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We Are In Heaven (and many of us don’t even know it!)

Center of Light News 6.22.07:

Happy Solstice to all!  We are in the midst of summer, and all around us is in such great bounty!

We wish to share our new Article, and also ask you to participate in upcoming global meditations
this weekend, July 8, 15, and 17.
"We Are In Heaven"

We are living in Heaven, but many of us don't really know...or we just forget it and allow more mundane things to occupy our lives.

Many are telling us, it is time, the time is now...
and it is time also that we start taking a more active Spiritual approach to our lives, and to the world unfolding as we wish to see it.

Many teachers are calling for special global prayers and meditations, and we wish to support this growing call to prayer and dedication to our spiritual unfoldment.

We have the power to assist, perhaps in ways not all do, if only because we are aware of what is happening.  We have some sense of this global empowerment, and call to transformation of humanity. 
This awakens us to our own sense of co-operation and co-creation, a power we each deeply hold.
We can make a difference, by every small and large choice we make, every action we take.

We at The Center, and All One Now, wish to utilize our services to the best extent we can.

Therefore, we are offering the following possibilities for those on the East Coast:
  • Tom Kenyon has called for a global meditation Sunday, July 8.  see info below.
  • Many have heard about the amazing story of Shelley Yates and the "Fire the Grid" ceremonies to take place July 17.  Patricia Cota Robles has also asked we participate in that.
  • We give information on that, and offer a world healing service, Sunday, July 15.  Tom will join us long distance for a live broadcast at 8:30 PM EST at
  • We will also offer a healing ceremony at the end of this weekend's program in Fairhaven, MA.
  • We are working on broadcasts with these eloquent teachers, but do not have definitive dates to make announcements as of yet.
We are going to assist in creating some active participatory experiences for those of you whom wish to help in these calls to world service!

  • This weekend (June 23-24), we shall offer global healing prayers to conclude the Magdalene retreat at the Healing Arts Center in FairHaven, MA.
  • Space is still open in that program.  We shall open space at the end of the program for the greater community to come and join us.
  • For program information, see:


We will offer an opportunity to join in Tom Kenyon's world meditations, to learn techniques to assist in creating balance and harmony within us, enter into ecstastic states at will, and to anchor waves of escalating galactic energies which are entering our atmosphere, and intended to assist us in this global transformation.  These increasing waves are part of what is causing growing instability worldwide in our psychic and emotional awareness, sleep patterns, cognitive abilities, and other physiological symptoms.
  • We are co-ordinating an event with the Unity Church of Essex Junction (near Burlington,) VT to offer a world healing service focusing on these energies and techniques, as we are being asked to assist.
  • The program will be SUNDAY JULY 8 at the Unity Church, from 4-7 PM.
  • There is no fee for the program, but we will ask for a suggested $30 donation to cover expenses for the program, and raise funds for the All One Now Network programs.
  • The Power of Sacred Sound, linking up with healers and individuals worldwide, and our willing intentions to assist, will create an awesome momentum for this planetary healing service!
  • Those in need of healing, we also invite you to come and join  us!

Our next offering will be here in our own Center.  We have called for 4 ceremonial "Grandfather" drums, and invite others to come to join us as well, and activate them during a class we are having that weekend on Sacred Sound Transmissions. 
  • At the end of class, we invite all in the community to join us for a world healing ceremony, followed by a potluck supper, 4-7 PM.  Again, there will be no fee, but a suggested donation.
  • We ask that you bring something to share, bring your drums, your rattles, and your willingness to contribute your healing prayers and heartfelt intentions to the Mother Earth, and to all of Creation. 
  • Those in need of healing, we also invite you to come and join  us!
We make this as an offering to prepare us for the July 17 Global meditations, which you can read about at:
And, again, we hope to be offering free broadcasts regarding these services at with Tom, his partner Judi Sion, and Patricia Cota Robles, and Shelley Yates regarding the Fire the Grid ceremonies.
Visit for information when available!
Tom will join us long distance for a live broadcast at Sunday, July 15, 8:30 PM EST at 
Judi and Tom will speak with us on August 12 at 8:30 PM.

And, watch for additional information in upcoming newsletters!

