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We are in powerful times of transformation.  Many of us are experiencing more and more continual flux in what appears as chaos, as we come to terms with re-evaluation, realization, and integration of our primary needs, responsibilities, and dreams and goals in our lives. 


Beneath the surface, of who I am, who I think I am, or, who I think I should be, or, who I perceive others expect me to be; and, beneath the surface of why I think I am here, or what goals I have set for myself, what dreams and aspirations I yearn for in this life, or in this stage of my life....deep, beneath all of these, lies a deeper, core, much greater and eternal essence of Self, and my Divine Purpose in this Life.This is an immense time for exploration and realization of these deeper core issues, principles, and purpose to surface, become realized, and integrated into our lives.We are at a key crossroads with humanity, in which we need to choose the highest purpose, regardless of what others appear to be doing, or, what we think they or we should be doing..


It is time we take full and ultimate responsibility for our actions and our destiny.It truly is up to us.But how do we do this?How do we know, how do we discern, how do we discover the true teachings, our true core and Essence, our true direction and purpose, when it seems so much is swirling around us at this time.

It is just this which gives us the core answer.Be still, listen, develop our inner senses of discernment, perception, and trust in our own inner Knowing, our own inner authority, dignity of Spirit, and Right as a unique and Divine individual to determine our course of action in this life, and pursue and fulfill our life purpose.

It is so simple, yet we dissuade ourselves, over and over, from hearing our own truth.Often, we simply do not take the time, allowing the external sway of forces to overcome our inner yearning and knowing.We each know.
More than any other.Our own truth, our own way, our own Essence and Being.

There are simple methods to discover and utilize such knowing.  We have articulated them in our many articles and other free MP3 offerings, as well as meditative practices outlined in our articles section.
Take time for them.They are here for your benefit.
If you feel a need for greater assistance, for connection, community, or healing and growth:

No prior experience is needed for these practices.  Many feel, during these times of chaos, it is too much to get away, to commit the time or resources to such a practice.
Our circuits may be blocked, our perceptions mixed, cloudy, we may not be sure what to do.  We feel confused over our direction in life, even our commitment to life.In truth, this IS THE TIME to give to our self, time for replenishment, deep cleansing and healing, renewal, and re-direction for our spirit. 
If you are unable to find connection, direction, or purpose, find a teacher, facilitator, guide, whom can help you.  Find a community to support you through these times, and to create a New Earth with; and, MAKE the time to do what you need, for your own good, your own self, your own growth, healing, and benefit.  In this way, you can find time for service to the greater good, as well.  It does not need to be these teachings, but it of great benefit to find a guide, healer, or facilitator to assist, during these times, until we can make the connection to our own true essence, direction, and purpose.


This week is a continuation, and culmination, of pristine, luminous, powerful, and transformative energies passing through the Cosmos.  We are in the midst of continued acceleration of energies as observed through science, of increased solar and gamma wave activation from our sun and core of our galaxy.  There is growing evidence of how this can transplace our feelings of safety, security, and emotional well being.
There, equally, are many methods given by the guides, elders, and teachers of many traditions, to stabilize us during "THESE TIMES."
We are, also, in the midst of incredible astrological formations, defining immense patterns of energies, and alignments, also deeply transformative.  We are in the middle of a new cycle of Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and New Moon Solar Eclipse, (which occurs this Tuesday,) with the continued affect of a Grand Cardinal Cross between these two demarcations, offering a rich tapestry of forces in the Cosmos guiding us into deeper reflection, choices, and action.While on the surface, these energies culminate in the Solar Eclipse Tuesday, the continued impulse and impact of them will be felt for months according to consensus by many astrological wizards.  As I am not an astrological wiz, I quote three here, from "Mystic Mama's" recent article on the subject(acknowledgements below.)  You can find fields of information, by simple on line searches for these alignments.  But, this article is a good starting point.

