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Preparations for Programs


  • Notes for Preparations for Spring programs, 2008
  • Make Room for the Sacred, notes on the invitation to Higher Being.
  • Upcoming programs/: Isis; Sekhmet; StarNations; Sacred Sound
These notes were especial to preparation to Sekhmet April 5-6, but are relevant to all spring programs, and their moons, 2008.

Those of you whom have attended Zacciah's programs in the past know the extraordinary nature of these programs.

Preparations for programs

These programs offer a rich dynamic opportunity to enter into awakened states of consciousness, understand more about our innate self, and relationship to the greater whole, as well as each other.

This is an auspicious time astrologically, to go into transformational work.  We will engage in these practices during the first New Moon of Wesak, a most holy time among Tibetan Buddhists.  As you know, the Tibetans hold a template for higher consciousness beneficial to all of humanity, which is under especial scrutiny by the Chinese, and in turn, the world at this time.  They could use our collective prayers.

This is, also, the beginning, the seeding, of qualities of not one, but two full moons which appear in Scorpio this year, which is seen as intensifying the energies of each moon even more.
The new moon we enter this coming weekend (of our Sekhmet practice), will come into fruition of fullness the weekend of our Isis program.  It is a time for deep personal change and transformation, to successfully face our fears & challenges with new strength and awareness.  It is a time to call upon our unseen allies and our inner warrior/warrioress to come forward. 
If you, like so many, have felt this past year as a time of intensifying challenges, this is a time in harmony with universal energies to seek new change, new growth, with the determination and zeal that can bring it into realization, seeing what truly is, versus what you imagine truth to be.  It is a great time for peering through the veils of illusion, seeding clear intentions formed in trust and truth, with the strength to follow through and manifest them.
There are methods of seeing through, and working through the challenges so many of us are experiencing, without struggling.  By cultivating our heart awareness, with the rich connection to the Divine Feminine, we can restore balance and harmony without struggle, but by embracing the vital living essence of Who We Are.

These moons are exact mirrors of the energies of our own consciousness which Sekhmet & Isis represent, to assist us in our own transformation & resurrection.  (Sekhmet is a master of personal realization/empowerment, Isis also masters the resurrective life forces of Spirit, to birth us anew.) They assist us to come into our own empowerment, growth, healing, and the ability to not only meet change, but to transcend adversity.  They do this not through direct challenge or conflict, but through standing upright within one's own true being, witnessing, and radiant in, that inner truth and bliss, of that which one truly is, shedding the skin of what has been, what is no longer needed, and what no longer serves us.

We have set a time for these programs in direct harmony with universal support and will.  Our allies are growing!!

It, also, is of no small significance that the adversities of life in Tibet is at a forefront of world news.  It is the Tibetan practice of Taking and Giving that we will engage in, in World Puja, as part of our World Service, in the Isis training.  This is a deeply significant practice to relieve suffering in the world.  And, is part of our stated intent in offering this deeply transformative work with the Heart of the World.  It is through our acts of humanity and compassion that we come into fullness in our own place and time.  It is through our acts of service to others that we pass through the veils of our own mortality and smallness, to touch upon the greatness of the stars, the holy beings, and all that we are.  It is Perceiving of Harmony in Our Existence, as well as THE CALL TO HUMANITY through awakening of the HIDDEN TEMPLE.  We welcome you to join us.


I ask that you:
Bring a clear spirit ready to share and learn, and ready to be transformed.
This is, for most individuals, powerfully transformative work.
You can assist your own participation to be in its fullest potential, if you take some time for preparation.
  • I recommend that you engage in simple awareness/meditation practices, just 'tuning in', asking yourself where places of harmony or disharmony reside within you, and, how you can clarify or come into balance with these.  Listen.  Listen to the response.  Take notes, journal, if you wish, to bring these messages more fully into your cognitive centers.  Bring them with you to work on over the weekend.
  • It would be beneficial to set aside a little time, if not each day, at least 2-3 times before we begin, to check in, in this way, or in your own way, as well as to set a clear intention. 
  • An example of clear intention setting might be:
  • "I wish to enter into these practices with an open heart and spirit, to explore and learn more deeply, about the nature of who I am, and my role, at this time, in this Universe.  May I be a ready vessel to open to those possibilities for growth, deeper, and clearer understanding, which present themselves to me at this time, during this practice, and daily in my life.  May I be an instrument to bring forward universal awareness, abundance, and peace, to others in my life.  I invite in those beings and forces of Universal consciousness, whom can best assist me at this time, for my highest growth, awakening, and understanding.  In a sacred way, I ask these things at this time. Thanks be to all aspects of Creation."

