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<>Preparing for The Sacred Seal Tour
&, Notes on the Moon

Mt Mansfield
These notes are from prior preparatory instructions to participants in the Sacred Seal tours.
They remain relevant to those wishing to have more complete information regarding these programs, and should be read by anyone planning on attending.

Additional instructions may be given to participants prior to, or during these practices.
The nature of these programs is directly guided by the ancient keepers of these mysteries.
Any practice may be modified at any time.
For information on actual logistical needs, waiver, and emergency contact form, scroll down or click here.

The first day is an important one.
We ask you to come fully prepared for this work.
It is generous and grateful work, but it is work, the Great Work, the ancients call it.

We are being asked to come fully prepared to give up something we no longer need.  Something which no longer serves us.  While you will be given opportunity in practice to examine this, it is beneficial to take opportunity to be with yourself prior to this practice, to examine, as only your own inner knowing can teach, what it is that you are carrying which no longer serves you.
For some of you, this may be something very valuable.  We are not speaking of material value, but an aspect of our self which is in the way of our growth.  What is holding you up from maturing to your greatest capacity, AT THIS TIME.

We are being asked to come fully prepared to look earnestly for that which can, at this time, serve us.
This may be something we are familiar with, or new to our way of thinking, our way of being, which can serve to elevate us to new levels of being.
  In many cases, this will be revelational in nature, but it may simply be coming into closer intimacy with a part of ourself we have not fully embraced or explored.
We shall cultivate these qualities to more fully awaken and align with them during our practices.

The first 2-3 days of this program will offer tremendous opportunity to dive into the layers of your being, to find 1) that which no longer serves, or hinders your growth, 2) personal intention & vision to carry through this work, and 3) the personal power and resolve to come forward as a true human being to ally with the hosts of heaven and earth, which we shall meet each day of this journey, to come into complicity in sacred relationship, to enter into the Creative Matrix of life, the affirmative nature of Creation, and the valuable alliance of Self with Creation, to open the portal of deepest understanding within and without.  The doorway can only be opened with right attitude within, but will open to inner and outer worlds which most of us do not commonly imagine as part of our reality.

Great things are about to occur.
It is becoming increasingly clear, that this work is far more important than we have dreamed.
My time with the elders and allies this past fall still pierces me, my illusions of not seeing the full picture.  It is not that it is new information.  But, that it is SO PERTINENT, and that the elders WORLDWIDE are stating exactly the same thing, asking us to do the same thing, engaging in these same ceremonies, if in their own way.

The Earth is CALLING US, beseeching us, to enter ever deeper aspects of relationship with her.  Coming into harmony with the earth is an incredible catalyst to opening the doorway to ever greater realities.  It is coming into harmony with our bodies, our selves.  It is embracing the very nature of the Divine Feminine, which must be met, as we all know, to enter fully into the Sacred Embrace, the Sacred Yoke, the Divine Union.
She and her spirit allies are so ready, and SO THANKFUL each time we enter into this divine relationship, and divine contract with her, and with them (what the Q'ero (Inka), call Ayni, the Law of Reciprocity, what others call the Law of Attraction, you receive what you give, what others call simply Karma.)
They Respond, they sing, they open the skies and clouds to us.  They inform us, they rise from the waters and body of the Earth, they open the mysterious doorways into the under worlds of the Earth, and the cathedraled ceilings of the stone chambers to the star fields of understanding and knowing.

  • Releasing our fears and beliefs not built within those greater realities can allow them to reveal themselves to us.  This is the time of the "Lifting of the Veils."  (Those with me recently know this is the very meaning of Revelations and The Apocalypse, the lifting of the veils.)  Not only are they becoming thinner, but our work of releasing the obscurations and aligning with the deeper truths is opening the doorways ever vaster.
  • Aligning with the earth, the ancient ones, the elementals, and the holy ones of the subtle realms, all is bringing us into deeper and deeper awareness which will serve us, all, during this time.
  • Great things are occuring at astronomical and astrological levels.  Heavenly alignments are brought to our awareness on an often daily, monthly, but much more frequent basis.  Mysterious phenomena is being reported regularly by astute scientists, such as at NASA observatories, showing the incredible influx of energies from deep within the core of the galaxy, to solar pulses and energies not prior witnessed in modern times.
Come prepared to explore your own being, your own wellness, your own authenticity.  And realms of light many of us may have not yet touched.

