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The pathway to entering and sustaining illuminated states of awarenes


The Countenance of Divinity

Exploring the Nature of Our Existence

With explicit practice in Egyptian High Alchemy, and Invitation of the Holy Beings of the Egyptian Lineage, we shall be offered entrance into Divine States of Grace, to witness and Honor our Highest Awakening.

HOrus is the Awakened one, and the Protectorate of the Hidden Pathways to the Arisen State.

Ra is the Golden Sun, the emanence of Divine Order in our Region of the Cosmos, and keeper to the keys of mystery and ecstasy of the subtle realms known as
"the lands of Ra."

By calling them into union in our awareness, we have the opportunity to enter the sublime states of consciousness we have been awaiting.

The Time is Now.  For those whom have been called.
Be ready to fully meet yourself.

We shall be offered the additional opportunity of bringing forward in this practice, service for world healing.

  October 25-26, Thursday and Friday, 2007

  Two complementary workshops are being offered
over 4 consecutive days. 
You may participate in one or both, as a 2 or 4 day retreat
in the exquisite
Sumner Mansion, Hartland, VT

 No prior experience is necessary for the Horus practice 
See Additional Program Information Below
  The Golden Body:  The Sacred Union
is an additional two day practice in rarified Tantra,
and high alchemy, offered Sat and Sun Oct 27-28.
Join in both practices for a rich and vitalizing retreat:

Oct 25-28, Thursday - Sunday

See information on the GOLDEN BODY, here


You may participate in one or both practices, however The Golden Body practice requires prior training in Egyptian Alchemy. 
If you have not participated in any of our Egyptian trainings before, we suggest you attend both practices.
Regardless, you will find muchly added benefit to move from one practice into the other.

Couples are welcome, and may receive a discounted rate.
We highly recommend early registration.

2 days, either practice:  $250
If registeredy by Sept 1:  $225   
If registered by Aug 1:  $195.

4 days, both practices:  $450.
$420 if registered by Sept 1.
$390. if registered by Aug 1
Couples, take $20 off each when registering at the same time, for 4 days.

A unique 2 or 4 day retreat, exploring the Alchemical Traditions of Horus & Ra, & the Golden Body:  the Sacred Union, Initiations into the Egyptian mysteries.  We shall engage in enriching passages into the nature of our existence, utilizing profound esoteric exercises, and the power of Sacred Sound Initiations, to directly experience the Countenance of our own Divinity.  We will incorporate The Golden Body, ecstatic practices of high Tantra, joined by Sekhmet, Isis, and others, for Renewal and Revitalization.  This body of work incorporates illuminated science and intuitive practices to move one’s awareness into vivid states of awakening, & restoration. 

Held in the exquisite and historic Sumner Mansion & grounds, a beautiful Inn and traditional Vermont Bed & Breakfast, close to Ascutney Mtn, historic Windsor, Woodstock, Queechee, the Connecticut River, and so much more of Vermont.
You may stay at the Inn (limited rooms,) and contact them also for
moderately priced meals by their award winning chef.
 Contact the Inn for all rooms and meal questions
See our Accomodations page for additional room possibilities.

Only those seriously interested in their spiritual development need apply.
These programs are open to anyone ready to reach deeply into self discovery and awareness,
and approach their full potential.
See a Special Note on these times of Awakening and Re-emerging,
and additional information regarding these programs at this link.

Join our mail list or check back with us for updates. 
Also, see links below, and information on The Golden Body.

   To Contact the Sumner Mansion:
tation Road
Hartland, VT 05048
Tel/ Fax: 802-436-3386
Toll Free: 866-860-6400
Enter pin 313631

Photo:  Awaiting Ra, Courtesy of Dorothy Stone c 2006 Dorothy Stone, Available for sale, contact
You may also wish to see our articles section for insight on The Nature of Egyptian High Alchemy 
Some additional information inspired by the nature and intent of these programs is also available here.

Our Countenance, an archaic expression, to hold and contain, to carry, and into its broader form, to move while holding and supporting, to give birth to, to allow, to support and sustain, to bear, our form, that which holds and governs us, and aspects, the relationship of a planet to the sun, the position of planets or stars with respect to one another held to influence human affairs...
The Countenance of our Divinity.
What is it which holds and contains us, which bears and moves within us, which holds and sustains us, and births relations with the sun and moon?
We shall explore the Countenance of our being, and more specifically:

The Fire of the Sun assists us in building the Alchemical Fires of Transformation within our etheric body, and consciousness.
The Solar center is fundamental to building and activating the life force within which assists us in achieving illuminated consciousness.  Ra represents the alchemical quality of fire in our consciousness.
  • Ra also assists in building the Fires of Compassion and Grace, Transformation & Illumination, and Gratitude and Unconditional Love within the Heart Center.
Horus assists us in transcending into illuminated states of Awakening, to open our Wings in full Emergence, and enter into states of Awakened Flight, carried upon the Winds of Illuminated Consciousness,
  • to view and integrate a broader understanding of the nature of the world around and within us, and our place & role in the Cosmos.  Horus, the Winged One, is a powerful Ally.
The power of Ra also assists us in entering the Dominions of the Consciousness of the Stars, the "Lands of Ra", to nourish us, and illuminate our origins, our birthright, our Divine Nature, and our inheritance as Children of the Divine.

