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     The End of One Grand Cycle     

The Maya Prophecies, and their implications for our times and lives


Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


What is occurring during these times?

How to we know what is going on?

How do we prepare?

How can we participate, collaborate, and welcome these changes into our lives?


The Earth is responding to our prayers.

The Earth is Awakening.

The Earth is Alive.

The Earth is part of this Process of Transformation and Renewal.

We can collaborate with her, as well as our Celestial Allies.

Are you aware?


Are you ready for the coming age, the Great Shift, the New Reality?


The New Dream is upon us.

The Gateway we call 2012.We are in its midst.The Door is open.What can we do about it?

Do we know how to engage in this New Time?

How can we prepare ourselves as a Vessel for the New Earth, the New Reality, the New Dream?

Can we Dream the New Dream?

Do we believe we have that level of Powers or Authority?If not, what keeps us from it?


Authentic information,

& practical exercises for empowerment and transformation.

Dreaming the New Dream.It is Time.


We are at the end of a Grand Cycle.  This is the Maya term for this age, a 26,000 year cycle determined through their precise calendrical alignments and measurements.


This is an enigma to modern science, in itself, how this culture could assimilate such vast and accurate knowledge of our cosmos. Who are they?  Where are they from?  Where did they go?

What are they telling us is occurring at this time, now, in 2012, where their calendar points to such immense change?This time of 2012, is where their calendar declares cycles within cycles come to an integrated, synchronized ending, and a new beginning; a point of Alpha/Omega, a zero point.  It is a time of immense change, potency, and renewal.  It is a time in which all potential of the age before it comes to completion, and we enter a window of incredible potential to create a New Vision, a New World.  The Maya say this is the "End of Time as We Know It."  Many have come to say it is the end of the world.  The Maya say, no, it is a time to create something new.  That what occurs beyond this window, "Is not yet written."  It is up to us as what we create.  And, the Universe is collaborating with us to do so.  Those who join in, in Harmony with the fundamental ebb and flow of Universal Life, will be bathed in states 'beyond our imagination.'

How do we do so?

What world would you wish to Create?


All language regarding the Maya Prophecies and 2012 are related to this Grand Cycle. Many individuals are stating their own interpretations of what is occurring.  Modern science does not even recognize that the Maya are still alive.  But, like so many cultures, they fled to the central highlands of their landscape, to protect their culture, their wisdom, and their prophecies of these times.

The Hopi, the Qero (Peru), the Kogi, the Toltec/Olmec/Otomi/Teotihuacan, the Cherokee, the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota peoples (the Sioux;)  their are many Peoples who were able to preserve their knowledge and traditions against much horrible massacre and oppression.  Within those traditions, are the knowledge of the Prophecies of These Times, what is and shall be occurring, and the Signs pointing to when they shall occur, and when to share the next stage of Knowledge of the Prophecies with the People.These times are upon us, and many of the Elders  are speaking out, often for the first time, as their Star Elders, and the Prophecies, themselves, tell them,

It Is Time.It Is Time to Reveal the Prophecies.

It is time to Renew.

The Changes are upon us.


You have heard me speak a great deal about this, through the years.

But, now, my friends, we are in the fertile soil of 2012.  We cannot bury our head and wait any longer.  It is time to do the work.  Practially everyone is feeling or experiencing the stress and chaos building around them, in one form or another.  This has far less effect upon us if we come to terms with the stress and anxiety we still carry within us.  The external signs are reminders of what our internal realities carry, and are asking us to broach.  To simply come to terms with our own reality, and how to create reality in Harmony with Life.

If we are experiencing a growing sense of time disorder, physical and emotional disorder, disorder in our relations, and the world around us, these are signs that it is TIME TO DO THE WORK.It is time to do the work.


In our own work, we prefer to listen to the Elders, themselves, and authentic teachers, who are the Wisdom Keepers of their spiritual traditions, and the Keepers of the Prophecies, rather than the many voices of others, who may be receiving authentic messages, but whose messages are often not in alignment with those who actually hold the key to the Prophecies.  It is important to discern who is giving authentic wisdom of these times.  In the end, it is your own heart which will guide you through this process of discernment, and transformation. 


These Elders may be those embodied, as Living Wisdom Keepers, as well as the Star Elders of All Nations, who are here to assist us in these times, and have been since the origin of our times. They are guiding our work.  We are in collaboration with them.  And,  those joining us in this work, see time and again, the wisdom, the magic, and the signs of those Star Elders as they speak (and sing) to and through us.