Other program information is below:
  • Initial Discount deadline on upcoming 2007-8 Sound HEALERS Trainings.
  • Return to Beauty; Aug 15-19.  Learn to breathe with the Earth, be nourished by her beauty, and come into resonance with your own.
  • Magdalene:  The Call of Isis; This Sat-Sun:  Jun 23-24
    • The 3 Marys approach, Isis is behind.  The richness of our Divinity awaits us.  The Call of the Open Heart compels us.  Time is Near.  Join us in the calling.
The Art of Sacred Sound Transmissions, next Sound Healing class, July 13-15, still space available.

Early Registration discount deadlines were yesterday, June 21, for our 2007-8 Sound Healers Trainings.
Because we were unable to get advanced notice to you, we will extend this discount for those who call 10-4 today, June 22, Fri or Mon, June 25, or who register on line by Monday evening (follow links for that information:)
  • In depth 8 month/8 weekend Sound Healers Practitioner Training.
    If paid by June 25, 2007,  total program cost $2250.    A savings of 20%, -$550.  
  • (We accept MC, Visa, and checks posted by Monday.)
  • You may participate in one or all classes.
  • NEW PROGRAM information up on line.
  • July 13-15, 2007:    The Art of Sacred Sound Transmissions:  Attuning to, and giving voice to the subtle realms of consciousness for healing and well being.
  • Additional Level II trainings in July and August.

The Next in our Series:

Watch Listings for our October 25-28 2-4 day retreat.  Awaiting Ra:  Horus:  THE AWAKENING and THE GOLDEN BODY: Sacred Tantra

   The pathway to entering and sustaining illuminated states of awareness
Egyptian High Alchemy,
and Personal Evolution
The 3 Marys approach, Isis is behind.  The richness of our Divinity awaits us.  The Call of the Open Heart compels us.  Time is Near.  Join us in the calling.

June 23-24, 2007
in Fairhaven, MA (near New Bedford)
10 AM - 6 PM Sat;   10 AM - 4 PM Sun.
$175. if registered and paid by June 1;
$195. if paid by June 10:  
$225 thereafter.

August 15-19;  RETURN TO BEAUTY; Touching our Authentic Self
        A five day journey to sacred power sites and ancient ceremonial centers with initiations into the Peruvian Q'ero traditions (wisdom keepers of the Incan lineages).  No prior training is required to participate in this program.
For other programs with early registration deadlines in our Earth Mysteries series, see link below.
Participation in this program or our June Sacred Sites / Shamanic Trainings is required to participate in our August or Sept Advanced Level Shamanic trainings:  APPROACHING SACRED SITES:  MOVING BETWEEN WORLDS

Please contact us for further information on all programs.
We look forward to seeing you!

Don't forget to look at our crystal and Tibetan bowls and bells, Native American Flutes and Drums, and new Didgeridoo products, with many more
  •  at
Blessings in your life and work.

Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Ascutney, VT  05030   USA

Zacciah Blackburn is a gifted intuitive, teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures.  He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, at the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies (   Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in mystical settings, for personal healing and transformation.  He is Director of Education at the Sound Healing Network, & co-founder & Director of the World Sound Healing Organization, and the All One Now network of organizations working for global peace. He also offers musical/sound healing instruments of sacred sound cultures at


©2007 Zacciah Blackburn, this message may be copied and shared as long as it is not altered and the above credit is included.  Thank you.


The many realms of Zacciah's trainings into the Illumination of Consciousness, including the Egyptian Mysteries, the Earth Mysteries, with  Indigenous trainings, and other program formats, and the Professional Sound Healers Trainings, will provide ever more revealing journeys in both professional explorations and more personal transformational opportunities, for those wishing to pursue the Mystery as revealed through use of our own awareness, guided exercises, esoteric energy practices, and Sacred Sound Initiations.

We welcome your requests for additional information regarding these programs.

Zacciah, and Staff
Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies


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Zacciah Blackburn is a sound healer trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures. 
Zacciah is Director of Education for the New England Sound Healing Research Institute,  &
Co-Founder of
the World Sound Healing & All One Now Organizations.

                                                                           Zacciah Blackburn,  The Center of Light

P.O. Box 389, Hidden Glen Road, Ascutney, VT 05030    USA           

Phone: 802-674-9585   Fax: 802-674-9586 

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The  Center of Light in Vermont
Zacciah Blackburn
220 Hidden Glen Rd.
P.O. Box 389
Ascutney, VT  05030  USA

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