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The pathway to entering and sustaining illuminated states of awa

The Golden Body: 
he Sacred Union
October 27-28
Saturday and Sunday, 2007

or, Participate in our
4 day Retreat

with our Prepatory program

 Horus:  The Awakening
Oct 25-28, Thursday - Sunday

At the exquisite Sumner Mansion, Hartland, VT
 (a quintessential Vermont Inn)
Rooms and Meals are available
See information at Horus link

A two day practice, coupled with an additional two day practice inThe Illumination of Consciousness.  See Horus, the Awakening

  The Golden Body:  Rarified Tantric and Alchemical Practices for our own sustenance and growth. Activating the Principals of Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine within, completes us. Sekhmet, Isis, and other lineage bearers of the Egyptian Pantheon will be invited to assist.  Prior attendance in at least one of our programs in Egyptian Alchemy will be required, along with special consideration**, to attend this Practice. Those in Sacred Relationship, within their own being, and/or with other, or wishing to enter or renew such relationship, are invited to attend.

  You may participate in one or both practices, however The Golden Body practice
requires prior training in Egyptian Alchemy. 

If you have not participated before, we suggest you attend the Horus Practice, also.
Couples are welcome, and may receive a discounted rate.

2 days, either practice:  $250

If registeredy by Sept 1:  $225
   If registered by Aug 1:  $195.

4 days, both practices:  $450.
$420 if registered by Sept 1.
$390. if registered by Aug 1
Couples, take $20 off each when registering at the same time, for 4 days.

Meals and Lodging are not included.  See below.

**  Because of the nature of this program, we request pre-consideration. 
This program is designed for those whom seek the highest integrity and authenticity in their relations.
We shall explore the deepest nature of our intimacy, and container of union of the Divine energies within us.
We shall express & explore explicit terms of, and the nature of, our sexuality, and  intimacy.  Only imaginal (mental) exercises will be offered, designed to bridge deeper patterns of intimacy and wellness, with ourselves, our partners, and those we hold as Sacred or Holy in the subtle realms of existence. 
The nature of a balanced state of well being contains both elements of the Divine Feminine and Masculine within each of us.  We shall explore these, and create union within our own energetic form.  But, we shall also explore rich possibilities of understanding and the energetic richness, vastness, and vitality, of intimacy with those we are, or may be, in relationship with.   See tantra & further clarification of practices below

The Golden Body refers to the illuminated state of an awakened being, the SahuKa, (or, Grand Illuminated Light Body,) achieved through sacred alchemical practices.  In Egyptian mysticism, the understanding of, and use and vitalization through, our sexual energies, are often incorporated into practices of awakening.  It is highly recommended one participate in all four days to gather the greatest benefit of these practices.

We shall, as in all of our practices, utilize the transformative power of Sacred Sound Transmissions, and Initiations, calling upon the lineages of those prepared to assist us.  The exercises given come from the expressed lineages of the Egyptian pantheon, including Sekhmet, Isis, Horus, Hat'or, and others.

No prior experience is necessary for the Horus practice; prior Egyptian training is required for the Golden Body practice; those participating in the Horus practice meet the pre-requirement for the Golden Body practice. Take 2 or 4 days of the training.  They shall deeply complement each other.

Tantric practices, in the Golden Body:  Tantra means literally, "weaving," and refers to the weaving the fibers of consciousness, of our being, within the fine raiment of the cosmos, as well as "the art of union."  The primary methodology of traditional tantra is via union with the Divine.  The west has perverted this understanding, to believe "Tantra" and "Sex practices" are synonymous.  While sexual practices comprise a portion of Tantra, there is much more to it than sexual union.
The Golden Body program discourses practices for Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within, Union with aspects of the Divine Cosmos for generating immense nourishment, and wisdom, and Union in sacred partnership in this lifetime.  While explicit instruction on sexual union will be part of this practice, No form of physical touch is involved.  No partner is necessary, though those in sacred relationship will find these practices beneficial to bridge even deeper intimacy, honoring, and understanding of each other. 
The practices learned can be carried into one's own private chambers to be used as one feels they best serve.
They shall serve the individual as well as the couple in our journey into activating and weaving loving, nurturing grace and well being into our lives.
See a Special Note on these times of Awakening and Re-emerging,
and additional information regarding these programs at this link.

Much additional information is on the Horus listings, including regards to our location, meals, and lodging.
Join our mail list or check back with us for updates.  See article below.  We also will provide an article on aspects of the Sacred Union in the near future.  For additional information on the Nature of Sekhmet, click here.
 See our articles section for insight on The Nature of Egyptian High Alchemy  

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