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THIS WEEKEND: Grand Cross Lunar Eclipse, 3 Hearts: News, Article, and Special Events
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We send blessings during these most powerful and exhilirating days.
Continuing in alignment after alignment, shift after shift, the Heavens support us yet, again, in releasing the old forms and structures that no longer serve us, and welcome in those energies which assist us in reaching new levels of vitality, beauty, enrichment, stability, and power.

This weekend, a Grand Cross Square occurs, involving 7 planets, during a Full Lunar Eclipse, Saturday Morning, June 26.  (more about this special alignment later in this: what you can do to engage more fully with these energies.)

It is an essential time to align ourselves with the Heart of the Cosmos, and we will be doing just that, with the 3 Hearts practice, aligning with the Hearts of the Earth, ourselves, and the Galaxy, even as the Elders, Wisdom Keepers, and StarNations have asked of us.  (See our last newsletter if you missed this information.)  We shall also create alignments with Sun and Moon to restore greater harmony with these elemental aspects of our own Consciousness within.  (see suggestions in this article, or practice notes below, and to see more about what the Maya Elders tell us, continue reading.)
As we are building up to the set of the Maya Cosmic Convergence July 17 and 18, we will find more and more invitation to enter deep solitude, in order to come into greater communion with ourselves, others, and the greater Cosmos.  It almost seems a paradox, yet by entering alignment with our own unique being, we enter into unity and grace with All Life.
It is the nature of things.  By entering in communion with our own Heart, we enter into communion with All Life.  For, its inherent nature, as that of All Life, IS TO BE in communion with All Life.  Life is not what we were taught as children.  As we find this harmonious resonance, and follow its wave form into the Cosmos, we find the harmonious peak of All Life.
By intentionally aligning that Heart Communion with the local components of All Life, such as the Heart resonance of the Earth and the Heart of the Galaxy, we enter even greater awareness and alignment and Harmony with All Life.  The Grandmothers, the Maya Elders, others are all sharing these same truths, and asking that we engage in these alignments, especial to These Times.  And, they are sharing that this is one of the greatest and easiest methods to come into full embodiment, and empowerment, of our own True Essence and Being, and one of the most blessed ways to be of service to this Greater Awakening of All Humanity.  Indeed, the Elders say this is a unique opportunity amidst the Heavens, to enter this Awakening, at this time, something awaited and foretold beyond our old ways of Knowing.
They equally tell us we are in a time of greater dissolution of all that no longer serves us,...
(click here or scroll to bottom article to see continuation.)
The Three Hearts Practices
2012: The Great Awakening: the 3 HEARTS
  The THREE HEARTS Practice
  The Wisdom of the Elders
Practices to Enter into Harmony With All Life
Specific to these Times of Great Transformation
June 26-27 at the Quantum Life Mgmnt Center, Springfield, MA  Sat/Sun 12-6/10-4
July 17 At the Rolling Ridge Retreat Center, North Andover, MA 1-6 PM
July 18 at the Fairhaven Healing Arts Center,
Fairhaven, MA  1-6 PM
Prepare for The Great Awakening in Human Consciousness
~ Return to Beauty ~
   Shamanic Training & Initiations into the Living Energies, and Living Relations with, Earth Energies, and the Awakening of our Essence, or Potential 'Seed' of Being
based upon Native American and Peruvian Mysticism,
Drawing deeply from the Hatun Karpay, or Great Initiations,
of the Qero Indians of Peru
and shamanic teachings arising from North America
Incorporates the Qero "Karpay" initiations into the '4th Level Priesthood' of Qero traditions

The Dineh peoples of the American Southwest have a word for 'healing', which means:  A RETURN TO BEAUTY,
a true honoring of the Beauty within and around us.
This is a 6 Full Day program in natural, wilderness and
ancient ceremonial sacred sites,
includes all land transportation, quality hotels, meals, and
entrance fees associated with the program.
Newsletter SPECIAL
Recieve a $50 add'l discount if registered by July 1
THE ART OF SACRED SOUND; Sound Healing Conference, OMEGA, with Zacciah, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Deva Premal
The Art of Sacred Sound:  Healing The Earth, Ourselves, and Each Other
  Learn the art of connecting to, and giving voice to, the subtle 'sacred' realms of consciousness, including the holy beings who dwell there.
  • Sept 6-10 at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
    • with one full day of chanting with Zacciah, Jai Uttal, Deval Premal, and Krishna Das 
  • The first day of this practice will be in sacred chant with the great luminaries of chant, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, and Deva Premal.  We shall then enter deeper into the practice of Sacred Chant, Toning, Invocation, Ceremony, and Embodying the energies of Living Consciousness through our own sounds and voices, for the next 4 days, with Zacciah.  (You do not need any prior training, musical talent, or special voice/singing experience or quality to engage in this work.)
