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It is the Time of the Sun.


This time of year offers us an extraordinary opportunity to enter deep relationship with qualities of the sun that can clarify, nourish, vitally charge and align our inner core and our physiology.

The sun is representative of the Divine Masculine aspects of consciousness, of the Cosmos, and of our self.  So, there are greater lessens to be learned in this as well, as it is a part of all of us.

It is not a mere co-incidence that this also is the time we honor the Father’s in our lives.  We often offer practices to earthprayers.thaay.rose.dsc00021.s35.jpghonor and activate the solar/Divine Masculine aspects of ourselves, which we all carry, and which can be very healing, transformative, and nourishing.  Continue reading below to experience such a practice we can use to not only honor, but activate that Solar Principle more fully within our self.   It is worth the time to honor yourself and rest in such rich and transformative work, deepening relationship with living aspects of Creation around and within you.

Once the sun reaches the passage of Equinox each year, its clarity, warming, and nourishing properties become quite evident.  This, in fact, begins around Imbolc each year, in late January and early February, the turning of the sun from Winter to Spring as honored in so many cultures.  Here, even in the Northeast, you can feel the warming of the sun, the strengthening of its Light, even on cold days.  The sap of the trees responds to this warming light and begins to run.  You can see the red buds already building even though it still appears to be deep winter in our northern lands.  Soon after, the maple is running so strong it is the beginning of maple season in the Northeast.  The farmers know, and are gathering the sap for its nourishing and sweetening qualities.

mtascutney.sunstar1.40cr.75.jpgAs the Sun passes Equinox, it becomes stronger and stronger.  At this time of year, approaching Mid-Summer Solstice, it is hard to not notice.  No matter the weather, rain or shine, we highly recommend you pay close attention to the Time of the Sun.  Find times the Sun is shining brightly, or peaking through clouds and rain (quite cleansing and nourishing themselves, in a different way, as each Element has its own cleansing and nourishing qualities!)  When you can feel the Sun on these peak days, when it is highest in the sky, especially on charged, clear atmospheric days, you can literally feel the electric charge of the Sun.  If you enter into a meditative collaboration with it, you can easily feel its photonic energy cascade through your bio-field and cells, stripping away excess energy (heavy energy,) clarifying, then nourishing and charging your entire field and physiology.

Rest in it, allow it, feel it.  The feeling states are what will drive your deeper awareness and experience with this. 
Recognize the Sun as a living being, and life force, a part of the Living Cosmos, here in service to our life form and life force on Earth.  Feel its vital essence pouring down, penetrating, and charging your form, and your entire field.  Allow yourself to receive its vital nutrients.  It will feed you.  Just as the Earth and her vital flora and fauna, and beauty and resonance, feed us through the year.  Most indigenous and wisdom cultures of the world honor the Sun as a local representative of the Divine Masculine.  Its luminous character reminding us of our greater being, for, deep within us, we have a vital sun shining our own luminosity into the world.  We can feel this, and use the Sun as a living example of how to activate, nourish, and generate this vital part of our self.

sun.pcii.dscn6035.50.jpgYou can feel the union of Sun with your earthly body, deeply nourishing you both at a cellular level, but also in your entire energy spectrum.  Traditional peoples honor early May as what we in the west call Beltane (honoring our Celtic roots,) the time of union of Sun and Earth.  It is seen, literally, as the marriage of Sun and Earth, where Sun is fertilizing the fields of Earth, even as the early flowers are blooming, their pollen spreading, these being the future seeds and grains in agricultural societies that will feed them through the year.  (The Northeast US of course has a slightly later time of full blossom than many of our European ancestors, but the process remains the same.)
This Union of Sun and Earth is literally what I am speaking about.  Realize it is not a metaphor, but the time of year the Sun is fertilizing our fields, the sull spectrum of our bio-field, or energy field/auric field, and chakras.  Receive it, drink it in.  Let it be so.  Feel its warming, cleansing, and nourishing properties.

0.57329main-mm-image-feature-151-jwfull.40.70.jpgTake time through this time, especially up through Solstice time (June 20-22, depending on the year), when the solar energy is the strongest.  Take time to rest in the sun.  Allow it’s vital force to burn away the dross of your being, those energies that bind and blind us from our own deeper reality and well-being.  Use a meditative practice to draw up those energies within you that are not serving you.  Offer them to the sun for release and cleansing.  As you do, your spirit will feel uplifted.  And you will be more open, receptive, and able to perceive and receive the vital nourishing properties of the Sun.

It is no co-incidence, that in the Mayan language, the name for the Sun, day, and time, are the same, or similar[1].  The Mayan and other traditional peoples have particular practices of honoring and ‘drinking in the Sun,’ and its temple.of.the.sun.macchu.piccu.2005.006-4.jpgproperties.  I recall a Toltec master teaching us how to literally honor and drink in the wisdom of the Sun each morning, on rising, drawing that life force and wisdom of the day into our energetic fields with our hands, and similarly, thanking each evening as it draws low on the horizon.  I still do this almost every morning when I rise, and every evening I have a horizontal view of the sun.  I recall other teachers speaking to that morning ‘Wisdom of the Sun,’ and how it is this guides the animal kingdom through each day, because the morning Sun carries with it messages of the day, and how the day will unfold.  And, my Andean elders honored the Temples of the Sun, visible in almost every Incan sanctuary, as a place to anchor that solar energy, each year, to renew, revitalize, nourish and protect the Earth in that region.  You can do the same by anchoring the sun in your own energy field, as if you were that monolith yourself, grounded in the body and wisdom of the Earth!

sunset0102xxxs.50.pc.ii.2.jpgWhat is your relation with the Sun?  We, who are to foster ‘Right Relationship’ with every aspect of the Living Cosmos, do well to note this relationship of the local Divine Masculine aspect of our world.  How do we perceive it, and its connection and relationship with the Divine Feminine?  How does it/he influence our lives on a daily basis?  Do we recognize, honor, cherish and appreciate the Sun, even as many of us honor the Earth as a local aspect of our Divine Mother?

dorothy.women.macchu.piccu.2011.dscn9016.s50.20.jpgIt is the Union of the Two which creates Life on Earth as we know it.  They are the principles mirroring, no, embodying the very principles of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within us, and the very core of All Creation.
Let us remember the Heart of the Sun, His great wisdom and life provoking properties.  May we enter a Living Relationship with the Sun, drink in his wisdom and luminosity, and utilize it to vitalize, charge, and ignite our own luminosity within.

And, may we honor all of the Fathers, even those who did not know how to honor us.  May we honor them, to give them the opportunity to learn, to heal, and to grow in their own level of potential, whatever it may be.

And may they each come to cherish and nourish their true Divine Masculinity within.  It is time we move beyond the drought of the Wounded Male, and heal our divine awareness of our true essence and birthright.

I recommend you look through our Earth Energies articles, and articles on the Evolution of Consciousness, where you will find additional articles on the Solar Principle, and practices to assist you to come into greater and greater awakening, relationship with the Solar Energies, and awakening of the luminous body within.

And Join Us in our many program offerings for Healing and Transformation of this planet, ourselves, and each other!

Many blessings in all that you do!
Zacciah B