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An Interview with Zacciah
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 An Interview with Zacciah Blackburn
  via Irene Siegl, of Connection Spirit
An online & print publication from Germany
A Deutsch translation will be available on line in March, 200
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CS:  What is the difference between the egyptian alchemy and the vedic teachings of india or the teachings of the tibetans? Why should we learn egyptian alchemy? 

ZB:  There is a vast body of knowledge embedded in each tradition, Egyptian, Vedic (Hindu), Tibetan Buddhism and the ancient Bon traditions of Tibet.  What intrigues me the most is not the differences in them, but how amazing it is that each have many like understandings.  There is much evidence that there was a migration of knowledge from Egypt into India. 

There are a great many similarities in numerous areas of their teachings, including the chakras/seals, the serpentine channels, mythos about gods/goddesses, the nature of creation, and much more.  It is my understanding that Shakti, the Hindi name for the underlying cosmic life force of all living principals, and the great Cosmic Mother, consort of Shiva, whose divine union brings all creation into manifestation...the name "Shakti" is said to be derived from the Egyptian name "Sekhem", which means 'power', or  'life force.'  Sekhem is derived from the name of the great Egyptian Cosmic Mother, Sekhmet, who is, also, known as the Lion Goddess.  She represents the dual nature of Divine Feminine, of both the nurturing mother, and fierce protectoress.  (You don't want to get between a lioness and her cubs.)  One aspect of the Shakti energy, the Cosmic Mother, is Durga.  Durga also represents that dual nature of the feminine.  To some, she appears as the loving, beautiful goddess, to others, a fierce demon warrior.  It depends upon what you bring to her, as to which aspect she reveals.  She rides upon the back of a tigress.  The tiger and lion are part of the mythos of several goddesses of Asia...Tara, Quan Yin, for instance, both have aspects riding the Lion, able warriors and protectoresses, yet the Divine Mothers of Compassion. 

Sekhmet is the oldest of these Fierce yet compassionate and discerning wise Goddesses.  She just happens to be from Egypt.  This is but one area of intrigue for me.  There are other understandings in the Tibetan traditions similar to those of the Egyptian, of how the human energy system works, as well as meditative principals, such as self generation exercises and other tantric understandings.  I used to imagine this was because each system was studying the same univeral principal.  And, that may well be all there is to it.  In one year's time, I attended advanced trainings in Egyptian, Hindu, and Peruvian mysticism.  In each training, we practiced the cultivation of one's fundamental life force, the living energies in the root, to draw them up the central channel (Pranic tube), or spine, or the serpentine channels (male and female energy channels within the human etheric body,) and merge the energies in the third eye center behind the bridge of the nose, to arouse the awakened hooded serpent within (symbolic of the enlightened state of being in each culture.)  These are three distinct cultures, with oceans separating at least one of them, and nearly identical advanced meditative practices came out of each one.  Some of the terminology differed, but, usually only in name, not in principal.

What is important, is not which system one uses, nor the differences or similarities, but that each one of us find a system that works for us, and use it.  There is a great advantage to utilizing a tried and true system of spiritual development.  That is, that it has been shown to work over eons.  It also creates a structure, a foundation, to build our life upon.  Those structures, also serve, directly, in practice, which is very beneficial, to hold and contain our awareness, so that transformation may occur within, and that the great mystery, the great unknown, can reveal itself directly to each of us.  This is, also, bringing into harmonic balance, or union, the Divine principals of Masculine and Feminine, of structure and non-structure, cognitive and intuitive, activating and gestative, forces of Creation, within us, within our lives.  When brought into union, a third force, that of creation itself, the manifest, comes into being.  It is a very powerful experience.

This is what I especially like about the Egyptian system.  It is not that it is better or worse than any other.  But it has little dogma.  It holds powerful basic understanding of how the human vehicle works.  It is like Vajrayana Buddhism, in that it understand the inherent Divine enlightened nature of each of us, and it offers lightning bolt transformation through its principals.  The practices taught within Egyptian High Alchemy provide ample opportunity for the participant to go into profound states of subtle-realm consciousness, to see for themselves how the world is composed, to see subtle aspects of the universe, and Creation, to witness for themselves who they are, and what their role in this great Creation might be.  It offers profound practices of illumination and transformation, that we might 1) understand the basic nature of our being, 2) witness its purity and beauty, 3) provide practices to purify, in order to integrate, to hold and sustain those enlightened states of transfiguration.

