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     OUR THOUGHTS on               the current nature of things

from a recent newsletter

Final thoughts on the day:
Many are finding continued difficulty in meeting daily challenges without greater stress, anxiety, or discomfort.  Others are choosing to leave us at this time, often suddenly, without significant warning.
We are told the world over by the Elders of contemporary and indigenous spiritual communities, that the time is upon us.  We have entered the inner sanctums.  The pains of birthing a new world now swirl around us.  
We are asked to not get lost in the pain, the delusion of suffering from attachment to the world as we have imagined it in the past.
We are asked to focus our awareness on the new birthing, on what we wish to bring into the world, on the world as we imagine it to truly be, or truly is meant to be, as a place of Heaven on Earth.
Without belittling the pain or discomfort, which may become unbearable at times, we are being asked to take more time for ourselves.  To find the time to breathe, to find Sanctity in our world, to rest, to allow the illumination to unfold from the subtle to the more manifest of worlds.  At the same time, it is time to take action, to make manifest the world we See with our inner knowing, to bring it into our outer Vision.

Between these two, we can find balance.  Time to rest and see the inner visions, to nourish and gestate them.  Time to take action and bring forward into the manifest worlds, our dreams into reality.  Look at your outer world as a reflection of your inner being.  If there is chaos around, find dissolution.  Resolution.  Find calmness, and inner peace.  Surround yourself with beauty.  Discharge that you no longer need.  Surround yourself with pleasant sounds, which help relax, attune, and acclimate to states of wellness.  The same with pleasant sights.  Clear the clutter.  Find rest in natural states of wonder and ecstasy, found in a simple stone along a path, a brook, waterfall, or special tree.  Bring your home and working place to a place of aesthetics you can truly appreciate, and be grateful to have and participate in daily in your life and practice.  Go out into nature, where you will find harmony residing, which will encourage and entrain you into states of living in harmony, deep appreciation, peacefulness, and ecstasy.

Remember, We are in a time of Great Transformation.
Keep this in perspective.
Do not get lost in any turmoil you perceive around you.  Find the inner center which allows for the peacefulness to sustain itself, like the eye of the storm.  Breathe into that place.  Reside in it.  Let the breath carry you there, and carry away any discomfort, anxiety or distraction.
Find calming and meditative exercises that allow for deeper rest and renewal.
Tremendous openings in the cosmos have appeared, like the thinning of the veil of the ozone layer, which allow light spectrums into the earth's atmosphere unlike any recent time in human history.  (At an even higher level, scientists at UCLA have discovered a great DNA shaped helical spiral Nebulae approaching the vortex at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy at this time.  This is science, not  New Age propaganda, see:; what it means, I cannot say, but the imaginal realms lend plenty of possibilities...)  The same is occuring to your own light spectrum.  Be aware of it, be sensitive to it, allow the richer spectrum of light to enter your vibrational field, breathe it in and gain accustom to it.  It will help align and unfold the majesty of your own being, the inner light which is the true source of who you are, a part of the true source of All That Is.
Be with it.
Breathe into it.
Sound it out.
Find doorways for greater expression, greater joy and ecstasy.

We support you in your journeys.
Send blessings in your light.
Invite you to your Destinies,
Join you in your ecstasies.
And, Make room for your birthing.
Many, many blessings.

We await you.  As the Hopi say, We are the Ones we have been Waiting For.

Zacciah Blackburn