,


The Seal of Solomon:  The Grand Star Trine of Sacred Mountains and Lakes in New England; 
Personal and Planetary Activations

       3 Lakes, and 3 Mountains, compose a living vortices of primal earth & celestial energies manifesting perfect union of the principals of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, in New England.  Such perfect geometries exist world wide.  We hold a responsibility as caretakers of each of these sacred sites, to enter and maintain right relationship with these living forces of Creation. 
         Sacred sites, sacred earth energy currents, sacred Earth geometries, exist right here in our own lands.  It is not necessary to travel to far lands to experience the invigorating and life transforming experiences we often seek in other cultures and times.

The Elders of many cultures tell us the Awakening of Humanity can only occur when we are in living, vital relationship with the consciousness of the Earth, her Elements, Ancestral Keepers, and others.  They are engaging in, and have engaged with us, in ceremony to assist in the re-awakening, and re-alignment of the Earth's sacred energies, often called 'the grid', 'the Christgrid', and other similar names.  They have specifically asked Zacciah to continue this awakening and activation of Right Relationship with the Earth and her many cherished Keepers.  This is next in this series of programs steeped in deep personal ritual and ceremony to tap into our own awakening, and assist us to bring forward a True Awakening within this world.

In this practice, we shall enter sacred relationship with the Ancestral Keepers of these holy lakes and mountains, and much terrain near and between them.  This shall include the active consciousness of the Lakes and Mountains themselves, viewed in many cultures as living beings, as well as other elemental energies, and living Ancestors within the subtle realms of being.  We shall have the opportunity to enter into, and practice right relationship within aspects of our own higher consciousness, while moving into deeper relationship with the living consciousness of the Earth, via these primordial beings who anchor vital living energies here within the Earth.  We shall seek permission to work cohesively with them as we bridge into conscious co-creational roles within the Earth and Heavens and their Keepers.  We shall call upon creational powers of the ancient luminaries and the ancestral beings of this region to assist us.

 A sacred vessel, a City of Light, has appeared to those of us working with this sacred landscape, in preparation for this greater body of work, with incredible potential to heal, infuse blessings, offer life altering experiences & alliances, and create opportunities for service of the greater good at this incredibly vital time of collective transformation.  We can only imagine what awaits us as we enter into the Greater Collective with those of us attending this potent offering.

Add'l info:
As Above, So Below;  As Without, So Within:

Earth and Heaven:
The Grand Star Tetrahedron of New England: 
Sacred Lakes, Sacred Mountains 

Geometric templates of the Divine Union of Heaven and Earth compose all life forms, as all life arises in harmony to the Divine Proportions.  New England has a unique landscape composed of 3 major mountains and lakes forming a nearly perfect Star Tetrahedron, the geometric representation of the Divine Union of All Life, the Sri Yantra, Shiva and Shakti, the flower of life, underlying all of creation.   This same relationship is perceived within the human form, and critical to activation of one's complete, unified light body, which some say is critical, also, to our continued evolution through major earth changes.

We shall work with the natural elements of Earth and Sky, with the Ancestral Spirit Keepers of Sacred Sites, with the living Consciousness of Lakes and Mountains, and the ancient Medicine Tribes of the region.  We shall enter sacred relation, activate deeper awareness, journey in ancient stone temples, literally bathe in sacred streams and waters, and initiate deeper understanding of the sacred nature of who we are, and how we live in right relationship to the Earth. 
Establishing right relationship with the Earth is paramount to our coming into our power as Co-creators with all elements of Earth and Sky.

By entering right relationship, we have the opportunity to activate deeper understanding of the living Vortices of Light dwelling upon the Earth.  Through the Sacred Geometries we work with, we are given the opportunity to engage in very powerful work as healers and Co-Creators.  If chosen, we may be given the opportunity, also, to enter into, or receive the blessings, of the Holy Ones which dwell in the Temples of the Earth and Sky, a City of Light, above this region.

Few know, and fewer have spoken about this Divine Relationship.  It exists in powerful vortices around the world.  This vortex composes an important part of the Universal Grid of Consciousness of Earth and Sky, some call the Christ Grid.  Once entered in right relationship, the Wisdom Keepers of this City of Light have potent messages to share, and energies to bequeath all of us, for use upon this Earth at this important time of great transformation.