  • International Sound Healing Conference, at Omega Institute, NY, with Zacciah, Dr John Beaulieu, Dr Mitchell Gaynor, Therese Schroeder Sheker, Chloe Goodchild, Rich Goodhart
Europe & Egypt 2010
JOIN US IN  GERMANY, Switzerland, Holland
  Europe Programs Continue in 
Sept-Oct including a 2 week tour in EGYPT.  10.10.10

Egypt 10.10.10 Initiation in the Halls of Orion

Programs expand into other regions of Europe, including Holland, Italy, Tubingen, Karlsruhe, Frankfurt areas of Germany, Switzerland, and Spain.
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Richmond, VT Sound CIRCLE meets MONTHLY
Please join Dorothy Stone and Raphael Groten in this uplifting and joy-filled community experience of the healing power of SOUND. RICHMOND SOUND CIRCLE 7pm Wednesday, June 30th
at the Richmond Library Drumming, toning and chanting, and a wide variety of instruments from Tibetan bells to crystal bowls will enliven your energy. Bring your own instruments or share ours. Contact Dorothy Stone 324-5574 dstone@gmavt.net or Raphael Groten 999-9069 raphael.saul@gmail.com Please RSVP if you plan to attend
Held EVERY MONTH! By Donation
201 Bridge Street in downtown Richmond, VT 05477
2012: The Great Awakening; The 3 HEARTS
In BOSTON MA July 17
Fairhaven, MA July 18 (contact us)
the weekend of the MAYA COSMIC CONVERGENCE
Preparing the Body, Mind, and Soul, for the Great Transformation in Human Consciousness;
Living, Learning, and Building Harmonious Relationships
With All Aspects of Creation
Co-Creating the Template of Heaven on Earth
These are precious programs to prepare us for these changing times, to penetrate the veils of Mystery for greater understanding into the nature of Who We Are, and Why We have come to this planet at this time.
This work, The Great Awakening, provides explicit and practical steps for this new era of awakening which humanity has entered, with explicit steps to assist in this personal and collective awakening, long prophecied by many cultures of the world.
The Great Awakening
offers keen insight into the nature of this incredible threshold of awakening, upon which humanity stands poised, as well as offering each participant a vehicle which can transport us into other worlds of understanding, experience, and self knowledge. 
These experiences are especially heightened via the art of Sacred Sound Transmissions, through which Zacciah brings the sounds and voices of Holy Beings from other realms of consciousness, into our present environ, 
which can heighten our sense of Living Reality. 
The vast majority of participants find these experiences extraordinarily enriching, life altering, and deeply transformative. 
At the same time, participants are left with practical exercises to carry into their every day lives.  
Continued THOUGHTS ON AWAKENING, from lead article
 ......whether it is the institutions of humanity, or our own inner belief codes
and energetic alignments which no longer serve us.  When we first learned to engage in them, it might have been meant for our survival, as children, in relationships that were not harmonious, even traumatic, or work environs that did not support our own life work.
More and more, we are being asked to enter into harmonious relations, in all aspects of our life.  To enter into that which does support our greater Life Work.  And, no greater method can be given to do so, than to enter the elemental, the fundamental, the inherent nature of our own Heart.  There we find the Core of Our Own Being. 
During coming practices, we shall explicitly guide you through this alignment.
In the meantime, we simply ask, as do the Elders, that you do all you are able at this time, one moment at a time, one choice at a time, one breath at a time; to breathe conscientiously, become mindful at an elementary level, awaken the Witness within yourself, the place of Being in Pure Consciousness, and live, day to day, moment to moment, breath to breath, life to life in that pure state of Being.  We each have this capacity, just a heartbreath away.
One day, one moment, one breath at a time.  It is all it takes.
We, also, are being asked to enter into greater community and collaboration, with others, as well as All Life at all levels of Creation, with the intent of entering sacred relations, sacred being, Sacred Harmony with the Greater Aspects of Life.  Whatever we are able to do, whatever we are mindful of, each step is beneficial to our own evolutionary step, and to the Greater Alignment of all humanity.
In each of these upcoming practices of the 3 Hearts, we shall be collaborating with these rising waves of energy from the Cosmos, and working with the StarElders and others, very directly, to enter higher alignment and awakening.  To do so collaboratively heightens the energies immensely.  Science is confirming what the mystics and esoteric teachings have always shown, that group prayer and effort brings a greater dynamic to be present.
