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                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


 Planetary Council I

You are a holy being.
Remember who you are.
It is time to embody more fully, more completely, more mindfully, day to day, your essence, your knowing, your being.
Life does not need to appear in a state of turmoil.
By mindfully coming daily to a place of greater integrity, knowing, and being, we awaken our true essence and nature, and embody the luminous essence of our natural divine state. 

Remember who you are.
You were birthed by Creation.
We are waiting to assist you in every time and place you ask.  Take the time to remember, and come into alignment with your own essence.
This is a message coming from those whom guide this work, and seek to prepare us for the gifts they offer. They are available to us at any time. But will be offered in a special alignment and transmission during our coming November practices.Though ‘interpreted’ by me, this message comes directly after a deep waking experience with pure light “Star” or “Vajra” energy, the embodied state of permeating and emanating the pure “Vajra” light which dissolves all obscurations and enlivens us with the pure life force of the very high realms of consciousness.Though this is a message coming through me, it was given as a pre-emptive recommendation for all of those seeking to prepare and embody deeper states for their own evolutionary process during these times of Great Awakening, and in preparation for our coming November practices, in which I will be offering transmissions directly from these Holy Beings.
The Planetary Council asks that we come into alignment with its gifts.
They offer the planes of understanding, wisdom and beauty which we are ready to access and integrate.They are ready to assist each of us whom are ready to bring our awareness to these states.
However, as I said, in our Nov. practices, I will offer a high alignment with this Council of High Holy Beings (as I have called them in the past,) which will serve to assist us each to come into alignment with

• these states and 
• to our own highest evolutionary form•
 our highest purpose• 
the greatest service to this current planetary evolutionary spiral (this Great Awakening.)

It will allow us to reach into the highest evolutionary view of self and cosmos, which will assist us to come into alignment and integration of our highest purpose, highest awakened self (states), and greatest good.We can prepare for this practice by constantly opening to these principles, practice, and possibilities in the coming weeks before the practice. Simply make affirmations during quiet or contemplative, reflective, meditative times, such as:

• I choose to come into my highest alignment
• I choose to ask my highest awakened/evolved state to integrate more fully in my waking times
.• I rest in the emanations of my higher essence & power, my higher self, and allow these emanations to exude throughout my being and awareness, and become part of my waking knowing.
• I choose to align with the highest aspects of the planetary council working for the highest benefit during these evolutionary time, for the sake of my own evolution, and that of all life.
I choose to embody this now.
Even if we do not fully feel or experience these alignments, by making these choices clearly, we are informing our highest wisdom, our cellular tissue, our hidden memories, and (adjacent) belief codes of how we choose to respond on a daily basis, to the process of evolution, and to the appearances of distress and chaos in or around our lives. When given the opportunity to awaken more fully to them, and when in the vibrational essence of the sound encodings offered to us during the sacred sound practices, the preparatory alignments will assist to as a catalyst to reach our higher potential within each practice.

The Star Energy, or Vajra Light practice (final practice of this program,) will allow us to align with the highest potential available to us, within our own level of readiness and preparedness, with their direct assistance and presence.

Whether you choose to join us in the practice directly or not, it is highly beneficial to constantly remember that we are in a time of extraordinary transformation. That which is occurring at this time, can often create the greatest appearance of obstacles and challenges in our lives. Yet, by consistently creating mindful practice, we create the opportunity for realizing and embodying ever heightening potential within us.

We highly recommend you simply take time to authentically prepare, even if you do not fully understand what is being offered. The authentic preparation of space within one self, opens the gate for the mystery to be revealed.

It is the authenticity, the integrity, the humility, the readiness and reverence with which we come to the gateway of the Great Mystery, to which IT responds IN LIKE KIND, to that very authentic level of our presence, preparedness, inquiry and invitation to receive its deepest knowing and blessing.In truth, it is but a part of our own being, our own self, already waiting to be revealed, received, understood, accepted, and integrated and embodied. Yet there is more, as we choose to engage in this evolutionary spiral of our times.

I share many blessings with each of you.
Many blessings