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High Tantra, Meeting Our Beloved  HIGH   TANTRA
 Meeting Our Beloved

See our next program in high Tantra, in Switzerland, Sept 19-22, 2015, here   Magdalene, High Tantra, Meeting Our Beloved
High Tantra, Meeting our Beloved, in YucatanMeeting Our Beloved
A 4 Day Retreat, into
Sacred Relation, High Spiritual Tantra, and
Embodying our True Divinity

October 30 - November 2, 2014
Thursday - Sunday
Haus Tatantonga

Mullheim, Switzerland

Utilizing ancient mystical practices and
sacred sound transmissions to enter realized states of
Being, deep intimacy, and relation to all we hold as Divine.
See our next program in high Tantra, in Switzerland, Sept 19-22, 2015, here  
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The times are ready for us to do this work.
It is all part of this Great Transformation we are undergoing.
This work is explicitly intended to assist us in cultivating a new world of understanding, and being.
Those who have participated have found that unexpected levels of attainment, understanding, and healing often occur.

the wheel of life, high tantra
Heruka and consort, Tibetan High Tantra
Opposite, Vajra Yogini

Isis and Horus
Egyptian High Tantra
Isis with Horus
Opposite, Sekhmet with Horus

Magdalene, the egg of Life
Magdalene, with the Egg of Creation


Shiva Shakti, sacred union and tantraSince ancient times, the exploration of intimacy and sexuality have been part of our spirituality.  It is understood to be part of our cycle of birth, growth, and life.  The deepest mysteries of Creation are contained within the mystical understanding of the coupling of Sacred Masculine and Feminine energies in perfect union, at all levels of Creation, from cellular, to macrocosmic.   In Western civilization, we have lost contact with the depth of possibilities available to us through spiritual, sexual, intimacy.  While there has been a rebirthing of this knowledge in recent decades, the breadth and depth of its potential are rarely understood, and, not nearly complete.

This workshop will explore, in explicit terms, the nature of our own Divinity, the nature of our relationship to that we each hold as Divine, and the pathways of deepening intimacy in relationship with another through understanding the sacred pathways of energy and consciousness which intertwine beRed Yogini, Sacred Tantratween us.  There will be especial attention drawn to little known or understood teachings of how we can merge into the infinite pool of intimacy between us and our Beloved through these inherent sexual pathways.

These teachings are based upon ancient practices, some of which can be found in Yogic, Tibetan,and other texts and oral traditions.  However, the vast majority of teachings are passed directly through the lineage traditions of Egyptian Mysticism.
Specifically, the teachings arise from the Mystery School of Sekhmet, with direct co-relation, also, to the Schools of Hat'or, and Isis. Each of these realized beings, known as Sacred Goddesses of ancient Egypt, created Mystery Schools which encompassed the Divine nature, and natural understanding of Sacred Sexuality, among their many teachings.

These teachings are mostly received through direct transmission (s) ... through long term relationship with these holy beings..

High Tantra, Sekhmet and HorusOur Facilitator, Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, works directly in relationship with the living beings & teachers of these lineages.

Zacciah has an ability to bring these teachings forward, and impact our awareness and direct revelation through the utilization of Sacred Sound Transmissions.  This quality of practice allows a deeper and more immediate imprint from the work.  Most participants find this method much more powerful, nourishing, and rewarding, than more common methods.

Join us in this unique exploration of human understanding, exploring our Divine nature and potential, our relationship with the greater Divine, as we each hold and imagine it, and the potential Blessings of the Divine Self, Sacred Unionof moving further into merging with that we each hold as "The Beloved," in ways which may well be beyond our common imagination.  What, or Who, is that which we most cherish, most yearn for, and long to be part of, immersed in, or with, in Sacred Union?  Often it is not whom we most imagine it to be.

We shall have the potential to enter into deepest Union with that we hold as the Beloved, in all realms of our being.

Those entering in these practices before, have each spoken of the extraordinary power of the teachings, the incredible potential of the practices, and the level of experiences and understanding they are taken to, through the work, beyond their normal life experiences.

We are offering this practice in the cool shade of a private beach resort on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, in the safe haven of Tulum.  We shall immerse in the work in this pristine, private, sanctuary, in an exquisitely beautiful, if not idyllic and romantic, setting.  
You will sleep, literally, on the beach, in a private cabana, with the ocean waves lulling you in your dreams, the soft sea breezes caressing  you in the night.
 It is the perfect setting for entering deep transformational, nourishing, and life enhancing work.