Still, it is one breath, one step, one moment, that causes us to more and more become alive, awake, empowered.
For those feeling the stress, the overwhelm, the inability to set aside the time for their daily practices, to do what they truly feel called to do, or are not sure what that may be:
It may not be serving us to look too much at what we believe is the bigger picture, of all we think we have to do, of the many challenges we believe we face, individually, or collectively; or it may appear to us that it is too much to reach the end goal, or work through all we imagine we have to work through.  Simply now, now is all that is required, simply witness, what are we doing now?  What am I doing now?  Becoming mindful of this moment, and our actions within it, and our feeling states within that.  What are we experiencing at a fundamental level of our Being?  Is our experience, now, serving our greater Being, our greater good, and in the process, the unfolding of the Greater Cosmos in Harmony with All Life?  What can we do to change it, just for this one moment?  This is the only choice which need be made.
It is amazing to see, to step outside, to breathe fresh air, just for a moment, to align with a tree, a cloud formation, the sound of birds, a brook, or our own inner experience and heartbeat, just for a moment, how it impacts our clarity and decision for the next many moments. 
This weekend,
sit with the moon, the sun, the stars, just to be and breathe in rhythm with what you feel while observing and being with them.  Imagine yourself entering into relation, into an existence, in which they and you are a part.  Observe yourself, observe what you feel and experience, and simply sit with that.
When we enter relationship with our fundamental Essence, our fundamental Being, our fundamental Truth, our fundamental Good, we awaken relationship and act in union with the Greater Good, the Greater Cosmos.  They are empowered together, for they or from one and the same, they are of one and the same, they are One and The Same.
This weekend we will be offering empowering practices to assist us all to do so.  We shall be looking at the Nature of Things as the Elders, the Star Beings, the Wisdom Keepers, and Holy Ones guiding this work speak to us, and through us, incorporating some of the latest Wisdom and Science, showing what is occurring at all levels of this planetary growth.  Additional programs are upcoming in Boston and Fairhaven MA, and Canada, in July; VT, & NY/Omega, in August/Sept, Europe in Sept/Oct, and Egypt, then NC, & TX, in November.  Watch for winter programs soon.
is that our belief systems must change.  It is our consciousness, expelling through our hearts, that is creating reality.  Our belief codes are deeply embedded in us.  They are part of our genetic imprints.  But they can and must change.  This is part of what the Elders tell us.  Our reality is about to shift in ways most of us do not comprehend.  Even many who think they know, and tell us much about the new age, and awakening, do not yet understand the depth of what is occurring.  Few of us truly get it.  '"Normal" has left us, and we shall not see it again,' they say.
New belief codes are available to us, and they are available through the resonant states of our own consciousness.  It is about frequency and vibration.  All is vibration.  The mystics have told us forever.  We are now coming to new understanding of these age old truths.  By holding a different resonance, we enter new dimensions of being.  This is why the HeartWork is so beneficial.  The new codes are available through many means.  They are within us, so by altering our resonance to our fundamental being, we activate these innate encodings.  They are embedded in ancient sites, in the Earth Herself, in the Crop Circles, so many places.  We are constantly coming into resonance with these ancient embedded knowings.  It is why the SOUND WORK assists in such amazing and empowering ways.  Because it is ALL RESONANCE.
 We do and shall continue to access these in the work, indoors, and in ancient sites outdoors, in Vermont (Return to Beauty,) in Egypt, 10.10.10, in Europe and the UK and Crop Circles next year.  They are embedded in the sound transmissions generated by the Holy Beings and Wisdom Keepers we work with.  We all have the power to access this, it is just that some of us put our attention there, and some do not.  The more we pay attention to the subtle worlds, the more we receive input and information from those realms, whether it is the Ancient Ones of the "Pure Realms", or our own Higher Knowing and Being.  We will share more in coming months.  Keep tuned.  Paying attention to what we ARE tuning into is a huge key!!