The final 2-3 days of this practice, we will begin, more and more, to come to a place of world service.  To utilize our skills, our relationships we develop, our personal authenticity, to weave the threads of being in this Sacred Star of Creation

These will engage practices beyond the normal scope of experience, of many coming with us, yet not beyond our capacity as spiritual beings when aligned properly with Creation.  We shall be fully guided and given the information necessary to do our part in this work.  But it does call to the heart of our true being to be fully awake, and fully present, to participate from the highest authority and integrity of our own unique being.
We shall invoke and activate chords of celestial and earthly energies into a field of living intelligence, which will serve this region of the world, if not the greater body of humanity and sentient beings of the entire world, in these coming stages of re-awakening.
By awakening these dynamics of living relationships of the spiritual beings of the earth, and aspects of living earth consciousness, we are directly accessing higher octaves of celestial and star beings. 

This is in alignment with fundamental universal laws, the methodologies used.  But it is high art, and requires the highest integrity to work within these realms.

As my mails have mentioned, our prior program participants, and advanced class members, while assisting me in preparing for these programs, have entered worlds beyond our normal understanding, by the potency of what is offered when coming into this relationship with these unique beings and energies associated with this work.  What we have prepared, shall allow us to accelerate, even further, our relationships and benevolent and appropriate use of these energies, in service to greater good.

I welcome you to join us.
And, I am grateful to have the opportunity to introduce each of you to this body of work, and dearly look forward to join with you in this great endeavor.

We each hold a key ingredient to bring into play.  May we each find the ability to discover it, to wield it with authentencity and integrity, and utilize it, for the good of all creation, to open this sacred vessel.

In a sacred way, I make this offering, to each of you.
Many blessings.
I dearly look forward to seeing, being with, and sharing with you over the course of this coming program.

Notes on the Moon
(Zacciah's thoughts, on preparing for this program)

In a sacred way,
I sit upon this full moon under its light, and beneath its power.
It speaks to me of the light of dawn arising
and the path toward that light fulfilled.

The next few days we prepare for the city of light
and it becomes more clear to me
the path to speaking with the earth
incorporating the earth into our reality

Taking upon ourselves the mantle of this greater reality
that all things are holy
and we cannot see that which is truly holy
until we take upon ourselves all things that are holy.
that all things are holy.

When we truly get this, live this, breathe this, and be this,
then we come close to our destiny, and to the greater truth and reality.

It is because we breathe, touch, and speak with the earth, and all living things
that we come into communion, communication, relationship with them.

It is why the ancestors rise and speak to us
and ask us to open the doorway to this holy city.

the moon speaks only because we speak to it.
the air breathes only because we breathe it.
the stones sing only when we sing with them.
the waters touch our hearts only when we open our hearts to them.

we are practicing the unification of consciousness
opening our being to the all that is
imagining, and releasing our beliefs of who we are and how we think we are manifest here

letting go of how we believe it all is
so that the all that is can speak to us of how it truly is

we reach out and touch the all that is
through simply expanding our awareness, and breathing out as if we are able to breathe out into the all that is, even if it is only the all that is in our current perception around us.

so we begin here
then touch the heart of ascutney
then speak with the ancestors
then bathe in the waters
then rise up into the greater sky, and ask permission to enter this holy ground.

then, in baptism with the holy ghosts of this region of the world
we enter their cocoon to bathe and gestate our being in creation.

we enter the world of the all that is
bathe in the light and life of that
and receive its blessings
only to pass them out again
to all that are yet to come after us

in a sacred way, receiving the gifts of heaven
of all that have gone before us
then turning in the next breath
to cast our blessings out into the waters of all those yet to come
all those yet to be born
all those yet to see light
all those yet to hear
all those yet to touch or feel
all those yet to be in the light of their own illumination
and all the hosts who then bathe them
in trust
in truth
in dignity
in reverence
in beauty
in being

so be it
and so it is.
8.16.08, after the eclipse, in preparation for our first Seal tour.

Entire program information and itinerary are at:
We will print a current copy of the itinerary for you to carry with you on this sacred journey.

