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See our Articles and Meditation Practice Below, on Summer Solstice and Solar Energy Alignments


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Summer Solstice and Solar Energy Articles and Practices:
Mid-Summer Solstice this year is on Sunday, June 20 at 11:32 P.M. EDT.
Since our earliest known origins, our ancestors around the world have celebrated this Gateway to the Sun as a time of remarkable potential.
This is the time of the sun crossing into its longest day of the year.
Traditionally, it has been celebrated as the time of fullness of return of light, of life and fertility.
It is a time we still celebrate the warm, nourishing days of summer, as we join in family and community gatherings.  But it also is a time to truly engage with the cleansing and nurturing energy of the elemental light and life forces of the sun, as a conduit to more fully ignite our own light and life force within.

The actual date of solstice varies slightly year to year.
In modern times it is celebrated as the 'official' beginning of summer.  Yet, in indigenous cultures, including ancient Celtic, it is called the 'Mid Summer Solstice', because many indigenous cultures mark the seasons differently.  This is the mid point of summer, the highest point of the sun in the sky, that time of fullest potential of its Light; and the beginning of turning toward the fulfillment and consequence of its warmth and fertility, and the coming harvests of the year.  What have we planted, what have we sown?  What shall we nourish with the warmth and jubilation of the sun to bring to fruition this year?

Join us in this celebration with our Summer Sale.

But, also, take a moment to reflect more deeply on this time, on the qualities of the solar principle.
It is an empowering time to work with the Sun as a partner in the Heavens, a partner in our relationship with the Cosmos. 
It is the high wisdom keepers of the Incan descendants, the Q'ero, who point to this prophetic time we are in, the "Taripay Pacha," or "Time of Meeting Ourselves Again," when they say quite distinctly, that when enough of us come into Right Relationship with the Living Energies of the Cosmos, this will be the catalyst to propel humanity into its collective awakening!
We each have our part to contribute.  What is yours, and what are you doing with that?
Take some time, today, to feel the compelling energies of the Sun, and all it gives to us, and Life on Earth.

Below are 3 articles written in prior years focusing on these qualities.
One includes a simple but very effective meditation/energy practice to connect with the Light Principle and Warmth of the sun, to clarify, align with, and ignite our deepest core Light within.
Blessings through your summer!
Zacciah B
This time of year offers us an extraordinary opportunity to enter deep relationship with qualities of the sun that can clarify, nourish, vitally charge and align our inner core and our physiology.
The sun is representative of the Divine Masculine aspects of consciousness, of the Cosmos, and of our self.  So, there are greater lessens to be learned in this as well, as it is a part of all of us.
Those of us whom have followed this work, know that we have both spoken a great deal about the Divine Feminine, and, equally called upon the Principles of the Divine Feminine to awaken and restore within us, places of Beauty, Balance, Reverence for all of Creation, and Joy.
We are in a time of profound re-awakening and re-emergence of the Principles of the Divine Feminine. In our lifetimes, there have been remarkable growth through the Feminist movement, the movement toward gender equality, the re-emergence of the wisdom of many of our planets’ Goddess cultures, Earth ecology and wisdom, the rise of indigenous wisdom, and the need for, and restoration of, balance and respect of the intuitive and feeling principles of our existence in partnership with the cognitive, rational, science based predominant male culture of the last era.
We are in powerful times of transformation.  Many of us are experiencing more and more continual flux in what appears as chaos, as we come to terms with re-evaluation, realization, and integration of our primary needs, responsibilities, and dreams and goals in our lives. 

Playing Crystal Singing Bowls For Sound Baths And Simple Meditations - May 4th, 2022 - ZOOM Online Program

In this course, sound master Zacciah Blackburn will guide participants through selecting crystal singing bowls, and playing crystal singing bowls, for a group of people and for oneself with simple methodology to promote relaxation, and a general sense of well-being. This course is a simple overview. 

Online: An Introduction to Sound Healing I 

September 15-18, 2022

This is a high quality, in depth program offered for novice and experienced practitioner to gain wisdom, insight, and experience to create or further your practice as a sound healing therapist, whether for personal or professional use, as well as to integrate sound into an existing therapeutic modality.
Sunreed Instruments has been using frame drums within profound meditations since the 1980's. In this short two hour course, Zacciah intends to share a good deal of his experience working with the drums. From this program you can expect to learn the difference between different sizes and skins for frame drums, general care for your drums, and as well basic principles for using a frame drum in a meditative practice.

Learn More & Register Here

staroftaracenterpics1-79113.1644261762.jpgThe Star Of Tara Wisdom Series
April-Sept, 2022

 An Intermediate Program
Leading To Advanced Studies 

With Zacciah Blackburn and Dorothy Stone

Tara is a sacred name in many cultures, from India and Tibet to ancient Ireland. She is a feminine deity in Tibetan Buddhism, who represents the “Mother of Compassion,” or “Mother of all Buddhas” (awakened beings.) She is a guide and teacher, often coming to students ‘when they are ready.’

See all information or register here (prior studies required.)

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