Wherever possible, we shall enter into Communion with the Earth and elements of the Cosmos, to be of Service, to offer World Service practices, and ceremonies, such as cleansing prayers for the Waters of the Gulf, or Tonglin practices for all sentient Beings.  But, make no mistake about it, while so much attention and concerns are with the waters of the Gulf:  while these waters deserve our attention, and our collective prayers and songs will help, these, also, at some level, are only projections of our own mind, our own being, our own dissolution coming to pass.  The Crude Oil of our own inner wells are coming forward to show us the toxic nature of our own conditioning and life choices.  They are simply reflecting our own incoherence, at some collective, if not individual, level.  It is one reason so much anger and rage are arising amidst the toxic waters.  Forgive me, this is not to judge, but seek to bring awareness of how far we yet have to go to enter a collective realization.  If this feels like too large a leap, it is not that we should not be calling to task those who are endangering the Earth, but that we all have greater levels of clarity within our own mind, thoughts, body and hearts yet to reach.  And these pungent waters are expelling those toxins.  The collective field of consciousness surrounding this planet may be unseen by many, but looks much like those Gulf Waters.  Many are expunging those thoughtforms, belief codes, and emotional states which have been holding us back.  And there is much to do to fully clarify for all humanity, what is being released, just as the waters are showing us, reflecting of the greater reality we have created, and have yet to clean up.  (This is not to even mention our complacent indulgence in continuing the cycles of fossil fuel dependency.  It is a wake up call.  And, while many of us may not need it, trust me, the entire planet is not yet there.) 
When we reach those states of clarity, within ourselves, then, we shall be pure in the Essential, and free to live in Clarity upon this Sacred Earth.  And, by entering and resonating in that Essential Clarity, we can bring greater clarity to all aspects of the Planet, and to our thoughts, prayers, choices, and actions.  By simply holding that clarity, it becomes a tool for clarifying the collective.  And, we shall then be of far greater assistance to help those not yet able to find that essential resonance.
 We are living in an incredible time, being offered the Opportunity to step into our own higher wisdom and knowing, a time Prophecied Eons ago.  Many are gathered here, many seek incarnation.  It is a time of great offering for those of us choosing to do the work.  And, it is a time known about and spoken of in the Wisdom Schools of old, embedded in their wisdom, often embedded directly into their stone temples, the 'invisible books'(**) of their Sacred Halls.  (** A term used by Olmec/Toltec/Otomi/Teotihuacan wisdom keepers regarding their invisible libraries embedded in their stone temples complexes at Teotihuacan and elsewhere, holding the keys to their wisdom.  Many cultures utilized this technology, and many of us are discovering the keys to unlock these doors to sacred knowledge,  left by our ancestors, the Ancient Wisdom Keepers, of many cultures.  It is a technology, and understanding, a Knowing, we utilize in the ancient sites, whether the Stone Chambers here in Vermont, or the ancient complexes of Egypt we shall explore 10.10.10, and the records in the Halls of Amenti, which will be revealed to those ready to enter.
As I began last month's news,
"So much is occurring planetarily at this time, and many are reporting the ever increasing sense of incredible changes at all levels of our existence."
Look at how much more is coming to pass.  These next two months hold key windows of opportunity.  This coming weekend is one.  The weeks leading up to July 17-18 and the Cosmic Convergence (Maya wisdom of the waves of knowing entering our atmosphere), is another. 
It is so evident so much is coming to pass.  The Elders and Wisdom Keepers are sharing more each day.  Their wisdom has been held in sacred trust for THESE DAYS.  More and more of us, also, are awakening to our own Fundamental Knowing.  Many of us are those ancient wisdom keepers, who knew, when it was first written.  It is time to awaken to our True Knowing, again.
It is time we each enter into Sacred Relation with the Fundamental Essence of Our Own Truth, Our Own Being, Our Own Wisdom.  If we can assist, Join with us in these upcoming Wisdom Practices.  And, for those of you who have experienced the work, you know, there is no way to express the level of awakening one enters in such sacred work, until we enter the experience.   We welcome you each to join.
  • 2012:  The Great Awakening,
    •  The Three Hearts Practice
  •   Sat -Sun, June 26-27 Springfield MA
  •   Sat only July 17, N. Andover, MA  
  •   Sun only, July 18, Fairhaven MA
  • Return To Beauty:  The Eagle and the Condor, Aug 22-27;
    • Initiatory Peruvian practices and ceremonies, to enter Living Relations with all aspects of Earth and Sky, nourishing the “Seed of our Potential,” of our Awakened, Enlightened, or Luminous Being, while working with the living prophesies, and creating real and meaningful ceremony for personal and planetary healing.  
    • NEWSLETTER SPECIAL  $50 off listed registration fees til July 1
(Return To Beauty:)
These practices will occur within the ‘vortex’ which has awakened, and the Living Energies and Holy Beings who reside in relation to it, who are now guiding many of our practices, in what we call the Sacred StarSeal of Vermont.   6 days working in Sacred Sites, Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Stone Chambers, Canyons, and Caves.   
