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  • Sound Healing Consciousness
  • Sound Healing Consciousness

What are our Advanced Programs?

Advanced programs are the highest level of work with Zacciah Blackburn. You must have worked with Zacciah in the past and have permission from The Center of Light to enter these programs. 

In these trainings, we shall engage in extraordinary experiences, and exploration of consciousness, nature, Creation, Sound, Therapeutic applications, Shamanic practices, Earth Healing Rituals and Sacred Site practices. We alternate between skill building in consciousness development, to working in ancient and sacred earth sites, to touching untapped resources of our illumined spiritual Being.

The dynamics of coherent advanced level group practices consistently go beyond the bounds of normal group activities, due to the nature of greater coherence and harmonic resonance entered when all members of a group are adept at entering and sustaining harmonic resonance, and synchronization with ‘group mind & intent.’

Our advanced level studies have proved to be a tremendous platform for these practices.
If you have engaged in any group work with Zacciah, you have had the opportunity to understand this to some degree. With a committed group of advanced students, it becomes even more apparent. The places we move together go beyond what can be described in other bodies of our work.