Add'l thoughts (from a recent newsletter, having worked with the elders recently,) on the training are here, in the event you have not seen them:   http://thecenteroflight.net/News.8.08.08.html
There may be more here:

On this moon, whose energies will continue to work with us these next days:
these notes came from 8.08

These past two weeks, we've discovered the places within that are ripe for healing. Now is the Full Moon eclipse. Through this sacred portal, we meditate and pray, holding space for the needed changes to ignite a powerful new beginning on planet Earth. A day of peace and prosperity and enlightenment for all, as prophesied since ancient times.
-Allison Rae, StarPriestess.com

Aquarius rules the global community and also the global nervous system, which is surely close to a breaking point. You might be wondering what can I—one small person—possibly do to have a positive effect on the precarious situation of the world? A very Aquarian thing: radicalize your relationship to the world by accepting the power you have to change your own mind and behavior, and through this, affect change on a global scale. If I can borrow a phrase: YES WE CAN!
Step fully into a commitment to teach and serve by breaking down the attraction to focusing only on your own life. Selfless giving to others is a true Aquarian vision of working for the collective upliftment of all sentient beings.
  -Lisa Dale Miller, astrowisdom.com

Preparation NOTES For THIS PROGRAM, please be familiar with them:

We are preparing for the Sacred Seal retreat which begins Tuesday, and continues through Sunday, Aug 25-30.
This mail contains much important information.
We highly suggest you read it thoroughly.

There is important logistical information, and WAIVER and EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION which you MUST return to us before beginning the program.

Most of this information comes from the link on line for logistics.  However, there have been some corrections and updates.
I have HIGHLIGHTED IN RED the information I especially want to be sure you are familiar with, and prepared for.
That is for the logistical information below.
The balance of this mail until my first signature is new and fresh, and important to read, also.

We ask you to arrive NO LATER than 9:40 AM the first morning, to park in assigned spaces, prepare, and settle in for the training.  We will spend 2-3 hours here before leaving for lunch and the first leg of our trip, Mt Ascutney.
WE ASK THAT YOU BRING ONLY YOUR ESSENTIALS for the first day, and leave your luggage in your car.  We will come back through on the way to the hotel for our first night stay.  Please note below luggage restrictions.
IF YOU ARE STAYING AT THE HOLIDAY INN ON THE PRIOR NIGHT, please inform us.  We will see if they can allow you to stay in your room, and your assigned roommate can join you the first evening.  You then will not have to pack only to return the next night.
We will return to the Center of Light Sunday evening, but provide service if needed, to the Holiday Inn for those returning there. 

It will be best to carry out of your suitcase, everything you might need during each day, as the luggage will be packed tightly in our travel van.  Keep it with you, under your seat, or in your backpack.

If you are traveling with a drum or rattle, there may be opportunities each day to use that as well.
We suggest you bring sacred tobacco, or other herbs, to use during our travels.  We have these items here if you need to purchase them.  We will teach you their use if you are unfamiliar with using them for offerings in sacred sites.
There will be opportunities to make offerings of local flowers and other natural items throughout the journey. 

This program will take place rain or shine Please note, below, items you may wish to consider bringing, climate, hiking, and other conditions.
Also, our waiver and emergency contact information below, you should copy and paste into a word document and return to us, signed.
All transportation is provided for you from our starting & ending point, here at the Center of Light, in Ascutney, VT.
Transportation to the Center, and any meals or stay before the first morning, or after the last evening of the practice, are your responsibility, as outlined in the program descriptions.

The first morning, please plan on arriving AT LEAST 20 minutes early so you have time to settle in, park in assigned areas and prepare to begin our program by 10 AM.   (See note below on purchases)

Bring snacks/refreshments you may need between meals outlined.  Bring plenty of water daily.  We will make sure you have ample opportunities to purchase water in stores, or bring your own bottles to refill in motels, gas stations, etc, or in some cases, natural springs.

We keep a display area with many CD's, books, and musical/sound healing instruments including Native American flutes and drums, crystal and Tibetan bowls and bells, didgeridoos, etc, for sale.  

If you wish to view these, plan on additional time Wed AM or Sun PM.  These will be the only times we are here for purchases.

We collect 6% VT sales tax on all sales.  Zacciah or his assistants will be glad to help with these at the beginning or end of each day we are here.  Some times, such as before a practice, Zacciah may be unable to assist.  Many more instruments may also be up at the barn in our stock room, and you are free to browse.  Visit www.sunreed.com if you wish some idea of the types of instruments we carry, many for the sound healing professional, or call us if you wish to be sure something is in stock when you are here.