  •  A primary sound healing training, The Art of Sacred Sound with personal and world healing ceremonies, at Omega Sept 6-10.  The first day of this Sacred Sound Practice, will be in sacred chant with the great luminaries of chant, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, and Deva Premal.  We shall then enter deeper into the practice of Sacred Chant, Toning, Invocation, Ceremony, and Embodying the energies of Living Consciousness through our own sounds and voices.  (You do not need any prior training, musical talent, or special voice/singing experience or quality to engage in this work.)
  •  Sound Healing Conference, Omega, July 30-Aug 1
  •   Our sacred tour, EGYPT: 10.10.10, Initiations into the Halls of Orion, this October.  These will be powerful and meaningful invitations to engage with the Holy Beings of other realms, to enter deep coalescence, collaboration, and integration of celestial energies into our earth experience.  The StarSeeds, the Deep Knowing which we each carry, are, simply, waiting to be re-awakened, and re-invigorated with our own authentic True Knowing.
  From last month's notes, we repeat for emphasis:
"Many are speaking of the coming climate of 2012, and the miracles that will appear.  Many are speaking of the ascension of humanity.
The work is not about another time or place.  It is not about the end of the world, the end of time, or leaving the Earth to enter another state. 
The work is about calling forward our own power and authenticity, our own wholeness and Divinity.  It is claiming our birthright here on Earth, as living, awakened beings of luminous light, fully embodying the multi-dimensional aspects of our Divine self in its fullness, fully supporting and claiming our right and authority to co-create, to collaborate with the very Heart of Creation, by living in Alignment with that Heart, through our own Heart.
Breathe it in, draw it down.  We are home where our Heart is fully awakened and alive.  Fully present.  Fully Being.
To come into full awakening, we must become fully present in ourselves, Here, Now." 
We send you Many Blessings in your life and work.
May we bring forth the Unity of consciousness and Beauty of Being which is called upon us now.
My friend and Colleague, Adam Gainsburg, of SoulSign.com, a highly knowledgeable and intuitive astrologer shares:
  • This eclipse <Sat, June 26> occurs amidst a crescendo'ing series of individually impactful transits. As such, it will trigger things..... this eclipse is occurring in the planetary/race's soul as an 'invisible beginning' or a silent coagulation of mass intentionality. For most of us incarnateds on the planet, the eclipse will remain hidden deep in our unconscious. But for those awakened ones, this eclipse in Capricorn/Cancer involving Pluto, Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter most prominently, is an opening, a holy blink in the Eye of God newly awakening to itself as us. It/We have the capacity, now finally, to consciously transition this bardo as seemlessly as an eye blinks. The planets involved and their sign positions speak directly to this interpretation of the eclipse event. 
 This is precisely what the Elders of the Americas are telling us, culture after culture.  It is time to claim our power, our Authenticity, our Knowing, our Being.
Join with us if you would like to gather collectively for these incredible practices.  The group dynamic so enhances the work.
But, regardless, do gather, within your own Hearts, to be Present, and Aligned, in this Great Work.
Many blessings in all that you do!
Zacciah Blackburn
2010 Zacciah Blackburn
UPCOMING, ENRICHING programs in Vermont, Montreal, Boston and Springfield, MA, OMEGA INSTITUTE, and more
Conferences with full day programs in VT, NY, and Montreal
RICHMOND, VT, SOUND CIRCLE: 7pm Wednesday, June 30th, with Dorothy Stone and Raphael Groten 
  • at the Richmond Library
    • Drumming, toning and chanting, and a wide variety of instruments
    • Meets every month, by donation
The Art of Sacred Sound:  Healing The Earth, Ourselves, and Each Other
  Learn the art of connecting to, and giving voice to, the subtle 'sacred' realms of consciousness, including the holy beings who dwell there.
  • Sept 6-10 at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
    • with one full day of chanting with Jai Uttal, Deval Premal, and Krishna Das 
  • The first day of this practice will be in sacred chant with the great luminaries of chant, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, and Deva Premal.  We shall then enter deeper into the practice of Sacred Chant, Toning, Invocation, Ceremony, and Embodying the energies of Living Consciousness through our own sounds and voices.  (You do not need any prior training, musical talent, or special voice/singing experience or quality to engage in this work.)
Return to Beauty:  August 25-30; Our 6 day Initiatory Rites in the Andean Path
  • Incorporating wisdom and teachings of the Great Prophecies of Eagle and Condor, as approaching this time of Awakening, in Living Relations with the Earth
  • And, the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancestral Beings of OUR OWN LANDSCAPE, here, in VT
  • Including the
  • ancient and powerful Calendar Stone Chambers (StarChamber, DreamChamber, othe
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2010 Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Zacciah Blackburn,PhD, Director

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