Part of our responsibility as Co-Creators is to share our wealth and blessings with the World.  We shall enter ceremonies to share these blessings, through the waters of the region, for all those yet to come, all those yet to be born into the light of sacred consciousness.

We invite you, in a sacred way, to enter this portal with us, to bathe in this sacred journey, and light revealed.

Many have been waiting to join us in these programs.  Those of us doing the preparatory work for this program have found the initiatory experiences far beyond all imagined expectations.  There is a potential for self realization, and world service, which goes far beyond the common spiritual practice or journey. 

Along with the
  • extraordinarily powerful and
    • deeply heartfelt and enriching connections
    • you will have the opportunity to make
      • with the Earth and with each other,
      • with the Ancestral and Elemental realms,
  • the initiatory practices we will engage in,
    • which many find life altering,
  • you will also
    • experience rare and richly beautiful natural and ancient sites of this region
  • learn: 
    • skills to better connect with energies of the Earth realms,
    • discern Guardians of Sacred Sites of the Earth,
    • both natural power sites and ancient ceremonial sites, and
  • skills to access deep relationship
    • with the living and vibrant energies and
    • Guardians of these sites.
We invite those of you who feeled called to this work, to join us.

In a Sacred Way, we make these offerings.      
Zacciah Blackburn

Information from our latest newsletter:
One of our most promising journeys for activation of the Earth, in deep service,
instilling Right Relationship, and profound self awareness of our Divine Nature.

The Elders of many cultures tell us the Awakening of Humanity can only occur when we are in living, vital relationship with the consciousness of the Earth, her Elements, Ancestral Keepers, and others.  They are engaging in, and have engaged with us, in ceremony to assist in the re-awakening, and re-alignment of the Earth's sacred energies, often called 'the grid', 'the Christgrid', and other similar names. 
8 Elders from cultures from Hawaii to El Salvador joined with Zacciah just this past week, in one of the sacred ceremonial chambers of Vermont, to further their cultures' prophecies at work, of honoring the ancestral beings of sacred sites, and reconnecting, reawakening, the ancient grids.  They were touched by, and honored us for, the work we have done in this regard, and urged us to continue this awakening, realignment, and activation of Right Relationship with the Earth and her many cherished Keepers. 

 Sunset, from MozeodebeWadso,
Looking out to Adirondack Chain and Lake Champlain

Calling out the sun;
prayers to the elementals

All Images here, and many throughout our pages, are Copyrighted by Zacciah Blackburn, all rights reserved.
Most images are available through our library for purchase.
Contact our Offices for information.
    Costs and Itinerary

Cost for this program is $995.
                        if registered and paid by Wed Aug 13, at 4:30 PM
Cost is $1095. Thereafter
This costs includes all land transportation during the program,
                      entrance fees, accomodations, and some meals.
A $300 non-refundable deposit will hold your space.
All rates are based on double occupancy.
For single occupancy, add $300.
See addendum, Bald Mountain Retreat, below, Day 4

We have limited seating in this tour.
  We highly recommend you save your space at the earliest possible convenience.
We will consider, on a case by case basis, a payment schedule to fit your needs.
We accept MC and Visa credit and debit cards for payment, as well as checks and money orders.


Costs Include:
All ground transportation from Ascutney, VT during the program
All Lodging from Wed night, Aug 20 until Sun AM, Aug 24.
All Breakfasts
Lunch and dinner Aug 23
Lunch Aug 24
All entrance fees in parks and toll roads

We are leaving several lunches and dinners open to better suit your personal needs.
We will stop in quality cafes, restaurants or delicatessens for lunches and dinners, with ample time for meals with the group.
Breakfasts will be provided at the Inns, Motels, and Retreat Centers hosting us overnight.
Complete details are below.

Ascutney, Springfield Reservoir

Group Practice, Solstice
Calendar II StarTemple,
Ancient stone chamber

Llana Falls

Tree, Spirit of Place
Llana Falls

Lake Willoughby, Mt Pisgah

Lake Willoughby, Mt Pisgah, from Bald Mountain

Falls, Lake Willoughby

Coming off the Mountain,
Bald Mountain Retreat

Activating the Star

The Stone People,
standing stones of New England

Temple Falls, Cavendish


Itinerary is in approximate times;  times, or places, may change without notice
The fundamental nature and primary ceremonies of the program will remain intact.

