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The Illumination of Consciousness

A Special 4 Day Celebration of Awakening Consciousness Practices
Black Mountain, North Carolina
(Near Asheville)

Primary Weekend Practice

Lifting Planetary Awareness
October 31-November 1, 2009
  10-6 Saturday, 10-4 Sunday
at the
Black Mountain Sanctuary,
Black Mountain, NC

Raising The Djed, Egyptian Mysteries
and, Raising the Planetary Vibration
~What is Going On, and What We Can Do About It~
-In these times of extraordinary Human Awakening-

This is an in depth, 2 day practice

This program will fill, and will be
Zacciah's only program in NC before summer or fall, 2010

You will want to participate in this work.
For this program, register with The Center of Light staff in Vermont.


The djed is an Egyptian term for the primary energy vessels in the human etheric energy body, or system.  Both the spinal column, and the shushumna, or pranic tube, are referred to as the Djed.
Raising the Djed is a method of cultivating awareness and energy in its base, and raising it up the spinal column or pranic tube, much like raising one's kundalini.
When this is coupled with opening to, and activating, one's sacred center of individual evolved, or Divine consciousness, which resides above the crown, we are capable of extraordinary awakening.
We will be working with explicit understanding of the vibrational nature of higher states of consciousness to raise this vital energy and awareness up the djed into ever evolved states of being.  We shall engage in direct initiations into, and understanding of how to, fuse this elevated state into our highest celestial consciousness.
The methods used can assist both in personal and planetary evolution.

We shall end with methods of how to engage in planetary service to more fully understand how to seed these states into a collective awakening.

    You have heard about, and may or may not be deeply involved in, the current transformation or evolution of planetary consciousness.  What is going on?  Many report sleep and memory disorders, unusual energy shifts and mood swings, perhaps often tired, overwhelmed, stress building in the body, unusual physical symptomology, so many in our lives passing on, or perhaps unusual spontaneous awakenings, insight, or feelings of happiness, bliss, ecstasy, deep peaceful states, even inner sight.  At a national, international, and cultural level, there are so many shifts, collapse of structures and systems we are used to, planetary chaos, wars, famine, ecological devastation.  What is going on?
What can we do to assist in this time of tremendous change and upheaval,
either from a personal or planetary perspective?  Why do so many of us have sudden inclinations to change our lives, or to become healers or facilitators for others, during these changes as they we see them arising planetarily.
We will review up to date information from science, psychics, indigenous elders and leading edge teachers in the fields of human consciousness development; we shall explore awareness techniques to assist in this time of incredible change and transformation.
Zacciah Blackburn is an intuitive sound master, working with integral states of consciousness for over 34 years.  He will offer insight, take questions, and guide us in inner explorations via Sacred Sound Transmissions, and direct initiations from the subtle planes of awakened consciousness, which allow us to see into the other worlds, receive direct guidance, and view our life situation in more bountiful ways.  These Sacred Sound practices will offer opportunity for practical application of exercises to relax, nourish, connect, and gain deeper insight relevant to our life and well being, as well as explicit practice to raise personal vibration, and initiation into sacred states of Being.
Many who know, say this is primary to what is needed as we enter these times many refer to as  the time of the Lifting the Veils (the Apocalypse,) the Ascension, the Awakening, or, as the Peruvians call it, "the Time of Meeting Ourselves Again."
Zacciah will draw from the wealth of his esoteric teachings, and focus on practices his inner teachers offer in relation to raising personal and planetary frequencies, a step necessary for us to pass this threshold of human transformation.

It is truly time we engage in this work, of uplifting ourselves, and consequently, all humanity, into frequencies of harmony and well being for the whole planet.  Indeed our lives, and choices, effect life far beyond our planet.

Additional information IS BELOW
   COST:  $205
if Registered and paid by 10/1/09,

$245 thereafter

at the exquisite
Black Mountain Sanctuary,
Black Mountain, NC
for our primary weekend training: 

 Contact Our Offices by phone, fax, or mail:
The Center of Light Institute
   of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies

 P.O. Box 389
 Ascutney, VT  05030  USA

 Phone:  (802) 674-9585
  Fax:  (802) 674-9586

 Or register on line via MC/Visa credit/debit card or PayPal go to:
Sat - Sun Practice, Held at the beautiful:
   Black Mountain Sanctuary
A private retreat space in Black Mountain, North Carolina
80 High Top Colony Road, Black Mountain, NC 28711
(828) 669-8055
For directions and information on the Sanctuary click here:

Meals & Lodging not included
Some Snacks, coffee, & tea, are provided

For a list of Accomodations & restaurants in the area
    click here

Additional program information is below.  More may be added at any time.
For our latest updates, subscribe to our newsletter!