Don Alejandro, the High Elder of the Maya, is one of those who is speaking.  He is sharing a great deal, often through direct transmissions, sometimes through messengers.  He is the elected High Elder of all 144 Nations of the Maya Peoples.  He seeks to prepare us for the immense storms we see around us, which may magnify as we approach this time of Great Shift.  He gives specific advise of what to expect, and how to make safe passage through these times.  He seeks to remind us of our common humanity, to bring us together to assist each other during these times.  He reminds us of the beauty of the Earth, and her part in this.  He reminds us of the wisdom of the Eternal Ancestors, those who have come long ago, and remain with us, to assist during these times.  These are the Star Beings, the Sky Beings, the Luminous Ones, which most indigenous peoples regard as our true Ancestors.  They brings us to the memory of the Original Instructions, that which is the seed of Creation within each of us, of how to live, and thrive, in Harmony with All Life.


He is not the only one.  Others are, also, sharing, what is happening, how to make safe passage through these times.  Many of you have heard me quote the teachings of Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, a 27th Generation Cherokee Elder, as well as the wisdom of others.  She, Don Alejandro, and others, are the direct inspiration of our Three Hearts Practice, and other work in alignment with the Wisdom of the Elders, the Original Instructions, and the Prophecies of these times.This wisdom has, literally, evolved into the Tree of Life practices which we now offer each summer, as well as so many other practices, such as the Doorway to the Ancestors


There are universal themes to these teachings:   

Come to know your heart. 

Clarify the Heart, as a seat of Knowing and Perception.

Release excess baggage, 'encumbrances' of the heart, which weigh you down. 

Find authentic teachings, but journey to that place within that will empower you, to trust in your own authentic being, your own place of power, and of Knowing. Awaken the seat of your highest celestial/luminous essence.

Find method to come into alignment with the Heart of the Earth, and the Sky

Find and build community. 

Find good water; and, safe, reliable food sources.


So much is happening in these times.  Many are experiencing and reporting increasing waves of intense energies.  These are transformative wave patterns of higher frequencies of consciousness which we are experiencing, which are asking us to come forward, to be more fully present, and available to the Universal Rhythm of Creation, to elevate our own standards of being, our own ways of perceiving and knowing, and aligning with the Forces of Creation.  Each cycle, each wave, is an invitation to come into one's own Authentic Knowing, Being, and Relation to All Life.


These waves are amplified through real occurrences, often measured by science, (unknowingly,) of what is happening within the Earth, the Sun, and the Galaxy.   The increasing Schumann Frequency of the Earth, the increasing and magnified solar flare/photon activity of the sun, and the increasing pulse of Gamma Wave activity from the center of our galaxy, all speak to the increasing frequencies the Elders are stating are signs of the amplification and raising of frequencies universally through our realm of Creation.  Many are speaking to how the increased solar activity is disrupting the Earth's Electromagnetic field, and thus disrupting weather patterns, and more, upon the Earth.  Many do not share that this same phenomenom disrupts our individual electromagnetic field, and thus, disrupts our emotional and cognitive stability.  It is only through diligent work at creating deep alignment within the Self, that we can stabilize these disruptive patterns.


This very weekend we shall experience a Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse, aligned, with sun, moon, and Earth, to the heart of the Pleiades.  (Partial eclipse in the Eastern US, full eclipse in the West and elsewhere in the world.)  While such eclipses are not so rare, the alignment to the Pleiades is said to be a once in 26,000 year occurrence.  Some say the Pleiades are the Heart of the Great Central Sun.  It holds a relationship to Sirius. Regardless, this ecliptic pattern suggests birthing of new relationships to Crystalline Light (pure seeds of consciousness.)


These, definitely, are potent portals, Gateways, into other realms of Creation, and home to many of the Ancestral Beings of the Earth, as identified by indigenous cultures world wide.  This alignment, like the prophecied one occurring with the Earth, Sun, and Center of our Galaxy, on Winter Solstice, on December, 21, 2012, are powerful times to enter ceremony, to assist in creating this New Vision, this New World we are dreaming of.  We shall be doing that that very night.  But, we also, shall be collaborating with these immense energies this weekend in group practice in Montreal, and the next two weekends in Springfield MA, and Plymouth and Fairhaven MA.  As well as in major practices in November, and December, here in Vermont.