I, also, highly suggest you plan ample time after each day, and, if possible, after the end of the program, to relax into, and integrate, the deep and rich tapestry of energies you are likely to find yourself bathing in at the end of each day of this program.  It will assist you over rushing back into your everyday lives.  Also, be attentive, that you will not re-enter your life as you were before the program.  You will, most of us, be in a more elevated and awakened state of being.  Be kind to yourself, and to others, and take time with any life altering decisions.  Others in your life may not realize that you are in a different place.  We recommend you hold compassion in relations with others.

We offer our humble thanks for your participation in this great work, and send you Many Blessings!
This is not just about personal transformation, but in doing the work which will bring us into balance and harmony with universal principals, incorporating those principals into our lives, and bringing them forward into all our relations, in service to this great time of transformation for the entire planet.  Many teachers speak to this time as important to the harmonic unfolding at levels even beyond our imagination, at universal proportions.  Each step we take is important and beneficial, beyound our normal understanding, to the unfolding of harmonic principals within the universe itself.

I dearly look forward to meeting you, and working with you these two days.
In a sacred way, we offer these trainings for our own elevation, and for the awakening of all humanity.
May we each serve in our own capacity for this.  For each step we take, each action, in harmony with the Whole, we do indeed assist all others in their own capacity for development.

The Use of Sound During these transformational programs

See add' l full explanations of the moons and astrological significance, with insightful wisdom, from Lisa Dale Murray of,
and Allison Rae of


                Make Room.
                We are but a small vessel.
                A chalice, for a supreme being to fill.
                We are so much more than we imagine,
                    That Which We Truly Are.
               We are but a small vessel,
                  that which we think we are.
                Prepare him/her room, invite him/her to enter,
                    Your greater Soul
                          Your Celestial Being.
                The son or daughter of
                    the heavens that you are.
                "Come unto me," he/she says,
                    "This is where you are born."
                Prepare you room.


             Many blessings on your journeys.
  • Our offerings to develop the Sacred Within:
  • Upcoming programs/Early Discount Deadlines:
      • ISIS, THE HIDDEN TEMPLE, Apr 19-20, Huntington, VT
      •     Our final EARLY DISCOUNT registration deadlines are Wed, Mar 5, save $20;
            Or, pay by this Friday, Feb 29, and save $30. (a newsletter only offering.)  
      • This is our ONLY NorthEast spring program in our Illumination of Consciousness Series; 
        • Discover, or deepen, the Authenticity, Sanctity, & Potency of the Hidden Temple of the Heart
        • Enliven it, with powerful Sacred Sound journeys, transformational exercises, and Initiations
        • Empower yourself to walk in the world with an open heart
          • And, make offerings via a call to World Puja, World Service.
            • Also offered in Konstanz, SWITZERLAND (Bodensee), June 5-8
    • THE POWER OF SEKHMET II, The Sacred Chord,
      • April 5-6, Dallas TX ~ early discount registration deadline is Wed, Mar 5, save $30.
      • Perceiving Harmony in the Pathway of Our Existence;
      • Receive Sacred Sound Initiations with attunements & empowerments of this Ancient Mother, Sekhmet, and her rod of power, the Staff of Life, which awakens us to integrated states of ecstasy of our authentic Divine Being.  ("Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.")
        • Also, offered in Murnau GERMANY, May 31, June 1:  come for a week of rejuvenation in exquisite Alpen countryside of S. Germany and Switzerland; lakes, moors, endless high mountains; join us for both programs (Sekhmet/Isis.)
    • STARNATIONS, Awakening the Ancestral Pathways;
      • Asheville, NC May 17-18;  $195 until March 14; Save $55.
      • Accessing Ancient Lineages and Knowing,
      • Clearing ancestral pathways to higher being, allowing the pure root of our innermost being to arise
      • Contact with the Star Beings for guidance, knowing, and wisdom.
      • Sacred Sound Journeys, into the Star Realms.

I have just returned from an inspiring two week pilgrimage in Egypt.
The lessons learned and living energies ascertained will only help to further stimulate these enriching programs.
Join us!

It is more and more apparent the pathway to healing consciousness is via preparing room for our most ascended being, to integrate into our normal waking consciousness, what we could call our more descended being.
This is the "Descension of Consciousness!"
I have spoken for a great deal of time about how we can only build elevated states as high as we are willing to dive into our lower states of being.  Only by clarifying our root issues, our emotional and mental bodies, inviting in, and integrating our higher celestial being, are we able to fully come alive in this life time.
If we don't complete the process now, we can only look forward to yet another lifetime of learning, purifying, and integrating.

