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  • Private Sound Healing Therapies
  • Private Sound Healing Therapies

About Personal Therapies and Scheduling

To schedule a session with Zacciah, please mail us at or give us a call.

Zaciah offers individual therapy and consultation for spiritual wellness, insight and self realization. Our work is an eclectic blend of spiritual counseling, clairvoyant insight, and shamanic and sacred sound therapy, designed to help one connect with inner wounds where present and pure insight, where ready, to develop and evolve into our highest potential. Our work is based on authentic tools and methods of Living Wisdom traditions, as well as contemporary practices. We help the client reach stages of inner guidance and spiritual nourishment, according to where he or she is, and what he or she are ready for. We offer insight and methods to clarify life issues, work with deep release and healing as needed, and to find one's own voice, power, and authenticity in this world. Who are we, truly, and what is our life purpose? This work is to help each of us find and establish, or further and develop our path in our own sacred journey, to help us to witness, identify and remove obstacles to reach our own greater potential, and to align with the greatest principles of Life and our own Essential Being, all in a supportive, safe, and sacred container, with an established, highly experienced and effective healing facilitator. We whom have been on this journey, best understand it, and can best assist others. We do not provide medical diagnosis or treatment, nor specifically address physical symptomology, though there often may be some relationship to the deeper spiritual work we do address. There is growing evidence which shows the mind-body connection, as well as research reflecting the use of sound therapies beneficial to many forms of traditional wellness and healing.

A therapy session is highly effective over the phone, over skype and in person. Please let us know which you would like when making your appointment.

About Private Studies and Professional Skill Development and Scheduling

--To schedule a session with Zacciah, please mail us at or give us a call-

Zacciah offers one-on-one and small group sound healing training.  This service is available in person, or by phone or Skype.  It can be offered in one hour or multiple hour segments, in one day, or over the course of days, weeks, or months, depending on the depth the student wishes to engage in this service, and the areas of study he or she wish to cover.

Zacciah can address individual areas of interest in short sessions, or he and the student can create an individualized program to cover appropriate materials and experiential practice for those who wish to engage in a broader spectrum of training.  This plan will include time recommendations to adequately cover those areas of interest, and will, also, be based on the student's experiential level.

This is an excellent way to study with Zacciah, for those with limited time of financial considerations, and, to receive in depth experiential and cognitive knowledge in the full spectrum of training he offers.  It provides the student with the opportunity to ask him directly all questions that are most relevant to your own needs and direction of study. You may train in the use of sound healing instruments such as crystal or Tibetan bowls and bells, Native American drums and rattles, the use of voice, the nature of the chakras or the human energy system, the nature and use of intention and awareness, Sacred Space, Sacred Sound Transmissions (or channeling,) or you may enter the inter-relationship of sound, healing and consciousness at its most refined levels. Because of the nature of individualized learning, it is quite possible to go quite deep into your specified areas of interest in less time than it may take to reach in group retreat, though there are aspects of group work that cannot be duplicated in individualized sessions.

A session is highly effective over the phone, over skype and in person. Please let us know which you would like when making your appointment.