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Magdalene, High Tantra, Meeting Our BelovedHigh Tantra, Meeting our Beloved, in YucatanLOGISTICS
for, Meeting Our Belove
An 8 Day Retreat
Sacred Relation, High Spiritual Tantra, and
Embodying our True Divinity

April 14-21, 2012
 Tulum, Mexico
  On the Ocean, Yucatan Peninsula
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High Tantra at Retiro Maya, Tulum, Mexico, on the Caribbean, Yucatan Peninsula

WEATHER in Tulum:

Typical Tulum day temps are low 80's, with typical nights cooling into the low 70's.
April typically has only 2 days of rainfall.  Winds are typically calm in April.
We are on the ocean, where the conditions may vary more widely than this information.

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Location, and, HOW TO GET THERE

Air from US To Cancun
Please arrange your own air service from your home region to Cancun, Mexico.
Tulum is one hour south, see more below on how to get there.

International flights from all destinations in the US and Europe are easy to get to Cancun, which is a major tourist destination.  
We typically use the carrier of our choice, or go to one of several travel sites which show multiple carriers' rates, often at the lowest rates available on line.
These include,, or
Book your flight to arrive on Saturday, April 14, 2012, early afternoon is best, and to leave on Saturday, April 21, 2012, late morning or early afternoon is best, unless you wish to book additional days at our center, or elsewhere.
You can do so by calling the Retiro Maya number below, or doing a search online for other facilities.  Our host, Lu Montiel is happy to host you further.

Retiro Maya is in Tulum, Mexico
This is about 1 hour ride, south, from the Cancun, Mexico airport.
International flights from all destinations in the US and Europe are easy to get to Cancun, a major tourist destination.   We are well beyond the urban activities of Cancun, and several minutes away from the town of Tulum, in a unique, isolated, private beach resort.

Taxi service to Tulum:
Taxi service is not included in the cost of this program.
Please call Lu Montiel, our retreat host, at the number below to pre-arrange taxis as a group.  She suggests the typical cost is $40 each way.

If you prefer, you can arrange your own taxi service at the airport, typically $100 each way, for, typically, up to four individuals.  You can arrange limousine service there, or in advance, through a simple word search on line for taxi or limo service from Cancun airport, Mexico, to Tulum, Mexico.  Most services announce $40-70 rates.
You can arrange group rates if you are traveling as a group.

Where we are staying:  
Lu Montiel, owner
Km. 6.5 Carretera Tulum - Boca Paila, Tulum, Q.Roo Mexico 77780
Phone: +(52) 998 214 0203
Web Site:

WHAT TO BRING, and other FAQs:

Use your common sense on what to bring.
Here is a list of our suggestions:

Adequate attire for the duration of your stay, 8 days, 7 nights (see typical weather in the left column.  Remember that 'typical' leaves out other possibilities.
  • Water & beach wear, water shoes if desired (mostly soft white sand beaches)
  • Sun screen**
  • Insect repellant** (not normally a problem here)
  • Comfortable clothing for our times in group practice.
  • Camera, batteries, memory
  • Flashlight
  • Day pack for away times
  • Note book and pen
  • Snacks for your time away
  • Sneakers and/or hiking shoes as needed
  • A sun-hat and UV-protection sunglasses
  • Medications you usually take, in their labeled bottles
  • At least one medium-weight sweater
  • A medium-weight jacket and/or warm vest, just in case 
  • A raincoat or jacket with a hood, just in case, see weather on left
  • A warm scarf
The retreat center provides us with 100% safe drinking water.  Please bring an insulated water bottle to carry it in.

**We are in an ecologically protected area.  It is requested that only natural sunscreen and insect repellants be used.  These can be purchased on the premises. If you are allergic to mosquito bites, it is suggested you take Vitiman B complex 2 weeks before, and during your stay.

Some snack foods are available on site.  Stores are also in town a few minutes away.
"Health food" options should be brought, but not live fruit or vegetables.

Additional information some have asked for:

Can I use US money?
The US $ is accepted in most locations in and around Tulum, including our retreat center.  Currently, the US$ is worth 12.36 Mexican pesos
(08/11).  Exhange rates at airports or in hotels are more expensive than banks and ATM's. The town of Tulum is close with bank accessibility.   ATMīs are available in airports and cities.  
Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards are accepted in cities and hotels.   A 15% tip in restaurants is considered generous.
Is the food and water safe?
Our retreat center has perfectly safe water.  Please bring a re-usable bottle to carry your drinking water in
Away from the center, we recommend that you always have bottled water with you. We do not advise drinking tap water. Ask for bottled water in restaurants as well and make sure the tap is sealed or the bottle opened in your presence.  
Restaurants in this region are known to be perfectly safe.  We recommend you not eat food sold by street vendors.
Bring one or 2 copies of the photo-page of your passport and always have one with you, leaving the original in the hotel safe.

This region of Mexico is very safe.  News reports of disturbances are much further north in the country.
However, we recommend that you not walk around wearing visible valuable jewelry, and hold on to your cameras when away from the center.  Our retreat center is a totally safe and secure haven.

WiFi and phone:
Our retreat center has Internet access. Landline calls from hotels to the U.S. are expensive. Most US cell-phones allow for direct calls to the U.S. from C. America, even though the per-minute charges are high. The international access code is 001.
 Speak with your cell phone customer service for details.
Sign up for free or inexpensive computer based calls, such as "skype", via

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