Life Transforming
, is the most frequent description of this work.

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High Tantra, embracing the divine in each other
In harmony, in service

Egyptian High Tantra, hands embracing
Egyptian High Tantra, Hands Embracing


                                Additional Information

Tibetan tantraParticipants do not need to be in relationship in order to fully engage in this work.  Indeed, the nature of this work allows us to enter and deepen all aspects of our own being, and relationship with  others.

The nature of this sacred work, involves entering deeper communion with all aspects of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine within, and without.  In reality, this prepares us to enter more harmonious and enriching relationship at a deeper level.  By preparing our own room for the Beloved within, it serves to invite he/she who is the Beloved, without, into relationship with us.

Singles and couples of all persuasions are invited to attend.
There is no touch or nudity in this program.
Deepl enriching and elevating tantric practices are taught through meditative techniques.
The quiet, private, and nourishing quality of the Retiro Maya Retreat Center provides the perfect setting for this work.

We are providing ample time, also, during the day, for private time on the beach, or for exploring the abundant nature around our retreat center.

We shall have fresh, nourishing, local flavor meals, daily.

Mullheim is close to the beautiful tourist destinations of Zurich, Switzerland, and Constanz, Germany.

A Typical Day in our Retreat may look like this:
  • 8-9 AM breakfast
  • 10 AM -1 PM group practice
  • 1-3 PM** lunch and private time
  • 3-6 PM** group practice 
  • 7-8 PM dinner
  • 8-10 PM private time, or occasional group practice
 info     cost, place, registration     about our facilitator   about high tantra  
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  • TO REGISTER in Europe, paying Swiss Francs:
  • Contact: 
    Viola Stollenmaier, Haus Tatatonga, Langenharterstr. 1 / 4 CH-8555 Müllheim
    Telefon: + 41-(0) -52-763 11 02    
     0041-(0)-52-763 11 02 
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      • Call us, to register with charge information:  
        • 1.802.674.9585
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Contact our offices:
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Phone answered 10 AM - 5 PM EST
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Meeting the Beloved, High Tantra
Please review our Cancellation/Refund policy* for this program, below.  
A copy of it shall be on your registration receipt.
Your signature on your registration form confirms you have read and agree to these terms.

A minimum $500 non-refundable deposit, with registration, until September 1, 2014, if accepted, will insure inclusion in the program. 

Once accepted, this deposit is non-refundable.  Any additional funds paid, minus the $500 deposit, will be refunded for any cancellation up until September 1, 2014, or until the program is full, whichever occurs first.

As of
September 1, 2014, payment is due in full.
After that time, no refunds are given.

However, if you are able to find a replacement for your space, a full refund, less a $200. administration fee may be given, at the discretion of the Center of Light Staff.  These deposits are necessary to reserve your participation in this program.
If the program is full at the time of your registration, we will notify you, and hold your deposit if you wish to be placed upon a waiting list.  If you are not able to attend due to our enrollment limitations, you will receive a full and complete refund, promptly.

You may attend alone or with companion(s).  You may sign up together or alone.  Single occupancy rooms may be available, for an additional fee.  Contact us for possibility.

If program is full at the time of your registration.
No funds are deposited in our account, or withdrawn from your account, if there is not room in the program.  You will be given the option of waiting on a waiting list if the program is full.  All moneys are fully refundable until accepted for registration in the program.


Arrival:  Thursday, October 30;
 Departure:  Sunday, November 2, 2014
Program times, 10 AM, Oct 30, through 4 PM, Nov 2

Total COST
    • Swiss francs 990,  paid to Haus Tatatonga (info below)
    • or, USD $1300. paid to the Center of Light
    • (Includes Seminar, translation, overnight stay in a double bedroom incl. breakfast, lunch and dinner)
    • As there are only a limited number of rooms in the Haus Tatatonga and its neighbourhood, we highly recommend early registration.
      Limited enrollment.  We recommend early registration


      Payment may be made in full at any time.
      A $500 non-refundable deposit holds your space, until September 1, 2014
      Payments in Full must be received at that time:

      • Haus Tatantonga
      • Mullheim, Switzerland

      About our Retreat Center

      This cost includes:
      • All workshop fees, and translation 
      • Lodging, double occupancy, Thurs eve thru Sun AM
      • All inclusive meals from Thursday lunch through Sunday lunch 
        • includes non-alcoholic drinks and desert
        • Pure filtered water throughout our stay
      • Small private garden and pond, refreshing rural walks just outside.
      • On site WiFi
      This cost does not include:
      • Transportation to/from Mullheim
      • Alcoholic drinks
      • Any Special services 
      • Any special amenities, snacks, or products obtained at the center or in local towns or villages

