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Message from the Guides

Time of the Great Give-Away
What Are We Being Asked to Give Up?


                                                     ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


This image was just taken today....
it speaks so readily of what my guides brought to me to share with you today.

It speaks of the impending Spring, (even where winter may still be upon us, or return for a moment or more…..)
And the need to let go of the cold and hard that binds us from the new, and from movement, pure and life fulfilling.

I am reminded of the alignments we are currently facing in the heavens.  Where a ‘huge alignment’ of  7 planetary aspects in Pisces, where there are ‘no books that can explain this’ alignment, or the quality of ‘influx of Divine Grace;’ and, that we are a world being asked to heal itself, and recognize it’s ‘oneness…  a huge turning point to the collective of the planet… a time of miracles,’ according to astrologer Rick DiClemente.  He goes on to speak about the need to manifest the realizations of our visions, the need to face the shadows within us, to make room in real and tangible ways for our higher essence to manifest in our lives, even when we ‘don’t know how.’  (ref:
This is so in line with the messages I am currently receiving.
We are being asked these days to give up our self.  But allow me to define that. 

Not our true self.  The self we have been taught to be, led ourselves and others to believe we are, made ourselves out to be…..  and, everything about us that keeps us from realizing our authentic nature, our true self.  All false beliefs and misperceptions, (there are many, deeply embedded in most of us, through eons of false societal and familial belief systems,) all emotional entanglements and unresolved wounds, which keep us from perceiving profound states of clarity, far beyond most of our ‘normal’ reality and perceptions. 
 Everything that makes us feel separate, separate from creation, separate from creator, from each other, from a sense of the greater whole.  Everything that makes us feel unloved, or unlovable, at the deepest of levels.  Everything that does not make us feel complete or whole within our self.  Everything that does not allow us to feel our greater sense of self, of connection to the whole, of greater purpose or destiny.
All of our unworthiness, our grief, our shame, our sadness. All of our pettiness, judgment, ill respect, jealousy, envy, greed.  All of our rage, anger, all of our FEAR.  Especially all of our fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of each other.  Fear that others will discover our deeper ‘truths,’ which are mostly only our petty lies and misperceptions, or wounds that keep us from experience the beauty of our self and each other.
Fear of speaking our truth.
Fear of our power.
Fear of who we truly are.And, fear of disclosing it to others, to rest in the same fears.

All of the wounds, the injuries and pains we have not really, fully let go, or felt.  All the feelings of violation or betrayal.  All of the lack of love, lack of feeling loved, lack of loving, lack of being love.  (If I am repeating myself, it is to restate important truths.)  Lack of feeling worthy of love.  Lack of, feeling there is not enough, or we are not good enough.  The Guilt.  The Shame.  (I said those twice….)  Even the Desire.  

Those of you who know my passion for word origins will find fascinating the origin of “desire.”  It literally, originally, means, ‘lack of, or, without--the heavenly body.”
Lack of the Heavenly Body?  What is that?  Our true self.  Our connection with Heaven.  Our connection with our Divine Nature.  The highest, purest aspects of Our Self, our own Divine Origin or Spark.

Do we get that?  And, if so, do we truly get it?  Have we truly realized that, at a visceral level, like, imparting it into our daily lives and bread?  And, have we truly resolved, dissolved the strings, the strands of attachment, of desire, of not having or being enough, or good enough, to be whole, that keep us from fully realizing, and being our authentic self?  Just because we cognitively realize our wounds and think or feel we have moved on or gotten past them or ‘done that work,’ does not mean they are truly ‘resolved.’

Do we truly realize who we are?
A child of grace.  A child of the highest nature.   A child of the Earth, the Heavens, the Cosmos, the Divine.  Do we get this at a visceral level?  Is it part of our daily routine, again, our Daily Bread?  A child of the Creator, equal to all else that has been created.  Do we realize we have the powers to co-create?  To participate in Heaven?  To work with the elemental consciousness of the fabric of life to co-generate harmonious levels of existence?  Do we view ourselves as less than this?  Do we cling to old beliefs that are societal, familial, even genetic?  Are those beliefs encoded into our being, even our DNA, that need to unwind, let go, dissolve, or focus on the true beliefs, the true essence of pure light that we are?

Are we ready to realize that?  To be a part of that greater whole?  To emanate pure light through every thought, word and action?  
Are we ready to let go of everything that keeps us from feeling it, being whole or complete, part of the all; we are being asked to give that up.  That is all.  Just that which binds and entangles us, shrouds and veils our vision, our newness, our completion, our completeness!

That is what the ice makes me think of in this image….clinging to the stone…frozen in the winter, in fear, perhaps, or the old….  (not that there is anything wrong with ice or winter!  It is an incredible state of being in itself.)  But, this signifies an important analogy:  the hard and cold, frozen from things no longer in service to the self, one’s growth, the greater truth.  That is what this image speaks, to me, with the sun blessing it and warming it from above, the waters moving, asking it to merge with its essence, below!  It is time to let go, to merge into the churning waters of life, melt into the sun!; life giving, cleansing, nourishing, vitalizing the soul, the fire and waters!

In this sense, all else is not real, it is a mirage, an illusion.  All the old beliefs, patterns, wounds.  They do not serve.  They are creating the chaos, the distress we feel.  They are the veils that keep us from perceiving the greater, purer truth, the Grace descending.  They distort our view of reality.  And, then we act with the ‘wrong’ view.  And this creates agitation, further distress.  They are that which is not moving.  Not part of the Whole.

Bathe in the waters, the light, the ecstasy.  Look up.  Into the Heavens.  Feel the Sun and Light pouring down upon you.  The Grace of the planets in heaven.  Look all around you.  Throw yourself into the waters.  Everything that is alive, thriving, moving, and part of life.  Let go.  Be part of the Whole.  You are part of it.  Each of us.  The Earth, this Earth, the New Earth, Renewed, restored.  Robust and alive.  We are part of it, claim it, believe it, Be part of it.  Come alive.  Welcome to Spring!   Immerse in it.  Emerge into it!  Be vibrant, alive!

Put your focus on the new spring.  On what is ready to emerge, transition, transform, on new growth.
Think of what seeds you choose to sow!

Make your choices to become part of something greater…in real ways that speak to your daily life.  That bring the greater intangible into your everyday existence.  That bring heaven to earth, where there is no duality or separation, but each flow in grace and ecstasy in perfect harmony.  Make choices which stretch your experience, your awareness and your belief beyond that which has not been working in your life!
If it has not been working, make new choices.  Or, simply rest, in the Whole.

Become part of it, that Whole, to feel it, to truly realize it.  To be who you are.  It is time.

All around us the Cosmos is speaking, thinking, breathing, being.  Asking us to be a part of it again.  To realize it.  Every part of us that is not, every part that feels it is not part of that greater whole, is being asked to dissolve back into the waters, back into the spring, back into the depths of creation, the liquid earth, to dissolve in renewal, again.
So you can do your part, be your part, be yourself again!

Blessings be, to each of you.