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The Illumination of Consciousness Series:  Egyptian Mysteries & other Esoteric Studies

From Our Series:  The Illumination of Consciousness

Lifting the Veils: 
of the Soul

Let Us Begin:
Dreaming the New Dream;
Embracing our Role as Co-Creators

Awakening Our Abilities to see into the Other Worlds.
It is TIME! 

  "We can only open eyes that are willing to see."

Teachings on the Nature and Authenticity

of the Human Soul
Calling upon the Sanctity of all Humanity
Open to the New World, The New Dream for this World
to engage in our creative potential
to assume our Divine Heritage
to take our place as Co-Creators of the New Reality
In Acts of Deep Personal and Planetary Transformation


Sacred Initiations, and World Service
October 18-19, 2008
  at the beautiful and historic
Stone Church, Bellows Falls
, VT

This program will, in part, benefit the World Sound Healing and All One Network,
a charitable non profit project of Spectrum Arts and Education for Peace, Inc.
Any Donations in addition to Workshop Fees are tax-deductible

"Apocalyse" has, only in the 20th century, come to suggest a horrible end to the world.
It's origin is in the word,"Revelations", which means an uncovering, or lifting, of the veils.
It is through this uncovering that we see into the other worlds, peer into our soul, see the truth of the Divine, and the unity of all being.
It is through the lifting of the veils that we see into the greater truth of our being, that we reveal that which has lay hidden, and let rise that which is our own being.
The Resurrection, the rising.

It is the Truth that we most often fear.  Beyond our imaginings and projections, often based on old wounds, or misperceptions, the deeper truth lay dormant, waiting to reveal that which is most potent in our lives, ready to gift us with Freedom and Life, and connection to that which is Eternal.

We shall, in this program, offer explicit method for opening and awakening to awareness of the higher realms, the pure realms of consciousness, in which our highest essence dwells, to incorporate that higher awareness more fully into our waking consciousness.  We shall focus upon the awakening of that aspect of ourself which is 'the Key of Life,' to draw forward, resurrect our true, and Divine, nature, to bring it back to life.

We shall be offered the opportunity to Lift the Veils of our Consciousness, to enter into ascended states of liberation and understanding, to peer into the Realms of the Holy Beings, the Illumined Ones, of all Lineages gathered.

We shall have,also, the opportunity to explore the Depths of the Other Realms, to look into our deepest fears, to bring Illumination to them, to dissolve them in the scrutiny of our True Being, and find safe voyage, with strong allies and guides to accompany us.  And, to awaken our spiritual warrior, to muster the courage to raise ourselves from the realms of the dead, to give new life to those parts of ourselves not living, or not prospering.

We shall have the opportunity to partake in deep healing rituals, with caregivers of the other realms many of us have not met before.  The great healers of ancient times.
We shall drink of the nectar eternal, from the Key of Life, opening ourselves to Sacred Union, and to the Initiations of the Illumined Ones gathered.

We shall be offered a new level of service, to carry these Illumined States forward, to bring the Vision of Awakened Being, into our Reality. 
We shall call upon the DreamKeepers of the Earth, as they have called upon us,
to enter into sacred trust,
to Carry the New Vision,
to Dream the New Dream
for this New Earth.

We are powerful Co-Creators. 
Are you ready to partake of your role in this New Earth?

The Elders of so many cultures are telling us, the Time Is Now.
Do not wait for some magical time in the future.
It is up to us.
We are the caretakers and creators of the New Reality.

Come if you are called.
Come if you are ready to serve the Awakening of Humanity, one human being at a time.

Many Blessings to All.

See specific program information below, and additional program notes on the nature of this program here and here.


   The pathway to entering and sustaining illuminated states of awareness

Egyptian High Alchemy, and Personal Evolution

With Master Sound Healer & Intuitive Guide

Zacciah Blackburn

Information:                802.674.9585

Early Registration Discounts Available

Saturday, October 18, October 19, 2008
10 AM - 6 PM
Sat;   11 AM - 5 PM Sun.

$205. if registered and paid by Sept 1, 2008;
$230. if paid by Sept 25, 2008:  

$250.  thereafter.

Held at the beautiful and historic Stone Church of Bellows Falls, VT

 Registration, Accomodations, Directions, and Meal Information

  •   Revealing the Soul
  • Peering into The Other Worlds
  • Creating  & Holding the New Vision, the New Dream, the New Reality
  • Dreaming the New Dream
  • Calling upon the DreamKeepers & Ancient Ones to Join us

It is time that we enter into, and awaken, our highest awareness and nature of our Soul.  Many speak to the year 2012 as the year of awakening of humanity, of transformation into the new world, a new reality, a more full or complete aspect of our being.

