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 The Diamond Light, 
and, The Wish Fulfilling Jewel 
                                                                    ~ Zacciah Blackburn, PhD

The Diamond Light refers to the Light of Pure, or Perfect Wisdom, which resides in all of us.  It is ready for complete realization once we prepare the groundwork of consciousness, and, the space, to hold and contain it, and the desire, or will, and the intent to ignite or emanate it.  It is the Pure Light of Consciousness.  It resides in all things.  It simply is not realized, fully experienced or expressed, if we do not focus our thoughts and awareness, our intentions, actions, and emanations, at this level and quality of Pure Light in which it resides.  Once we establish, and allow, this relationship with the Pure Light of Consciousness, or Wisdom, it is evident and emanates, not only in us, but, in all living things.  It already is doing this.  It is only our perception which changes once we understand and choose to enter this state of Being. 
The Diamond Light, also, refers to the Light of Perfect Wisdom which resides in the subtle planes of existence, which holds and transmits Pure Light into this realm for those ready to receive it.  It can create sudden and instantaneous revelation and realization of one’s true nature, or the true nature of the Cosmos, and its Greater Reality.  
In reality, there is no difference between the two.  They are as one.  The Diamond Light remains hidden and dormant in our own essence, until we are ready to awaken and realize it.  It remains emanating in the higher realms of understanding or consciousness, until we are ready to receive it, and/or enter the higher realms of our own illumination and realization.  At that point, the two levels of consciousness are as one, and the transmissions which can occur between both realms can be continual and instantaneous, as between mother and child.  

These higher realms may be understood as the 'Mind Realms,' or 'Diamond Realms.'  They, simply, are pure, or higher states of Consciousness.   

 The Diamond Realms refers to those realms, known, also, as the “Pure Lands,” where the highest and complete states of consciousness, such as this Diamond Light, and the Beings who have come into that level of realization, may reside once they have left their current embodiment.  The Holy Beings there may be those who have attained to those states of being, or, who never left them, but, also, to those who hold, emanate, care for, and protect those states of being, and the essences and emanations of those Pure Lands of Consciousness, those Jewel States of Being.  Many cultures refer to them by varying names.  We suggest you pay more attention to the conceptualization of these subtle states than to any particular name given.

Within these realms, also known as the “Mind Realms,” are many Jewels of Wisdom, which we may refer to as the Treasure Lights, or “Jewels of Light.”  These are fundamentally available to each of us prepared and ready to enter these higher states of wisdom and being.   These Lights emanate from the subtle realms into the physical dense, but are not commonly perceivable to our ‘normal’ physical sense states of consciousness.  Keep in mind that we are more than one state, or dimension of consciousness, ourselves.  We are manifesting our own reality in multiple dimensions of consciousness, and the states we place and focus our awareness, thoughts, and actions in, are the states made manifest and evident to us.  The world around us unfolds in simultaneous states in relation to, or, reflecting, those we hold. 
Those who have prepared, in this lifetime, or others, and those who have evolved into preparedness, consciously, or unconsciously, may have temporary or longer lasting experiences of revelation of these higher subtle states.    From these realms emanate the Lights of Perfect Wisdom, which may be perceived through the subtle senses, as color, light, form, aroma, sound, gentle touch or feelings, etc.  Those dealing with sacred geometries may see geometric patterns which contain explicit symbols that awaken or align one’s consciousness with these subtle states.  These symbols may realign or reawaken ancient knowing, contained within our inner mind, even dormant at a levGen'l info, and links, across NE, CAN, Europeel of DNA.  Science knows we utilize very little of the encoding contained within our DNA.  And specific sound imprints, spoken words, subtle textures and flavors, geometric patterns and symbols, or other vibrational patterns of thought, light, or sound, may awaken and align our inherent and dormant knowing, even at this level of our being.  These alignments occur at the subtle level, and it is at the subtle, or quantum level of being that the atomic and molecular structures of the DNA interact and await activation. 
Within the Diamond Realms, the realms of pure consciousness, where the clear “Jewels of Light” reside, there exists the Wish Fulfilling Jewel.  This is one of the many gifts awaiting us, as we attune our awareness to the clear and Pure States of Being.   Traditional Tibetan understanding might share more or less regarding this, and perhaps in a different framework of understanding.  However, this Jewel Light of Wisdom, fundamentally, provides for those who understand its nature and essence, the ability to manifest that they seek, at any given time.  Part of this understanding, involves the necessity to be in alignment to the highest states, and in service to the greater good for all.

