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We Are the Creators of Our Reality

                                                     ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


We must do good.

There is no other choice.

There is no other course of action.


Mindfulness is the choosing of a well-intentioned safe, sacred, and sane passage through life.  No matter which spiritual path we choose, each gives us this discerning wisdom.  Being ever mindful of every thought, word, and deed, creates imprints, or seeds, of consciousness, which sprout into karmic patterns over time.  They ripple out in fields of energy which serve as the foundation of creation in our lives.  It is up to each of us to become mindful of our actions, and the accumulation of merit which occurs when we follow right action, thought and deed.  The great masters of this wisdom, understand that thought itself creates the greatest imprint.  We are, indeed, creators of our Reality.   When we realize this, we take responsibility of our lives, and begin the process of choosing right action, for we realize there is no other course, for our benefit, or for the benefit of any other in our lives, indeed, in the Cosmos.  Over time, we discover these ripples of 'information,' these 'seeds of consciousness,' ripple out into the universe, and ripple back in through the matrix of creation which unfolds in our lives.

Hold your heart open, and feel these ripples, these impulses, imprints, emanations of light and illumination descending from the celestial realms into our into our hearts and minds.  They are with us every day, every moment, if we but put our mind there.  (Use the mindfulness meditation in our other article on the Council of Holy Beings to help perceive these light emanations from the subtle worlds.)

Another concept of Reality is, that we perceive what we focus upon.  Other realities may flee from us.  If we focus upon that most pure, most holy, that is what unfolds in our lives.  What does this mean to you?  Do we need more sectarian language to understand this?  Focus, then, on that most meaningful, joyful, fulfilling, in your life, and that shall unfold.  This is what is of greatest benefit for us.  It is the only path that will bring us all that we truly want.  Unconditional love, deep belonging, connection, and community.  Connection to All Life.

Notice that it may take some time for it to become the overwhelming impulse in our life, if it is not what we have mostly focused upon in the past.  For those seeds, those imprints of consciousness, planted in earlier years, and in earlier lives, shall continue to unfold and manifest, until we learn the overwhelming actions of kindness and mindful living, thinking, and good deeds.  When these  become the majority of our thoughts and actions, they create a garden of splendor instead of one of chaos or suffering.

If we do not understand this, consider, that it is simply the law of nature, of karma, that we reap what we sow.  In physics, it is that every action creates an equal and opposite reaction (it comes back upon us.)  If we want wheat, plant wheat.  If we want corn, we must plant corn.  It is THAT SIMPLE.  Do not imagine our garden shall reap either if we plant thorns and weeds in our life.  All of the great masters have sown these thoughts of wisdom with us.

In our upcoming practices, we shall learn to clarify our field of non-beneificial energies, then focus upon the highest, clearest state of our own being, in alignment with those of Creation, and with the New Emissaries of Light, the New Manifestations of Light, to create the potential of the highest good in our own lives, and in this world, drawing from the fields of Infinite Potential around us.

We are close upon the time of the Matrix of 2012.  Indeed, no, we are in it.  And, it is a most precious and auspicious time to do this work.  Gathering in like minded fields of maturation will create an ever more strong field of emanation in the world.  Join with us in the growing community of like minded beings doing this work.

Join with us.