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The Greater Whole
Sound Healing Trainings
ONLINE Jan 17, plus 1 day Spain, 6 day retreats W.MA,
  Empowerments For Healing and Transformation
The Hidden Treasures, Heaven and Earth, High Tantra
Programs in Switzerland, Spain and Canada
World Prayer Service & Peruvian Waterfall Practice
(free mp4 and video)
The Three Jewels Practice OnLine Jan 29!
Advanced Practice Gathering OnLine Feb 7!

Dorothy and Raphael at Yoga Roots, Williston, Jan 20
Training Opportunities in Sound Healing
Sound Healing Trainings
Limited Registration, sign up now
2) IN DEPTH, 6 Day retreat in
Sound, Healing, and Consciousness:
April 9-14, 2019
Leyden MA
This program fills annually, sign up soon.
Participants may continue in our Full First Year training if they desire. 
3) MODULE II, 6 Day retreat in Sound, Healing, and Consciousness:
Leyden MA
PRE-REQUISITE:  Open to anyone who has completed the first program in Sound Healing and Consciousness, or other 5-6 day Sound Healing training retreats we have offered.
Those who complete the first two modules can continue in Module III and IV in 2020 for our full first year training in the School of Sound Healing
4) Sound, Healing and Consciousness
Madrid, Spain, May 25, 2019
All Programs Here
5) Do you know we can DEVISE YOUR OWN TRAINING:
We co-create one on one INDIVIDUAL PROFESSIONAL SKILLS TRAINING for you, tailored to your specific needs in therapeutic sound, for your self or professional practice. You can participate in person, on line, by phone or skype.

EMPOWERMENTS for Healing and Transformation
  Switzerland, May 30-June 2, 2019
Heaven and Earth,
High Tantra
Madrid, Spain, May 25, 2019
Ottawa Canada October 17-20, 2019
Heaven and Earth,
High Tantra
Near Ottawa
Watch for news on the Conscious Sound Concert weekend, Labor Day, at Gaia, September, 2019
Egg of Creation - Women's Mysteries Rattle - Black, natural, in hand.The Egg has held mystical symbolism throughout cultures, throughout history. It symbolizes the mysteries and powers of Creation, and especially symbolizes the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine.
This is a new product at Sunreed Instruments created by our own Dorothy Stone.
See and hear it here.
See our Growing Collection of New Products and Excellent tools and Instruments for Sound and Shamanic Healing practitioners, World Musicians, Sacred Chant practitioners, and more.
Watch Zacciah demonstrate the mystical use of rattles as a tool of power, healing and creation, in his upcoming online training,
Sunreed InstrumentsYour Source for Sound Healing 
    • Incredible new Crystal and Tibetan Bowl selections
      • Our own unique and special
      • HEAVEN AND EARTH 9 bowl set here
        • provides the practitioner with enhanced multiple possibilities for working with the magnificent sounds of crystal bowls musically, harmonically, meditatively, and in advanced chakra and other healing practices, whether working with one’s own healing paradigm, a client based practice, musical performance, or groups.
      • New Patented Technique Mineral Fusion Bowls here
    • Native Drums and Rattles
    • New expanded lists of Kirtan and East Indian instruments
    • CD's
      • Free Consultations on Selections and Use
      • Gift Certificates
      • Trainings
      • Therapeutic and private sound healing training sessions
We are experts in the field.  You can call or email us and consult with us about our products and services, and what the best options may be for you or your loved ones. 
Let us know how we might help you.
See details at Sunreed Instruments
Educational and Therapeutic services:


The Awakened Heart of HumanityFor those who DID NOT SEE or Listen:
We are sharing again our invitation and invocation for World Prayer Services.
This is a full explanation of how you can use this practice for your own World Healing Services, with a FREE MP4 download from our November Empowerments practice:
In this time of extraordinary change in our world, Dorothy and I wanted to offer this simple invocation and prayer song for all humanity.  You can build your own prayers from this, or sit and rest in the soft spoken word and tones of our voices.  It is invoking, inviting the holy ones of all realms to join us in this work for healing and transformation.  We invite you to listen, and enjoy this free offering, and use it in your own work.
Read more, and listen to the mp4 file here.
20181222-115858-peruvian.brook.practice.25.25.jpgPeruvian Waterfall Practice:
I often say the Peruvian practices are some of my favorite, due to their simplicity and efficacy.  This is possibly my favorite of the practices, Receiving the Blessings of All Who Have Gone Before You, and Giving Your Blessings to All Yet to Come!
Simple, and effective:  
An explanation and free video of the practice, with the Sacred Waters on our own property here at the Center of Light, given Dec 22, 2018.
See Peruvian Waterfall Practice here
We also offered a nice Solstice Prayer here, in case you did not see!  We wish you most sacred blessings of the New Year! 
May we all focus on that which is truly meaningful, magical, and fulfilling in our lives this year, and beyond! 
Many blessings!
Sound Temple:  Dorothy and Raphael in Yoga Roots Jan 20, Williston
Dorothy and RaphaelJoin Dorothy Stone and Raphael Groten in Yoga Roots
Jan 20, 2-3 PM in Williston.
Bringing a balance of sacred Masculine and Feminine energies and weaving light vibrations and frequencies in a Temple of Sound. Relax deeply in a restorative pose and breathe into a sacred soundscape.
The frequencies of crystal bowls, Tibetan bells, tuning forks, harmonium, guitar, drums, and sacred chant all combine with the vocal toning of the Sounders to instill harmony, balance, peace and grace.
Check it out at
The Three Jewels, Jan 29 ONLINE
The Three Jewels - Jan 29, 2019 - Online ZOOMThe precious 3 Jewels practice, of Tibetan Buddhist origin, awakening our Sacred Luminous Bodies, Sacred Refuge, and gateways to the inner kingdoms and hidden treasures.  Join us in this special 2 hr on line presentation and experiential Sacred Sound Practice.
See details here.
Advanced On Line Gathering Feb 7
For those who have been gathering with us in our advanced trainings, we are offering a Feb 7 On Line Gathering!!  We thought we'd give time for those in our community to say hi to each other, share some time with each other, and share in a practice with Dorothy and I as well....  We plan on sending an invitation out soon.  While this is listed on line, it is available only to those who have been participating regularly with us.  Let us know if you want to be sure you are on the list.   Blessings.
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