We are most Divine beings.  Great beings of light and illumination.  Far more than most of us imagine.
We have been taught, and too often invest, in beliefs of a lower nature.  Our most common thoughts, time, and feelings, are most often, wrapped up in illusional aspects of our survival, working in the material world, or development of our personal attributes, when, in fact, we need to make room for our highest and most authentic being to come into clear manifestation, in our waking consciousness.  Our more egoic sense of self, that which we believe ourselves to be, indeed, needs most, to make room for our most authentic and magnificent holy being, to take root, and dwell in this, its holy temple, our physical body.
Those of us who have not, need only to make room, to prepare the bed, to invite in our higher self, to descend into material form.  This is a most beneficial aspect of the true nature of Ascension, and Illumination, to marry the highest with the most profane, the most etheric with the pure physical form.  Honoring the temple with its holy spirit.  Honoring the spirit by giving it its sacred refuge, its dwelling place.  It is this Sacred Union which brings us to evolved, enlightened being.  And frees our spirit to transcend into other states of awakened being, even free passage through the portals of death, when that time arises.
I invite you to make room, at this time, for your most pure, clear, and authentic Divine Nature to descend into your waking conscious being, and become an integral part of who you truly are.
Prepare ye room!  It is time for the awakening, time for the transition into elevated being.

In a sacred way, we make these offerings, to assist in your coming journeys of enlightened growth.
We (humanity) will not make a unified transition into heightened consciousness until we each take the steps to that place.
We shall work cohesively, to come into awakened being, and invite others to join us, in world prayers and service, in each of these upcoming programs.

I look forward to joining you in the journey.
Many blessings,

Zacciah Blackburn

  • We invite you to enjoy a vigorous & enlivening WEBCAST INTERVIEW with Zacciah
  • Some of my early journeys into awakening, and:
    • the Harmonic Convergence
    • awakening of the Divine Feminine
    • what we can do to help us evolve in our own time and practice
    • what is occuring right now, elders' prophecies
    • Earth awareness, and so much more
    • How to approach sacred sites.
A healthy conversation into the nature of consciousness, and of our times:

If you did not get to see our notes on the transformative nature of these program offerings, please see our last newsletter here:

Inevitably, the vast majority of participants find these programs not only deeply stimulating, but profoundly moving, enriching, and life transforming.

We offer them in a sacred way, in service, from higher guidance, to assist us, each, and all, in this time of great transformation.
Many take us right where we need to go, into self illumination, into service for our greater good, and into planetary service.

We invite you, joyfully, to join us.
We look forward to joining you in the journey.

Many blessings to all. 
Shalom, Salaam, Absa, Shanti, Vrede, Pau, Sidi, Mir, Waki Qiwebis, Peace be with you.
Zacciah Blackburn
and the Staff

The Use of Sound During the transformational programs
Though Zacciah utilizes sound during practices, you are not required to join in any sound work.  There usually are opportunities to join with simple voice exercises.  We often use a simple guided chant or are asked to make a sound from the heart to give voice to our feelings.    However, there is no need for any kind of training or need to have "a voice".  All it takes is an authentic heart to easily join in.

The manner in which Zacciah uses sound is different than most people have experienced.  It is coupling sound with heightened states of consciousness, which allows others to more readily enter into advanced states of awareness.
It is not an experience that can easily be described.  Yet, it is not uncommon for participants to come away feeling deeply transformed.

Zacciah uses, primarily, his voice, but does, also, use a variety of sound instruments (Crystal and Tibetan bowls, bells, Native drums, rattles, etc.)  While there may be the possibility to join in a chant with your own drum or rattle, it will not be a major focus of the work in this practice.
You can learn more about the nature of Sacred Sound as Zacciah uses it at:

UPCOMING PROGRAMS, each potent and able to bring so much to one's sense of self, dignity of consciousness, relationship to the Whole, and our importance here, on this planet, at this time.

  For complete information on all workshops and classes, go to our website:

  •  at our partner company providing quality sound healing instruments for your life and practice since 1977.

Please contact us for further information on all programs.
Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Ascutney, VT  05030   USA


The many realms of Zacciah's trainings into the Illumination of Consciousness, including the Egyptian Mysteries, the Earth Mysteries, with  Indigenous trainings, and other program formats, and the Professional Sound Healers Trainings, will provide ever more revealing journeys in both professional explorations and more personal transformational opportunities, for those wishing to pursue the Mystery as revealed through use of our own awareness, guided exercises, esoteric energy practices, and Sacred Sound Initiations.

We welcome your requests for additional information regarding these programs.

Zacciah, and Staff
Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies


What Others Are Saying About these Programs

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Zacciah Blackburn is a sound healer trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures. 
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