Those needing directions, motel, B&B, or campground accomodations, may note those at bottom of this letter.

Special TO BRING:

You may wish to bring a drum, rattle, camera, notepad, pack, sunscreen, bug repellant, lots of water, snacks, sacred objects, tobacco, a journal, a small portion dried or picked flowers, food, nuts, grains, or other special offering items used to make gift offerings to the spirits of each place we visit; also, backpack, satchel, or something to carry any of these items in, including water, etc for the trip.  You may find a hiking staff useful, the sliding/foldup type are best for our purposes with limited luggage. 

We will have at least 2-4 opportunities to be in water, at least 1-2 of those are part of our working conditions for this trip. Please bring a swimsuit and towel.

We ask you to bring no more than one large suitcase and a hiking size backpack, to insure maximum room efficiency on this tour.  If you need additional space, PLEASE NOTIFY us.

Please insure we have your emergency numbers,full address and phone and email contacts, etc. for you.   Please provide your cell number if you have one...this may be useful the entire trip! 

Zacciah's cell # is below, and here:
Zacciah uses his cell phone ONLY for private calls except during outdoor or away programs where others may have a need to reach him.  We will ask that you honor this.

We are also attaching a waiver for participating in the program.  We need it signed and returned to us at the start of the program.
Below this emergency info form is more information on preparation for and participation in the program.  (You may copy and paste this form into a word document.)

Check to see that we have all of this info before you arrive!

Last Name _____________________  First Name _______________     
Street Address________________________________________________________
City__________________________   State_____Zip Code_______ Country________
Tel. # with Area Code_______________ Fax # _____________ Cell ____ _______(opt.)
Emergency Contact and Telephone Number_________________________
(Relationship) __________________________
E-Mail Address____________________
       Cell Phone _____________________
Special Requirements ____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________
Please print distinctly!!                                             
mail, fax, e-mail to:
The  Center of Light
Zacciah Blackburn
P.O. Box 389
220 Hidden Glen Rd.
Ascutney, VT  05030  USA

Phone :   (802) 674-9585   Fax 802.674.9586
E-Mail   info@sunreed.com

Emergency numbers; if you need us before your arrival, get lost from the
group, or other such emergency:
Zacciah's cell number: 802.254.1467
Zacciah/Center number: 802.674.9585

Again, note discretionary use of Zacciah's cell phone above.

For those arriving early whom want to find quality dining in the area, we will list close restaurant/food options at the bottom of this mail. For meals not included in this program, we will be stopping places with good choices for lunch & dinner. We will outline for you at the beginning of the program any days in which we may need to travel with a lunch.  This will be part of our itinerary time anytime we need to stop to take a lunch with us.  We will include time to get a travel lunch, if needed, as a group.

Weather/Clothing/What to bring:
This program is offered in the summer months of Vermont. Weather is traditionally mild, but anything can be expected. We have had much hotter than normal summers recently, with more rain than usual.  August is beginning to cool, with 70-80’s high, upper 40’s – 60’s lows at night.  We will be in by nightfall each evening, except fire circle last night.

It typically is 70-80 degrees (F), with comfortable humidity during the day, though daylight temps have been ranging (earlier in summer) in the mid to upper 70's to low to mid 90's, with far higher than average humidity. It may get fairly cool after daylight hours (night time temps as low as 40's to 70's,) though we will not be outside after daylight at any location. 

Temperatures can rise or fall rapidly, especially on mountain peaks.  And, it can be warm in the sun, and cooler in the woods or near water locations we visit, as well as in changing altitude from river levels to mountaintops (Mountain tops can easily be 20+ degrees cooler than valley floor level, with significant winds and wind chill factors, ESPECIALLY ON MT. WASHINGTON.) Especially at these locations, you may wish to dress in, or have 1-2 extra layers, to cover all possibilities. Packing raingear & a hat is a good choice, also.  You may wish sunglasses.  And, bringing a change of clothes on days we may be high on a mountain, or forecast of rain, may be beneficial.  
Sunscreen is recommended.
Insect Repellant Insect problems are not usually big this time of year, but we have had more bugs, later than usual, in recent years, due to the high moisture of spring & summer.  I would recommend something.
Be educated and aware of tick control.  While Lyme Disease is not as big problem in VT, as other parts of New England, it does exist, ans is growing.
Ask us if you are unaware of control procedures for this.

