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The power of the sun

Empowerments, November, Chester, VT   

Sound, Healing and Consciousness:
Sept, 2018: CAN;    April, 2019: MA
New: Module II Sound Healing and Consciousness - Sept, 2019 MA
New Article:  Healing the Earth
Europe: Switzerland, Spain, May-June 2019

for Healing and Transformation
 A Unique program open to all levels of students of consciousness development:

Empowerments for Healing and Transformation:
Register now, and more info
This is the latest in our series of practices for Healing and Transformation. While this is offers components of advanced level practice, it is open to the public, and will be presented in a manner that all levels of participants will gain from the practice, whether novice or advanced.  This is the first practice of this type offered in the US open to the public in over 2 years.  if you are interested in this we highly recommend you not miss this opportunity.

The level of awakened states achieved through this practice, are some of the most potent we have experienced.
These are the latest in Zacciah's evolution of consciousness series, and are likely to have profound impact on the participants, to enter and sustain heightened states of realization and embodiment.
Nov 3-4, 2018, Chester, VT.
Register now, and more info
About Empowerment:
Empowerments are methods of direct transmission of teachings & wisdom used by many spiritual traditions.  Empowerments convey energy and authentic knowing through direct experience, and connempowermentsection to vital forces, states & dimensions of being, and the wisdom keepers (deities) and spiritual lineage holders associated with those spiritual traditions.  They often incorporate initiatory platforms in their transmission. 
These initiations are opportunities for us to step into our authentic power and knowing, within ourselves, an opportunity to 'prove' ourselves to our selves, within our own essential being, and in our connection to and relationship with the greater whole.  The often include revelational experiences.
empowermentsEmpowerments enable us to realize our authentic nature, and reach into our potential, our spiritual authority and our dignity of spirit, which is our inherent birthright. 
Empowerments give us the opportunity to step into our own authentic knowing, allowing us to enable and embody our true essence and being.  Most authentic teachers and spiritual traditions incorporate this level of practice into their teachings. 
Those who have worked with us, understand this is our fundamental method of teaching.  We have reached yet another level of understanding and transmission, which will be incorporated in our fall practice.  While we respectfully suggest you find an authentic teacher who brings you to this level of understanding and experience, we welcome you to join us in our fall and many other practices to reach these greater experiences.
Many blessings
Switzerland, Spain, May-June 2019
Spain, Switzerland, May-June, 2019Zacciah will be offering the Empowerment practices in Spain and Switzerland in May and June, 2019.  Watch for specific dates and details.
Tentative dates are May 18-19 Madrid
May 30-June 2, Switzerland
Sunreed Instruments
New Sunreed Site coming soon!
Extraordinary care in craftsmanship,
Extraordinary assistance in selection of the tools and instruments to enhance your life and practice:
Native American drums and rattles;
Crystal Singing Bowls and Tibetan Singing Bowls, each with their own sound file. 
Tuning forks, didgeridoos, bells, chimes and gongs,
and more.
We are available for free consultations on their selection and use.
We are specialists in sound healing tools and instruments, and how to use them.
Free consultations to help you select.
Sunreed Instruments
Zacciah Blackburn
Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies 
Your Source for Sound Healing
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PO Box 389,
Ascutney, VT 05030 USA 
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Hawk and sun image in header by Dorothy Stone
New Article:  Healing the Earth and Each Other
p1140324.50.jpgWe are just back from our 8 day sacred tour for Awakening and Healing the Earth........
We are constantly touched by how the Earth and her allies respond, speak with us and bless us as we do this work, collaboratively....
p1140392.50.jpgFind the places in your world that touch you, and return the favor. Take your prayers, songs, and offerings there, make ‘right’ relationship with all living things, of both the seen and unseen worlds. Sing your heart songs; drum, rattle, ..... step up into our rightful place of co-creators and collaborators with all levels of creation, and take responsibility for establishing this new Heaven on Earth.....
Read the Entire Article Here
Sound, Healing & Consciousness
For those attending our Sound Healing and Consciousness training retreat in Sept in Ottawa, or April in the US, a second level will be available in Sept, 2019 in the US:
A special 6 day retreat, near Ottawa
Sept 18-23, 2018
or in April in the US:
Sound Healing and Consciousness
Leyden MA
April 9-14, 2019
An in depth introduction to Sound Healing as a Therapeutic Practice or tool
How to use Sound in a Healing practice:
For your personal or professional practice!!

This is our latest of Sound Healing Trainings.
It is open to novice and experienced practitioners.  The vast majority who attend find great benefit in the level and quality of experience.
Anyone who has attended in the past, or attends either of these programs, can attend the

Second Module in Sept 2019,
see program info here
The Three Jewels - December 13th, 2018 - Online ZOOM We have begun our on line educational programs!! Please join us.  You will find these to be most helpful sound healing, shamanic, and meditative practices; in depth work that draws us deep inside and enriches our life with insight and self-realization.
We have a growing number of
"How To Play Crystal Bowls and Sets" Videos
(wacth for more coming soon)
New Meditative and Sound Healing training series ONLINE:
starting October, 2019 at
We look forward to you joining us!
Private Practice, and Training
We offer private consultations, therapies, and Professional Skill Development training, 1 on 1, or in small groups, in person, or by phone or Skype. Whether you are seeking guidance, innate healing, or beginning or building your skills as a sound practitioner,
Please contact us, or see add'l info here 
Why Sound, Healing and Consciousness?
The coherence and interweaving of the nature of Sound, Healing, and Consciousness is fundamental to our experience as human and spiritual beings, to the very nature of the manifest world, and our relationship to the greater Cosmos.
More and more science is bringing us into a richer understanding and authentic relationship with this knowing, and the traditional teachings of mystic and wisdom cultures of the world, who offered us this 'knowing' long ago, as many cultures' teachings and teachers do today.
What is this inter-relationship of sound, of healing, and the fundamental nature of consciousness.  "What is healing?", is a fundamental question not even offered or asked, in many holistic healing modalities today.
How can we know the nature of healing, and its inter-relationship with the vibratory principles of light and consciousness, and sound and life force, if we do not explore it in our work!?

These principles of sound and light, magnetic and electric, life force and consciousness, the intermingling of the Shiva-Shakti union in perfect manifest harmony as expressed through the Hindu, and other cultures by other names, is the very nature of Creation.
How do we relate?  What is our part?
How do we utilize these principles?
Please read our articles on this subject, starting here:
Consciousness is the Activating Principle
You are the act of healing, because you hold healing integral in your essence, in what you are emanating into the world, in your knowing and in your actions, as you step into the world, as you step into the space of therapeutic healing, as you carry yourself in your every thought and action.
You can come from a place of wanting and wounding, or you can step into your knowing and power.
The choice is yours.
SOUND is the Carrier Wave
Sound is the key elemental (life) force
to carry it into essential being
Please see our many other articles to enrich you, here:
In this issue:
Empowerments for Healing and Transformation
Switzerland, Spain, May-June 2019
Sunreed Instruments
New Article:  Healing the Earth and Each Other
Sound, Healing & Consciousness NEW:  MODULES I & II
Why Sound, Healing and Consciousness?
Zacciah Blackburn - The Center of Light Institute of Sound H  •  P.O. Box 389  •  Ascutney, VT 05030
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