Working with teachers of any lineage, who are trained and initiated in that lineage, allows for initiations to occur for participants in those practices, which are life altering experiences.  Utilizing the powerful Sacred Sound Transmissions I work with, creates some of the most potent and direct transmissions of those energies for participants to engage in.  They are bathed in the direct vibrational nature of the knowing, of the wisdom and beauty of those lineages and lineage carriers we invoke.  They, then, do not need a "teacher."  They gain direct gnosis, or knowing.  They become directly connected to the lineage holders of those traditions.  And, they become their own teacher.  They can learn directly from the inner realms, and apply what they learn to their own life lessons and needs.  This, of course, is not necessarily an overnight evolution.  It takes care, dedication, commitment, awareness, and desire to clarify one's life and life path of obstacles and encumbrances that prevent us from witnessing the greater truths in our life, carrying, and expressing them.

It takes great integrity, but it also creates great integrity.  And, this is one area, also, where it is beneficial to find a good teacher.  They can serve to bring us closer to understanding our true nature, through their teachings, through their nature, through their integrity.  Yet, eventually, the good teacher will turn us loose upon our own path.  They will guide us to it, and set precepts which we can utilize, to empower us, to become self sufficient in this regard.  Or, to turn to the greater teachers and teachings which reside within the subtle planes.

'Integrity', you know, in English, is derived from the same root word as 'healing.'  They both are derived from that which is "Whole".  To come into healing, to stand in integrity, is simply to be in our wholeness.  It is that simple.  And, I'm beginning to wonder, which part of us is missing?  I can't find any missing parts.  I think it's time we each start claiming our wholeness!  In the end, we each must give up the illusion of separation.  In the end, we are each part of the united Whole of Creation, we are all of the same seed, or source, we are All One.  It is only the imagination of separation which keeps us from seeing our wholeness, our wellness, our greatness, our Divine Being, our Unity.

CS:  How was your personal way to get to these knowings and teachings?

ZB:  There is a three fold path in my own evolution.  I have been incredibly blessed since an early age with inner guidance.  I have been also blessed with incredible teachers in this realm, from whom I have gained a great deal.  And, I have an innate sense of inner knowing, which I believe we all have, but which the pathways in my own life have assisted in unfolding in such ways, that I have allowed myself a deep trust and understanding in myself, which has guided me in ways only that deeper part of me can.

From the time I was 18, I had conscious contact with spiritual guides, some who spoke to me out loud.  It was hard to miss the message.  I, literally, was in a military university, and these guides start saying, out loud, "You know, this isn't exactly what we had in mind for you..."   Not in those exact words, but in those exact terms.  They were kind, as true guides are, in simply providing basic information for me that allowed me to make key decisions in my life, each of which opened immense passages into new worlds.

By the time I was 23, I was having very lucid visionary experiences.  I was seeing into other worlds, and seeing the unity of this world with all life.  I was communing, in human like conversations with trees and other life.  This shattered my learned view of the world, and catapulted me into an alternative lifestyle, seeking deeper understanding of the experiences I was having.  That journey continues today, as I continue to learn and breathe new life and form, new understanding, new and deeper states of grace.  It was not without my shadow.  I have had to grow and learn much as we each have.

At a much later age, having come into a deeper self awareness, I recalled, then met, very early guides, who had accompanied me at ages as early as 2-5 years old.  These were Hathor guides, beings of a spiritually evolved culture whom have been working with us (humanity) planetarily, for eons.  Their name was derived from their association with the cults of Hat'or, another great Egyptian Mother Goddess.  But, they have worked with other cultures, also, through time.

While the memories had been buried, their faces, and the places I was led, were very lucidly recalled. We had an incredible reunion, like old, lost family.  They took me back to places in which they taught me, during those early years, as well as to places I had never recalled seeing before.  Amazing, out of this world, places of understanding and wisdom of this cosmos, far from this physical reality, and yet, no further than the innermost chambers of one's heart.  They taught me ways of holding awareness, to journey into the subtle realms, of how to purify the heart, and so many other practices of discernment, to clarify and integrate this awareness in current conditions, in this body, in this time.  These are, of course, in many ways subjective experiences, and might only be understood or accepted by those whose own experiences allow such belief.  We, of the West, are not taught that there is a reality beyond this physical one, though modern physics is now quickly and brilliantly discarding all old Western thought on such primitive understandings of our nature, and the nature of Creation.  Most other cultures have, for all times, embraced the basic understanding of the other worlds of Creation, and utilized practices to allow their societies to engage in both understanding and direct exploration of the greater Cosmos, and their individual and unique relationship to it, to All That Is.