There are many gifts, which can be shown, and named, in many ways, representing these Pure Lands, and which arise as we seek to attain to the purest states of realization.  We have spoken about these before in the Hidden Treasures article.  In an infinite universe, they are infinite in nature. Gen'l info, and links, across NE, CAN, Europe This refers to the Gifts of the Earth revealed through this work.  The Tibetan Nyingma School of Termas shares a great deal refering to these mysteries.  And, again, the Tibetan perspective has very specific aspects to its tradition.  I am borrowing from the greater perspective, of the many gifts awaiting those of us who come into realization through alingment with the Harmonies of Life, with appropriate intent and awareness.  

These gifts await through a variety of methods and Gateways.  This brings up another realm of discussion which I am not going to enter deeply at this time.  But within those realms, there are Gateways, and GateKeepers, all of which require understanding of the greater principals of consciousness to enter and ascertain.  These will be discussed in great detail and practice, in our upcoming Diamond Light practices in Vermont and elsewhere.

The Wish Fulfilling Jewel is but one of the gifts which await us.
It is the ability to grant any wish into manifestation, once we understand the powers, ability, and responsibilities attained with such a gift. 
It is with the power of the Wish Fulfilling Jewel that we come into realization of all that we have, all that we are, all that we want. 
It is with the understanding that this prophecy, or gift, can only come about with the powers of the subtle laws.  And, that, within these laws, is the stipulation, that the wishes can be fulfilled only when the highest and utmost integrity and wishfulness for selfless realization and receiving are integrated into the wishes themselves. 
The wishes can be of any nature, for any wish fulfilling purpose, but must remain in the fertile landscape of the integrity of the beholder;  this meaning, that it is only for the utmost and highest good of the receiver, whether this is for the self, or others, in abidance with universal principals.  “For the elevation of all life,” as one of the great niyamas requests our focus be upon. 
The prayers (and meditative practices) work most vividly when the beholder holds the utmost states for others, wishing the fulfillment jewel upon others, but this fundamental requirement of the wish fulfilling jewels can be met for self elevation, as well.  

It, simply, must be understood, that the fundamental wish or intent, is in the utmost and highest integrity of self fulfillment, self realization, for the benefit of all living beings. 

In this case, self wishing is acceptable, and sustainable. 
Wishing for less than the highest elevation can bring about destruction through the very wish fulfillment, for one is wishing for less than the highest elevation.  To understand this further, if one is wishing for less than one’s own highest and complete realization, or that of another, if the powers of the wish are fulfilled, then one shall receive less than completion, lesser states of completion, or that less than self realization.  Therefore, happiness and fulfillment cannot be realized by wishing for anything less than this.  It requires an understanding of the true nature of happiness and fulfillment, which is part of the ‘groundwork of consciousness’ delineated in the opening paragraph.  Thus, wishing for a new car, or the perfect mate, or better health, may not bring about the fulfillment one is wishing for.  Understanding, and delineating the nature of true fulfillment will make certain the wish fulfillment is granted. 

Thus, to understand the true nature of the Wish Fulfilling Jewel, one must either come into realization of one’s highest states, or wish for this, or wish for that which will bring about this fulfillment, for oneself, or for others, without detriment to oneself or to others. 

©2011 Zacciah Blackburn; see copyright and distribution notice below.  Revisit this article, as it may be added to in coming weeks and months.


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