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What Is The Earth Mystery School

The Earth holds key elements of ancient wisdom, answers to contemporary life, and a living consciousness which serves to assist us in our growth, understanding, and relationship to all of life, to Creation, and to each other.

The wisdom of the Earth, and of Creation, are embedded in living energies, in her ancient valleys, mountains, rivers, deserts, all aspects of her Creation.

There are Sacred Sites the world over, which are natural anamolies of Earth energy, and ancient ceremonial sites of the Earth's many peoples. These sites often are potent access points for enriching awareness.

Ancient societies and living indigenous cultures have also been caretakers of key elements of wisdom and awareness which can be cutivated and applied to our current life situations, to teach us greater ways of being.

Zacciah and the Center of Light offer a variety of programs which build off of these fundamental understandings, working with the historic alignment of ancient wisdom, experiential and intuitive perception of their deeper truths, and rich resources of simple ceremony, ritual, and traditional Shamanic techniques, many utilizing Sacred Sound, which can assist each of us to unveil the greater Mysteries, as they apply to our life.

We can only assist in opening the door. It is you who must choose to pass through it.

Blessings in your Journeys!