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The power of the sun
Why Sound, Healing and Consciousness?
The Earth Speaks: What does she say?
empowermentsEmpowerments are methods of direct transmission of teachings & wisdom used by many spiritual traditions.  Empowerments convey energy and authentic knowing through direct experience, and connection to vital forces, states & dimensions of being, and the wisdom keepers (deities) and spiritual lineage holders associated with those spiritual traditions.  They often incorporate initiatory platforms in their transmission. 
These initiations are opportunities for us to step into our authentic power and knowing, within ourselves, an opportunity to 'prove' ourselves to our selves, within our own essential being, and in our connection to and relationship with the greater whole.  The often include revelational experiences.
empowermentsEmpowerments enable us to realize our authentic nature, and reach into our potential, our spiritual authority and our dignity of spirit, which is our inherent birthright. 
Empowerments give us the opportunity to step into our own authentic knowing, allowing us to enable and embody our true essence and being.  Most authentic teachers and spiritual traditions incorporate this level of practice into their teachings. 
Those who have worked with us, understand this is our fundamental method of teaching.  We have reached yet another level of understanding and transmission, which will be incorporated in our fall practice.  While we respectfully suggest you find an authentic teacher who brings you to this level of undestanding and experience, we welcome you to join us in our fall and many other practices to reach these greater experiences.
Many blessings

Empowerments for Healing and Transformation:
Early registration discounts end July 1
The EARTH SPEAKS:  What does she say?
The Earth SpeaksThe Earth speaks, in so many ways.
She is a conscious, sentient being, emanating pure joy, peace, bliss, goodness for All Life.
Are you listening?
Are you a part?
Do you take time to be with her and her allies?
Are you doing your part to embrace, enhance, create the New Earth, which she is already dreaming?
In future articles and upcoming programs, we will be bring new understanding of the "Seeds of Life" manifest by our most ancient ancestors, to instill balance and harmony for all humankind, and for all life on Earth.
She guides us here.
Watch for these future articles, or join us in any of our programs, all engaging in World Service to enhance, enrich, create the New Earth.  It is our purpose here.
One of our many articles on Earth wisdom:
Others are here:
Or, join us in this celebration of Life,
and Renewal of our commitment to the New Earth,
in service to the All.
The Earth Speaks;  learn authentic and indigenous methods of communing with her, and entering right relationship with Her, in natural power sites, and cultural heritage sites in New England, and seeding the gifts of light waiting for us all!:
A great deal of information and very informative articles are on line at this link:
See our last newsletter on this, Honoring the Father.
Who are we as Men?
Where are our role models which show us the way to be Male in our society?
Men, we welcome you to create a new way of being, embracing and embodying the authentic Sacred Masculine
A MEN'S EMPOWERMENT RETREATThe Sacred Masculine, A Men's Empowerment Retreat
with Zacciah
at SpiritFire Retreat Center
Leyden MA
July 5-8, 2018
This will be a most enlivening, enriching, revealing, and empowering week with our brothers.
It is time for our men to step forward in Community.
Join us.
Sunreed Instruments
New Sunreed Site coming soon!
Native American drums and rattles;
Crystal Singing Bowls and Tibetan Singing Bowls, each with their own sound file. 
Tuning forks, didgeridoos, bells, chimes and gongs,
and more.
We are available for free consultations on their selection and use.
We are specialists in sound healing tools and instruments, and how to use them.
Consult with us for gift ideas for yourself and loved ones.  Free consultations to help you select.
Sunreed Instruments
Zacciah Blackburn
Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies 
Your Source for Sound Healing
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Hawk and sun image in header by Dorothy Stone
sunI have realized more and more how the crystalline nature of the sun is so potent at this time of year.
Of course, it would make sense, this being the time the sun reaches its zenith in our hemisphere.
But, the highly charged atmosphere, especially on very clear days, is a wonderful time to work with solar energy with its vital electricity, nutrients, transformative and warming qualities.
This, really, begins every year around Imbolc (early Feb) when the sun is first returning from its winter depth.
In May, it brings more and more of its fertility to Earth, and is celebrated as such in most cultures of the world.  
But as it reaches it peak as it approaches summer solstice, each year, we an so easily feel the strength of the sun, and how it warms us.
It is an excellent time to really pay attention to, to feel, rest in, and work with the crystalline nature of its light, and the rich power of the 'vast blue empty sky,' which is bessa highly charged atmosphere of clear space around us during this time.  It is a powerful time to ally with the Divine Masculine and Feminine, even as we see throughout nature.
Below I will share 3 practices you can do with these principles of Light and Sky.
But, this is also a time to ask those fundamental questions:
Who are we as individuals, and what is our purpose here?
solarIn this time of profound transformation, communion with the Sun and Earth can be catalysts for deeper understanding, and enrichment of our experiences here.
Solstice is a time of high Solar Energy, and wakeful states of the Earth.
It is a prime time to engage in communion exercises with Sun and Earth.  We can use these as portals to enhance our experiences with the star, ancestral, and elemental kingdoms, as well.  Working with the fundamental essence of the elements alone can greatly enrich our embodied experience.
Using the Sun, Earth, and Moon as gateways to the greater wisdom potentials is a common practice in indigenous (shamanic) and wisdom schools around the world, though I will not discuss this aspect in this article.
The Sun in these times of solar height, here, at Solstice, can enrich and invigor our physical, emotional, and spiritual being, just by resting in its Light Principle.
The clarity of sun, space, and sky in these heightened days of sun is profound.  Find times during clear days to engage in these practices.  Its electric principle can clarify and charge our field, and our states of consciousness, and being.  It offers direct charge or rejuvenation of our bio-field and cells, especially if we collaborate with its inherent electric nature.
There are 3 practices for Self Generation (generating the inherent qualities of Self (higher Self), and Light Activation with the sun in this article.
I referenced it in our recent newsletter, and it remains our most potent practice for this time.
Another extremely beneficial practice is the Vast Blue Empty Sky practice, offered here.
This is based in Tibetan Buddhist practice, and highly elevating.  For more on practices such as these please contact us for individual sessions or participation in our ongoing practices
We wish you great joy and happiness during these rich summer months.
And we highly recommend you do understand, these are times of great transformation, prophesied by cultures world wide, eons ago.  We are in these times.  The signs are upon us.  The Elders are speaking.
When we realize this, we can take responsibility for our experiences and actions, and engage with the many others who are creating the New Earth.
Many blessings in your journey!!
Why Sound, Healing and Consciousness?
The coherence and interweaving of the nature of Sound, Healing, and Consciousness is fundamental to our experience as human and spiritual beings, to the very nature of the manifest world, and our relationship to the greater Cosmos.
More and more science is bringing us into a richer understanding and authentic relationship with this knowing, and the traditional teachings of mystic and wisdom cultures of the world, who offered us this 'knowing' long ago, as many cultures' teachings and teachers do today.
What is this inter-relationship of sound, of healing, and the fundamental nature of consciousness.  "What is healing?", is a fundamental question not even offered or asked, in many holistic healing modalities today.
How can we know the nature of healing, and its inter-relationship with the vibratory principles of light and consciousness, and sound and life force, if we do not explore it in our work!?

