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Center of Light News  4.17.08

  • The Heart as the Womb of Creation
    • This Weekend ISIS, THE HIDDEN TEMPLE, Huntington, VT;
      • StarNations in May in NC
  • PHOTO SHOW:  Earth & Sky:  Invitation to OPENING & Dinner, APRIL 24
  • Upcoming Sound Conferencesin San Francisco and Los Angelos in May; and other conferences
  • RETURN TO BEAUTY: Incan Initiations, Sacred Sites in VT:  July 25-27
    • May 1 Early Discounts
  • Seal of Solomon:  Activating the Personal and Planetary Star Merkaba:  Aug 16-24
    • Plan on this program
  • New Sound Healing School begins Sept 19-21, Early discounts MAY 1
  • You can read this news on line at:
  • Or see the programs listed above in our top links at

This weekend is our Isis:  The Hidden Temple program.
This program focuses on awareness of the heart as a sacred vessel, and how to explore the harmonic field generated in the heart with acts of love, gratitude, wisdom, and compassion.

The heart is the womb of our creative endeavors.
What we hold in the heart, the harmonic fields we generate, and what we seed, with clear intent, form the creative pulses which emanate into the world around us, through our actions, and manifest into our reality.
In truth, every thought, word, and deed, seeds out into universal form for manifestation, but the creative impulse of the heart is the key activating principal for creative manifestation.
It is the life force of the Divine Feminine, in its receptive and generative nature, at work.

Coming into attunement with our own Divine Feminine, but also aligning with  & embracing the greater universal Divine Feminine forces, can only serve to amplify this dear vessel of compassion, of universal love, and gratitude in relation to the cosmos.  Balancing & harmonizing the Divine Feminine and Masculine within us is the ultimate creative act.
It is with this basic understanding we engage in this work, beneath this full Wesak moon, which asks us to seed what most empowers and transforms us at this time.

After coming into this alignment, we shall have the opportunity to use our gifts, to create the fires of  heart held compassion, capable of transforming suffering in the world.

Many are feeling the pulses of illumination and resistance in the world.
Many find it difficult to focus on what will assist to bring stability and balance into the world.
Many of us are challenged with creating time and space to bring our own lives into greater harmony.
We understand, and know these programs will assist to bring the balance and restoration of harmonic principals you are striving for in your own life, at this critical time of transformation. 
We invite you to join us.
The Wesak moons this month and next are in alignment for a time of renewal, for revealing hidden truths, for transformation, and empowerment.  See also

    Begins it's 2008-9 season on Sept 19-21
    8 Weekends over 8 Months
    Take one or more classes for an introduction to sound, or full therapeutic training
    If paid by May 1, 2008,  total program cost $2388.    A savings of 25%, -$796.   

See information below on major international sound conferences in CA this May!

  • Other Upcoming Program Information
  • PHOTO SHOW:  Earth & Sky:  Invitation to OPENING & Dinner, APRIL 24
    • Join Zacciah and Dorothy Stone in their first show:  EARTH & SKY
    • images of the flora, landscape and sacred sites of the Northeast, and the world
      • Join us for opening 5-6 PM at Sophie & Zeke's, Claremont NH
      • Stay for Dinner 6:15: RSVP
  • RETURN TO BEAUTY: Incan Initiations, Sacred Sites in VT:  July 25-27
    • May 1 Early Discounts; 
  • Seal of Solomon:  Activating the Personal and Planetary Star Merkaba:  Aug 16-24
    • Plan on this program:

  For complete information on all workshops and classes, go to our website:
  For the full newsletter, with our " Commentaries on Life and Wellness:" see  for details.


Zacciah will be presenting at major international Sound Healing Conferences in May.
See information here:
Globe Sound  Healing Conference, San Francisco May 2-5
  • The Globe Sound Healing Conference brings together an impressive array of industry professionals to address important issues and topics in the rapidly expanding field of sound healing, the use of natural sound healing instruments, cutting edge sound technologies, and sound in medicine. These knowledgeable veterans will discuss and demonstrate how to use sound to help heal the body, mind and spirit, and attendees will be able to experience these technologies. From simple relaxation CD's to complex engineered sounds and experimental medical techniques, each of our experts will be showing what makes them a leader in the field.  
Global Sound Conference: Los Angelos, Marina Del Rey, May 9-12
  • The upcoming Global Sound Conference, is a unique event that will bring together key individuals from the Music, Film and Television industries with Pioneers in the areas of Wellness, Sound Healing, and Integrative Medicine to explore the many ways that sound affects our lives.  The goal of the event is to give the audience a more sophisticated understanding of the power of sound and to discuss the many ways that we can use sound to improve our world.

And the Annual Sound Healing Network conference, Rowe MA, Oct 31-Nov2
    information will be available soon at and
  • With Dr. Molly Scott, Dr. John Beaulieu, Jeff Volk, Silvia Nakkach, Amrita Cottrell, Susie Nelson Smith, and others.

  • Please contact us for further information on all programs.
      • Native American flutes *  Frame Drums  * Quartz “Singing” Crystal Bowls 
      • *  Tibetan bowls * Tibetan Bells, Dorje, Tingsha, and Shangs 
      • *  Solar Harmonics Tuning Forks   *  Tibetan Horn
  •  at our partner company providing quality sound healing instruments for your life and practice since 1977.

Many Blessings,
Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Ascutney, VT  05030   USA

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If you wish to receive the newsletter, you may subscribe simply by sending a blank message to
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The many realms of Zacciah's trainings into the Illumination of Consciousness, including the Egyptian Mysteries, the Earth Mysteries, with  Indigenous trainings, and other program formats, and the Professional Sound Healers Trainings, will provide ever more revealing journeys in both professional explorations and more personal transformational opportunities, for those wishing to pursue the Mystery as revealed through use of our own awareness, guided exercises, esoteric energy practices, and Sacred Sound Initiations.

We welcome your requests for additional information regarding these programs.

Zacciah, and Staff
Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies


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Zacciah Blackburn is a sound healer trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures. 
Zacciah is Director of Education for the New England Sound Healing Research Institute,  &
Co-Founder of
the World Sound Healing & All One Now Organizations.

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