Through 35 years of such additional experience, I have studied with elders and spiritual adepts of many traditions.  I have done a good deal of living, having and raising two children, much of it as a single parent.  I was given a simple bamboo flute, not unlike an Indian bansurai, and devoted a good deal of my younger adulthood to making and playing flute, and other instruments of other cultures.  This led me directly to the mysteries of sound and healing associated with deep states of awareness and meditative practices other cultures use, to soothe the soul, and explore the cosmos, through various stages of musical and spiritual development.  I took a great deal of time away from deep spiritual contemplation while raising my children.  Yet, Spirit had other plans, as well.

The visions began again in the mid-1980's.  I was guided to begin a healing practice, and eventually began teaching.  I was upon the breast of the great Mt. Shasta in California during the Harmonic Convergence, and given vision of the healing of the Earth, and how to perform prayer ritual calling upon the Holy Beings of All Life, all traditions.  A group of 22 of us went through incredible transformation on that mountain's side.  Many of us imagined the Earth had been healed.  It, certainly, was one amazing doorway we, the Earth, had been thrust through.  I brought a piece of stone down off that mountain, planted it in a medicine wheel, and began a meditation practice.

Early in this time, I began more earnestly studying ancient western traditions, based on principals of the "I Am", "St Germaine", and other similar esoteric schools, including some of the Qabbalistic traditions.  Much came out of the Hermetic schools, and I became closely aware of many of the ancient Egyptian precepts, and the beings who were the Guardians and teachers of those precepts.  At the same time, I became closely allied with the angelic realms, as well as medicine (shamanic) cultures, especially of North America.

I continued other studies, including with master sound healers, pioneers in the field, such as Saruah Benson and Dr. Molly Scott, as well as teachers of other traditions.  Terri Nash, a master channel, taught precepts of illumination, many based in Tibetan Buddhism and Native American culture.  I was introduced to the teachings of the Q'ero, the wisdom keepers of ancient Incan mysticism, through Juan Nunez del Prado, and eventually initiated into their lineages.

I took a 6 year sabbatical in the mid 1990's, spending a great deal of time in natural settings of wondrous beauty, mostly in the northeastern US where I live.  Here, I came in direct revelational contact with the Spirit Keepers and Ancestral and Elemental Beings of the regions where I visited and lived.  I was taught, and learned, how to access these Keepers and their wisdom, through reverence and gratitude, and have been in deep awe of the gifts they have brought forth.

By the late '90's I came in contact with teachers who worked with Tom Kenyon, a master Alchemist of at least 4 traditions, as well as master Sound Healer.  One of those teachers, and Tom, especially, took me into initiatory states I had not seen.  It was with them I re-met my Hathor guides.  Tom has worked with the Hathors now, for decades, and has done more, probably, than any human being, to rekindle our awareness of these amazing beings of great love, compassion, humility, and enlightened grace. His ability to articulate the principals of Egyptian High Alchemy, Tibetan Buddhism, and other traditions is as clear and distinct as I have heard.  His work has been a most powerful influence on my own. 

It was through his initiatory practices with Egyptian High Alchemy, especially, that I came into most distinct contact with lineage carriers of those traditions.  First Hat'or, then Ra, Isis, Horus, Yeshua came.  Later Magdalene, then Sekhmet, Thoth, and others.  Each one has served as a principal initiator in some aspect or another of my inner journey.  Yet, they are family who work cohesively, together, frequently.  Some have had a more pronounced presence than others.  Each have given distinct and life altering understanding regarding the Mysteries, our place, and My place in them.  While much of my understanding in Egyptian Alchemy has evolved from the experiences with Tom, and others, the primary work now comes directly from the wisdom carriers of each tradition.  I am, through direct transmission, given the primary exercises and practices we engage in.  And, it is through those direct connections that such potent transmissions occur for the participants in each program.   Each practice is directly guided, as the individuals who come, and the energies presented, create a refinement of the potential within each practice.

(003.image info*) 
The Goddess Sekhmet

At the same time, my work with the Living Energies of the Earth have tremendously evolved.  Often, the Wisdom Keepers and ancestral spirits of ancient sites, will speak with me.  From the woodlands to the high mountain desert, from ancient ceremonial chambers and stone circles in North America, to the Great Chambers and Stone Circles of Great Britain, to the Apus, or mountain spirits, of Vermont, Peru, or Austria, they will come and speak with me.  It may be when I am in those places, making offerings and requesting refuge in their wisdom.  It may be at 3:30 in the morning when they wake me in my bed.  They will offer, often, profound understanding of principals involved to work with in ancient ceremonial and natural sites, and with the Living Energies of the Earth.  Each body of work evokes similar understanding, yet can be derived from a variety of principals.  The indigenous and shamanic cultures of the world understand these principals, and teach many of the same methodologies.  Some, I have learned directly from the wisdom keepers of those cultures.  But, more, lately, has come directly from the Keepers in the Spirit World.