The first two days of this practice will focus on practices with Horus and Ra.  We have been focusing in our practices more directly upon the powers of the Divine Feminine.  While we shall call upon those precious Ones, to draw balance, equilibrium, and harmony into our system, we shall, also, draw more directly upon the powers of the Divine Masculine to assist in our pathways to illuminated consciousness.
  • The two pathways must be mutually clarified and activated, and shall be during our practices.  Each brings us into embracing more fully our complete and empowered state of being, heightening our compassion, tenderness, and creativity, while also able to draw upon the vital life force necessary to meet our every day challenges in a renewed, joyful, authentic, visionary, and vigorous manner.
In the Sacred Union, we shall culminate the practices in the union of Masculine and Feminine forces within us.
Then move into specific White and Red Tantric practices of Divine Union.  First, the practices within ourself, within our own being, which further activate, and illuminate Divine Harmony, deep self love, cherishing of the Beloved within.  Then we shall work with the Holy Ones whom come to assist us, to more deeply integrate our Divine Nature into our consciousness.  And finally, practices within Sacred Relationship.
  • These shall assist us in coming into a deeper wellspring of awareness, nurturing, and intimacy, both within our own being, but also in deeper relationship with the Cosmos, and within it, and more specifically, with our relationships with others, and especially, those with whom we are in intimate partnership.
  • There is much misunderstanding about the nature of Tantra, which is a large body of practices intended to weave the fibers of consciousness into a rich tapestry of harmony with all Life.  Tantra goes far beyond the common misconceptions of sexual practices we know mostly of in the west.
However, these practices shall explore explicit sexual understandings to carry into the privacy of our relationship with the Beloved, within, and in sacred partnership.  There is no touch, no disrobing, no active physical encounters during the practices.  The practices teach the use of vital living energy currents within our own being, and utilizing those to heighten ecstasy, intimacy, and states of Union with others in our life.
  • While you may enter either practice individually, we highly recommend engaging in both practices, as they will only serve to deepen one's understanding and embrace of the principals of Divine Union and Harmony in which we all abide.
We require that those wishing to enter the Golden Body practices have received at least one of our trainings in the Egyptian Alchemical practices (The Power of Sekhmet, Opening the Seals, The Hathors, Illumination of Consciousness, Magdalene, Isis, Building the Light Body, etc.)  If you have not attended, then we suggest you do attend the Horus:  Ra practices for that pre-condition.  Either way, attending both practices will serve to provide a most endearing and enduring retreat into the Holy Well of our Existence.
  • There is great potential each time we call upon the Egyptian Pantheon, for the call to World Service to arise within the practices.
  • Horus: Ra is given upon the coming of the full moon, born under "Chitra", the Star of Opportunity, or Prosperity, the time to overcome maya, our illusions, and work more cohesively toward reaping the fruit of rightful action.  We shall culminate these practices with the opportunity to make offering of the fruit of our being in world service at this time of immense opportunity and calling.

No prior experience is necessary for the Horus practice; prior Egyptian training is required for the Golden Body practice (those participating in the Horus practice meet the pre-requirement for the Golden Body practice. Take 2 or 4 days of the training. 
They shall deeply complement each other.) 
Tantric practices, in the Golden Body:  Tantra means literally, "weaving," and refers to the weaving the fibers of consciousness, of our being, within the fine raiment of the cosmos, as well as "the art of union."  The primary methodology of traditional tantra is via union with the Divine.  The west has perverted this understanding, to believe "Tantra" and "Sex practices" are synonymous.  While sexual practices comprise a portion of Tantra, there is much more to it than sexual union.
The Golden Body program discourses practices for Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within, Union with aspects of the Divine Cosmos for generating immense nourishment, and wisdom, and Union in sacred partnership in this lifetime.  While explicit instruction on sexual union will be part of this practice, No form of physical touch is involved.  No partner is necessary, though those in sacred relationship will find these practices beneficial to bridge even deeper intimacy, honoring, and understanding of each other. 
The practices learned can be carried into one's own private chambers to be used as one feels they best serve.
They shall serve the individual as well as the couple in our journey into activating and weaving loving, nurturing grace and well being into our lives.

 Zacciah Blackburn, Director

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