All meals are provided.  Most meals will offer multiple choices of non-meat ,and, at least, poultry and seafood choices.  Some red meat choices will be available, but not every meal.   Most lunches will be pre-selected by you, and picked up by us to eat while in the field. Bring AMPLE water and snacks as you feel you need them between the stops for meals. We are not likely to be in towns for bathroom or meal or water breaks during most day time activities. If we pass through a town, and you have a need, we will accomodate it, but we ask you to pre-consider your needs each day upon arrival, or well before we leave, to insure you have what you need with you! We will spend extended times in natural areas (2-6 + hours at a time.) We will have paper, but may be near no facilities.  We will be glad to educate you on outdoor bathroom possibilities, as needed.

Watch current weather forecasts as we approach time for our trip; BE PREPARED for the many abrupt changes such as we have seen consistently in recent years' weather!  If you wish local weather forecasts, go to www.noaa.gov and click on the weather information, Ascutney, VT (05030), or Burlington, VT, 05401, or Conway, NH, for best weather forecast resources online. We will advise you if any special conditions are forecast.

The locations we are working in have moderate hikes for the most part, some are more challenging, especially to those whom have not been consistently active outside. We have outlined time and type of hikes in itinerary for each trail.  Look them over carefully

Anyone reasonably fit and used to some form of consistent outdoor physical activity is not likely to find these more than mild to moderately challenging.  Some individuals, however, have found our hikes challenging.  We are giving you full disclosure of this, so you may make an informed decision.  We have had some say we make the hiking sound more rigorous than it is.  Again, anyone with any 'normal' range of consistent outdoor hiking or exercise regimes are not likely to find most of this hiking a great challenge.  If you do not feel relatively physically fit, we strongly recommend you speak with us and your physician before engaging in our outdoor programs While we take great care in insuring your well being, these are programs in outdoor natural and wilderness settings, and, ultimately, you must assume full responsibility for your physical & emotional well being to participate in our programs.  You are required to sign a waiver to this effect, in order to participate.

There are 2-4 hikes which some may find more significant of a challenge, though we consider them moderate to lightly challenging for someone with considerable outdoor hiking experience. The most difficult one is across the face of Mt. Mansfield. We will drive up a well maintained road to a parking lot near the summit.  If we engage in the entire hike, the hike courses 1.25 miles across a maintained trail, with an overall rise of 8-900'. With this, we will be atop the 4393' summit of Mansfield for some of our ceremonies. Some portions of the trail have a steep grade. Some portions of the trail go over rocky or boulder like surfaces, enough that one will want to walk with caution, and may have to get down on one's bottom to scurry up or down a handful of times. A hiking staff may be beneficial for this and some other trails.  Last year we only engaged in the first 2/3 of this hike, stopping before the last large uphill climb, to complete our ceremonies.  It is not clear if we will pass the entire trail, or stop here again this year. 1,25 mi. is the longest extent of this hike, and the longest and most rigorous hike in the 2009 program.
The other more significant hikes include 45 min. up a significant grade (angle), though up well groomed forest service roads, approx. 1.5-2.0 mi. around the top of Mt. Ascutney, some challenging areas, though, again, moderate by hiker standards, and a 1 mi. trail, with 1/4 mi. up steep forest service roads.
Please contact us if you feel any of these may present any problem for you.

Some locations are close to roads. We may experience mud. Good, comfortable hiking shoes are highly recommended. Bring (and drink) plenty of water. And judge your need for snacks, knowing a lunch break will be coming. 

Timing/Evening/morning Meals:
All meals are included.  Approximate times for meals are listed in the itinerary.
We are engaging in intuitive outdoor ceremony with a group of hikers whom may have different levels of physical prowess in wilderness terrain.  This requires some flexibility in time, etc.  It is possible some events may take longer than anticipated.  We ask you be open, flexible, and understanding of this.  

Before/after our trip:
For a variety of dining experiences in the town of Springfield, look below (other choices exist close by, in Ascutney, Claremont, Windsor, and most villages & towns in the region.)   We will recommend those on request.  There are currently two very good reasonably priced restaurants in Claremont, one with music 1x/mo, the other has 2 weekly music happenings, very good.

In Ascutney, at the NE corner of the only light in town, is the Red Barn Cafe, good for breakfast and lunch sandwiches, soup, salad, quiche, coffee, teas, etc.