We are entering a juncture, a turning point as we individually and collectively come together at a the cross roads of imminent change.Inevitably the unknown can arouse fear and anxiety, and so it is of utmost importance right now that we take the time to ground, to pray, to meditate, to get enough sleep, to eat wholesome nourishing food and to take good care of ourselves so that we can meet the present with an open and courageous heart.

What we focus our thoughts on right now is of utmost importance. 
 --the grand cross will bring a lot of energy to the surface for release and healing…”
   -- its influence has already been felt, and it will keep building up. --potential for a new and profound ‘rebirth.’ --awaken our ability to conceive its opposite: harmonious flow. --has the potential to lift the curtains of focused intent and perseverance.  -- the innate tendency to awaken our higher self in order to appreciate challenges and to show us how strong we really are. -- we can dig deeper into our own soul to discover a truer freedom hidden within. --embrace our own little ‘death’ and to allow for the discovery of our hidden potentials. --- awaken a deeper understanding of our own intrinsic worth and self-less values.  -- reliance on higher ideals as much as reliance on a greater power, and as much as reliance on ‘that’ which remains immutable despite the constant changes of life.  Call it ‘Soul,’ call it ‘God’ or call it the ‘Self’ the answer lies in that unnameable ‘that.’ -- give us strength and resolution, protection and confidence. Eclipses ...may reveal to us an inner light that we may have forgotten about--- -- opportunities to rediscover our own inner power and a new and more effective vision.
-- shine the light into our own higher self while reminding us to have the faith to rely on something greater when all else fails.   


All quotes above, from this article, and acknowledged in full here:
Mystic Mama, Katie Sweetman, and Cinzia Meneghello, each is notated at link above.

Take this time, to do what we are here to do, to learn, to grow, to celebrate in a deeper communion, and union, with Life, community, indeed all humanity.It may seem more than ever that chaos is around us.But it is not.
It is only the appearance of chaos swelling as we come to realize the greater truth.We are in the midst of change.
We are learning to rekindle and refocus our awareness on pristine greater truths.
We have realized, already, more than many of us are aware of.  We have already climbed the ladder to higher realizations, and states of consciousness in the dimensional planes.
Our time now, is about REALIZING this.We are here.
We have arrived.
The world swirls around us as we let go of the old, and acclimate to the New.The more we are able to do this, the more Real it becomes, the more Realized we are.
It is as the Buddha says, "You are awake."
And, as Jesus says,
"Do you not know that you are gods?"

It is done.
The kingdom is before you.
The kingdom is within.
We are immense and holy beings.
May we realize this potential in its infinite forms.
Much love and wisdom to you all!


Part II:  A Message from Zacciah's Elders:

We say it so many times.
We encourage you to realize it.
It is the nature of your essence, your reality, your healing, and, your destiny.You are on the cusp of this realization.  And, the confusion and turmoil you are suffering currently, is because you are between worlds of realization and manifestation.
Come to this other side.
The veils are thin, thinning, thinner, and why you feel it so often.  And, this is why the chaos seems so strong.  
You are so close.
It is by not paying attention to this greater reality that you do not realize it.
It is by focusing on the lesser realities that they seem more distinct.It is, really, quite simply, a matter of perception, and focus, as well as discipline to discern the greater Truth.
You are immense beings of Creation, more powerful than most of you can imagine, with the ability to, literally, create your own reality.
It is ONLY by focusing on your true essence and potential, your relationship to the Divine, that this will come into manifestation.
We are here, at every turn in your life, ready to assist you.  Please ask of us!

“Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn't matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again , come , come.”

When you arrive, when you finally remember Who You Are, and Where You Are, we will welcome you, rejoice with you, like the long lost relatives you are, returning to us.We are part of you, and you, part of us.
We miss your presence, and look forward to your completion of this cycle of awakening, rebirth, and return to your true nature!  

"Come, come, a thousand times come!!....."
The Council of Holy Beings