The third aspect of my work comes from years of working with sound in a therapeutic mode, both individually, in clinical practice, and with groups in seminar and workshop settings.  I have devised a three year School of Sound Healing teaching these principals of the nature of sound, the human energy field, as well as aspects of our physiology, and how to incorporate ancient and contemporary understandings into a practice, either for our own personal development, or to help others in a professional client based practice.  My current third year students want to carry this work forward, and are in the process of creating a group of practitioners who are in service to planetary evolution by offering world healing concerts and ceremonies, utilizing what we have practiced and learned together.  It has been simply incredibly gratifying, and nourishing beyond comprehension!

CS:  When I hear "mystery of Isis," I automatically think of the book "The Magdalen Manuscript" of Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion. Do you teach these practices, which are described in the book?

ZB  As I have mentioned, my work is greatly impacted by the powerful understanding and practices which Tom brings forward.  Judi's work has been slowly evolving and integrated to be more and more a part of Tom's teaching, at least whenever they are bringing the Magdalene Mysteries forward.  They are both powerful visionaries and teachers.  In part, as I understand them, this work, and they teaching it together, is to restore balance of the Divine Principals of Masculine and Feminine upon the planet again.  While we practice aspects of the Alchemies of Horus (Magdalene Manuscript,) as well as other aspects of Tom's work, in my work, my work, now, is primarily based in the direct transmission of knowledge from Wisdom Keepers, or lineage carriers, of the Egyptian (and other) traditions.

CS:  I also think at the television, where I was watching "Stargate". Is there anything in these movies, what is true egyptian alchemy and mystery?

ZB:  I don't know enough about this movie to comment with any authority.  I would expect there was at least some reference to authentic Egyptian culture, but I would have no idea how much or which part.  It is mostly unfortunate that such movies focus upon the limited understanding of fear based culture and violence, versus the magnitude of spiritual growth and wisdom available from coming into contact with the Great Mysteries of the Universe.  It is primarily fear which keeps us from seeing how great we each, and the entirety of the Universe, truly are.

CS:  My personal connection to your work could be my tantra practice and some kind of remembering of a former life in Egypt. I am not sure, if I can trust myself or if this is pure fantasy, but during meditations I had the feeling that I was a priestess of Isis. I don't want to feel as a special person, that is why I am not sure about all the feelings I have about egyptian mysteries. So if you have some answer for me, I will be glad.

ZB:  Learning to accept, with humility, the beauty and power of Who We Are, can be very challenging to our Western mind, which has been trained to not believe in anything but This Life and Time on the Planet.  Who We Are is wrapped in such grandeur, beauty, and mystery, many of us have challenges believing it, recognizing it, or believing we are worthy of such grandeur, beauty, or magic.
It also can take time for our meditative mind to create a sense of other reality to what we have been trained to perceive or believe.  Personally, I find the greatest truths often perceived at that subtle level of meditative states.  Discernment becomes a critical key to our evolution.

I will not comment extensively at this time on tantra, other than to say, first, tantra, as I view it, is a broader wisdom path than most western thought has focused upon, and that there was certainly a great body of tantric wisdom taught in the Egyptian mysteries.  To see some of my further thought on the matter, you might look at some of my program notes on a prior offering:
However, this, certainly, in keeping with the feeling of a prior life as a priestess of Isis, in light of your awareness of the tantric aspects of the Schools of Isis, as Tom shows distinctly in The Magdalene Manuscript, might lead some credence to those feelings.

This interview with Zacciah Blackburn, if from Irene Siegl, of Connection Spirit
An online & print publication from Germany

A Deutsch translation will be available on line in March, 2008.
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Zacciah Blackburn is a gifted intuitive, international teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures, and is practicing in Ascutney, VT.  He is offering a special practice in the Egyptian teachings: Sekhmet:  The Sacred Chord, April 5-6, in Dallas, TX, USA.  Contact Ann Williams for more information:  (972) 612-8663; e-mail:   or see more on Zacciah’s work at his website:
Zacciah is the Director of Education for the New England Sound Healing Research Institute, and Co-founder and Director of the All One Now Network, an international organization devoted to world peace and transformation.  He is an initiate and carrier of the wisdom of Sekhmet, as well as others of the Egyptian, and other ancient lineages, and empowered to convey these teachings through his practices.   
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