These principles of sound and light, magnetic and electric, life force and consciousness, the intermingling of the Shiva-Shakti union in perfect manifest harmony as expressed through the Hindu, and other cultures by other names, is the very nature of Creation.
How do we relate?  What is our part?
How do we utilize these principles?
Please read our articles on this subject, starting here:
Consciousness is the Activating Principle
You are the act of healing, because you hold healing integral in your essence, in what you are emanating into the world, in your knowing and in your actions, as you step into the world, as you step into the space of therapeutic healing, as you carry yourself in your every thought and action.
You can come from a place of wanting and wounding, or you can step into your knowing and power.
The choice is yours.
SOUND is the Carrier Wave
Sound is the key elemental (life) force
to carry it into essential being
Please see our many other articles to enrich you, here:
If you wish to join us in a training on these subject, check all of our programs, or join us here:
A special 6 day retreat, near Ottawa
Sept 18-23, 2018
or in April in the US:
Sound Healing and Consciousness
Leyden MA
April 9-14, 2019
An in depth introduction to Sound Healing as a Therapeutic Practice or tool
How to use Sound in a Healing practice:
For your personal or professional practice!!

This is our latest of Sound Healing Trainings.
It is open to novice and experienced practitioners.  The vast majority who attend find great benefit in the level and quality of experience.
Zacciah in Europe
Remembering the Tone, Germany
Our practices in Europe drew is into more and more pristine relationships with the fundamental principles of awakening.  We have entered a new era, and a new phase of this work.  We highly recommend those who are ready to be in service to the Cosmos, to the New Earth, join us in these practices, wherever you are able.  Watch for more updates on the evolution of this work.   
Blessings to all. 
We are already planning our dates in Europe, in Switzerland, Germany and Spain, in May and June of 2019.  Watch for our updates here.
or join our newsletter. 
In this issue:
The EARTH SPEAKS:  What does she say?
Sunreed Instruments
Why Sound, Healing and Consciousness?
Zacciah in Europe
Zacciah Blackburn - The Center of Light Institute of Sound H  •  P.O. Box 389  •  Ascutney, VT 05030
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