Two Introductory Programs


 Awakening The Djed
An Evening Introduction
Thursday evening, Oct 29, 7-9 PM; $20.
with an additional

Afternoon Training in
Techniques for Sound Healing
Friday afternoon, Oct 30, 1-5 PM; $50.

at the Dome
UR Light Center,
Black Mountain, NC
Awakening The Djed
An Evening Introduction
Thursday evening, Oct 29, 7-9 PM; $20.
Thursday evening's program is a two hour introduction to the Raising the Djed practices.
This program will acquaint you with this body of work, and give you a good introduction to it, including specific skills to enliven our primary energy vessel (the Djed), and make contact with the subtle realms of our being.
However, this program is very likely to fill before this evening practice.  We highly recommend you register for the full training if you feel it will be of benefit to you.
Additional information below, and throughout this page, is relevant to this introductory practice.
Register for this program with the UR Light Center.

Friday's practice is a 4 hour introduction to:
 Techniques for Sound Healing
sound healing instrumentsZacciah will offer four hours of instruction and beneficial practices on the nature of sound healing, and how to use instruments and voice for attunement, alignment, clearing and release.  Practices will help both novice and professionals in sound practices, for personal or professional therapeutic application, including finding one's authentic voice, in alignment with one's highest essence.  Zacciah has a unique ability to offer in depth and insightful training which informs experienced facilitators, while opening newcomers to clear understanding and techniques which can benefit all.
Friday afternoon, Oct 30, 1-5 PM; $50.

These 2 introductory programs are held at
the UR Light Center in Black Mountain, NC.
For these programs, register with the
UR Light Center staff.

Zacciah Blackburn is a highly skilled intuiive teacher and guide in sound healing and esoteric awareness practices for true awakening of consciousness.  He has worked in the field for over 3 decades, offers a 3 year program in therapeutic sound healing practices, and teaches internationally a variety of esoteric trainings in consciousness and earth healing practices.
He is Director of Education for the International Sound Healing Network.

Zacciah's work has long focused on the emerging transformation of human consciousness.
This work, Raising the Djed, begins a new series of programs explicit to this new era of awakening which humanity is entering, with explicit steps to assist in this personal and collective awakening, long prophecied by many cultures of the world.

Thursday's introduction, Awakening the Djed, will offer keen insight into the nature of this incredible threshold of awakening, upon which humanity stands poised.     Friday's Sound Healing Training is

These two introductory programs will be held at the
UR Light Center in Black Mountain.
The full two day workshop, RAISING THE DJED,
will be held at the Black Mountain Sanctuary.
Please be sure you are not confused by these two locations, both in Black Mountain, NC

The Djed programs will bring you to ecstactic states of well being, in which you will have the opportunity to feel the blessings of the highest dominions of consciousness.

We highly recommend that all those seeking to truly understand or experience the Awakened states of human consciousness, which are our true potential as Divine human beings, participate in this extraordinary work.

This practice is the first full length program offering of these highly guided intuitive sound transmissions, which bring us into direct contact with 'holy beings,' who are the ascended masters of ancient cultures, angels and allies of the celestial and ancestral realms of subtle planes of existence, which the Tibetans call the "Pure Realms of Light and Sound." 
It is a rare opportunity to engage in this work, and probably the last opportunity to experience Zacciah's work in North Carolina for another year.

Join US.

Thursday - Friday introductory practices
held at UR Light Center, Black Mountain, NC

Please register for these introductory programs
with the UR Light Center Staff:

Black Mountain, NC, is located on I-40, 15 miles east of Asheville.  Take exit 64 and turn south on Route 9 for 8.2 miles. 

Turn right at the Light Center sign and follow the gravel road to the dome.

Light Center Phone:  828.669.6845
Light Center E-mail

You may find accomodations for the entire weekend
at the UR Light Center.  Contact their staff.  