A very good restaurant in the immediate area is in Claremont:
Sophie and Zeke's
50 Pleasant Street, Claremont, NH 03743

Fast food, family, and pizza restaurants abound in Claremont, esp. on Washington St, the main shopping area of town.

In Windsor:
The Windsor Station
(802) 674-2052

In Springfield:

56 Main St.
Used to be great, new owners, still a relaxed atmosphere, but with mixed quality reports, food at reasonable cost. 
On the right 1/2 block before the only downtown stop light, as you drive into town.
56 Main St 802.885-6987

The Hartness House: the star of Springfield social atmosphere, elegant
atmosphere, though the quality of food depends on the current chef, from
very good to mediocre at moderate to high costs. Dinner only, unless staying there. A little
more difficult to find, recommend calling for directions.  Our last encounter, and recent reports there, are excellent.

The best Chinese in town. About 4 miles from I-91, at the second blinking yellow light, just as you enter the downtown district, on the right:
Oriental Palace Restaurant
12 Clinton Street
Springfield, VT 05156

Across on the right from that only traffic light in the center of town, next to the movie "complex" (our twin theaters!) Good to moderate quality, reasonable to moderate prices.
Penelopes~McKinleys Restaurant & Bar (downstairs to the restaurant)  Currently closed due to fire.
30 Main Street On the Square
Springfield, VT 05156

A few family restaurants and sandwich and pizza shops are in town, also. Follow the main thoroughfare (rt 11) to 1 mile after the central light in downtown Springfield, and the Springfield shopping plaza will have a
McDonald's and Friendly's. You will have passed 3 pizza and sandwich shops on your way into town.  Jonathan's is just past the light without turning, River St., on the left.

Food stores:
There are several convenience stores in each local town.  The Ascutney Market, n. about 1 mi. on Rt. 5 from Rt. 131 has best selections in our village, including a small deli.
Major grocery stores are in the Springfield plaza if you want to stock up on items for snacks, etc. There is a health food co-op about 2 miles straight out from downtown light/Main St, becomes River Road, co-op on the right, past the Springfield Plaza (continuing straight past that light.)

Claremont has several large supermarkets, and 2 small private natural food stores.
White River Jct has a great co-op, Hanover, NH, has 2 supermarket size co-ops.

Vermont is loaded with high quality restaurants and Inns, many in the quaintest locations.... if you want to drive a little further for any variety of dining pleasures, talk to us.


Again, I look forward to seeing you, and working with you for this program.
Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light
P.O. Box 389, Hidden Glen Rd.
Ascutney, VT 05030 USA
Phone : (802) 674-9585 Fax 802.674.9586
E-Mail: info@sunreed.com Web site: www.thecenteroflight.net

Emergency numbers; if you need us before your arrival, get lost from the group, or other such emergency:
Zacciah's cell number: 802.254.1467
After hours: Zacciah's home number: 802.674.9585
I use my cell phone ONLY for private calls except during outdoor or away programs where others may have a need to reach me.  I will ask that you honor this.

Directions to Center of Light

In general, from southern New England or points S. or W.beyond, take I-95 or an E/W highway to I-91, which roughly parallels the Connecticut River from New Haven CT to Canada

From Montreal or points west, in Canada, travel to Burlington VT area, usually via I-89, and south to I-91.

From Boston area, and points east, depending on location, may travel best via I-90, Rt 2, or I-93 to I-89 in Concord, NH, to I-91 in White River Jct, VT.

If you need assistance from other points in W.NY or W., central, or NW VT, let me know.  In general: from Bennington/Manchester, VT, Albany NY area, take Rt 7 in Bennington to Rt 11 in Manchester, VT, to I-91,and travel N. 1 exit to exit 8 and follow directions below. ***

From Rutland, VT, take Rt 103 through Ludlow to Rt 131 east til you pass under I-91 and follow directions below. ***

In Vermont, once on I-91, take I-91 from points north or south to Exit 8:
Exit 8, Ascutney, near mm 52 (40 min N. of Brattleboro, VT, 20 min S. of White River Jct, VT/W. Lebanon, NH, and I-89 Jct from Concord, Manchester, NH, or Burlington VT, etc.)