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       LOGISTICS,  Location, How to get there, WHAT TO BRING, other FAQs

      Mountains in Switzerland
      Local Village, in Switzerland

      Mountains in Switzerland
        Mountains, close by, in Switzerland
      (1-2 hr drives)

      Local town, Switzerland
       Local town, Switzerland  


      Awaiting Ra, Retiro Maya Retreat Center, High Tantra program
      Awaiting Ra, by D Stone
      Hawk on the beach, sunrise
      Available in Print

      Fly into Zurich, Switzerland, or Stuttgart, Germany.
      Zurich is an easy train ride.
      Stuttgart may require connections through Konstanz or Zurich by train, but is an easy alternative destination.

      Contact our host, Viola, for transportation from the Mullheim station to your lodging.
      You can work with her, for details to stay before or after the program.
      Via her contact information, you can speak with her in English, though we will, also, be available to assist.

      This is an exquisite area to plan to stay longer, for foraging the extraordinary mountains, hamlets, cities, cathedrals and BLACK MADONNAS! of this region!!!

      Madonna in Einsiedeln, Switzerland
        Madonna in Einsiedeln, Switzerland

      Garden in Haus Tatatonga
      Garden in Haus Tatatonga




      Buddha, Haus Tatatonga
       Buddha, Haus Tatatonga

      About our Retreat Center

      We have chosen  Haus Tatatonga because it provides us with a unique, nourishing environ to do this work.  It is a private retreat center, founded by a spiritual seeker, who created this setting for just such programs.

      We are as close as  15 minutes to Lake Constanz , with extraordinary views, water, wine, and major tourist center, a beautiful old world city with gorgeous cobblestone walks, cathedrals, arts, galleries and restaurants.

      We are an hour from beautiful Zurich, a high seat of culture in Switzerland, and only an hour from the high mountains and lakes which give Switzerland its name.
      We are in a rural setting, in small hamlets and villages, beautiful farmland, rolling hills.
      An exquisite place to stop and rest.

      Our practice space is a small, intimate space, to do this work.
      Our host is an extroadinary woman, Viola, as is Ananda, our interpretor.  Both have been in the healing arts and spiritual transformation for decades.  They are beautiful people to share time with, and to work with, as is the community they bring to the practices!

      Viola will insure we are well fed, great snacks, a beautiful, though small private garden space behind her place, and free WI-Fi.

      Slow your pace... find your space
      Miles from the busy hustle of resorts and hotspots, this is a sweet spot with rolling farmlands just outside the door, a wonderful spot for the nature loving traveller.
      See more about our host and interpretor, here.


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      LOGISTICS:  Location, How to get there, WHAT TO BRING, other FAQs 

      Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Sacred Sound Transmissions

      high tantra, the Egyptian arts
      Image:  Zacciah's Partner, Dorothy Stone, in prayer
      at the Temple of Osiris and Isis, Abydos, Egypt
      Dorothy will assist us in some sacred sound practices,
      and assists Zacciah in holding sacred space
       throughout the work.  She is also our administrative liason for the Center of Light for the duration of the program.
      About our Facilitator

      Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director of the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic StudiesZacciah Blackburn, Ph.D., is a gifted intuitive, teacher, sound healer, and Sacred Sound channel, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and Sacred Sound cultures.  He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, USA, at the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies. 
      Zacciah shares authentic trainings in the nature of human consciousness, authentic being, explorations into the Shamanic worlds of Earth Energies & awareness, and teachings on the nature of sound, and Sacred Sound practices, as a therapeutic healing modality.  His in depth understanding provides life transforming experiences into the authentic nature, being, and wellness of who we are as spiritual beings.
      He is Director of Education at the International Sound Healing Network, & co-founder & Director of the World Sound Healing and All One Now Network of organizations working for global peace, as well as a working Board Member of the Sound and Music Alliance.
      He also offers musical instruments of sacred sound cultures, & sound healing tools, at  His primary website for programs of study in Sound Healing and Therapies, Earth Mysteries and Shamanic Practices, and Esoteric Studies for Spiritual Attainment, are at 

      The programs Zacciah offers have been highly praised for their authenticity in content, and the ability to bring others into direct spiritual realization of their own authentic nature and relationship with the Divine.  
      Buddhist Tantra
      Guhyasamaja and consort

      Tantra is about sacred union.  It literally means, weaving, and incorporates the understanding of, and practices to assist us, in weaving the fabric of our existence into cohesive unity or wholeness, with the fabric of all life.  
      These practices take us into realms of understanding, and self realization, most of us have not been taught how to explore, or sustain through daily living, and through entering ever deeper weaving of the tapestry of relationship with the Beloved, that which we hold as Divine, within our self, with our partners, and with that beyond our common language or threads of understanding.