The time is now.  The awakening has occurred.  It is time to step into our true role and authenticity as human beings, as beings of Divine Inheritance.  The Allies, the Ancient Ones, the Powers of Consciousness who join with us, often in unknown ways, in our journey here upon Earth, shall step forward to assist us to bring us into a greater and more awakened state.  We shall be offered the Nectars of Life, the Key of Life, to bring our true nature into greater alignment with the All That Is, to touch our deeper self, to drink of it, to lift ourselves into awakened consciousness, that we might remember, and dwell more fully, in our daily lives, in this state.

In the end, the Choice is up to us.  We must choose the world we wish to live in.
It is time.
We must Dream the New Dream.

Additional program notes on Lifting the Veils are available here and here.

The program will entail disciplines in High Egyptian Alchemy and Personal Transformation.


Notes for Preparations for prior programs, may be beneficial in preparing for this program, also.
We will update these notes with specific material relevant this program at a later time.

With the guidance of those gathered:  the great ascended ones, the Council of Ancient ones, the Hathors, the Archangels, and Melchizedek lineages, we shall add our torch of transformation to the global fires for transformation.

Those whom have not yet attended our programs, will find this a most profoundly moving experience.  Those whom know what to expect, may yet find, again, more than expected.

These programs are for those truly ready to enter and explore deep states of affinity, of connection, and commitment to their own authentic being.

Additional information may be added at a later time.

We look forward to sharing in this program with you.

Many blessings to all.

Working principally with Egyptian High Alchemy, we shall explore the nature of our own Divinity, methodology to prepare room for heightened states of awareness, utilizing Sacred Sound Initiations to touch the Streams or Currents of Initiatory energies primarily of the Egyptian Pantheon (Hat'or, Sekhmet, Horus, Isis, among others), Journeys into, and Nesting, in the Celestial Worlds, The Lands of Ra, Immersions into the deep well of the Self, and utilizing exercises in the single-pointedness of Consciousness, and the planting of Seeds of Consciousness.    

See additional notes for potent information regarding these times of Re-emerging in our articles section.
See our article on the Nature of Egyptian Alchemy, as well as the nature of Sacred Sound Transmissions, for general information on the nature of these programs.


We are offering discounted  program fees for early registration.  See amounts above.  You may register on line at:
or call our offices Monday-Friday, 10 AM - 4:30 PM EST.

The program is being held at the exquisitely beautiful Stone Church, The Immanuel Episcopal Church, in Bellows Falls, VT.

You can web search Bed and Breakfasts in Bellows Falls, Walpole, NH, or Saxtons River, VT, or go to our accomodations page;  We recommend Springfield or Chester VT as closest towns in our guides.

Local Restaurants are plentiful.
You can choose to bring your own lunch, travel as a group, or individuals to those.
We may be able to offer catered lunches, and will advise at a later time.
Add'l Information available later.

Immanuel Episcopal Church is located in Bellows Falls, Vermont, off Interstate I-91, in southeastern Vermont.

From the North: Take I-91 south to Exit 6. Turn right on Route 103 leading to 5 South toward Bellows Falls (3 miles). At fork, bear right onto Atkinson Street for 0.4 miles. At 4-way stop, turn left onto School Street, then left onto Church Street at Immanuel sign board.
From the South: Take I-91 north to Exit 5. Turn right to the “T” intersection with Route 5. Turn left on Route 5 (North) toward Bellows Falls and follow for 2.5 miles. Continue straight through the stoplights (becomes Atkinson Street) to 4-way stop. Take right onto School Street, then left onto Church Street at Immanuel sign board.

From Keene and Walpole, New Hampshire: Take Route 12 north to the Bridge Street stoplight (Green Mountain Railroad will be to your right). Cross the Connecticut River. Continue until you come to a T junction downtown. Turn left onto Westminster Street. Look for small church sign on the right near the top of the hill. Take the first right (hairpin turn) at the sign onto School Street, then immediately right onto Church Street.

From Claremont and Charlestown, New Hampshire: Take Route 12 south through North Walpole to stoplight at bridge over Connecticut River. Turn right across bridge. Turn left and drive through town and up slight hill. Look for small church sign on the right near the top of the hill. Take the first right (hairpin turn) at the sign onto School Street, then immediately right onto Church Street.

Watch for notes on our other and future Illumination Programs:
including Purified Tantric practices in

Daughters of Sekhmet

In Asheville, NC and Dallas, TX in Nov/08, and in Germany in a  day retreat in 8/09

See additional information and other programs in "The ILLUMINATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS Series" here.


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