June 20-24 is another magical alignment, during the Summer Solstice days.  There are those speaking of this as an "Inner Gateway" alignment with the Sirian/Pleiadean Heart of Creation, bathing us with Light Potential.  It is a midway point between the sun being in alignment with the Pleiades this weekend, and with Sirius in July.  We'll be in Menla, New York, Jne 20-23, in the Sound Healing Retreat, with a one day practice on Sacred Sounds, Sacred Earth, with the Grandfather Drums in Ceremonies for healing the Earth.  Our 5 day July 18-22 summer retreat, Sacred Sounds, Sacred Earth, will take us even deeper into these mysteries, with 5 days to explore authentic being, sound, earth, and shamanic healing principals, and collective sacred sound world healing ceremonies, with the Grandfather Drums, as well.  It is an intensive retreat, offering in depth work for personal, private therapeutic, and collective ritual/ceremonial  healing work.

We share these with you, not as advertisement, but for the benefit of those who want real and lasting connection to authentic methods of entering these new realities which are upon us.  Many are looking for these authentic experiences.  Many have been waiting for years.  And, the Time has come, to do The Work.  We invite you.

“Zacciah’s work with sound, the natural world and ancient traditions is nothing short of profound.

My life and heart are forever changed by the immersion into the elements and sacred sites as well as the beauti-ful practices brought forward by Zacciah’s guidance.”

        ~Cynthia Quintanal, LMT/Resonant Sound Healer; CT

That New World will not come about without our participation, our collaboration, our co-creation.  This is part of the Prophecy.  When we speak of the end of the Maya calendar, for instance, we are speaking about the end of one Grand Cycle, and the beginning of another.  Don Alejandro says, the calendar ends on December 21, 2012, because 'it is not written' beyond that time, what shall occur.  We do not know what will happen (though the Prophecies share explicit information regarding that, and he, and other elders, are sharing more specific information as these times approach.)  But, fundamentally, is up to us.  It is not about an other.  What, and how we create it.  The New Reality.  The New World.  It is a magical window, a portal, a Gateway into this new reality.

"We are the Ones We have been waitin for."

                                      -- Hopi Elders

It is not that the world will magically shift overnight on December 21.  It is important to realize this.  To those not of keen eye, it will, likely, just be another day.   It is not that we will awaken December 22, and the whole world will be fresh and new (any more than it is every day!)  Don Alejandro does have things to say about when and what shall occur, in the not too distant future.  But, this is not likely to be that time.


Indeed, the Prophecies have spoken of many times most significant things have occurred.  The 6 Moons Prophecy, of Oct 2006-April 2007, in which the a 10,000 year old world wide prophecy stated that the Seed of our Divinity was awakened and seeded into our collective consciousness.  The 6th Moon, also, occurred during a most auspicious Solar and Lunar eclipse cycle, much like we now are in.  The Elders stated, that those who did not surrender to their Divinity during that time period, would begin to see "the structures which no longer serve us, collapse."  And, indeed, since that time, the magnitude of collapse of not only individual realities, but of world-wide economic systems, of political, educational, and medical systems, of town, state, and national infrastructures, are indeed, failing all around us.  They, each, are an indication of the collective realities we hold, of systems that DO NOT SERVE US, within.

And that is all we're being asked to do, to let go of all thoughts, beliefs, and emotional states which DO NOT SERVE!

That we might embrace, surrender to, our own Divine Nature.  Not something bigger than us.  To our own true nature.

Do we each understand, that that which we each hold as most Sacred and Divine, we are part of, we are equal to.  That is our true, authentic nature?  That is our inheritance, and our birthright as spiritual beings.


December 21 is, nonetheless, a Gateway into great potential, and a new understanding of who we are, and how we interact with, and create our Reality.  While this is already the way the universe works, this becomes a time in which our ability to embody and manifest the higher vibrational states of being are in direct alignment with the Heart of Creation, indeed, the Heart of the Galaxy, which the Maya, and many indigenous people consider, the Heart of the Great Mother, and the Doorway to the Heart Behind the Heart, the Gateway to the Great Central Sun, and the source of all being, the source of All Life.

Those who have engaged in our Three Hearts, Crown of Creation, and Tree of Life practices, know this reality.  For, this work is based on this indigenous understanding, and wisdom of the Living Elders who advise and guide us.  Through such practices, we have experienced the Living Realities of entering Harmony with All Life, and the underlying Rhythm of Life, which flows beneath, and sustains, all life; we have experienced not only how to enter it, but, also, how to abide in it.

Now, we are at the magical precipice of the greater realities of 2012.  If you at all believe in 2012, we are there, my friends.  December, 2012, is just months away, now.  Whatever that means to you.  Whatever import you put into this time period.  It is at hand.

The precipice is upon us.  It is past time to do the work.  To Prepare the Vessel for the New Reality, to Dream the New Dream of the New Earth.  The Earth Dreamers are already dreaming the new reality.  They are asking us to join with them.  This, we shall do.