Map of Black Mountain, NC, Region, and Asheville


  From our Series:

   The pathway to entering and sustaining illuminated states of awareness

With Master Sound Healer & Intuitive Guide
Zacciah Blackburn
Information:                802.674.9585

This program offers an explicit meditative technique which opens one's potential for accelerated learning of the inner skills of mastery of one's subtle senses known as the "Siddhis."  It involves "seeding" of our psychic centers with power phrases which assist in this accelerated opening and empowerment.

The power of sacred sound transports us into other worldly understanding, direct experience of the subtle realms of consciousness, and the hidden dimensions of our being.  They provide profound opportunities for deep initiatory processes, and awakening, unlike few other practices are able to offer.

This program contains sacred sound transmissions, which will further our opportunity to receive and be directly empowered by the lineage carriers of this tradition.

Join with us, in this special time.

These are excellent times to engage in practices to abide within the self, to turn deeper within, to gain insight and awareness directly from the subtle worlds, to align with personal higher consciousness, and the guides of the subtle worlds of being.
These are ancient practices to awaken the subtle senses, align with Self, and invigorate and restore balance, health, and well being within us.

These potent meditations can align us with the deep stirring of our own being, enabling us to see into the other worlds, peer through the veils, see the mysteries prior hidden to us, both within ourselves, and within the greater cosmos.  They also serve to enliven our awareness and physiology, to restore balance and harmony again.

We welcome you to join us!

These are special days to begin or continue our work in Sacred Alchemy,
 the Transformation of Consciousness.

It is time we come forward to touch and sustain our Greater Sanctity. 
The Elders of all cultures are telling us the time is now, we have entered the Illumined Doorway: 
We must utilize our abilities to move into heightened & ecstatic states of awareness
to fully bring the world into its own natural and evolutionary state.

Those whom have not yet attended our programs, will find this a most profoundly moving experience.  Those whom know what to expect, still, often find more than expected.

These programs are for those truly ready to enter and explore deep states of affinity, of connection, of healing, integrity, and commitment to their own authentic being.

The iniations involved, are for those ready to take responsbility for their own life conditions, for those preparing for their own highest evolution, within this life time, and ready to step forward in their greater life work.  Come if you feel called.

 These programs are designed to guide us into a sacred state of being and consciousness. Most participants report experiences unlike any they have had.
”Life Transforming,” “Deeply moving and Healing” -are quotes often heard from participants.

We look forward to sharing in these programs with you.

Many blessings to all.

Our main, 2 day weekend practice is held at the beautiful
Black Mountain Sanctuary

Black Mountain Sanctuary is very conveniently located, and easy to get to–just a little over one mile from I-40, yet private and secluded, on three beautiful acres of forested land, surrounded by two pristine mountain creeks. The property is private, and access to visitors is limited to participants of scheduled events or by invitation.



From Asheville NC, take 1-40 East to exit 64, Black Mountain (12 miles)

Right on Highway 9 South, go 4/10 mile, and turn right on Blue Ridge Road (road forks to right).

Go 3/10 mile, and turn left on South Blue Ridge Road (between the horse pastures).

Go 250 feet and turn right on Old Lakey Gap Road

Go 1/10 mile and turn left on High Top Colony, keep right at fork, go to #80 on left

   (Look for the green mailbox on the left after the paved portion of the road ends,

    #80 High Top Colony Road)


Cross the bridge, and park in the gravel parking area on the left, or in the meadow on the right.

Additional parking and handicapped parking is available if you continue up the driveway to the upper level. Parking space is limited–when possible, please carpool.


Enter either through the front door on the lower level parking area, or from the upper level parking areas you may enter through the A-frame cabin. Please do not plan to arrive any earlier than 30 minutes prior to scheduled events unless you have made arrangements in advance.


If you have questions, you may contact John Marcum at (828) 669-8055 or (828) 333-2976.

Please be aware that immediately prior to an event, the telephones may already be silenced. Telephones will not be answered for the duration of a scheduled event. Message relay service is not offered.

For map or other information on the Black Mountain Sanctuary, click here.

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Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Ascutney, VT  05030   USA
Zacciah is an intuitive, teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures.  He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, at the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies.  Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in mystical settings, for personal healing and transformation.  He is Director of Education at the New England Sound Healing Research Institute, & co-founder & Director of the World Sound Healing Organization, and the All One Now network of organizations working for global peace, and recently selected to the Board of the new Sound And Music Alliance, a non-profit professional association building and supporting excellence in the field of intentional sound and music practices for wellness.


 Zacciah Blackburn, Director

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Fax:  (802) 674-9586

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