       ©2011-12 Zacciah Blackburn, The Center of Light
      About High Tantra

      High Tantra refers to the pure wisdom, clarity, and integrity brought to these practices.
      Due to the inherent quality of the teachings, they can only be offered to those willing to utilize them with integrity, in balance and harmony with those they share the practices.  (willing to set intention to work for the evolutionary benefit of all.....)

      Their are three aspects of this work, which have to do with preparation and readiness to invite, meet, receive, embrace, and embody 'the Beloved.'

      They are:
                      union with self, true Self, our true Divine Nature.
                      union with the Divine, the higher aspects of consciousness we hold as Sacred or Divine, each, in our own way.
                   and, union with other (usually seen as partner, whether in relationship, or not.)

      The teachings are offered in a manner in which both individuals and couples can discover greater states of wholeness, connection and unity, intimacy and awareness.  

      Integrity, literally, means 'wholeness,' and, within the practices themselves, we discover those greater aspects of wholeness and completeness within the greater Self, such that we come, literally, into the work, from a place of integrity, versus separation or woundedness.  We feel the connection and unity of the Divine, within our Self.  We realize we are whole, and part of the Whole, the Greater Mystery.  We then not only benefit from this directly, but bring this into relationship, to meet our 'other' from this place of wholeness, better able to give, receive, and be fully present, communicate, and enter deepened intimacy with 'other.'

      Indeed, we have worked with those who found decades of healing accomplished in a single day of practice.  Healing which they never imagined would occur, due to the depth of physical, emotional, and sexual trauma.

      We expect this practice to attract only those who have the highest evolutionary good for their own lives, of those they are in relationship with, and for the planetary good.

      We emphasize, that whether attending as an individual, or with one's partner, these are appropriate and beneficial practices for each of us.

      We look forward to sharing this unique, remarkable and enlightening work with you.

      Many blessings
      Zacciah Blackburn, PhD
      The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies

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      LOGISTICS, Location, How to get there, What to bring, other FAQs
      Our Program Host:
      Contact & Registration
       for information in Deutsch, for cost, registration, or
      questions on program details, please contact:

         Viola Stollenmaier 
      +41 52 763 11 02
      Information in Deutsch on this and
      other programs Zacciah offers in Europe,
      throughout the year, :

      In 2007,  I created an entity called „HOUSE TATATONGA“. It is an open house for all people who are on their personal way. There are no spiritual limitations here, all souls are welcome by my heart.

      The word „TATATONGA“ is a Mongolian word and means "to be in connection or communication with somebody, not speaking the language of this person."

       „HOUSE TATATONGA“ is a space for people to be on their path by heart.

       In this soul-port I am supprting people with shamanic ceremonies, wisdom and knowing, also with energetic work.

      For 15 years, I am offering ceremonial journeys to power spots around the world. The base of this journeys is „ back to nature, reconnecting to the four elements, back to the roots of simplicity."  Our programs are offered mostly in the Tunisian Sahara, Egypt and the Sinai, Mongolia and Ecuador.

      I am inviting people with special gifts and talents from other countries and continents to share their wisdom and knowing with the European people.

      Zacciah is a welcome part of our tradition!

      Our Deutsch Interpretor: 

      Ananda Marker has been talking to Stones and other Living Beings since childhood.
      She is an established practitioner in the shamanic and healing arts in her own right, and has been interpreting
      Zacciah's work for over 7 years in her beloved Motherland. 
      Published author, artist, vocalist, sound therapist, esoteric practitioner,
      she brings rich insight and direct understanding into the work,
      flavoring it with her unique heartfelt joy and humor.

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      These women bring a rich diversity, joyous community, and healing hearts and hands
      to this already golden practice.
      In deep gratitude, we honor what they offer, as well.
      They will both deepen this experience, in bringing the group alive,
       insuring all personal needs are met, all voices heard,
      and assisting in creating a collaborative community of souls to honor and cherish each other,
      and the depth of intent we pursue.