Wednesday, August 20:

  • 10 AM:  Gather at the Center of Light, in Ascutney, VT
    • Introductions, Opening Ceremony
    • Pick up lunch at local cafe
  • 1 PM  Ceremonies on Mt Ascutney
    • Toll Road access to summit area, with 1.5-2 mile hike around summit of mountain, moderate, some ascent, good trails
    • Offerings at the Temple of the Heart of Ascutney
      • (Geomancers also consider Ascutney as the Heart of the energy currents of New England)
    •  First views and connections to the Three Brothers
      • §  (The name of the three primary mountains, the indigenous name of Mt ‘Ascutney’.)
  • 7 PM  Dinner, overnight lodging at Holiday Inn, Springfield

Thursday, August 21

  • 8 AM Breakfast, Prepared/Included
  • 9 AM pack and leave hotel
    • Ceremonies at the StarChamber, Calendar II ancient stone chamber site, S. Woodstock
      • §   Initiations with Star Elders, Ancestors; journey into personal intent or nature of this work
      • §  No hike
  • 11 AM - 1 PM Lunch in Woodstock, VT
  • 1 - 2:30 PM Travel to Lake Dunmore
  • 2:30 - 6:00 PM Ceremonies of inner purification, baptism, and blessings of the waters
    • Falls of Llana, Silver Lake
    • 1.5 hr hike up groomed trail, uphill ascent (1 hr of this hike can be optional)
  • 7 – 8:30 PM, dinner, lodging in area

Friday, August 22

  • 8 AM Breakfast, Prepared/Included
  • 9 AM pack and leave hotel
  • 9 - 11 AM Journey to Mt Mansfield & Smugglers Notch, Stowe, VT
    • Stop in deli to gather lunch
  • ·        11 AM – 7 PM
    • Ceremony with the Spirit of Stones, Trees, Waters of the Mountain, the Notch (no hiking)
    • Lunch in woods or on mountain
    • Hike across the face of MozeodebeWadso (Mt Mansfield)
      • §    Ceremonies with the Grandmother and Grandfather
      • §    Ceremonies with the Apu (spirit of the Mountain)
      • §    Connections to the Three Brothers and Star/Seal
    • Toll Road access to summit area, significant hiking 2.5 miles round trip up an 800’ incline and across the spectacular face of Mt Mansfield, with abundant, inspiring 360° views
      • Moderate hike, some find difficult at places, with steps near edges and over craggy sub-peaks, excellent trails (We watch 5 year old children regularly take this hike, yet those not experienced in natural terrain may find it challenging.)
  • 7 – 8:30 PM  Dinner, settle in to accommodations

Saturday, August 23

  • 8 AM Breakfast, Prepared/Included
  • 9 AM pack and leave Inn
  • 9-11 AM Journey to Lake Willoughby and Bald Mountain, Westmore, VT
    • Ceremony with the Spirit of the Lake, and ancestors of this region
      • §(no hiking)
  • ·        12 AM – 7:30 PM
    • Arrive Bald Mountain Retreat, meet our hosts, enjoy prepared lunch/ included
    • Significant 2 hour ascent up Bald Mountain, good trails and forest roads, some wet areas, steep and rocky final ascent.  Challenging, though moderate conditions.  
      • § Ceremonies with the Star Tetrahedron, incorporating all Mountains and Lakes, accessing and activating the StarField (Merkaba)
      • § Calling in, and opening to all Ancestral Relations, and Medicine Tribes of the region
  • 7:30 – 9:00 PM  Prepared/Included Dinner, settle in to accommodations
    • The Bald Mountain Retreat is a unique and beautiful healing center in an exquisitely remote and private location at the base of Bald Mountain, run by a visionary Naturopathic Doctor committed to excellence of health and vital relationship with the Earth.
      Our accommodations will be a combination of private cabins, rooms, and shared semi-private curtained rooms. 
      • Some accommodations are simple. (This is a beautiful rustic retreat center, offering , in some cases, futons on floor of a yoga like spacious room, with privacy curtains drawn.  Some need for bedding may be requested (sheets, blankets. We will let you know.)
        • In group setting, men and women may be accommodated in separate spaces.  Individual or couples’ needs for privacy are limited to first come accommodations which may incur slightly additional fees.
        • We feel the accomodations provided will befit our growing sense of community and connection to nature, and need for private group rituals either Sat PM and/or Sun AM.
        • Food is excellent, though vegetarian.  See sample menus below
        • There may be limited bath facilities, as the space is not at this time in completion.  There is a beautiful spring fed pond for swimming, cooling, bathing without soaps, or minimal organic soaps, provided.      
    •  9 – 11 PM Possible fire circle, music, group sharing, ceremony

