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More from our Morning Reflections series
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


A Morning Reflection:
The more we speak from the place of our own inner knowing, greater dimensional being, and truth, the more the veils that separate us from that deeper essence, deeper knowing, will be lifted.  It is a simple process, like an affirmation.  Yet, it is more than an affirmation.  It is a declaration of something that already is, something that is Known.

Unity is a state, or an act, of wholeness, or of completion.

It allows us to perceive the unified field of existence, of which we are a part.  Yet, paradoxically, in the highest states of Unity, it is a dissolving of all threads of what is commonly considered an individual existence, to become, while dissolving into, the consciousness of the Greater Whole, realizing, viscerally, there is One Mind interweaving through the existence of All Living Things, and, becoming that Mind, or, allowing it to flow through us.  Within this realization, there remains individual consciousness, but it is no longer bound to any concept or construct of separation.**

I am Whole.

I am All.

We can experience this unified field by giving up our entanglements to individual experiences of separation.

I am Whole.

I am part of the Whole.
I feel the mind and heart of the unified field of being moving through me, and all things, and I give up my ambitions, beliefs, and experiences, which are separate from that whole, to allow the fibers, and Source of All Life to re-enter, re-merge, to move through me, and THRIVE, again.

By stepping out, and allowing the unified field to be perceived, to be achieved, to be realized within oneself, it is done.

It can be simply by stepping outside, taking deep breaths, feeling the air permeate one’s body, breathing out, feeling the air re-enter and become again, part of the atmosphere.  “I” become part of that greater atmosphere in the same way.  There is no longer anything separating me from the greater Whole, just as my body no longer separates the air in my lungs from the atmosphere.  “I” give it back.  Willingly.  “I” allow my perceptions to permeate into the Greater Mind and Being of the Universe, whatever part of it “I” am perceiving around me, here.  “I” breathe out again.  And, now, “I” breathe in, from that Whole.  “I” am part of it again.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, at long last.

“My” feeling states and awareness breathes in similar patterns.  “I” breathe out into the atmosphere of the One Field of Consciousness.  “I” feel the greater field of existence.  “I” allow “myself” to experience a greater part of that, just as the air “I” breathe out, re-enters its source atmosphere.  “I” feel the unity of Life.  “I” allow my mind and perceptions to permeate All Life, and breathe that back in again to “my” One Mind.  Whether it is the air and sky in a city block, or town, or village, or the Great Kingdoms of the wilderness on a mountaintop, the Great Ocean of Life at the seashore, the River of Life along the streams and rivers where “I” live, the forests and woodlands, meadows and fields, deserts and tundra, whatever it is where “I” am experiencing, “I” breathe out and become a part of that Greater Whole.

 **It is the concept of separation which creates our anguish, our fears, our abandonment, our isolation, our terror, our resentment, our grief, and our guilt and shame.  All constructs of separation build a sense of lesser than, not enough, which purge our world of the royalties of a Unified Existence.  It is the cutting off, the severing of our perception and belief in Wholeness which creates the experience of separation, or less than whole.  By simply stepping back into the Unified Field, by realizing we are there, and have never left it, we experience it, and we realize we are part of it.  It is part of us.  This Heals, and makes us Whole.  
Every part of us that we see as isolated, wounded, less than, not valued enough, not good enough, not deserving enough, not having enough, victimized, traumatized, wounded with any flavor or concept of disorder, cannot be healed until we come back from isolation and separation, feeling alone, to feeling whole or part of the Whole, again.  It does not require judgment.  It does not require retribution.  It does not require forgiveness, though this is an excellent tool of dissolving the entanglements of isolation, in which we feel separate or abused, wounded or un-whole. 

All it truly requires, is to breathe into the Wholeness again, and breathe back from it.  This will dissolve every entangled web of misconstrued judgment or wound, of being less than, of not being worthy of, of not being whole again.  All contra-indications are dissolved by the Breath of Life, as we breathe into, and back from, a state of Unity, the Greater Whole, which is all around us, and permeates us every day, every place, every moment we breathe.  
Where are we focusing our breath?
This is what will bring us back to Life.
These are the steps we must take, to feel Whole, Alive, Part of the Whole again.

It is not the modality that matters, but the perception, and action, of re-entering a state of Wholeness.

Of, Unity, with All Life.

Blessings to All

Zacciah and Those Who Walk with Him