***From I-91:
Exit east, on Rt 131, toward Ascutney, Claremont, NH, Ct. River, Rt 5;
Travel 1/4-1/2 mile east; at the light, Rt 5, turn right, South;
Travel 1/4 mile to Hidden Glen Rd., on the right, a small dirt road;  turn right.
Travel 1/4 mile to the end of the road;
We are the only house at the end of the road.

Go past the house to barn complex.  Park here, and come back to the house.  If this parking lot is full, turn around, and you can park just before the bridge, just below the house.  If this is also full, or if
you have a handicapped condition, park in the driveway to the house.   Entry is through the glass porch on the east end of the house, from front or back.

If you need assistance, call:  802.674.9585

For accomodations,

Most current information is at:

Following info may be outdated:

a local motel, newly renovated, oder model (Folks have given very mixed reviews of there stay here.):
Yankee Village, less than a mile away, on Rt 5, Ascutney
$55-79 overall
(hi speed internet, refrig/microwave/tv in room.)

The Hartness House has a good rate for Center of Light, a little less than:

The Holiday Inn Express has provided us a discounted rate of $85-95, varies, double, as available. 
Please ask for the "Center of Light" room rate.
Holiday Inn Express    
closest quality motel, 12 minutes.
818 Charlestown Road   
Springfield VT    05156

fax - 802-885-4595      800-holiday
E-mail:  hixpress@aol.com

Claremont Motor Lodge,   5 minutes 
(not highest quality, but generally acceptable.  Rates were $55, changed, possibly just for summer months.)
Beauregard, off Rt 131 connector to Ascutney

White River Jct, VT, West
Lebanon, NH  15-20 minutes:
Airport Economy Inn 800.433.3466
Best Western 802.295.3015
Ramada Inn 802.295.3000
Days Inn 603.448.5070
Super 8 802.295.7577

Rates given for Columbus Day weekend, 2004, and peak fall foliage season for the region.  Current rates will be different, but this gives you a sense of comparative costs. To assist, some local accomodations would include following rates; phones listed above, or phone, location/proximity, is on line at this
link:   http://www.thecenteroflight.net/Accomodations.html

These are all within 15-20 minutes away:
Holiday Inn $85-95/night/double, Center of Light rate
The Hartness House has a good rate for Center of Light
Abby Lynn, $65.-75 for 1-2 persons
Best Budget Inn, Claremont, NH  $55-67/1 person, $62/72/2 persons,
dependent on weekend
Claremont Motor Lodge, $79/89, 1/2 persons
Economy Inn, Lebanon, NH  1-$55., 2-$62.50, fall foliage, 2/$75.
Days Inn, $89-115/1 person, 2/$129
We will send you a waiver upon registration in this or other outdoor programs.
Or, you can cut below, or cut and paste into a word document to send us:


NAME ______________________________________________________
I am aware that during the expedition, workshop or activity (hereafter referred to as
‘Activity’) in which I am participating through Zacciah Blackburn, and The Center of Light, in Vermont, and arrangements made through those individuals and organizations, I may incur certain risks, including but not limited to, the dangers of traveling in high altitudes, hiking, swimming, mountain climbing, travel by air, boat, automobile, bus or other conveyance, loss or damage to personal property, injury or fatality due to high altitudes, accident or illness in a remote place without medical facilities, water damage due to leaking bags or other containers, exposure to inclement weather, forces of nature and other risks and dangers.
In consideration of, and as part of payment for the right to participate in the Activity and the service provided by and arranged for by Zacciah Blackburn, and the Center of Light, in Vermont, I hereby assume all risks and release and waive all claims against Zacciah Blackburn, and the Center of Light in Vermont, and its employees and representatives and will hold them harmless from any and all liability, action, cause of action, debts, negligence, claims, demands and damages of every kind or nature whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, contingent, consequential or otherwise, against them, which I now have or which may arise out of, or be brought by a third party in connection with my participation in the Activity or any other activities arranged by, through or with Zacciah Blackburn or the Center of Light. This agreement shall serve as a release, assumption of risk and hold harmless provision for me, my heirs, including any minors, participating in these activities.
I have read and agree to these terms and conditions. Zacciah Blackburn and the Center of Light relies on this release in allowing me to participate in these activities.
Date _________________________          Signature _____________________________________
Please mail to:
The Center of Light
P.O. Box 389
Ascutney, VT  05030
If registering late in the program, bring to program, or fax and bring original:  802.674.9586

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