Are you practicing, doing the work you came to do, engaging in the New Reality, or succumbing to fear and disbelief, aloneness, feelings of separation or isolation, futility, and disconnection?


We are creating four major practices to assist during the balance of this year, ending, literally, with a practice all evening on December 21, and all day on December 22, to Dream the New Dream, to engage in that New Reality, to embody it fully within our selves.  (These links will  share basic information on these programs.  Much additional information will be added soon.)

In November, on Samhein weekend, when the veils are thin, we are Preparing the Vessel, offering a two day program to literally do just that.  To prepare our body, mind, and spirit, to be an open and collaborative vessel, to embody our own Divine Nature, our true essence, our true Self. 


What is keeping us from embodying and emanating that into the world around us, our authentic highest essence and potential?  How can we prepare ourself for this New World?  What are we lacking, or imagining we are lacking?  Why do we feel more and more the energies and surges of the New Creation cause stress rather than greater shift and Harmony in our lives?  That is all they are asking, that, we embrace and embody these new higher octaves entering our atmosphere, our electromagnetic field, our emotional and solar bodies.  If we get it one day, and not another, it is time to enter deeper into the work, to be able to sustain these states more readily, as we approach these Sacred Gateways.


Do we imagine it is not happening?  Do we see and feel the chaos in the world around us, and imagine it is not impacting us, or is not happening?  Do we get lost in the energies swirling, and forget who I am, how to maintain integrity and equlibrium?  Do we imagine the stories just are not real?  The closer we get, the more the 'normal' world will label us as fanatic, or quackos....  Are we put off by the judgments of others, does this keep us from stating our true self?  Are we expecting a magic fix, that will just take us away, enlighten us, without our complete willingness, work, and co-operation?  Do we somehow imagine we just really don't have to meet our authentic self, or any of the debris, the minefield, which stands between us and that?  Will we wait til everyone else is doing it, til we feel comfortable enough we can follow, rather than assuming our role, even if we know it to be true? 


Do we not realize, that no matter how many go before us, to go there ourselves, we must face our own illusions, our own shame and fears, all that disconnects us, binds us, keeps us from perceiving, from truly realizing our own grandeur and beauty, as inmmense spiritual beings, Luminous Beings, like our Ancestors?  That is who we are.... do we not realize, that no matter how long we postpone the fear, the shame, the sorrow, the guilt, whatever it is, we must face it, to dissolve it, and enter the natural Grace of who we are?  The reality is, once we do so, once we face the shadow of fear that we believe is binding us and holding us back from our own power, potential, beauty and grandeur, we realize it is the most joyful, beauty-filled, ease-filled, gracious state of being, that we have, in this place, always been, ever will be.  We are already there!  We just do not realize it, we do not live in it. It is just through that gateway!  It is easier than most of us imagine.


We then only wonder, what took us so long to step back into our power, our Being, this greater reality!


Are we waiting on others, or are we not the pioneers setting sail into the New World, ready to discover that essence of our Being, in relation to all of Creation, and plant our seed of Creation into its fertile soil?

Can we come together as an active community to do so?

Will it not be of greater benefit to find a place for collective empowerment, and embodiment?

We think so, and this is why we are creating these empowerments for collective awakening and collaboration of the New Dream.How do you dream the world to be?How do you imagine it 'should be?'

How do you dream it (that) into being?How do you hold and integrate that Dream into Reality?

This is what we have come to do.


One of the most  important teachings coming from the Elders, that I find many do not fully comprehend, is that these changes coming to us are 'beyond our imagination,' with the Beauty and Joy coming to us, also, 'beyond our imagination.'  While the Elders are speaking to the 'Western Mind,' or, the modern world at large, it is true for most of us, even those who have been collaborating in the world of sacred healing, holistic thought, and complementary medicine, for years.  Most of us just have not experienced the level and quality of clarity, of joy, of beauty, of bliss, of creative potential, of authentic being, awaiting us.  If we have not experienced a full, complete state of Christed, Buddhistic wonder, beauty, connectedness, joy, and bliss, we have not seen it.


This is what is awaiting us.  We are great and luminous beings, beyond most of our imagination.We have much awakening to do.The beauty is, it is not so hard to do.We do not have to drudge through our drudgery.We do not have to wallow in our sorrow, guilt, or fear.

We have only to make simple choices, and place our awareness in those states which are real, are true, are our most authentic essence.  And let go of the rest.  It is far more easy than most of us realize.
Come, we shall show you.We shall share these times of magic and beauty with you.

Many blessings to all.



--Bliss is not an object of our consciousness, it is pure conscisousness.

                  ~~Vedic wisdom