Sunday, Aug 24

  • 8:30 AM Breakfast, Prepared/Included
  • 10 AM – 12 noon, The City of Light ceremonies.
    • Inviting in the ancient keepers of the Celestial realms accessed through this practice (Activation of the StarField.)
      Our experience with these beings has been one of extraordinary enrichment and blessings from the highest realms of Creation.
  • 12 noon – 1:30 PM lunch, included; and pack to leave
  • 2 – 4 PM, Ceremonies of the Waters:
    • Final blessings offered, to those yet to come, for those yet to touch awakened consciousness
    • Final blessings of the Waters and Ancestral Ones for participants of the group.
  • 4 PM -  6 PM:  Travel to Center in Ascutney
  • 6 PM – 7 PM:  Goodbyes
  • 7 – 9 PM Group dinner option in area, for those staying overnight, who might wish to dine together


A great deal of pertinent logistical info on hikes, weather, what to bring, what to expect, and much more, is available here.
For Those attending this program:
Special Notes with updated logistical info & personal preparation
with additional notes on the nature of this program

We require that you read this material before leaving home, and recommend it before signing up.
We also require you complete and return the emergency contact information and waiver of liability forms before attending this program.

If you wish Accomodations Tuesday and Sunday nights (before and after trip,) you may make arrangements for your own accomodations at
  • The Holiday Inn Express in Springfield, VT (We will lodge here as part of the group Wed night)
    • special rate of $89/night,
    • double or queen (2 adults, including prepared breakfasts.)
  • Ask for our "COL" rate:  802-885-4516
See our accomodations page for additional local accomodations at other area inns, motels, and hotels.

Special care should be noted for those attending this program of the conditions generally outlined for hikes.
While these are considered moderate hikes, at worst, by experienced hikers, those not used to wilderness terrain trails may find some hikes challenging and even intimidating.
We have never had an accident, or had a hiker not complete a trail in our years of wilderness experience.

Yet, we require you to take full personal responsibility for your health and well being during this expedition.  This includes the signing of our waiver, for inclusion in this trip.  See logistical information.
We STRONGLY advise interested participants to take stock of their actual hiking abilities (4 mountains in 5 days), and consult with their physician over any medical concerns, and pre-existing conditions.

Mts Ascutney and Mansfield are accessed through toll roads which take us near the summits, so there is not as much climbing as would be necessary from the foot of these mountains.  Silver Lake is an optional 1 hr moderate climb on forest service road, after 1/2 hr hike on same road to Llana Falls.
Bald Mountain has the most significant hike in terms of distance and ascent.  All hikes are on well maintained wilderness trails or old forest roads, and described in itinerary above, or in logistical information.

Be sure to review, sign, and forward our emergency contact information and waiver from the logistics page.
You may copy and paste that information into a word document for ease of use.

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Spirit of Place
Stone Chamber, UK,
after group activation

All Images here, and many throughout our pages, are Copyrighted by Zacciah Blackburn, all rights reserved.
Most images are available through our library for purchase.
Contact our Offices for information.

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Sample Menus at Bald Mountain Retreat:
Raisin, Apple, Banana, Coconut, Almond, Sunflower, Orange, Cinnamon, Tahini, Honey Oat Cereal (hot or cold)
Orange-Banana Pancakes with Wild Raspberries
Live Food Humus, Falafel, Bread, Veggies with Tahini Parsley Sauce
Curried Potato Salad with Wild Greens and Garden Herbs
All have in them shitake mushrooms, generous vegetables, exciting combinations of herbs and spices-
Hearty Rustic Miso Soup (rave reviews from Japanese)
Spaghetti ("Better than my Italian grandmother's!")